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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting Sick... Or Not!

Recently, I boasted to my sister, "When was the last time you seen me get sick?" To which she replied, "When was the last time I saw you?" She has a point in that she rarely sees me, so I changed the question. "Ok, so when was the last time you heard about me getting sick?" I asked this because she was so sure that eating a piece of garlic bread that had been sitting out on the counter overnight would make me violently ill. I wanted it because it was nice and crunchy, and I was in the mood for crunchy. I did not get sick from eating it. My POINT is that I was certain that my boast would actually invoke Murphey's law and I would then get sick from something else. Here it is, almost a week later, and I am still as healthy as can be :-)

Earlier today, I was reading an article about fevers. This reminded me that the last time I did get sick was about this time last year... I think. (I'd have to reread my notes to be sure.) I didn't have a cold or the flu, I just had a fever that lasted about 3 days and I couldn't get out of bed long enough to even make food for my boys. I think that allowing my fever to work through my system untampered with is what kept me from getting sick the entire rest of winter.

Also, my boys haven't been sick in a while either. They got the sniffles for a couple of days last winter, but nothing else. This actually does not make me as proud as one might think. To me, their lack of sickness indicates lack of exposure to those things that make our immune system stronger. This differs from me since I actually do get out and about more often then they do. Plus, I used to get sick constantly when I was younger, so I'm sure my immune system is functioning the way it should.

The reason that I am posting this is that - while most people would probably be overjoyed by not getting sick - I actually hope that me, my hubby, and my boys all come down with a fever soon. Why? Because right now none of us have anything going on, so it's a good time to get sick. Also, a fever is a good test of how well an immune system is working and - much like a test of an alarm to make sure it's working properly - it's a good idea to have one from time to time. Lastly, getting sick now while it's convenient is much better than getting sick later on when we're swamped with errands and running around.

So... how do I contract a fever? I really don't know, and I don't plan to stand outside for an hour in the freezing cold just to catch one. My guess... I'm thinking that it would be best to make some homemade chicken noodle soup and bring it to a friend who is sick, except I don't think I have one of those off hand either. It's a head scratcher to be sure!

Have a happy day :-)


  1. Update: around December 17th, each member of my household took turns getting sick. Nothing serious, just fevers and a general blah feelings. We each puked just once, except for my hubby, who didn't at all. It lasted one day each, and then we were all back to normal. I have proved my point in that letting a body experience a fever untampered with makes the body get rid of the sickness much more quickly, and there is nothing lingering when it's done.

  2. agree~! ~ leave the body alone and it knows how to take care of itself ~ ! ~ not only does a fever help the immune system, it seems that our species was meant to take a breather and relax now and then, to which, sickness is sometimes the only way many Americans now get this!

  3. Well said! Sad huh that people tend to be on the go so much that it takes getting sick for them to slow down and take a breather. I think we are slowly relearning to take care of our bodies naturally once more, so hopefully the future generations will be healthier :-)


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