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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jocelyn's Decision - Part 2

For Elly who insisted that I HAD to write more to let her know what Jocelyn decided. This second part was WAY harder to write than the first part!

Part 2

“Hey Mark, where’s Jocelyn? She hasn’t come out to play street hockey even once since school let out for the summer,” I heard the neighborhood kids hassle my best friend. I was currently a day or two shy of 6 months pregnant, and since I’m not quite yet 14, I had hidden this from everyone at school.
Mark knew, of course, but he wouldn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t blame the neighborhood kids for asking though; it really was rare for me to skip playing with them. I’d managed to participate in the sports while still in school, but over the last two weeks, this baby has really started to make it hard to walk – much less run around.
“Jocelyn’s been busy playing a new video game. It’s a one player game, and she hasn’t even had much time for me,” Mark informed them. I felt tears well up in my eyes. What does he mean I haven’t had time for him? I’ve tried really hard not to ostracize him.
The neighborhood kids grumbled for a bit, but then moved on. Soon, Mark was in my room. He was about to tell me what his mom had said, but I prevented him by bursting out crying.
“I didn’t mean to not make time for you!”
“Jocelyn, calm down, jeez! I only said that so they wouldn’t demand that I come get you and drag you outside to play,” he assured me.
“You mean it?” I asked hopefully. For each day that passed, I’d find myself inexplicably crying, or even laughing for no reason.
“Pfft,” he laughed. “I come over every day! How could I possibly feel like I don’t spend time with you?”
I nodded, wiping my eyes.
“My mom says that I can come with you,” Mark informed me.
“Great!” I cheered. I was just finished packing up, and my ride should be here soon. “Where’s your stuff?”
“I left it by the door,” Mark answered.
I picked up my backpack, and slung it over one shoulder. It banged against my back with a thunk, and I couldn’t prevent a grunt of pain. I had only packed two jerseys and some clean underwear, plus a spare bra. I would wear the same jeans because there was no point in changing them, plus they fit. It was the pregnancy books that made the bag weigh what seemed like a ton.
Mark took the bag from me before I could protest, and carried it to the spot where he’d left his own bags. He had a backpack full of books, a backpack full of clothes, and another bag that probably carried his laptop.
“Hey Joss, come here a minute,” my dad beckoned me into the kitchen. Mark followed me because he always does.
Dad snatched me into an unexpected hug the moment I was within reach.
“I expect you to be on your best behavior. No fights, no –”
“Dad, I can barely walk without waddling. I think fighting is beyond me at the moment,” I replied sarcastically.
“Let me finish. No breaking things on purpose, and no sex!”
I wanted to laugh and call him silly, but a part of me was hoping that I could sneak into Scott’s bed again. I sighed. “It’s not like I can get pregnant again.”
“Jocelyn,” my dad growled.
“Don’t worry so much, dad!” I flapped my hand at him. “There’s no way that I could fool him again, and I highly doubt that he is attracted to a little kid like me.”
“I wish I could get some time off of work…” my dad sighed, and repeated what I am sure is his deepest wish at the moment. He was only letting me go to Scott’s house – mansion, whatever – because Scott had asked to start his visitation now that school was out.
In researching pregnancy, I had decided that I wanted to be attended by a midwife rather than a doctor, and Scott was making it easy on me by paying for it. My dad’s insurance didn’t cover midwives, so this was the only way I’d get what I wanted. It seemed like a good compromise; I got a midwife, and Scott got visitation with his unborn child.
The doorbell rang, and Larry answered it. “Reggie’s here!”
I heard them chatting for a bit as my dad hugged me once more. I could sense he was frustrated that I wouldn’t promise to be a good little girl, but I refused to make promises unless I intended to keep them. Let’s just say that I was hoping something would happen.
Dad finally let me go, and I led Mark to where Larry was chatting with Scott’s driver. The driver – Reggie – regarded me blankly.
