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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Driver's Test

The Drivers Test

And so we moved here,” I finished my explanation.
You really lived in the big city?” One of the girls asked incredulously. We were all sitting around the lunch table at school, and I was new so naturally everyone wanted to get to know me a little.
Yep,” I confirmed with a forced grin. I had literally just explained all that, so why did she have to ask?
I bet driving around the city just sucks!” A different girl stated.
Yes!” I blurted in agreement. “I can't do it and so I've failed my drivers test like a hundred times!”
The girls all exchanged a strange look. One of them took my hand in hers, and looked me in the eyes.
Out here, we have this one examiner who is really good at helping students get their license if they've failed repeatedly. You should really ask for an appointment with him because out here, you need to be able to drive if you want to get anywhere!”
I nodded, eager to see if this guy could help me too.
When making your appointment, ask for Chris.”


I gripped the steering wheel nervously, suppressing the urge to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear.
Chris chuckled. “Relax! Driving's easy once you stop being so nervous about it.”
That's easy for you to say!” I muttered.
Well, before we head out, why don't you tell me a little about your driving experience.”
I took a deep breath. “Well, in the city, there's just so much traffic. I get scared that I'm going to hit a car or worse, run over a pedestrian!”
But you've practiced, right?”
I nodded. “Yes... it's just that even though I am ok when driving with my parents, when I get in the car with an examiner, I get so nervous that I make all these stupid little mistakes and then fail the test. My new friends all recommended that I make an appointment with you. They said that you could help me finally get my license.”
Chris smiled at me. “No problem! Start up the car and go where I tell you to.”
I complied, and was relieved that it was much easier to drive out here in the country. Chris directed me to turn onto a small dirt road that almost immediately went through a thick group of trees. On the other side, there was a tiny parking lot that provided access to a lake. There was more trees surrounding the lot, so it was actually difficult to see the lake.
Am I going to test my parking and driving in reverse skills out here where I can't possibly hit anyone?” I asked.
No,” Chris shook his head. “Get out of the car for a minute, Emily. I want to explain something to you.”
Ok,” I agreed and then complied. He gestured for me to sit on the hood of the car close to the windshield.
The reason that I'm known for passing those who normally fail is that I give them an option to skip the test altogether,” he began, brushing my hair out of my face and behind my ear.
What do I have to do?” I wondered curiously.
Just let me lick you for a bit.”
I sucked in my breath in shock, and then swallowed to wet my suddenly dry throat. “That's... all?”
Yep, just let me between your legs,” Chris confirmed. “Once we've both had some fun, I'll write you up a passing test score, and you will receive your license in the mail in a couple of weeks.”
I thought this through carefully. Normally, I would firmly tell him to go to hell, but I had failed my test 5 times already. If I failed it again, I'd have to go back and retake drivers ed, and I literally couldn't afford the fee. I took a few more deep breaths.
O... kay...”
Chris chuckled, and then kissed me for a moment before concentrating on my skirt. I pressed two fingers to my lips, astonished to feel them tingling. It was my first kiss after all, and no one had ever told me that kissing made one's lips tingly.
Chris wasted no time in deciding to slip my panties completely off me, tossing them into the car so they wouldn't get dirty or lost. I was still wearing my skirt, but I felt utterly naked!
He knelt before me, guiding my legs over his shoulder and loudly smelling my scent. I was so embarrassed! I almost jumped when he touched me, but he pushed on my stomach with one hand to hold me steady.
His tongue licked my 'lips' over and over, tickling me. I squirmed and giggled. He surprised me a moment later by pulling my hips closer to him which naturally spread my legs wider. His tongue plunged inside me, and I gasped. This felt so good!
He licked me until I was writhing on my back, almost crying from the pleasure. Suddenly, his tongue shifted to a spot that instantly made me feel like a fire had just been lit across my body.
Holy Mother of God!” I screamed. My whole body shook, and I clutched his hair with my fingers. I curled into a ball and locked my legs around his neck. A strange sound came from my throat as the pleasure seemed to go on and on. Then it was over and I flopped onto my back.
Chris chuckled. “That was the best orgasm I've heard in a while. Normally, I'd ask you to return the favor, but today I just can't resist.”
I didn't even have time to wonder what he meant by that before he wrapped my legs around his waist and slid inside me. I tensed up in shock, and opened my mouth to protest. He kissed me, devouring my mouth the same way he had just devoured my other lips a moment ago.
I moaned, relaxing again. His hands were on my breasts, pinching my nipples through my shirt. My hips rocked into him of their own accord, and my hands clutched the back of his shirt.
Oh. My. God! I think I am about to die and go to heaven! My whole body felt molten again, and I started squealing into his mouth as he kissed me. He moaned, but continued thrusting into me for what seemed like hours.
I definitely squealed a couple of more times, before he told me to, “Open your legs, I need to pull out.”
Had I not been in the clouds up near heaven somewhere, I might have actually head him, but just then, I had my legs locked around his waist as I shook the whole car.
No seriously, I can't hold back any more!” Chris insisted, his hands pushing on my legs, but they wouldn't budge. “Aw fuck!” It was already too late, so he grasped my hips, buried himself deep, and grunted into my chest.
I felt his hot fluid squirting into me, and I held my breath so I could focus on it. It felt incredibly good, and even tickled just a tiny bit. No longer able to hold my breath, I gasped, and then held him tight as he panted into the valley between my breasts.
When he could speak, he turned his head to the side so that I could hear him. “You should have let me pull out.”
Is that what you said?” I asked. “Sorry, I was too far gone to hear you.”
He laughed. “I noticed! You felt so good right then that I just had to cum too. I couldn't stop myself!”
I simply sighed from the sheer bliss I felt.
We have to get back!” Chris insisted. I pouted, but let him free from my arms and my legs.
You know,” Chris murmured huskily into my ear. “I wouldn't mind doing this again sometimes when we can both get completely undressed and not have to worry about time.”
I laughed. “I bet!” You know, I was looking forward to it too.


  1. you should make a sequel of what he said he'd do with her next time

    1. I've had the thought of a sequel simmering in the back of my mind for a while. It might happen :-)


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