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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anything for the Sake of Art!

It's no secret that my hubby love to make chainmail. He's also really good at it :-) For a long time, he's wanted a dress doll because - unlike his size 2 mannequin - a dress doll is adjustable. They are also EXPENSIVE!

On the rare occasion that he's found one at the Goodwill for relatively cheap, we haven't had the money to buy it. So, when he found instructions to make one online - sorta - he was excited! It's also cheap :-)

Step one -  buy a T-shirt or 2 or 3 from the Goodwill. We sent $2.00 on each shirt, buying 4 total.
Step two - buy a large roll of duct tape. Hubby plans to make a few, so he bought more than one roll. However, one roll was just about perfect for me, and we even had some left over.

Step three - Put T-shirt on otherwise mostly naked model. (That was me.)
Step four - Wrap duct tape around model until she can't breathe, and walks like she is wearing a corset. Make sure to outline all the curves, and use more tape than you think you need. :-D

Step five - take picture of armor plated model! Hell, have a photoshoot!

Step six - Cut up along the spine. Hubby tried using a crappy pair of scissors, then a good pair of scissor, and then had success with a pair of tinsnips. The tape cut just fine, it was the shirt that resisted until it's dying breath, lol!
Step seven - DO NOT CUT THE NECKLACE!!! Trust me, we figured that out the costly way...

Step eight - Take more pictures now of the finished dress doll form - hubby insists that because it is not adjustable, it is just another mannequin, whatever...
Step nine - carefully fill in with expandable spray foam and let dry. Hubby plans to do this over his size 2 mannequin, but I think it would be better to just fill it up and have a foam doll. Hubby plans to use this while making chainmail for me, but I've already started making plans to use it while I crochet!

Now, the next time I plan to go to the Renaissance Festival, I think I will buy a cheap bathing suit or something, and have hubby wrap me up again corset style! I can design my whole dress around it! There is even a variety of colored duct tape, so I can make it match if I want, buwahahahaha!

One day, I shall rule the UNIVERSE!!!
Oops... I got a bit carried away there...

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