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Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post of 2012

I've been sitting in my very uncomfortable chair most of the day trying to finish the short story that I wanted to post before midnight today. Last year, I made a resolution to save all of my hair that accumulated in my brush and then at the end of the year, have it spun into yarn to make a hat, lol! I figured that there may come a day when I actually want more hair on my head, right?
Anyway, I actually managed to keep that resolution, or at least the part of it where I save all my hair in my brush for a year - plus a bit of Gryffin's, who just HAD to help me with my resolution, lol! I couldn't find anyone to spin it into yarn, and that is currently a skill beyond me. So, I'm thinking I'll continue to save my fallen hair for a rainy day when I want to learn to spin.
Anyway, since I managed to accomplish my resolution last year, I wanted to try again, but I honestly CAN'T figure out what to resolve. To that end, I figured that I'd start REALLY small... I resolved to get a post on my blog before midnight on 1-1-12 (and it's still before then here in my part of the world). However... I've got nothing!
I COULD continue to ramble on about nothing for an hour, OR I could call it quits right now and consider my goal accomplished by posting this, but I figured that I'd post a little something to listen to for a minute or two so that tonight's post wasn't a complete waste of time, lol!

Enjoy, and may you have an awesome year! :-)


  1. I learnt to spin when I was 16 - haven't had a chance to do it again though. I reckon the worst part about spinning hair from a brush would be carding it before you start. Good luck finding someone willing to do it...

  2. lol...Tas' I have to love that final comment..."Good luck finding someone willing to do it"...I can understand. While I do not know how to spin I do know how to do many difficult things like that...and I don't volunteer to do any of them either!


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