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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Troublemaker

I kicked the post in frustration, and hopped a bit to shake off the pain. My parents had decided 6 months ago that they couldn’t handle me, and sent me to live out here in the middle of nowhere with my aunt and uncle. It’s not like I try to be a troublemaker… it’s just that trouble seems to follow me wherever I go!
I entered the supercenter – AKA huge store that sells cheap crap – and immediately noticed a girl walking in front of me with wildly curly red hair. Her hair traveled halfway down her back, and left her shapely butt visible. She was wearing tight blue jeans, and they made me wonder what she looked like without them. This took my mind off my problems for a moment, and I had to consciously ignore the sudden itch in my balls.
My cell rang, and I made a mental note to change the stupid ringer. It sounded like someone was ringing one of those little bells; like I was some servant at its beck and call. It was annoying as hell, but I kept forgetting to change it. The redhead turned to look at me, and I bet she found it annoying too.
“You won’t believe what happened now,” I said after pushing the button to accept the call. “My aunt and uncle kicked me out too! I have no idea what I’m going to do!” I informed my best friend. He wasn’t really able to do anything to help me, but he listened and commiserated.
The girl took my hand and dragged me after her. I followed since I didn’t have anything better to do, and because I was curious. As we walked, my friend – Chris – did his best to comfort me.
“I’m sorry dude. I wish I could help. In a couple of months, I’ll be 18, and then we can get a place together, but until then… My parents still won’t let me invite you to stay here.” It was our often talked about goal for the future.
“I know and I can’t wait!” I replied. By this time, the girl had dragged me to the changing rooms. She looked around for the attendant, and spotted her stocking a nearby shelf. She wasn’t paying any attention to us, so the girl dragged me into one of the fitting stalls.
“What are you going to do? Maybe your parents will take you back for a while,” Chris suggested.
“I don’t know… it’s possible, but I don’t count on it,” I muttered as I watched the redhead unfasten my pants. I knew I should probably stop her, but I didn’t want to interrupt Chris’ helpful suggestions. Plus, I’ll admit it, I was curious.
“What did you do that your aunt and uncle kicked you out?” Chris wondered.
“Um…” I was having a hard time concentrating now that the girl had me in her mouth and was sucking on me like a vacuum. “I um I… I’m gonna have to call you back, something weird is happening!” I announced and then hung up my phone.
I knew that Chris would figure that I might be talking to my aunt or uncle, and so wouldn’t call right back to interrupt me. He was cool like that. Meanwhile, I stared at the girl in fascination. Why was she doing this?
I moaned softly. She was very good at this and it had been so long since I’d had a girlfriend or sex of any kind. Did she hope to take my mind off my problems for a few minutes? Was this out of pity?
I wasn’t entirely sure I liked getting a blowjob out of pity from a stranger, but it felt so good! I don’t think I had the ability to stop her even if I wanted to. I ran my hand through her curly hair; it was incredibly soft.
I groaned a bit louder than I should have, and there was a soft knock at the door. “Are you okay in there?” The attendant asked.
“I’m… great,” I managed to say believably.
“Okay, just holler if you need anything,” she instructed.
“Uh-huh,” I agreed. I felt the need to moan again, and quickly stashed my phone in my pocket so I could cover my mouth with my hand. It never occurred to me to stop running my other hand through her hair.
My knees went a bit weak, and I leaned against the wall for support. I kept my mouth firmly covered, but still made soft noises of pleasure. My hand in her hair encouraged her to keep up the good work.
I started panting, and knew I was going to shoot my load soon. Should I warn her? My first girlfriend had drummed it into me that a guy never came in a girl’s mouth without permission, otherwise she wouldn’t put him in her mouth again.
I tapped her head, and whispered, “I’m gonna cum!”
She hummed a laugh, and that set me off. I grunted loudly again, and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of her sucking on me as I filled her mouth. I’d swear I came for like 10 minutes straight, but that was impossible.
Damn! It felt incredible!
As I panted in the aftermath of a good orgasm, I watched her smile, stand and turn to open the door. I didn’t know what to say to her; I was too confused. Wasn’t she going to say anything to me?
“Are you all right in there sir?” The attendant asked again.
The redhead opened the door and stepped out. “Yes, he’s just fine.”
The attendant gasped. “This is the men’s side!”
“I know,” the girl smirked, and walked away. I hurried to put myself back in my pants before the attendant remembered to check on me.
“Wait!” I called as I rushed after her. “Why did you do that?”
She shrugged as she kept walking, and I followed her. I tried to figure out what to say or do. She power walked to the pet department, picked up some cat food, and soon thereafter stood in the checkout lane.
I still followed her, but she pretty much ignored me. I had nothing I needed to buy, and the only reason I had come to the store was because it was open 24 hours, and I hoped to be able to waste time here overnight as I tried to think of something to do. This made me realize that I had completely forgotten about my problems for the time being!
