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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Idea

A while back, I came up with an idea that a girl who was raised by just her mother suddenly has to move in with her biological dad after her mother's death. I spent days planning it out in my head, but ultimately abandoned the idea because the two characters - the girl and her dad - were SO opposed that they did nothing but argue and then she left him as soon as she could. I thought that that would make for a terrible ending to a short story, even thought it would be true to life for many people.

Suddenly, I came up with a completely different background for this girl, and now the story actually seems to work! SO - provided I can keep this inspiration long enough to finish it, I may just get a chance to post this girl's story after all :-D

And THEN, I think I'll concentrate on typing up a couple of my older stories for a while. The ones that I wrote before I basically switched to using my computer exclusively. I really love actually writing with a pen and a note book better, but then they just sit around my house for decades doing nothing because I actually hate to type, lol! I figure now that I'm better at and more used to typing now, I may as well get them onto my computer, sigh...

Have a happy day :-)

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