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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Diamond Elf - Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Gabriel and Amara explored their new residence together, both in awe at the sheer size of it.
“How can anyone get used to so much space?” Gabriel wondered.
The maids in charge of preparing the room had spent hours squealing over how romantic the situation was. A secret prince, a beautiful princess, a powerful lover standing aside to let them be together. It was enough to make them sigh and wish that they each had princes of their own.
As a result, they went completely overboard in preparing the marriage bed. They started by lighting at least a hundred small candles, and placing them around the room. Next, they stripped the bed, and replaced the bedding with some positively sumptuous silk sheets. On top of that, they scattered the petals from 3 or 4 dozen white, pink, and red roses.
When Gabriel and Amara saw their room, they both blushed redder than ever.
“You… You don’t have to,” Amara stuttered reassuringly.
Gabriel smiled. “I told you, remember, that I wouldn’t go through with the marriage if I didn’t think I could do this.” By this time, he had managed to put his past behind him once more.
Amara smiled, and then turned her back to him. “Could you unlace my dress?” She asked as she swept her hair over one shoulder.
Gabriel’s hands shook slightly for a moment, but he managed to accomplish the task without fumbling. Underneath the dress was a corset for him to open. Thankfully, it hadn’t been tied very tightly.
Then, he helped her remove the rest of her clothes, until she stood naked before him. He had never before taken someone’s virginity, but he had enough bad experience to know that he wanted her to have wonderful memories of tonight.
She was still facing away from him, so he pulled her a bit closer, and then kissed her shoulder. He followed the kiss with a gentle bite, and then breathed in the scent of her neck. She smelled intoxicating!
“Oh wow,” Amara exhaled in wonder as she felt things she’d never even dreamt about. She abruptly turned to face him. “Let me touch you.”
He nodded, a bit uncertain that he could control himself. Her touch made it hard for him to think, and he didn’t want to turn into a rutting beast. She made him want to cherish and protect her, but he also felt something dark inside him watch her with a bit too much interest.
She undressed him, taking her time to touch every part of his body as she uncovered it; every part but one. She had seen naked men before in the communal baths in the Armintan Palace, but this was entirely different. There were no armed guards to prevent something like this from happening, for one.
Once they were both naked, she stared into his eyes, wondering what to do next. Gabriel cupped her face, and tenderly took possession of her lips. He lightly sucked on her bottom lip for a moment, and then slid his tongue inside her mouth.
Amara felt like lightning raced around her body. She wanted to press as much of her body against his as possible, and wrapped her arms around him to hold him tight. A whimper escaped her as the need to know what happened next grew overwhelming.
Gabriel was amazed! He had been certain that he would either be flooded by unpleasant memories, or overcome with doubt. Instead, he felt free.
He scooped his bride up, and carried her to their bed. It was time to get to know her a whole lot better! He started by exploring her entire body with his mouth.
Amara had nothing to compare this experience with. She was feeling things she never had before. The closest experience she could think of was when she and Jasmine had shared their magic, but this felt amazing on a whole different level.
She covered her mouth with both hands when she realized that she was squealing. She felt so incredible! Dear Gods! What is this feeling?
She felt like she had died and gone to heaven, and panted as Gabriel shifted to lie on top of her. He looked into her eyes as he spread her legs, and positioned himself. She could feel him poking into her very intimately, and briefly wondered how such a thing could possibly fit inside her.
“Are you ready?” Gabriel asked.
“Will it hurt?” Amara asked. Her step-mother had tried to explain things to her, but in a way that did not directly say anything. Her explanation had confused Amara, but now that it was happening, one thing stuck in her mind. It’s supposed to hurt, just deal with it, Haylee had advised.
“If it does, I’ll stop,” Gabriel promised. She nodded in acceptance, and he worked his way into her slowly.
Amara wondered why her step-mother made this sound like something to endure? Aside from some discomfort, she felt wonderful! She heard a moan emanate from her throat, and wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck.
Gabriel took this as a good sign, and finally let go of the tight control he kept on himself. He was no longer afraid of hurting her. Instead, he wanted to thoroughly possess her. He thrust into her eagerly.
That intense feeling was back again, making Amara gasp and pant. Gabriel also felt his climax approaching. He loved the way she clung to him. The thought that no other man would ever be allowed between her legs sent him over the edge, and he filled her with his seed.
This one is mine… All mine! He smiled, and carefully lay on top of her.
Amara fiddled with his hair absently as she drifted off to sleep. She had had a long and tiring day, and this seemed like the perfect way to end it. I pray that every night is like this!