“Miss Jocelyn, Mr. Mark… right this way please,” he formally invited us to follow him to the car. He and Larry had already put our bags in the trunk – except for Mark’s laptop plus one of my books – and I was relieved to see that the car was a smallish black sedan. I really didn’t want to be seen getting into a limo by the neighborhood kids.
“Bye Joss! I love you!” My dad loudly announced for the whole neighborhood to hear.
I sighed in aggravation, and grumbled, “Bye dad, I love you too.”
What had been a fairly short plane ride turned out to be a 2 ½ to 3 hour car ride. I didn’t feel like I could talk about anything important with Mark while a stranger was sitting right in front of us listening in, so I buried my nose in one of my pregnancy books. One of the many good things about having a nerd for a best friend is that he had no problem playing on his laptop while I read the book. Neither of us thought the silence was uncomfortable.
When we arrived, Hayley was waiting for us. “You’re finally here! Mr. Mark, if you want to, the boys are in their room playing video games. Miss Jocelyn, come with me please.”
I followed her with a shrug, not having anything better to do anyway. Mark stuck with me. He’d totally want to play games later, but for now, he was as curious as I was about what Hayley had in mind.
Hayley’s mom hugged me when we entered the kitchen. “Oh Miss Jocelyn! It’s both sad and happy that you’re having a baby. I bet no one has thrown you a baby shower yet, you don’t seem to have any women in your life after all. So, we decided to do our best.”
I was asked to sit in a chair decorated with pastel ribbons and bows. It was then I noticed the pile of presents. There was a baby carrier/carseat, a high chair, an electric cradle/swing, baby clothes, blankets, even the cloth diapers I’d mentioned I wanted to try. In short, everything I’d need to care for a baby. Except for breastmilk and possibly a crib.
“Wow! Thanks!” I gushed, practically in tears again. Damn hormones!
“We can’t take all the credit… Mr. McDerry paid for most of it,” the housekeeper explained with a pleased blush.
“This is just the stuff you get to bring home with you. There’s a whole bunch more stuff for when the baby’s here,” Hayley informed me excitedly. “Come on, let me show you!”
“I’ll take care of this for you,” her mom, Bea, assured me.
Mark – as my best friend – was trying to be supportive, but I could tell that he was bored by all the baby stuff. I gave him a look that made it clear that he could go play with the boys, but he shook his head, and stuck with me. I shrugged.
Hayley led me to the room that I stayed in last time. “This is going to be your room from now on. We redecorated it.”
I was speechless! Before, the room looked like it was meant for visiting royalty; this time… The bed was the same, but now it had regular blue cotton sheets and a matching comforter. The various expensive knickknacks had been taken away, and now I had a TV and a computer. There was a crib and swing/cradle. There was even a table specifically for changing the baby stocked with cloth diapers, wipes, and a package of “regular” diapers in case of emergencies.
Even with all the stuff in my room, it was still bigger and had more space than my room at home. I bit my lips as I realized that I far preferred my own room because it was decorated by me, and felt like home. This place felt too… empty.
The bathroom was a different story. I was utterly in love with this bathroom! The tub alone was enough to make me want to instantly strip down and take a bath! I reluctantly opted not to since I had no desire to get naked in front of Mark.
“Wow, Hayley! Thank you so much!” I hugged her as I finally remembered to speak. “This room is just perfect!”
She blushed, obviously pleased by the praise.
I examined my nails for a moment. They were short and jagged, but the prenatal vitamins I was taking had made them thicker. They didn’t matter; I just didn’t want to look her in the eye at the moment.
“Where, uh… Where is Mr. McDerry?” I asked.
“He’s working. He’s a very busy man, but he usually makes it home in time for dinner,” Hayley explained.
“Oh,” I murmured in disappointment. I wasn’t supposed to meet with the midwife until tomorrow, so I had nothing to do. I turned to Mark. “Come on; let’s go say hi to the boys.”
