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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jumpin' Jupiter - VI


The part we need!” Jasna squealed in excitement.
No wonder we never came across it before! The initial inventory didn't have one on the list, so we never even checked down here!” Corbin was obviously excited by this news, though his shaft had deflated due to his recent ejaculation. It now looked like floppy rubber snake...
Jasna snorted and held up the part of the crate that announced its contents. It said: Hazmat Equipment. “We wouldn't have found it even if we looked! Unless we had thought to open up every crate and verify that it actually held what it said it did, we would never have found it!”
Oh my God, Jasna! We can go home!” Corbin stated this out loud as the full implication hit him.
We have to go tell the others!” Jasna insisted exuberantly.
She threw her clothes on without bothering to fasten her bra or button up her blouse. She finished at the same time Corbin finished zipping up his pants and pulling his shirt back on. He grabbed the part and she grabbed the broken piece of mislabeled crate. Running was hard for her to do, so Corbin swept her off her feet and carried her back to the elevator and then all the way to lounge.
Everyone had congregated while they were gone, so they were all here to hear the happy news.
We found it!” Jasna announced as Corbin set her on her feet.
Found what?” Matt asked in confusion.
Corbin held up the part they needed to fix the ship. “We found it!”
Jasna held up the piece of crate. “It was marked Hazmat!”
There was an astonished silence for a second that seemed to stretch out forever. Suddenly, the entire group roared a cheer. “We can go home!”
Lawrence lifted Jasna into his arms and twirled her around because he was literally so excited that he couldn't stop himself. “How did you find it?”
We had sex on it!” Jasna announced.
What?!” Matt blurted out, dropping the part that he had just taken from Corbin to examine.
Yep,” Jasna stated with a grin. “If we hadn't – and inadvertently broken the crate – we would never have found it.”
Corbin had a hand over his face to cover the fact that it was now far redder than he ever thought possible. He wanted to crawl in a hole and die! How could she just announce that so casually?!
Jasna waved the broken piece of crate around again. “See? It was marked Hazmat. If we hadn't broken it open, we would have continued on never knowing that it was there.”
One of the engineers sighed in depression as he turned the part around in his hands. “Well, then maybe you should go have sex on a couple more crates and see if you can find the rest of it...” He held it out to another engineer who nodded in confirmation.
Everyone groaned in disappointment.
Come on you guys! Don't give up now! The rest of it has to be there!” Jasna insisted. She unconsciously clutched her stomach protectively and then sat in the nearest empty chair. Her energy was rapidly waning.
Are you okay?” Lana asked in concern.
Yeah... I'm just tired...” Jasna replied softly.
Um Jasna...” Lana replied, her eyes wide. “You're bleeding!”
Jasna's eyes flew to her skirt. Gasping, she realized that Lana was right.
Carry her to the infirmary!” The self-appointed medic shouted, pointing at Corbin, who was definitely strong enough to do so.
In the infirmary, the medic examined her, sighing in relief when he discovered that it wasn't as serious as it looked. “You have a tear in your vagina – which was bleeding profusely until I stopped it – but your cervix looks fine. It's still firmly sealed shut. Even so, I suggest bed rest for a couple of days. Your uterus is contracting more than normal, and there's no sense in provoking early labor.”
Jasna nodded in agreement, and then drifted off to sleep. Corbin held one of her hands in his and brushed her hair out of her face with his other. He was almost crying, but managed to hold back the tears.
I hurt you...”
The medic shook his head. “Nah, I doubt it. It probably happened when the crate broke...”
It was Corbin's turn to shake his head. “No... I'm positive that it was me...”
The medic rolled his eyes and walked away. There was no sense in arguing if the man insisted on beating himself up over it. Besides, nothing serious had happened.


