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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Faith Fairy

A while back, I found an awesome picture and saved it to my computer, and then I forgot about it. Today I was looking through my pics just because, and I ran across the pic I forgot about. I was just floored!!! After I saved it to my computer - much later, I had already forgotten all about it - I wrote a story with the main character named Shahi. So when I saw this pic, I felt awestruck! In my opinion, this picture could actually be of my character, except I always pictured her with longer hair.

Then, since I was looking through my pics, I decided to change my background on my computer. Here's what I chose :-) Maybe you sense a pattern, heh heh...


  1. Gorgeous pic, Roxanne. Is that from Roma? It sure looks like her... Now I want to stitch her, lol.

    1. The first pic is by Simone's Creations, and I really don't know who did the second. I saw copies of it all over the web, but no overt credits to who created it. I just love them both!


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