Mark nodded, and I could tell that he was relieved to finally be out of my subtly girly room. That was another difference between my two rooms. At home, my tomboy tastes were everywhere. Here, it looked like a girl who happened to like blue had decorated… a girly girl who was trying hard to tone it down for me.
“Hi Tim… Jim… Harry,” I greeted each by name.
“Hi Jocelyn, Hi Mark!” They returned the greeting. They hesitated briefly as if they weren’t sure how to treat a girl who had done what I had done with their father, but then shook off their awkwardness, and invited us to play a game where each player got to choose an instrument and rock out to the music on the game.
I was very happy that I didn’t have to point out to them that I couldn’t play soccer this time like I had last time. Don’t get me wrong, I missed playing sports, but my body just couldn’t move very easily anymore, and running almost hurt. I kept it well hidden under my baggy jerseys, but my stomach was pretty rounded and obvious carried a baby.
We were really loud as we rocked out. I held a guitar – as did Harry – and Jim played the drums while Hayley sang. Mark took turns playing the keyboard with Tim. I really got into it, bouncing and hopping in time to the music.
Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen, and gasped. I dropped the guitar mid-song, and bent over to clutch my stomach. The pain stopped as quickly as it had come, but I was still afraid that something might be seriously wrong.
“Are you okay?” Mark asked me, squatting next to me in concern.
I took a few calming breaths. “Yeah, I think so. It feels like my ligaments were stretching again.”
I had talked to him as I read my pregnancy books, so he knew that I was referring to the ligaments that hold the uterus in place. They had to stretch as the baby grew, and sometimes it hurt. Even so, it was nothing to worry about.
“I think I had better sit down for a bit. You guys can keep playing,” I informed them with a smile to reassure them that everything was fine. Secretly, I focused on my body to make sure that I was right.
I didn’t feel any more pain, so I was able to relax. Soon, I forgot all about the momentary panic I’d felt.
“It’s time for dinner,” Hayley’s mom announced.
“Thanks Bea!” I grinned. I was starving!
Dinner was awkward. We all circled around a table plenty big enough for 9 or 10 people but not so big that we felt isolated. I waddled my way to the table before everyone else, and didn’t remember that Scott always sat at the head of the table… Which was right next to me.
I was tongue-tied! I wanted to talk to him – I have talked to him on the phone a couple of times – but sitting so close to him was hard on my nerves. I felt drawn to him, and could not stop thinking about the things I’d like to do to him. I had to focus on my food so that I didn’t stare at him like a love struck idiot!
I had always been so harsh to all those girls in my school that couldn’t shut up about the boys they liked. I called them stupid. I called them morons. I called them braindead… I totally understand why they are so obsessed now!
Tim, Jim, and Harry asked their dad about his day, and he talked about some business merger he was hoping to negotiate. It was hard for me to follow, but apparently everyone else was used to this because they had no trouble understanding what he said. Mark even asked questions and probably surprised Scott with his brainiacness.
I felt stupid. It was rare for me to care whether or not I was smart, since I was good at sports, and that’s all that mattered to me. Now, however, it occurred to me that I had no chance of impressing the father of my child because I was dumb as a box of rocks!
Eventually, there was a lull in the conversation. Hayley turned to me, and smiled. “Miss Jocelyn, are you still in pain?”
“Oh no,” I assured her. “It was nothing serious. Just a ligament stretching.”
“Are you sure?” She asked. “It seemed bad at the time, and you’ve been making weird noises.”
I beckoned her to come closer. My plate was mostly empty and I felt more than full. She had finished her dinner, and I figured that it would be best to put her mind at ease. She stood next to me expectantly.
I pulled up the bottom edge of my Jersey just a little bit, and placed her hand on my stomach. “It’s still hard for others to feel, but this baby is doing summersaults inside me right now!”
She closed her eyes, and concentrated. “I feel it! It’s not much, but there’s like a wobbling.”
“Yep,” I grinned.
“So exciting!” Hayley gushed happily.