I followed her into the parking lot, and started to feel like a stalker. She obviously didn’t care about me either way, but I was baffled by her. I didn’t want to just let her walk out of my life so soon.
She suddenly stopped, and turned to face me. “Look, I had fun, but it’s time for you to move on.”
“I…” I hesitated. My problems were not hers. I shouldn’t burden her with them.
She sighed as if she had just lost a fight. “You don’t have anywhere to go, do you?”
This made me remember that she had been next to me as I informed my friend about getting kicked out. “No,” I admitted.
“How old are you?” She asked me.
“18,” I answered. This was the reason both my parents and my aunt and uncle felt no qualms about kicking me out. I was an adult now.
“Fine. Get in,” she ordered, pointing to the passenger-side door of an old car.
I wondered if it even still ran, and pictured myself fixing it up. I got in as she settled herself behind the wheel. She turned the key in the ignition, and the car roared to life. It sounded like it wanted to die for about a minute, and then purred loudly. I was amazed that it actually sounded like it ran well, aside from a possible clog in the fuel line that made it hard to start up.
I stared out the window quietly as she drove out of town. My aunt and uncle lived on the edge of the town and so I hadn’t ever really seen anything beyond that point. Honestly I wasn’t interested in exploring even more of this middle of nowhere place… until now. If she lived out here, there must be at least one place worth seeing.
We were on a small road with almost no other traffic, and there were trees lining the road so thickly that I had no idea if there were houses nearby. There had to be, right? Our planet is too crowded to have this much empty space… right?
My phone rang, and I checked it. It was Chris again. “Hey man,” I answered.
“Everything all right now?” He asked.
“I’m not sure,” I replied honestly. I frowned as I realized that the girl was pulling over. She parked on the side of the road, and turned off the car.
“What was the weird thing that happened?” Chris asked.
“This girl, um,” I wondered how to explain that a pretty redheaded girl had dragged me into a fitting room and sucked me off when she leaned over an unzipped me once more. “She, um…” Started blowing me again and I had no idea how to respond!
For one, she had acted like she wasn’t interested in doing it again, and for two it had only been like a half an hour since the last time. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get sucked off again so soon! I really tried to figure out something to say.
“She what?” Chris wanted to know.
“She, um, I… I’m gonna have to call you back!” I blurted out when it became obvious that I was capable of enjoying another blowjob this soon after the last one.
This time I didn’t have to be quiet, and I moaned and groaned happily. I was in heaven! “Oh yeah!” I encouraged her.
At least 15 or 20 minutes passed, and I couldn’t believe that she was still sucking on me as strongly as she started. Didn’t most girls get a sore jaw by now? I felt a bit bad that I couldn’t seem to go off, but mostly I was curious to see how long this could last.
I heard the siren of a cop car chirp once as a car parked behind us, and nearly had a heart attack! I told you trouble always follows me! The flashing lights made my heart pound, and I was shocked to discover that I was filling her mouth. What the? Why now?
I finished pumping just in time for the cop to arrive at her window, and the moment she turned to talk to him, I fumbled to put myself back in my pants. I accidently got caught in the zipper, and stifled a small scream of pain. I fixed that as the cop asked, “What’s going on here?”
He stopped looking at what I was doing, and took a good look at the girl. “Oh.” He gave a deep sigh. “Ms. Hannigan, please try to wait until you get home to do that.”
“If I could wait, Officer Carlson, I totally would,” she replied.
“Yeah yeah, I know. I’m going to let you off this time because there’s no evidence of any public around at the moment to be disturbed… That’s assuming that this boy is willing; what am I saying, of course he’s willing,” the cop muttered as he walked back to his car.
“Thanks Steve!” She called after him.
“No problem, Shannon.” The cop shrugged and waved goodbye.
Shannon huh? I hadn’t even thought to ask her name, but now that I knew it, I thought she looked at least three times prettier than she had before. I’m sure I was giving her a strange look.
I couldn’t believe her luck! I don’t think a cop had ever let me off with a warning. Not that I stole cars or anything. Mostly I was just too damn mouthy for my own good. I had gotten myself hauled into jail plenty of times over the past three years for getting into fights and then mouthing off to the officer that arrived in response.
She laughed at my look. “Let’s just say that I have a unique condition, and Officer Carlson knows it.”
“Okay… Shannon… Hi, I’m Matt.”
“Hi Matt,” Shannon smiled at me. “Could you do me a favor? Would you please call your friend back now? I have at least another 20 minutes of driving before I reach my house, and I would prefer it if you chat or something rather than sit there in silence.”
“Sure,” I answered awkwardly. I still had no idea what to say to Chris, especially with her sitting right next to me, but I was relieved to have something to do other than try to make awkward conversation with her. I pulled out my phone and hit the speed dial for Chris.
