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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chocolate Pudding

I was craving chocolate, and also thinking about all the cream I have in my fridge. Wondering to myself if I could make something that uses chocolate AND cream, it occurred to me that if I whipped the cream and added the chocolate, I'm halfway to a pudding right there!

My definition of pudding is anything that turns out approximately the same consistency as boxed pudding and is on the sweet side. Previously, I made banana pudding using a similar method, but the bananas made the end result a bit on the slimy side. I STILL need to try dehydrating them and grinding them into powder before making banana pudding again.

I also need to figure out exactly what makes the flavor boston cream or bavarian cream. It's not really vanilla, but is similar... ANYWAY

So, I figured that chocolate pudding should be pretty basic and easy, and I was right!

I took:
4 egg whites
cream... not sure exactly the amount, I poured until it looked right, probably 1 1/2 - 2 cups
Sugar, again not sure. I sprinkled a generous amount on top, probably about 1/2 cup total. Add more if not sweet enough. For me, this was almost too sweet.
Chocolate powder 4 spoonfuls

It's really easy, just combine and mix, but I'll be more specific.
Crack open the eggs and separate out the whites. Set yolks aside to make hollendaise sauce or add to a smoothie or make ice cream. To the slimy goo - I mean egg whites - add the cream. (Although, when I made pudding before and beat the egg whites and cream separately, then combined them, that worked even better.) Pour the sugar on top of the cream, and then sprinkle the chocolate powder on top. Alternatively, put the powder on bottom so that it doesn't form a mushroom cloud the moment you turn on the mixer.

Once all the ingredients are in the bowl, grab your beaters (mixer, whatever you call it) and beat the mixture on the highest possible speed until hell freezes over and then add 10 more minutes. At this point, you'll have a consistency that's a bit thicker than whipped cream. I think adding a couple more egg whites might improve the consistency/thickness a tad, but it was fine to me. Very pudding-y.

The verdict, Hubby likes it, and Gryffin desperately wants me to give him some, lol! Hubby points out that it turned out more like a mousse. Personally, I'm thinking that I could have totally poured the mixture into the pie crust I have, and then froze it for a chocolate mousse pie :-)

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