After resting until she grew thoroughly bored, Jasna organized a thorough inventory of the lower deck. No one really had anything better to do, and so everyone volunteered to help out in shifts. To their disappointment, the missing piece of the part they needed wasn't in the same box as the first part. Nor was it in any of the boxes nearby.
People grumbled in disappointment as their hopes were crushed. Jasna tried to keep their spirits up, but it was hard to do with Christmas coming up. They had all been praying for a miracle that would get them home in time for the holidays so that they could spend them with their families.
Two days before Christmas, Jasna gave up on the inventory because no one wanted to help her. Almost everyone moped in their room, wishing they could be with their families. Jasna pressed a hand to her 7 month pregnant belly, wondering why such a well stocked ship didn't have even the tiniest bit of decoration to help make their days brighter.
In desperation, Jasna figured out how to program the ship to play music over all the speakers. She didn't want to be annoying about it, so she had the music playing at a low volume – one that enhanced the atmosphere without getting on one's nerves. She also decided to play Christmas music, but ONLY instrumental versions. This meant that she played a lot of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Trilogy, but not all the songs.
She silently gave thanks that the entire contents of her – and everyone else's – computer at home had been copied and sent to them after someone suggested that the information was already digital, and so should be easy to send to them. It made a lot of people happy that they had at least some comfort from home. Of course, then they had the problem of segregating space on the ship's massive hard drive so that each person could keep their own files private.
Hmm... now what?” Jasna asked herself. She bit her lip and thought as hard as she could about how to cheer her shipmates up. “Oh, I know! We have enough paper to print up about 5000 copies of the bible! I can use some of it to make decorations!”
Utterly excited and giggling like a child, Jasna ran to the correct storage room to grab some paper. It was all plain white – intended to be used to print up reports and any other necessary mission briefings – but thankfully, there was also a decent supply of printer ink and highlighters that could be used to make designs. Even so, Jasna decided to start off simply with snowflakes and paper chains.
It was her turn to sit on the bridge, so she returned there with her supplies and started creating a flurry of decorations. Just when she had enough to start hanging up, she wondered whether she should abandon the bridge or wait for someone to relieve her. Lawrence solved her problem a few minutes later. He strode onto the bridge in determination and went straight to the control panel so he could turn off the music.
Jasna giggled impishly. “I created a password that'll take Matt a couple of hours to break. Good luck!” She wished him cheekily as she let the bridge.
She carried the box of decorations and supplies to the lounge, and then got busy taping snowflakes and paper chains everywhere. She also used some string to hang snowflakes from the ceiling. Then a thought so perfect struck her that she cackled in glee.
Mistletoe!” She announced to the empty room. Using highlighters, she made a fluorescent version of the traditional Christmas plant, or rather about a dozen of them, and then hung them from the ceiling in random places that people were sure to gather – such as above coffee pot.
Satisfied with her work so far, she decided to make a massive paper tree and tape it to one of the walls in the corner. It was also colored by highlighters, but looked good with various fluorescent shapes for tinsel and lights. When she was finished with it, she decided to cut out circles and ovals to make paper ornaments.
By now, hours had passed and she wished she had some sign that her efforts were helping. Instead, the ship was as silent as ever. It was almost enough to make her give up.
I think some paper cranes would look amazing,” Lana remarked after she walked into the lounge and took a good look around.
Personally, I think that this is a pretty good try,” Dave added, only a couple of steps behind Lana. “But it's biased. If you can have a tree taped to the wall, I should be able to have a menorah!”
Go for it!” Jasna permitted with a happy laugh. She handed him a stack of paper, a couple of highlighters, and a pair of scissors. “The more the merrier, right?”
Dave seemed surprised that Jasna didn't try to argue that Christmas was only for Christians, and that he should practice his different customs in private. On Earth, even in an office that said they were politically correct, usually the different faiths set up their decorations in different areas of the office so that they didn't... mingle...
Jasna immediately started working on an elaborate star and boughs motif to add to the wall. Others gradually drifted into the lounge and added to the decorations. Soon, not just the lounge, but also the galley and a few of the hallways were overflowing with a multitude of holiday decorations.
Dana decide that this was the perfect time to dip into some of the vacuum sealed food supplies that they had been saving in case the prepackaged meals ran out before they got home. It was pretty basic – white flour, white sugar, and some baking powder – but when combined by someone who knew how to bake without eggs or butter – it turned into a fairly decent cake and some sugar cookies. Dana even made a sort of glaze with sugar and water to use as frosting.
Lana started jumping up and down excitedly. “We should totally sing some Christmas carols!”
Cassandra agreed with her, and they promptly launched into their favorite carols – not caring if anyone else joined them or not. Several others did, which make Jasna feel like a proud mother watching her children put aside their differences and get along.
A couple more hours passed as everyone – everyone! – congregated in the lounge to hang out and join in the celebration. Some people even started dancing, which made Jasna purr happily. She made a point of ambushing anyone who was under a dangling mistletoe and kissing them.
Lana giggled as Jasna kissed Corbin in front of the coffee maker, and then grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to the middle of the room.
All of this is because of you, so now it's your turn to sing!” Lana insisted.
Jasna held up her hands in protest. “I thought we all already agreed that I suck at singing!”
Not so! You sound better than you think,” Lana assured her. “And besides, who cares how you sound?! It's meant to be fun for everyone!”
Jasna sighed in defeat. She nodded reluctantly. “Okay... if you insist...”
She looked around the room until she found an empty corner, and then retreated to it, facing the wall so that she couldn't see anyone. Even so, she still closed her eyes so that she could pretend that she was at home singing for her children, rather than in front of an audience.