“Are you able to talk now?” Chris demanded.
“Yeah, um, guess what?”
“What?” Chris wondered.
“I was just not arrested by a cop,” I announced.
“That’s a first! What happened?”
“I sorta met this girl earlier…” I hesitated to talk about her. After all, she was sitting right there.
“The weird one?” Chris prompted.
“Yeah, and she offered to let me stay with her,” I decided not to go into too many details until I could talk to him privately. He’d get the nitty gritty when she wasn’t listening in.
Even so, she mumbled softly enough that my friend couldn’t hear, “You forgot to mention that I blew your brains out first.”
I ignored that.
“Then what happened?” Chris was obviously curious as to how I had survived an encounter with a cop.
“Then, on the way to her house – which you can probably hear her car in the background – a cop… got behind us and turned his lights on. I thought for sure that I was going to spend a few hours in jail – again – but he gave us a warning, and let us go.” I explained.
“Well… was she speeding or something? Were you doing anything wrong?” Chris asked.
“No,” I replied honestly. I guess we really hadn’t been doing anything wrong, we just happened to be in public while we did it.
“Then why did the cop pull you over?”
Shannon laughed softly. “It’s ok, you can tell him.”
I blushed. “Chris, dude, I promise I’ll give you all the details later, but for now… please just drop it.”
Shannon laughed harder. “What are you; some virgin too shy to talk about it?”
Chris heard that. “No! Seriously? You were… wait, you got pulled over for having sex, and the cop just let you go?!”
“Not exactly. I promise I’ll tell you later, okay?” I insisted.
Chris laughed. “Yeah, okay. So, you’ve got a place to stay, and it’s with a weird and kinky girl. Lucky!”
“I guess you could say that,” I agreed. It certainly was the first bit of luck I’d had in a long time. This time, Chris told me he had to go and would call me later.
“We’re here!” Shannon announced as she stopped by a mailbox to check her mail. Finding a small stack, she shut the box, and turned onto her driveway. She absently tossed her mail on the seat between us.
The driveway had to be at least a mile long! I looked at the scenery in fascination as the trees soon gave way to open meadows, a pond, and a few fenced in pastures. I even saw two cows and a good dozen chickens grazing.
“Who has cows?” I wondered aloud. I’d never heard of anyone but a farmer owning a cow.
She laughed. “I do.”
“Oh…” I hoped she didn’t think I was rude.
“Yep, two cows and 12 chickens are more than plenty for little ol’ me. I may have a pretty monotonous diet, but at least I always have something to eat,” she informed me.
I honestly couldn’t picture how a couple of pets could give her plenty to eat. I knew cows could be milked, and chickens laid eggs, but that was nowhere near plenty to eat! The girl had to buy other food – such as cereal – to go with the milk, right?
We got out of the car, and I stared at her house. It was huge! Not huge like a mansion, but huge in the fact that it looked like it could comfortably shelter at least half a dozen people.
Oh god! I hope her parents like me, and I sincerely hope they don’t find out that their daughter had already had my dick in her mouth twice in the past hour since we met. I was certain this news would prompt them to throw me out before she even had a chance to ask them permission for me to stay.
I must have looked like I expected a firing squad to shoot me at any moment. Shannon laughed, and ruffled my hair. I stopped gaping at her house, and gave her a nervous look.
“Don’t worry… I live alone.”
“You do?” I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live alone in such a big house out in the middle of nowhere.
“Yeah… um… it wasn’t entirely by choice,” Shannon gave me one of those smiles that made it clear she didn’t really want to talk about it.
Okay that I could understand. “Oh.”
She showed me around her house, and gave me a room to use. I was confused because she sounded like we were simply going to be roommates, but previously, she had given me the impression that we were going to be a bit more than that. I nodded, and sat on my new bed to think for a bit.
She wandered off to do whatever it was that she had to do, and I was glad for some time alone. I needed to think, and as hard as it was to get her out of my thoughts, I needed to think about my other problems. Unless she planned to let me live here forever, I was going to have to figure out something to do.
I saw Shannon outside, and decided to open my window. This gave me an excuse to look at her for a minute without staring like a pervert. Her hair looked glorious in the fading sunlight.
This reminded me that it would be time to eat soon, and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I felt horrible! Not only was she giving me a place to stay, but presumably she was going to feed me too. I really am pathetic.
I flopped onto my back, and tried harder to come up with a plan. Maybe I could get a job of some sort and pay rent. That way… well, at least I’d be doing something, and maybe I wouldn’t be such a screw up any more.
My phone rang and I checked the caller ID. I groaned reluctantly. It was my mom. I answered, but didn’t have a chance to say anything.
“I can’t believe you Matt! Why can’t you ever behave?”
Yep, she’d heard the news. I wondered exactly what my aunt had told her. Again, I didn’t get a chance to speak.
