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Sunday, July 10, 2011


On a hot day like today, there is nothing better than lemonade! Lemons have plenty of nutrition in them to keep a body hydrated, and lemonade is great at getting rid of that thirsty taste.

I know everyone knows how to make lemonade because it is so simple, you just juice a lemon and add sugar and water. However... well... I see kid run lemonade stands on practically every corner, and they are all made using powdered packets. So, I thought maybe a quick post on making lemonade might be helpful after all.

I know the absolute best thing is to use fresh lemons, but I admit it... I cheat a tad and use Organic Lemon Juice. I grab my handy pint sized mason jar - that I use as a drinking glass - which has convenient marks for measurement on the side. I pour in between an ounce or 2 of lemon juice - depending on how tart I want it - and then add 2-3 spoonfuls of maple syrup or Organic Sugar. Again, depending on how sweet I want it. Honestly, it's a bit different every time, and I like it like that!

Lastly, I pour in water to the top - about 2 cups - and stir. Perfect every time! Takes about a minute to make, and tastes so much better than the powdered stuff. Have a happy day :-)


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