I smiled at her. “Yeah, I think so too.”
Hayley placed her ear on my stomach. I was still smiling at her, and looked around to see if maybe anyone else was interested in trying to feel the baby. The boys – including Mark – were all talking to each other and pretty much ignoring me. Bea was smiling at us, Reggie was frowning, and Scott had a strange expression on his face. I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, but it looked like he was torn between wanting to touch my stomach and maintaining a certain distance.
I suddenly realized that he had never had children, meaning that he had never had a pregnant woman or a baby around him before. He was probably confused about how to handle this situation. Maybe it hadn’t felt real to him until now. Maybe it still didn’t feel real.
I wanted to ask him to put a hand on me so he could feel the baby, but I was still tongue tied. I focused on Hayley to hide the fact that I was blushing because I pictured his hands on my stomach; stroking me. Would his hands roam up to my breasts? Would they roam down between my legs? The possibilities made me hot.
After dinner, Scott went to his office; Bea disappeared into the kitchen to clean, and Reggie went to his apartment above the garage. Left by ourselves, the boys, Hayley, and I decided to play a few rounds of gin rummy. Naturally, I had to make several trips to the bathroom, but other than that, we all had fun. I even won one of the games.
I embarrassed myself by yawning repeatedly. Tears started streaming down my cheeks because I was so tired – my yawns were that deep! Hayley finally took pity on me by suggesting that she was going to her room, which gave me an excuse to go to my room too.
I trudged to my room, excited by the prospect of a bath in my fabulous tub. I discovered that I was blurry eyed as I reached for my doorknob, and crawled straight into bed. Damn! The baby makes me go to bed so early! I would normally never willing go to sleep before 9PM!
The midwife arrived at 10AM the next day, which gave me enough time to wake up, take a bath, and eat breakfast. Now, I felt like I needed a nap! I have never slept this much in my life.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Sydney. Mr. McDerry already explained to me that you are young, and I have no problem caring for you during your pregnancy. What about the baby’s father? Does he plan to attend any of your appointments?” The midwife asked.
I looked to Scott. He was sitting on an armchair across a coffee table from us on the sofa. His sons, Hayley, and Mark loitered around the room behind him.
I was normally able to blurt out whatever was on my mind – except when I was close to Scott, so it sounded like I was extremely shy as I answered. “Um… yes. The baby’s father –”
“I’m the baby’s father,” Scott informed her.
“You’re joking!” Sydney exclaimed. She looked to me and I nodded, grinning like an idiot as I remembered that night. “This is criminal! I’m going to have to report this to the authorities!”
I laughed. “My dad is a cop. He understands that this was my fault and that there’s no justice in blaming Scott.”
“I think you must be confused. There is absolutely no situation in which it’s okay for an older gentleman to get a 13 year old girl pregnant!”
I could see her rummaging through her purse for her cell phone, and held up a hand to stop her. “Except for when he was expecting someone much older and this 13 year old snuck into his room in the dark of night without telling him the truth. I told you, this is my fault, and I would appreciate it if you would stop dwelling on how it happened, and focused on the fact that it happened.”
“I see…” Sydney murmured. She stared at her cell phone for a moment, having finally located it. She sighed, and put it back in her purse. She asked me a series of questions about my first six months of pregnancy, and then had me lay down on the sofa we occupied.
She uncovered my stomach, and measured it with a measuring tape. “Looks good.”
I smiled at her.
Next, she squirted a bit of gel on me, and used a special microphone to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. “There it is…” She murmured once she located the best spot to place the microphone. The attached speaker blared a rapid whooshing sound.
“The baby sounds good. Have you had any problems?” Sydney asked.
“Just stretching ligaments, and an urgent need to visit the bathroom every 5 minutes,” I stated.
She laughed. “That’s normal. It’ll get even more frequent as you near your due date.”
I nodded, and she led me through some breathing exercises.