“Why must you always fight? Your cousin went out of his way to be nice to you, and you call him names and condescend him!” My mom accused. I noticed Shannon slowly walking back into the house.
“Ha! When did he try to be nice to me? And you know what? So what if we argued a lot? That’s what families do! Why then am I only one who has to play nice and gets in trouble when I don’t?” I demanded.
My mom scoffed. “You act like you’ve done nothing wrong! Just stop fighting with everyone!”
“I will when they stop pissing me off!” I shouted. I heard Shannon setting stuff on the kitchen counter.
“It’s that attitude that always gets you in trouble! You need to learn from your mistakes, calm down, and stop blaming others! Learn to keep your damn mouth shut for once!”
“Whatever mom, fuck you!” I yelled. God, she’s such a bitch! Shannon entered the room, probably to tell me to stop being so loud.
“If you’re going to be that way, fine!” My mom practically screamed the last word, and then hung up. God! I really am such a screw up! Not even my mom wants to talk to me! I groaned and placed an arm over my face.
Meanwhile, Shannon had unfastened my pants again, and was trying to work me up. Now really wasn’t a good time, but I appreciated that she was trying to cheer me up. “Not now, please.”
Shannon sighed, but didn’t stop. Incredibly, she soon had me hard, and was working me down her throat as deeply as possible. I moved my arm to watch her. How in the hell could she work me up at a time like this?!
Considering that this was the third time that she had done this too me in a little over an hour and that I was pissed off, I was amazed that I was able to shoot my load so quickly. It really couldn’t have taken more than five minutes! What in the world was up with her?!
“Okay, well, I’m going to go make dinner. Let me know if you need anything.”
I stared after Shannon as she left the room. Three times! Three times she has sucked me off now, and she always acted like nothing happened afterwards! I was so confused by her; did she want a relationship or not?
I called my best friend, and explained the entire situation to him. I could tell that he was insanely jealous once I finished describing my day. Okay, maybe I bragged about the good parts just a bit, but that was no reason to sound almost mad at me!
“Hang on dude, I got another call,” I informed him, grateful that for once I didn’t have to listen to that annoying ring tone. I really have to change that!
“Matt!” My cousin – the snotty asshole that I’d argued with earlier that led to my getting kicked out – uttered my name urgently. “I just overheard a conversation between Officer Carlson and my mom. She was worried that you might have hooked up with the wrong kind of people, and he tried to reassure her that he had seen you with Shannon Hannigan. She is bad news man! She –”
“Jesse, I don’t believe this! Why are you calling me? Shannon has been nothing but nice to me, so why are you trying to bad mouth her?” I demanded.
“Bad mouth her?! That’s just my point, she has a bad mouth. She goes around attacking guys and blowing them. She doesn’t care if they are old, young, married, gay, whatever! She blows them all,” Jesse imparted.
“Uh… O…K… What? Does she hurt them or something?” I wondered. From my perspective, I couldn’t really see a downside.
“It’s not that she hurts them, Matt, don’t you see? She is a sinner, and worse, it’s like the devil makes her do it.”
“Don’t start with the religious crap, Jesse. I am so sick of being told to act like Jesus and follow God’s plan. What if she just isn’t religious either and believes that a little oral sex is therapeutic?”
“So she’s already done it to you,” Jesse guessed correctly. “Stop thinking with your dick, man, and think this through. When she first came to our town, she got expelled from school on her first day for giving Mr. Ferguson a blowjob in front of the entire class! She is either insane or a devil worshipper, and you should stay away from her!”
“Jesse, what do you even care? You’ve done nothing but nag me, and preach to me since I came to stay. You’ve never once tried to see things from my perspective.”
“Of course I care, Matt; you’re my cousin! I am worried about you. If you continue on the path you’re on, you’re going to end up in hell! Please… just come back here. Mom and dad agree that they’d rather have you here than anywhere near Shannon Hannigan.”
I sighed. “You see, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. I am not a dog that you guys can just shove out the door when I’ve upset you, and then bring me back in whenever you want.”
Jesse sighed in disappointment, and barely concealed frustration. “I know that there is some stubborn filter in your brain that won’t let you listen to anyone or do anything that’s good for you, but seriously… She’s going to hurt you… Please come home now before that happens.”
“Can you say you’re sorry?” I asked, putting him on the spot for once.
“What?” Jesse asked, obviously baffled.
“This morning… you called me a stupid, arrogant, son of a bitch, and yet when I tried to point out that you are also an ignorant, overzealous, pussy, it was me that got into trouble! I’m the one that got kicked out, but you are just as much to blame!”
“Hey, I was just trying to tell you like it is. If you could just shut up and listen to someone else for a change, I bet things would get better for you.” Jesse hypothesized.
“What you really mean is that if I stop acting like me, and start acting like you the world will like me more and I’ll stop getting into trouble. No thanks man, I don’t want to be a pussy,” I couldn’t help but shoot my mouth off again. I don’t know why. It’s not like it made me feel good or anything.
