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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's a new year, and so, a resolution.

I'm not certain if I ever made a resolution last year. I think I made more of a half promise to try to resolve, lol! Even so, resolutions are pretty big, and a good way to make an overall goal for the year ahead.

SO, I decided to actually make one this year, but I want to keep it simple and - hopefully - easy to accomplish :-) I decided that:

This year, I resolve to work on the "finished" stories I have a bit more to polish them up and get them ready to be published to Amazon and other sites.

Because I have been praying for more readers for a while, and it looks like the Universe is willing to help me out a bit. If I can manage to generate more fans, then I should at least make every effort to give them more to read :-D

Happy New Year Everyone! May your year - and mine - be blessed and prosperous! 

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