“I recommend that you take up some light yoga,” she told me. “Other than that, you won’t need to see me again for a month. Unless you want me to come back in a couple of days with my sonographer. At this stage, we should be able to determine the baby’s gender.”
“Really?” I asked excitedly. I’d had an ultrasound once before, but it had been before the baby developed enough to see the gender. She nodded, and I suddenly felt sad. I couldn’t agree because I wasn’t paying for anything.
“Does it matter what gender the baby is?” Scott asked.
“Well no, but…” I mumbled.
Scott chuckled. “Why not? Sounds like it could be fun.”
“Thank you!” I gushed happily. If I hadn’t still been laying on the couch with my belly exposed, I think I would have hugged him.
Scott wore a strange expression, like he was trying hard to hide a blush. “No problem,” he answered gruffly, and then excused himself so that he could go to work.
I started yawning again. “Why am I so tired?” I asked.
The midwife laughed. “You’re creating a new life, of course it’s exhausting! Do yourself a favor and sleep now while you can.”
I nodded, and watched her gather up all her things. She helped me to my feet, and we walked to the door together. I liked her; she was nice.
Once we were out of hearing range of everyone else, Sydney looked me in the eyes. “If he raped you, now is the time to say so. I can help make sure that he gets punished for his crime.”
I sighed, and then described the night in detail. I figured that since I was such a bad liar, even a stranger like her would be able to hear the truth of my words. It worked, because she gaped at me incredulously.
“But you’re so young! Why on Earth would you do such a thing?” She demanded.
I shrugged, and quietly admitted. “Because… when I look at him, it’s all I want to do.”
She sighed in that way adults do when they think we kids are being stupid and foolish, but didn’t say anything. “I’ll see you soon.”
I waved goodbye, watched her leave, and then went to take a nap.
The rest of the day passed much the same as yesterday, only this time, when I went to my room, I wasn’t as tired because I had taken a nap. I lay in bed thinking about Scott. I wanted to be near him. I really wanted him to run his hands all over my body, but my longing just to see him was unbearable. I tossed and turned, finally deciding that it couldn’t hurt to try to talk to him.
I didn’t bother to change from my nightshirt – it covered my underwear, so there was no point in getting dressed again. Everyone else was busy doing their own thing, assuming that I was already fast asleep. I stood out in the hallway for a moment wondering where I’d find Scott. It wasn’t quite late enough that he’d be asleep, so the fact that it was quiet in his room with no light under the door made me think that he must still be in his office.
Sure enough, the light in his office was on. The door was open just a little bit, so I quietly pushed it open wider. I leaned against the door frame as I watched him look through some papers. He must have sensed me, because he looked up a moment later.
“Do you need something?” Scott wondered.
“No,” I mumbled, and took a few steps into the room.
“Then what do you want?” His voice was gruff again, and I think he was trying to discourage me from getting too close. I stopped walking when I stood right next to him. This was the first time I’ve been able to get so close to him without turning into a nervous wreck. It was still hard to speak, but I forced myself to say what was on my mind.
“I just want to be near you.” I leaned my face onto his shoulder.
“Jocelyn… I need to be clear about something; it will not happen again. You are much too young for me.”
I couldn’t help the tears that stung my eyes. “Why not? It’s not like –”
“Jocelyn!” Scott growled in disapproval. “It’s illegal for one, it’s immoral for another, and I am not the kind of man who likes having sex with little girls!”
I nodded in acceptance, wiping my tears away. Suddenly, the baby kicked me harder than I’ve felt until now, and I gasped. I curled up slightly, clutching my stomach to provide support as the baby sloshed around inside me.
“Are you okay?” Scott asked in concern. He placed a hand on my back.
“Yeah,” I replied breathlessly. The movements of the baby and Scott’s hand on my back made it hard for me to think straight, much less speak. I dearly wished that he could get me pregnant again. I’d love to have as many babies as he wanted! “It’s just… here; feel for yourself.”