“Whatever. Just remember that I warned you, and don’t come crying to me when your heart gets broken!” Jesse hung up on me. Why does everyone hang up on me?
Then I remembered that I still had Chris on hold, but he had given up and hung up on me too, so I decided to turn my phone off to save the battery. Maybe tomorrow I’d get a ride from Shannon to get some of my stuff, including my phone charger. I set my phone aside, and scratched my head.
What did he mean by get my heart broken? I just met her for crying out loud! It’s not like I planned to fall in love with her or anything like that. Maybe talk her into having some sex, and if today was any indication, get a few more blowjobs…
Heartbroken, whatever.
Shannon poked her head through the door. “Dinner’s ready. I hope you like salad and scrambled eggs.”
Odd combination. “Uh yeah,” I responded mostly truthfully.
We ate dinner in a rather awkward silence, and afterwards, we each cleaned our dishes and went to our separate rooms. I paced mine and thought of her. I don’t know why I was expecting something a bit more… intimate, but I felt incredibly disappointed that she didn’t seem to want anything to do with me.
I started to pull on my hair in frustration! I could not figure her out! Did she like me or not?!
Then it occurred to me… Whoever said that she was the only one that could play this little game of hers? The way I saw it, I had just as much right to pull her pants down and stick my face between her legs as she had to do so to me. Hell, I even owed her three… surprises.
I marched to her room, and threw open her door. She had just come out of the shower or something because her hair was all wet, and she was drying it with a towel. I really liked the look of her naked body.
“Matt? What the hell are you doing? You can’t just come in here and-”
“Oh can’t I? What about you? You’ve been doing it to me all day. Turnabout is fair play,” I announced, and then scooped her up. I carried her to her bed, and noticed that for all of her supposed anger and protests a moment ago, she looked excited.
I spread her legs, and explored her with my finger. Another tip from my ex-girlfriend; never just dive right in. Take the time to work a girl up first. I figured that if it worked on my ex, it should work on Shannon, right?
I located her clit, and rubbed it gently. Her breath caught, and I knew that she was enjoying this. I took a really good look at her, and decided that she had to be delicious.
I lowered my face, and buried my tongue in her tight opening. She gasped and bucked into me. I wiggled my tongue around to thoroughly taste her, and then pulled back so that I could insert a finger in her. Then, I teased her clit with my tongue, and mentally smiled as she squirmed.
I concentrated on her pleasure for a long time, honestly surprised that I could do so without my jaw starting to hurt or my tongue going numb. I was rewarded when she started screaming and shaking. It was actually pleasing to see her orgasm, and I realized that I was rock hard and ready.
Seriously? I’d already cum three times today! How could I possibly be ready to have sex already? I waited for Shannon to calm down a little.
“O…K… Ok,” Shannon panted. “You’ve had your revenge… you can go now.”
“Nuh-uh,” I replied impishly. “You got me off three times, and I’ve only gotten you off once. As you can plainly see, I’ve still got two more times to go.” I emphasized the point by burying my face once more.
Shannon squealed, and yelled way louder than necessary, “You can’t be serious!” She started to gulp for air like a fish out of water, and I briefly wondered if I was going too far.
But… she didn’t stop me. I figured this meant I had permission to continue. Very soon, she grabbed a pillow, curled into a ball the best she could with me between her legs, and screamed as if her life depended on it.
“Please no, not again!” She begged me, which I found ironic. If it felt good, why not let me do it more? “It’s too much… I need time to recover.”
“So…” I grinned. “You want me to wait a minute before I do it again.”
She made a noise that sounded like she was laughing and crying at the same time. “How… How about tomorrow morning?”
“Nah! That wouldn’t be right… I’d say it has to be before midnight.”
Her eyes flew to the digital clock on her dresser. It was only 9 o’clock, so there was still plenty of time. “Oh… Okay,” she agreed.
I watched her pant, and decided that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I wanted to kiss her, but it seemed rather inappropriate to kiss her when my mouth was covered in her juices, and her mouth was dry from gasping for air. I noticed a glass of water on a small table next to her bed. I offered it to her.
She gulped nearly the entire contents, and then handed the glass back to me. “Thank you.” She sounded better now.
She watched me watch her, and a smile spread across her lips. “You know… we could always do something else for a while.”
I like her thinking! I nodded, and removed my clothes. I had kept them on because I was technically only here to lick her off, but now that she suggested it, I was eager to see what she felt like sliding on my dick.
I positioned myself between her legs, and looked to her for permission. She smiled and nodded, and I pushed into her. You know, for someone who supposedly blew every guy she saw, she sure had a tight hole. My cousin had to be wrong about her.