Chelindra had a strange night. She was in the arms of her husband, unable to share her body with him because her mind was preoccupied with her lover. Aeryc knew this without having to be told, and did not pressure her for anything more. He was content to simply hold her. He had one hand on her abdomen, silently trying to focus on feeling their child.
She realized now that while she truly did love Gabriel, their relationship had never been easy. He had needed to heal from the trauma of his past, then the trauma of his kidnapping. It seemed he finally moved on when she had her own trauma to deal with.
Had the Gods intended them to be together, things would have been smoother. Surely, the Gods would part heaven and hell to help out a pair of lovers they intended to be together. And that was the problem.
The Gods had already told her that they wanted her with Aeryc. They let her fall in love with Gabriel because it was necessary… to end the war, but ultimately, there was a basic difference that they would never be able to change. He was human and she was an elf.
Sure, they could be happy for a time, but they could never grow old together. He was going to die long before she did, and she needed someone who could be there with her for her entire life. The Gods had known that even if she hadn’t.
She wanted to get angry at the Gods, but she just couldn’t.
In the morning, she prepared to leave. Even the Emperor had agreed – shortly before the wedding – that there was no point in holding a prisoner who could become irate and destroy his entire palace at any time. Besides, they couldn’t harm her in the slightest, so there was no way to threaten her. The war was over, and it was best if she just left and never returned.
She procrastinated, but finally forced herself to go say goodbye. She went to the room they had all waited in for a bit last night, and found everyone waiting for her. King Collin and Queen Haylee were also leaving the Imperial Palace today, so they said their goodbyes to Chelindra first.
Queen Haylee hugged her for a moment, and kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll miss having your no-nonsense good sense around.”
Chelindra smiled. King Collin embraced her tightly holding on much longer than necessary. “I feel like I am losing both my daughters today.”
She laughed, and then almost cried. “I’m going to miss you so much!”
Randy clasped her hand, and insisted that she take care of herself. She hoped that he was happy with his bride, and subtly hinted that she had better be invited to the wedding!
Amara had tears in her eyes, and wasn’t ashamed to let everyone see her bawl like a baby. “I’ve always looked up to you! I’ve always admired you! You’re my sister!!! … I’m going to miss you so much!”
Chelindra held Amara tight, but not too tight… she hoped. “I love you, little sister. I’ll come visit if I can, but it won’t be for a long while.” Once I can bear to see Gabriel again…
As for Gabriel, he was trying hard to lock his emotions in a box. He didn’t think it would be fair to his wife to moon over his lover, so he was trying his best to let her go without any fuss whatsoever.
The two stood about a foot apart, and both looked at the ground. Chelindra didn’t want to cry, and neither did Gabriel. Almost everyone felt an urge to cry seeing these two lovers go their separate ways – except the Emperor, who wished that they would get this over with already.
Finally, Amara pushed on Gabriel’s back. “It’s alright.”
Gabriel briefly smiled at her in thanks, and then gathered Chelindra into his arms. Chelindra let a small sob escape, but then composed herself, and held Gabriel tight. No words were needed; they simply held each other for as long as possible.
At last, they were ready to let each other go. Chelindra kissed Gabriel briefly, surprised to find that she didn’t feel the need to devour him and drag him off to a bed somewhere. They looked into each other’s eyes one last time.
If we had a choice… I’d choose you. Each seemed to say, but they both knew that they could never hurt Amara that way, nor risk undoing the peace that had finally been achieved. I love you, and always will.
They were only holding hands now, and nodded in understanding. Chelindra turned to face a spot where no one was standing. She closed her eyes, and focused on opening a doorway to the Elven Realm.
Despite her best efforts, Chelindra couldn’t make the doorway any less fiery than any of the times she had opened one before. She held her hand out to her husband, knowing that her magic would protect him. She would have held Jasmine’s hand too, but that elf had calmly walked through the fire as if there was nothing to fear.
Chelindra gave one last wave to the room in general, and then stepped through the doorway, Aeryc one step behind her, holding her hand.
The doorway vanished, and Chelindra felt numb. “I’ll be in our room. Tell Chehiro that I’ll talk to him later tonight.”
Aeryc nodded. He knew she needed to mourn.

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  1. I just don't see thw awkwardness you are talking about...not as a bad thing anyhow...the end was supposed to feel as though they felt awkward...

  2. Oh, God, you made me cry. Good job, lol.

    1. Thank you! That's like the best compliment ever :-)


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