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Friday, November 4, 2011

Amadea and the Divinity Blade - Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“Zephyr! A barrier!” Zira commanded.
“Right!” Zephyr immediately agreed and complied. He erected the strongest protective barrier that he could in the shortest amount of time. It was designed to keep the soldiers out of harm’s way as he and his companions fought these demons.
“Blessed effin Gods!” Boreus cursed. Even with his protective amulet, he had no illusions that he could withstand repeated attacks from a demon of this caliber. “We barely survived an attack from just one! How are we going to defend ourselves against two?”
“What do you want from us?” Amadea wondered.
“We are concerned that you nearly defeated one of our kind,” they answered her obligingly. “So, we have come to destroy you!”
Amadea cast Zephyr a significant look, and he nodded in return. Both silently chanted a spell as they glanced at their companions. Luna, Kyle, Notus, and Boreus were all obviously afraid, but willing to fight with everything they had.
“Astral Explosion!” Zephyr shouted, aiming his spell at the two demons.
“Astral Interference!” Amadea called out at the same time. She followed up her spell with a lunging roll to the side, and casted a barrier to shield her friends. “Luna, can you – or Kyle, can you cast astral spells?”
They both nodded, and Kyle muttered. “But mine aren’t very powerful.”
“Doesn’t matter. Use your talisman to focus your power, but keep casting astral spells at the demons whenever you get a clear shot!” Amadea ordered.
“Understood!” They both agreed.
Zephyr choked back a scream of pain as one of the demons wrapped its tentacles around him. The demon’s strength was incredible, and the tentacles actually managed to damage Zephyr’s body. He didn’t let it stop him from casting another spell though.
“Sever!” He managed to say, enchanting his sword so that it could cut through even that which bound him.
Luna and Kyle were ready the moment Zephyr dropped to the ground. They followed their orders, chanting spell after spell. They also dodged attacks as necessary, and were amazed that these demons seemed to be holding back for some reason.
“Notus, Boreus,” Amadea focused her attention on them. “Astral spells won’t really hurt you, especially not while you’re wearing the talismans I gave you. Therefore, I want you to actually attack them with your swords. Hold them out for me.”
Both paled at the idea of fighting demons with a sword, but did as she suggested. Amadea placed one hand on each sword, and murmured the chant for the sever spell. A moment later, the swords both glowed to signify that they were enchanted.
“That spell should last you at least 10 minutes. Trust me, that’ll be plenty. We’ll either have won by then, or… they’ll have.”
Both men nodded, and then rushed to do as they were told. With Zephyr, Luna, and Kyle all repeatedly casting spells, the demons didn’t have much room to launch a counter attack. The problem was that they seemed to have excellent defenses, and not even the astral explosion spell was enough to completely dissolve their protective shields.
Amadea watched the battle intently as she wondered how to destroy the demons once and for all. She chewed on her thumbnail as she thought, a frown marring her face. Anytime there seemed to be a good opening, she’d cast an astral explosion spell, but it wasn’t much more effective than Zephyr’s spells.
“They seem to be feeding off each other,” Zira remarked, kneeling next to Amadea behind her barrier. “Any time our team hits one, it strengthens its shield by borrowing power from the other.”
“So… what do I do?” Amadea questioned. She couldn’t think of anything to use other than her Eternal Destruction spell, but from the looks of it, she’d have to use it several times just to break through the demons’ shields.
“I can’t help but notice that Boreus and Notus have no trouble getting through,” Zira observed. “Their blades are able to deal out small cuts here and there, nothing serious or troublesome, but it makes me think that the shields are designed to protect from magical attacks rather than physical ones.”
Amadea nodded in agreement.
Zira continued. “Which means we might have a chance if you…” She whispered the rest in Amadea’s ear.
Amadea grinned. “Got it!” The next moment, she released her barrier, and cast her combined spell. “Quicksilver Fists of Justice!”
At that moment, Zephyr saw the demons aim a major spell at Luna and Kyle, and dove onto them to cast a protective barrier. He held up the barrier for several long moments as the demons hit them with unbelievable power. He soon began to falter, and the two he was protecting quickly cast spells to reinforce his protection.
Amadea used the demons’ distraction to race in and punch them each once in the gut. As expected, they had no defense against physical attacks, and grunted in unexpected pain. Her hits were not designed to kill, however, so they continued their attack for a few moments while wondering whether they should focus on the Empress. They both knew that she was the real threat, and telepathically agreed that she should be their main target.