I guess I had built up a tolerance to cumming today or something because I was utterly shocked by how long I was able to last. My record was about a half an hour, but tonight it was at least an hour and a half before I even felt close to shooting my load. I realized that I couldn’t do it inside her, because I wanted to use my tongue on her again and I didn’t want to get her pregnant. So, I pulled out, and covered her stomach and breasts – which were full and wonderfully soft, by the way.
“Ugh,” she muttered. “Why do guys do that?”
“I didn’t have a condom,” I stated. I could tell that she was very tempted to go take another bath, but it was now halfway closer to midnight, and I figured that plenty of time had passed by now. I abruptly buried my face once more, and tickled her clit with my tongue.
“Ack!” She screeched in surprise. “Um, ah, um… okay.” Her breathing was really fast, and her hand was on my head like she couldn’t decide if she wanted to push me away or guide me in closer.
Her head started thrashing side to side, and she was obviously confused. I wanted to laugh, but decided to keep my mouth dedicated to doing a good job. I wish I had a tape recorder on hand.
“Oh god! Please stop! Don’t stop! No more! Oh wow! Help me! Oh I think I’m going to cum!” She screamed. See, I told you she was confused.
Holy libido Batman! Hearing her orgasm had me standing at attention once more. I got onto my hands and knees, and stared at my dick in sheer disbelief. No way in hell should I be ready again so soon!
I looked at her to see if she would be capable of sex again, and noticed that she was quivering slightly, as if she was still in the last throes of her orgasm. That was good enough for me. I climbed atop her again, and guided myself inside her.
If this is not heaven then I don’t know what is! She gave me an incredulous look. “Again?”
“Why not?” I wondered.
“Oh boy!” She exclaimed, but again… she did not stop me. I really wanted to kiss her, but my mouth was thoroughly coated, so I looked into her eyes instead. I watched her closely as I slowly thrust into her.
As ready as my dick was to screw her into the bed, the rest of me was nearing exhaustion! So, I opted to remain slow. After each thrust, I paused to search her eyes.
Unexpectedly, her eyes started to water, and she threw her arms around me. Holding me tight, she whispered in my ear. “You feel so good inside me!”
I was completely surprised that her words set me off. It also came as something of a shock that this orgasm hurt a little. That’s never happened before, but then again, I’ve never ejaculated five times in less than ten hours.
I realized that I had absolutely no energy left, not even enough to pull out and crash on the bed beside her. Besides, she still clung to me in a way that made me think that she was not about to let me go anytime soon. I gathered her in my arms, settled myself atop her, and exhaled in bliss.
My first thought the next morning was: Where did she go? My second thought was: Oh my god! I came inside her! What if I got her pregnant?! I’m only 18! I am not ready to be a daddy yet!
Yep, I panicked. I sat up in her bed, and started pulling my hair again. I tried to be careful. I pulled out the first time… Please oh please let all of the sperm in that last load be dead! Or missing. Didn’t my 10th grade health teacher say something about there only being enough sperm made each day for two maybe three loads? Please let that be true!
I looked up to find Shannon watching me yank my hair nearly out. She was fully dressed, and smelled a bit like a barn… and sex. I found the smell strange, but not unpleasant.
She laughed. “Problem?”
“I didn’t mean to! I swear! Please tell me you’re not pregnant!” Yep, I was still freaking out.
She got quiet, and gave me a serious look. “First of all, if I were pregnant, I would have no way of knowing for a couple of weeks to a month… and secondly, I keep track of my cycle. There’s no guarantee, but since I’m supposed to get my period in two days, I’m fairly certain we are safe.”
I was so relieved! I buried my face in my hands to cover the tears I was certain were about to stream down my face. No kid deserved such a screw up as me for a dad.
When I looked up, I noticed that she was exploring my body with her eyes, and grinning at what she saw. Ok, that cheered me up, and made me feel a bit pleased with myself. I worked out, and my body was worth looking at, if I do say so myself.
She groaned. “There’s no time to have more sex right now, but I made some breakfast, and in a bit I plan go into town for groceries. I have a very specific and limited amount of time I can shop, and anyway –“ She blushed for some reason. “If you need a ride into town for any reason…”
I nodded. I wanted to pick up my cell phone charger, and at least one change of clothes. She seemed a bit disappointed, and I wondered if she thought I was going to leave her.
“I don’t have anything but my cell phone. I need to grab my stuff,” I explained.
“Oh! Right…” She smiled, and left. I made use of her bathroom, got dressed, and then located her kitchen.
I ate the bacon and eggs she left me, and washed my plate. I looked at the clock, and realized that it was only 9:30. I was sure I’d sleep in longer after a night like that!
Shannon came back in the house. “Chores done; now I just need to visit my bathroom, and then if we leave we should get to town after 10 o’clock.”
She disappeared into the bathroom. I tried not to listen to her, and soon heard her flush. She smiled at me as she returned to the kitchen.
“Why is it important to get to town after 10 o’clock?” I asked.