I awkwardly wedged myself between his legs, leaned backwards to rest on his left leg, and then grabbed his right hand. I guided it to my abdomen, and held him there. The baby continued to do summersaults or something, and I’m pretty sure he could feel the wobbling too. He looked at my stomach in amazement.
Finally! I had his hands on my body! I mentally cackled in glee. Now, if I could just find an excuse for him to feel my breasts. I wonder if he would believe that they hurt because they were getting ready to produce milk and that I needed him to massage them for me. He probably wouldn’t, but I grinned at the thought.
I held his hand to my stomach, and moaned lightly in response to the baby’s movement. I wobbled, and he steadied me with his left arm. I was finally in his arms, and I wanted to stay there forever!
I looked up at him and saw that he was still staring at my stomach. He looked like the baby inside me was his secret wish coming true. I nearly squealed in happiness, and shifted so I could kiss him before he realized what I was doing. I think he was shocked for a moment because he did nothing, then he groaned and pushed me away.
“I said no, Jocelyn,” Scott murmured.
“But you’re all I think about!” I protested, and flung my arms around his neck. “I want you to kiss me. I want your hands on my body. When I think about the things you could do to me, I feel so hot and can’t speak!”
“I’m sorry,” he pried my arms open. “But I don’t feel the same way.”
I didn’t want to cry like a child, but I couldn’t help it. I cried at least once a day these days, and trying to fight it just made it worse. My hands clutched his shirt as I buried my face in his chest.
Scott didn’t say anything. He simply placed a comforting hand on my shoulder and let me cry. Eventually, he told me to go back to my room so he could finish his work. I wiped my cheeks, and nodded. I slowly shut the door behind me.
As soon as he thought I was gone, he crossed his arms on his desk, and rested his head on them. I left the door open a crack, and stood listening to him for a moment.
“Why does she have to be 13?!” I heard him ask himself. He sounded sad. “Why can’t she be at least 20 years older?”
Why does everyone fixate on my age? Don’t they remember what it was like to be 13? Didn’t Scott ever want to have sex with someone when he was my age? And why did it matter how much older than me he was? For thousands of years, girls my age were married to much older men, and that’s just the way it was done. Why is it suddenly so wrong now?
I returned to my room, and rubbed myself until I shuddered in pleasure. Then I fell asleep. As I drifted off, I wondered what would happen if I snuck into his room again. Maybe he would be too asleep to stop me until it was too late…


“Dad, guess what?” I yelled as I rushed through the door to my house. Larry and Reggie carried in all my baby stuff behind me.
“What?” My dad wondered curiously, coming from the kitchen to greet me.
“It’s a girl!” I announced. “Or at least as far as the sonographer can tell it is. She said there’s always a chance that she could be wrong. She even joked that it could change its mind at the last minute.”
“A girl huh?” My dad mused as he hugged me to welcome me home.
“Yeah, but you can feel free to buy her footballs and mitts to play catch with,” I told him with a grin.
He laughed. “What if she would prefer to wear pink and play with dolls?”
“Ugh!” I groaned.
The next two weeks seem to pass in practically no time at all, and then it was time to go to Scott’s house again. I rummaged through my dad’s underwear drawer to find a pair of old handcuffs he kept on hand in case of emergencies. I quickly stuffed them into my bra before my dad could catch me holding them.
Mark couldn’t come with me this time, so this would be the first time in a long time that we hadn’t seen each other every day. He was waiting for me in the driveway when Reggie arrived. I said goodbye to him as my dad carried my bag to the car, tossed it in the trunk, then hugged me tight.
“I still don’t like letting you leave for a whole week, but I trust that you’ll behave.”
“Daaaaaad!” I groaned in embarrassment. Why did he always have to hug me where people I know might see us?
I got into the car, and waved goodbye. I sat in the back in silence reading a book on natural remedies I could take if needed while pregnant. I tried to ignore it, but I could feel Reggie’s subtle disapproval emanating from the front seat. It finally got to me about an hour later, and I snapped my book shut.
