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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tarot Card Reading

11/21/11 3:40PM CST
Moon in Libra
= reversed or upside down. = upright.

In my readings, I use a layout called a Celtic cross, which is the standard layout for most readings. Each position has a meaning, and I’ll tell you about it as I go.

 NOTE: I could not get one clear picture of all the cards, so here's two, they are supposed to be side by side :-) The first picture has cards 1,2,3,5,+6, and the second picture has cards 4,7,8,9,+10

1 – Present Position. – This position indicates the most important part of the current situation. As I was shuffling, this card literally jumped out at me, so I know it wanted to have its say. The card is the Hanged One.  This indicates a feeling of being in limbo; your hands are tied; inability to do what you really want, so you are waiting.

2 – Immediate Influence – This position tells me more about the current situation. It clarifies the first card. The card is the 3 of Wands , which indicates a longing to go somewhere or do something. This can also be a need to run away, and lets me know that we are talking about why you’ve been having your dream.

3 – Distant Future – This position usually refers the next 3 to 6 months up to a year, and is not predicting the future so much as reflecting the situation if it continues. The card is the 6 of Wands . Your spiritual journey is stuck. Aha! You’re anxious to be more spiritual, but you keep getting bogged down in the mundane.

4 – Distant Past – This position can and often does refer to a period of years before the reading.  The card is the Star .  You are on the right path, and you are following the choices you made a few years ago. This is where you are supposed to be according to your Life’s Plan. (Note: when I talk about a Life’s Plan, I am referring to my belief that everyone – before they are born – signs up for life lesson’s they must learn, and create a plan for how their life is supposed to go.)  This is where you are supposed to be, and you do have guides to help you… even if you don’t realize it.

5 – Recent Past – This position talks about the events in the last few months up to a year that is like the catalyst to your current situation. The card is the 7 of Wands . Ok, here’s the basis of your discontent. There are far too many Wands here – all upside down – which indicates that you are struggling with your chosen “career.” (This can be anything you consider work or even a goal in life.) You love it, and find it challenging and rewarding. However, the day to day struggle gets to be overwhelming! It feels TOO hard, TOO challenging… Too much like work.

6 – Recent Future – This position talks about the next few days to next few weeks. The card is the Justice . This indicates a legal issue that isn’t going your way. It can also refer to an issue in which you feel things just aren’t fair. I’m combining this with the previous card, and getting a sense of whining. Life’s not going the way you want it to, so you are throwing something of a tantrum.

7 – Present Position 2 – This position clarifies the situation by giving more information. The card is the Ace of Wands . While Aces can refer to a new opportunity, I believe that this card directly indicates that your children/grandchildren are important to you. Vital, in fact. I get the feeling that if you didn’t have someone smallish and fairly innocent to depend on and look up to you, you wouldn’t care about getting out of bed at all.

8 – Environment – This position talks about the situation at home, work, or school. The card is the Prince of Swords . This is your son – or someone you consider to be like a son. He’s one smart cookie (and a smartass!) and he can talk things trough from a different perspective. You rely on him, which is good. Go to him for advice, and try to listen.

9 – Inner Emotions – This position talks about what is going on in your emotions. The entire reading has talked a lot about your emotions, but this is what you feel deep down inside. The card is the Princess of Swords . Uh-oh! You’re dwelling in the past. You tend to think of how you were when you were young. Life was so much simpler then, and you could do anything! You were smart, and things often went your way. You wonder what happened to that girl, and what life would be like if you had done things differently.

10 – Final Outcome – This position ties the entire reading together, and sums it all up. The card is the Empress . It seems like your entire day revolves around being a mom. You want to be the best mom ever, but it seems like so much effort. You just never get a break. You like to be depended on, but you HATE to be tied down. Where’s your freedom? Where’s your ability to just get up and go? You used to be able to go wherever you wanted. You miss that! I prescribe a solitary vacation OR a set amount of time each day (20 minutes to an hour) where you lock yourself away, play music, and just be alone. Escape from the world to recharge your batteries. You need it! (Literally.)

Now, I pull cards from a different deck, one that tells me what your Angels want to say to you, and they say:
There are two things that you find therapeutic. Romance, and Playfulness. When you get a single flower from someone (could be a random stranger or a loved one), your whole day feels brighter. Also, when you have a few moments to romp on the floor with a child or an animal, you literally feel better. (Perhaps old and short of breath, but spiritually and emotionally better.)
You desperately want Divine Guidance. You want someone to tell you what to do. So, here it is: Worry less, and play more. Life should be enjoyable, so give yourself permission to have fun, and have faith that things will turn out all right in the end.

From my other Angel deck, I pulled:
Serena – the Angel of Abundance. (This card didn’t seem to have any relation to the reading, until the last sentence, so I decided to include it after all.) You will receive the money you need. Let go, and let God. Have Faith!


  1. Yea! I finally got someone to let me post a reading on my blog! :-D

  2. OMG! I'm usually pretty sceptical about these things. But, you seem to have nailed it perfectly. Thank you. I'll have to think on this and then come back and re-read.

  3. Hi Roxanne. Will you do a reading for me? you can post it here on your blog. just let me know the conditions required...
    anxiously awaiting your response.


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