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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I noticed that I've had the same background for a while, and so I decided to change it. Of course, I just had to share it with everyone, lol!

This is Yuko. She's a character from a Manga and Anime called Xxxholic - pronounced holic. Despite the connotations that we Americans have with XXX, in this title it does NOT refer to sex, but rather whatever someone is obsessed with or addicted to. For example - someone addicted to sweets.

Even though Yuko does like to dress a bit sexy in the series, she's usually not quite this sexy, lol! She owns a shop where only people who need her help can enter, but they don't buy things, they ask for her help in getting rid of their addiction/obsessions. She and her assistant Kimihiro Watanuki help them, but for a price, and the price has to be equal to the job that needs to be done. So it is different for everyone, and usually not money.

The series crosses over with Tsubasa, which I posted a character from named Sakura in this post. I just LOVE anime! Another favorite of mine is Sailor Moon. I think most people my age may have heard of Sailor Moon because it was popular back in the day. Here's one of my favorite backgrounds from that show - and by the way, I did not create these, I found them online somewhere, lol!

Oh Squeal! I just melt every time I see this background! I absolutely love seeing Usagi and Mamoru kissing like they get to live happily ever after, because the series ended before they got to that point, grr!

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