You better watch out when winter comes nigh
You better not doubt, I'm telling you why
Mother Berta's coming to town

She carries a sack made out of skin
She dumps the toys out and stuffs the kids in
Mother Berta's coming to town
She rides on Master Skeggi
A Goat whose back is strong
Her beard is gray and scraggly
And her tail is ten feet long!
With six or eight horns, a mustache or two
Make a mistake, she's coming for YOU!
Mother Berta's coming to town.
She knows with whom your sleeping
She knows with whom you wake
She knows each thought you're thinking
So don't THINK! For Goddess sake
So when the winds howl way up in the sky
Listen as she and Skeggi pass by
Mother Berta's coming
Mother Berta's coming
Mother Berta's coming
Mother Berta's coming to town! ♫

As she sang, something strange happened. Jasna was able to really get into the song. She stopped facing the wall and started stalking a couple of her shipmates around the lounge. She really played it up and sang with an accent. The song ended with her pointing at Lawrence – who was obviously no longer on the bridge and had apparently given up on trying to hack her password and stop the music.
Watch out, she's coming for you! Ahahahaha!” Jasna cackled.
Can't say I've ever heard that version of the song before,” Lawrence laughed. He pointed at the mistletoe above Jasna's head, and then got close enough to her to kiss her. She giggled and made it a kiss to remember.
Matt took the opportunity to clear his throat loudly. He held a small package behind his back and looked at Cassandra intently. “I have a confession to make.”
Cassandra took note of his serious expression and gulped nervously. “Yes?” She asked breathily.
I love being here on this ship with you. I love you and I want to be together always...”
Oh boy!” Cassandra whispered, twirling a finger around in her hair.
I was afraid that if we found the missing piece of the part we needed and returned to Earth, well... that you would dump me. But after hearing how much you miss your family, I can't...” Matt sighed heavily. “I can't hide it any longer.”
He held out the package to her, then confessed as she opened it. “I hid the missing piece so that we would have at least the next five years together!”
Now that the package was open, Cassandra held up the piece in confusion. The pair of engineers took it from her for an examination.
It's the missing piece all right,” they confirmed.
How long have you had this?” Cassandra asked. Her voice was half accusatory and half impressed that Matt loved her enough to knowingly strand them on a ship just to be together.
When everyone was worried about Jasna while she was in the infirmary, I snuck down to the cargo bay and found the piece among the contents of the broken box. I had intended to just get it and show it to everyone, but then I realized that if we went home, our relationship would probably be over. So... I hid it...”
Cassandra was both angry at him and hurt that he thought she loved him so little. She was too overcome by emotion to speak. Matt felt like she had just stabbed him with her silence and struggled to keep the tears from falling.
Jasna simply couldn't stand to see anyone in pain, so she decided to mediate. “No matter what happened, we have the piece we need! We can get back home in time for Christmas!”
Most everyone grumbled as they set aside their anger. As much as they wanted to yell at Matt, Jasna was right. It was a true miracle, and they needed to focus on fixing the ship.
The engineers suddenly grinned at each other. “We'll be in the engine room!” They announced before running off. A few people raced after them to watch the ship be fixed. Others decided this was an excellent excuse to continue partying. Matt and Cassandra silently decided to take their argument to the privacy of the room they were sharing.
Lawrence tugged Jasna's hand. “Come on. I think it's time you turned this music off for a while,” he insisted.
Jasna nodded and followed him to the bridge. With a smirk, Jasna didn't care that Lawrence watched her type in her password. It was the names of her husband, her kids, her husband's lover, her mother and father, and all of her dogs followed by the dates of birth for each, her wedding date, and a long string of numbers that she tended to use whenever she needed and extra secure password. The numbers meant nothing to her, so even if someone could guess the rest, they'd have a hard time guessing the numbers. She even tossed in an exclamation point at the end just for fun.