“I avoid the church bell that way.”
I grinned and laughed. “Halleluiah! I can’t stand those noisy ass bells!”
She giggled, and took my hand so that she could drag me to the car. “I guess that means you’ll understand that I want to be out of town by noon.”
“Yep,” I agreed. “It’s a good thing they don’t ring the bells every hour… or more.” Apparently the church compromised with the townspeople to only ring the bell ever other hour. I know some churches only rang at noon, or noon and midnight.
“That would suck!” Shannon stated emphatically, and I totally agreed.
In town, she dropped me off at my aunt’s, and told me that she’d pick me up when she was done shopping. It took me less than ten minutes to pack up my stuff in my backpack, and then I had nothing to do while I waited. I paced nervously, half afraid that one of my relatives would come home before Shannon picked me up.
At 10:30, I decided that I couldn’t wait anymore. I walked to the grocery store, and figured I’d just wait in her car. My legs were a bit sore for some reason – I grinned as I remembered why – and so it took me at least a half an hour to get to the store. It should have only taken me 15 or 20 minutes, but it didn’t matter because I could see Shannon’s old clunker from here.
As I got closer, I realized that the driver side door was open, and I could see her hair. Was she looking for something under her seat? I tilted my head to the side curiously.
Slowly, I realized that there was a pair of legs surrounding her, and I stopped. I was close enough by now to hear groaning and other noisy sounds of pleasure, and I realized that Shannon was bobbing her head in a certain way.
Why did I feel so betrayed?! Why had I just assumed that we were boyfriend and girlfriend now? I wanted to run, but I had nowhere to go.
Shannon finally sat up. “There Billy! Are you happy now? I told you I didn’t want to, so just go.”
“Aw Shannon… Why are you so mad? I know you like it.”
“Listen up, you big creep! There’s this guy I like, and I don’t want to mess things up with him, okay?!” Shannon yelled.
“What makes you think a guy would stay with you?” Billy scoffed. “You suck off every guy you possibly can! No one wants to stay with a slut like that!”
Shannon grabbed something out of his hand, and before I could figure out what it was, she pulled out a metal pin from inside it, and tossed the object across the parking lot. “There! It’s gone now! If I ever see your dick again, I’ll frickin’ bite it off!”
Billy stood up, fastened his pants, and laughed. “Whatever Shan.” He pointed to a different guy standing not too far away that I hadn’t noticed before now.
“Oh no! Please no! I don’t want to; please don’t make me!”
The new guy gave her a funny grin. “Yes you do. You love sucking a guy off.”
I swear she was about to cry. I wondered how to step in. There were two of them, and they looked like they could kick my ass.
The new guy held something up, and then I heard a bell ring. I immediately checked my phone, since it sounded exactly like my ring tone, but then I realized that it couldn’t be my phone because I didn’t have it; the guy was ringing an actual bell.
Shannon giggled flirtily, and pointed to the driver’s seat of her car. “Hop in.” New guy unzipped his pants as he walked to her, and I was sure that she was going to punch him in the nuts. Instead, she let him sit in her car, and bent to suck on him.
Shannon?!” I demanded in disbelief. I saw her stiffen slightly in response, but she did not stop.
Billy laughed at me. “You must be that guy she likes. Don’t bother sticking around because she will spend half her time sucking on someone else.”
“I heard her say no!” I insisted.
“True, but then she said yes. We’re not forcing her,” Billy pointed out, and he was right. They were not holding her down in anyway, and she wasn’t stopping – not even to apologize to me, or tell me to get lost.
I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to do nothing at all. I figured that once she was done, she’d have to say something to me, and then maybe I could figure out what was going on. I crossed my arms, and shifted my weight to one leg.
Five minutes later, the guy grunted his climax, and I watched Shannon stand. “You son of a bitch!” She yelled and then punched him across the face. “I begged you not to make me do it, but you just had to r-“
She slapped her hand across her mouth, and turned to look at me. I would swear she was about to cry again. She recovered her composure, and faced the man she’d just punched. She started pounding her fists into his chest, and screaming incoherently. Finally, he pushed her a bit away.
“Get out of my car!” She shouted in no uncertain terms.
“Ms. Hannigan? Is there a problem?” Officer Carlson asked. Oh crap, fights resulting in cops to break them up never ended well for me.
“I told him no. I told them both no!” Shannon finally burst out crying.
“I see.” The cop took a closer look at the situation, and suddenly yanked the bell out of the new guy’s hand. He was very careful not to ring it. “I think that Shannon’s been to jail enough times because of guys like you, so I figure it’s only fair that I haul you both in for a change.”
“We didn’t do anything wrong!” Billy protested.
“Public disturbance, Mr. Carter.”
Billy sighed, and held out his hands.
“Zip your fly, Mr. Banks.”
