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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Lucky

So I've been having this urge to watch Rocky Horror Picture show lately. I have the movie, but have been resisting because my boys won't go to sleep until late, and then when they do, I'm tired and want to go to bed too. I finally decided that I'm just gonna frickin' watch it, and if they come out of their room and watch it with me, then so be it! It's not like it actually shows anything. I mean hell! My boys have probably seen worse when they're watching other stuff on TV with us and the characters start getting hot and heavy, lol!
It could be a learning tool, you know? Snorts in laughter!

I must admit that this is what probably started my urge a couple weeks back. I saw this and went OMG!!! Drool, pant heavily, pounce on hubby, the whole nine yards! lolololol
Toucha toucha touch me, I wanna feel dirty, Whip me beat me mistreat me, knock me up tonight! :-D Oh wait, that's the call backs, lol! AND THEN, after I decided that the boys could just watch RHPS with me if they refused to go to bed and leave me alone, it occurred to me that some pretty adult stuff routinely slips into kids shows, such as one of my all time favorite Chipmunk movies, which features this scene and cute little song:
So yeah... If my boys want to watch a little Rocky Horror, then whatever, they've probably seen way worse without me realizing it, lol!

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  1. Update: Phoenix got tired and went to bed almost right away, but Gryffin stayed up and watched the whole thing with me. About 15-20 minutes in, when he realized that I was going to sing or say all the lines and then some (call backs!), he asked me, "So how many times have you seen this movie anyway?"
    I laughed, "Buwahahaha! Almost once a week for about a year just after I turned 18!"
    "Whoa, that's a lot!"

    Ahhhh.... the good old days, lol...


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