Amadea gestured for Notus and Boreus to attack again, and they rushed in as Amadea flipped out of the way. She stood back a bit, and started chanting a new spell… the one Zira had just whispered to her.
With the two swordsmen distracting the demons, Zephyr and company were able to resume casting their attack spells. This occupied the demons just long enough for Amadea to gather all the power she needed. She held the power a few moments while she waited for a clear shot.
Finally, she screamed, “Double Spiraling Lances of Light!”
Before her, twin lances appeared, rapidly rotating in circles as they zoomed towards the demons. The duo saw the spell coming, and strengthened their shielding. They had no idea that Amadea had tagged them with her power just a moment before so that her spell had both guidance – should the demons happen to move – and powerful backup from inside the shield.
As the lances flew, Amadea chanted her big attack spell. Her first spell hit the demons’ shields, got stuck for a moment, and then drilled right through to connect with the spot where she had punched them. She allowed herself half a second of congratulation, and then released her second spell.
“Eternal Destruction!”
At the same time, Zephyr and Kyle cast, “Astral Obliteration!” and Luna cast, “Lightning!”
The 4 spells hit the 2 demons, and they screamed as they disappeared. A weak voice cursed them with revenge, and they all knew that the demons were not destroyed for good, merely defeated for now. Zira groaned.
“It seems that we just keep making more and more enemies everywhere we go,” the ghost stated needlessly.
Amadea wanted to heal any injuries that had occurred, but she couldn’t see straight. She had just gone for days without food, and then had used a massive amount of power. She wobbled and swayed as her adrenaline level receded, and then collapsed onto the ground.
Zephyr had a strong feeling that she would do that, but couldn’t catch her in time. His body hurt, and he was reminded that one of the demon’s tentacles had actually managed to cause damage. He abruptly and unexpectedly sat on the ground, and cast a healing spell on himself.
A third demon appeared a moment later, and cackled gleefully. “Just as I planned! You are now completely defenseless and unable to stop me!” The demon hurled a massive – which looked to them like a small planet – fireball at the 6 of them, and roared with triumphant laughter.
Zephyr felt his blood run cold, and tried to do anything. His body was in no condition to move, and he knew that both Luna and Kyle were dangerously low on magic as well. The best anyone could do was jump clear of the fireball, but no one could even think of doing so while Amadea was unconscious and clearly about to be burnt to a crisp.
“Amadea!” They all called out in a desperate attempt to wake her. They were all doomed!
Suddenly, a large orb of purple light encased them, and the fireball exploded on contact with it. They looked around in amazement.
“We’re still alive?!”
Zephyr stared at the spot directly behind Amadea, and slowly exhaled in relief. “For once… I’m deeply grateful to see you.”
The newcomer smirked. “I thought you might feel that way. Be warned, I expect to receive compensation for my services.”
“Compensation?!” Zira demanded angrily. She made herself fully tangible, and marched up to the man protecting them in his powerful orb.
Grabbing him by the collar, she shook him as hard as she could. “You abandoned me a mere half an hour before I died, and I’m sure you didn’t shed a single tear! How dare you show your face before me now??? If I could, I would murder you on the spot!!!”
“Now Zira,” the man tried to soothe the irate ghost. “If you murdered me now, I wouldn’t be able to protect everyone from the demon.”
Zira growled for at least 10 seconds before admitting that he was right. She sighed, and released him. “Make no mistake, Abydos when I return to the Gods, I am going to ask them to destroy you! They owe me a favor, and I bet they’ll grant me anything I ask!”
Abydos shrugged as if to say that he didn’t particularly care. Meanwhile, the demon roared in outrage and frustration.
“What in the 10 levels of hell are you doing here?!?!” It demanded.
“It seems that I have no master at the moment and am free to do whatever I like. I happen to owe these people a favor, and decided to repay it while I still had the chance,” Abydos explained.
“Fine, now you’ve repaid them! Get out of my way!” It was clear by its tone of voice that the demon was both irate and afraid.
“Sorry, I want something from them, and I won’t get what I want if you kill them,” Abydos stated with a serene smile. He held up his hand, and snapped his fingers. The demon exploded with a nasty spray of ooze in all directions.

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