The guy in the car suddenly realized that he was still hanging out, and rushed to comply. I was flabbergasted that neither one thought to run away while the cop held my sobbing girlfriend. Well, almost girlfriend. I think.
“It’s going to be fine, Shannon,” Officer Carlson tried to reassure her.
“Thanks Steve.”
We both watched the officer take away the two public disturbers, and then I stood watching her. She stood there examining her feet. I could tell that she was afraid of what I would say.
I sighed. “If you can explain to me what just happened, I’ll try to understand,” I promised.
She slumped a little in relief. “Do you want to talk about it here, or in the car?”
“In the car,” I answered.
She nodded, and we both silently got in her car. I noticed that there were now a lot of people watching us. Nosy busy bodies! I shook my head in disapproval, and they dispersed as Shannon started up her car.
We were out of town well before noon, and we rode in silence for at least half the trip. We approached the place that she had pulled over to blow me yesterday, and I stared at her intently. I really wanted to know what was going on.
Shannon sighed. “Did you bring your phone?”
“No, I was low on battery, so I left it behind,” I answered.
“Good.” She smiled at me, and I frowned in return. Her smiled faded, and she looked away. “You see… I’m cursed. Every time I hear a bell, I have an overwhelming urge to blow a guy. It’s impossible to fight, and the more I try to fight it, the stronger the urge gets until I attack the first guy I see. It doesn’t always end well…”
I thought back to when I first saw her. I’d been admiring her ass, and then my phone rang, which sounded like a bell. Aha… So that explains it, and here I thought I was just lucky.
I felt a strange urge to cry, and turned my head so she couldn’t see my face. Shannon didn’t really want me after all. No wonder she walked away like nothing had happened. She probably had lots of guys mistake her curse for actual interest.
“Why did you bring me home with you?” I wondered.
“I know what it’s like to get kicked out… kinda. My parents brought me to the farm when I…” Shannon stopped her car in front of her mail box, and used the opportunity to look away from me as she muttered, “sucked a guy off in front of everyone in church.”
Part of me wanted to laugh at that, but the bigger part realized something. I had been right to begin with. She only pitied me. She didn’t actually like me.
“I’ll try to find somewhere else to stay, so don’t worry about me,” I informed her. She had already tossed her mail on the seat, and now she slumped against her steering wheel.
“So it’s true. No guy wants me after they find out about my curse.”
Wait! What??? That sounded like she wanted me to stick around. I just couldn’t figure her out!
She drove up her driveway, and neither one of us knew what to say. I went to my room to think, and she disappeared to do chores. I paced for at least ten minutes as I thought. I really had nowhere else to go, but I didn’t want to be a burden on her.
Wait, if I really didn’t want to be a burden on her, then why was I just sitting here? I should be doing something to help her out, but what? I could take a look at her car. I’m sure she’d appreciate it if she didn’t have to worry about it breaking down and stranding her all the way out here.
Ten minutes later, she noticed me working under the hood of her car. I’m sure she wondered what I was doing, but she just stood there; her arms crossed, and her weight on one hip. I wiped my hands off on a rag.
“Listen, I can fix your car.” I mentally debated going into detail, but decided that doing so wasn’t very important right now. “It’ll be how I pay rent, and then I’ll find a job as soon as possible. If I can pay you money in exchange for room and board… will you let me stay?”
“You want to stay?” Shannon asked me.
“Yeah, I do,” I confessed.
She smiled hesitantly. “What about my curse?”
I inhaled deeply and held my breath a moment. I wasn’t exactly comfortable trying to get into a relationship with a girl who put any guy fortunate enough to be near her when a bell rang in her mouth, but… I could kind of see things from her point of view. She didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter. I’m sure if she did, she’d choose not to. I hope.
A serious thought occurred to me, and I let out my breath. “Well, without your curse, we would never have met, and I’d have literally nowhere to go. So, I guess it’s not such a bad thing.”
“You mean that?” Shannon asked hopefully.
“Yeah… and maybe I could help you with it,” I suggested.
She laughed at that. “I suppose, if you always happen to be with me when I hear a bell…”
I must have looked like a goofy-eyed zombie for a minute there as I contemplated the consequences of that particular suggestion. I blinked to try to shake off the images, and my mouth opened and closed a couple of times. I totally blushed, and my heart was racing. I cleared my throat.
“Um, I could do that,” I said, trying to sound cool. Another thought occurred to me, “But only if I get to pay you back when we get home.”
She laughed so hard that I thought she was about to tell me to go fuck myself. I felt crushed. “I was hoping you’d say that! I’m 18 now, and I haven’t gotten laid by anyone other than you since the first time… which was when I got cursed, but anyway!” Shannon grinned and held out her hand.
I smiled, and took her hand in mine. Now was an excellent time to kiss her, and she must have thought so too for she leaned in to kiss me at the same time. Already, I couldn’t imagine life without her.

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