All in all, the password was over 100 characters long.
Shit!” Lawrence exclaimed. “No wonder you thought it would take Matt a couple of hours to decode that!”
Jasna merely shrugged and laughed like an imp. She told the computer to stop playing the music. A moment later, silence fell over the ship.
I don't suppose that you'd be willing to warm my bed tonight?” Lawrence asked, brushing some hair off her face and tucking it behind her ear.
Sounds like fun,” Jasna purred. “But first...” she murmured suggestively as she unzipped his pants.
Jasna!” Lawrence exclaimed in a whisper. “We're on the bridge! Anyone can walk in on us!”
So?” Jasna asked, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “You're the acting Captain and I'm the Second in Command... It would be such a shame if we didn't have sex on the bridge!”
She illustrated her point by stroking his shaft, exposing him for all to see. Lawrence knew that she wouldn't change her mind now, so he gently pushed her until she was leaning over the captain's chair. Both of her legs rested on one of the chair's arms while her hands braced her body on the other.
She grinned as he lifted her skirt out of the way. Lawrence groaned softly as he entered her. He worked his way into her slowly, pausing to enjoy the feel once he was buried deep.
Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?” Richard asked from just inside the bridge.
Jasna laughed at the sound of Lawrence groaning in frustration.
I told you,” he muttered softly.
Come here,” Jasna invited, gesturing for Richard to stand in front of her. He got into position, and then smiled as Jasna stroked his zipper with a finger.
I think you may need to open your pants first.” Richard eagerly complied, sighing in bliss when she started licking his short, thick shaft.
Lawrence shook his head then chuckled in amusement. He discovered that he actually liked watching Jasna please another man while he was buried inside her. He thrust in and out of her slowly, delighting in rocking her body.
Richard continually moaned softly. The way Jasna was rocking made it feel like she was fucking him with her mouth. It enhanced his pleasure, making his eyes roll back into his head.
Both men silently started a competition to see which one of them had more stamina. This amused Jasna and made her laugh the best she could with Richard's shaft in her mouth. She grew very determined to see if she could make them cum before they wanted to.
For Lawrence, she clenched her inner muscles repeatedly, relaxing them after a moment. This made it feel like she was undulating and rippling around him. He groaned from the pleasure.
For Richard, she focused on deep-throating him and sucking on him as strongly as possible – without hurting him. It was hard to do – physically – because she wasn't in the habit of burying a man balls deep in her mouth, but the fact that half of her concentration was on Lawrence helped her. It gave her something to distract her when her jaw started to ache.
Both men soon roared their pleasure, pumping her as full as possible. Jasna wrinkled her nose, then smiled sweetly as she beckoned Richard closer for a kiss. He feel for her trap.
Ugh!” He protested a moment later, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. “That's nasty!”
Exactly!” Jasna agreed with a small smirk.
Lawrence chuckled softly as he put himself back in his pants. “I hope you don't mind bridge duty,” he half asked Richard. “Jasna and I have plans.”
Richard rolled his eyes, but nodded. “Yeah yeah, go on and have fun.”
Thank you,” Jasna purred, kissing Richard on the cheek after she stood up and smoothed out her skirt.
Lawrence offered Jasna her arm like an old fashioned gentleman. She took it and the two of them meandered in the direction of his room.
You owe me!” Richard called after them. “And next time – don't spit that in my mouth!”
Jasna laughed richly. “Then keep it out of mine!”


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I love the ending of this chapter!!! For ONCE it is a woman after mine own heart! Perfect!

    I know I am shamefully behind but I am starting to try to catch up :)

    1. Lol! I thought you might like that :-D


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