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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Dance Scene

In Cheri Part 3, there a scene where she is asked to play for a crowd of people. The setting of the story is in a very different culture than where the song she played originated, and so the people listen reverently as she plays a soft tune. As I wrote the scene, I imagined the tune to be very much like the beginning of this song:

And then she is set up on a table, and changes her tune to a lively jig. I imagined it to be very like the ending of the song above.

Suddenly, a contest is declared, and her friend Kiki decides to enter, challenging her to play something worth dancing to. Cheri plays something very like this:

Only, in my head, there's lyrics to this song, and everyone knows them.

The scene ends, and Cheri gets to go home, but as long as I'm sharing some of my favorite clips, I figured I'd toss this one in because it's just plain awesome! :-)

Have a happy day!

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