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Friday, December 23, 2011

My New Background

Gryffin positively insisted that I post a new background on my computer because the one with Lina and Zelgadis kissing just freaked him out, lol! I have a whole folder of backgrounds to choose from, but I wanted something different. I wanted an Angel of some sort. So I went online to search, and here's what I found :-)

I saw this and went, "Woohoohoo!" It'll be my background until I decide I want something new, heeheehee.

Then, I remembered that a while back ago, my friend Tas sent me an awesome pic that I meant to post right away, but forgot. Here it is :

Here's the caption she sent with it: "A visible aura slowly surrounded her until it appeared that she was literally on fire..."Very cool :-D


  1. That 'caption' was a line from one of your stories - Diamond Elf, I think.

  2. I know! I was hoping someone else would catch that :-D


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