“What’s your problem?!” I demanded.
“I didn’t say anything,” Reggie murmured.
“Maybe not, but I can feel the negative thoughts you’re thinking about me,” I insisted.
Reggie sighed almost silently. “I’ve worked for Mr. McDerry for over 20 years… I always find it hard to stomach when a woman – or in this case young girl – tries to worm her way into his life so that he will give her money. You’re the first to purposely get pregnant, and I can’t imagine how you were raised into such a scheming, immoral, bi-” He forced himself to not say the rest.
I groaned. “I know how it looks, and I know you have no reason to believe me, but this is not what I had in mind. I don’t want his money and I was never going to tell him about the baby. He figured it out on his own.”
“If you say so, miss,” Reggie murmured.
I sighed, and buried my nose in my book again.


This was my absolute last chance! I was going home again in the morning, and nothing had happened at all between Scott and me the entire week. He even managed to avoid being alone with me no matter how hard I tried to ambush him. It’s enough to make a girl cry! Even one that isn’t pregnant.
It was currently after 2 in the morning, and my desperate last ditch plan involved sneaking into his room again. It had worked before after all. It could work again… I hope.
I carefully looked up and down the hall for any signs of someone else awake this time of night. All was silent, so I was reasonably sure I wouldn’t get caught. I quickly crossed to his room, and then hesitated as I reached for the knob.
Oh God! Can I really do this? This is over the top, even for me! I fiddled with the sash on my robe, which was the only thing I was wearing. I really wanted to have sex with Scott again, but this was such a bold plan! I was going to have to gather up all my determination and not falter in the slightest if I opened that door.
I paced for a moment, but finally resolved to do whatever it took. I squared my shoulders, placed my hand on the doorknob, and discovered that it was locked. I sighed in near defeat.
Ok fine… I’ll just have to do this the hard way. I had already figured that this might be a possibility, so I had brought my lock pick set with me. My dad the cop would probably kill me if he knew I had them, but it was surprising how often I had needed them for things that didn’t involve stealing.
It took me about two minutes to pick the lock, but I managed to do so without making any noise. I quietly entered his room, and sent up a quick word of thanks to God because the carpet muffled the sound of the door moving, and the hinges were well oiled not to squeak. I shut the door equally as silently, and stood listening to Scott breathe for a moment. His breathing was deep and even, so I knew that he was sound asleep.
I exhaled in relief, and carefully removed the cuffs from my pocket. Then, I removed my robe, and tossed it on a chair near the bed. Jocelyn, I told myself firmly, don’t lose your nerve now! Do this, girl, before he wakes up!
I took a few deep breaths, and then nodded. It was dark – too dark too see anything clearly, but as I studied him, I could discern his outline. I wanted to whoop with joy; this is so my lucky day!
He was sleeping on his back with both arms above his head. I suppressed a laugh. I though only kids slept like that!
I crawled into bed, doing my best not to jostle or wake him. I slowly slipped one cuff around the wrist closer to me, then I threaded the other cuff around a bar in the headboard. Finally, I cuffed his other wrist. These were police cuffs, so they could only be opened, locked, or adjusted by using a key. I couldn’t be absolutely certain, but I was fairly sure that I had set them so that they would hold him without hurting him, unless he struggled very vigorously.
Okay, so… step one accomplished. Now came the harder part. My plan was to handcuff him to the bed and then do whatever I wanted to, but that meant that I had to maintain the courage to actually do what I wanted to do. I took a few more deep breaths.
Once I was ready – or as ready as I was going to get – I proceeded with my plan by pushing his blanket and sheet off of him. Thank all the stars in the sky that he sleeps naked! This would be so much harder if I had to pull his pants and or underwear down too!
I slowly explored his groin area until I located the part I wanted to play with. I had watched quite a few pornos, so I knew what to do, but this would be my first time actually doing so. Please let me figure this out quickly!
I took another deep breath, and then bent to suck on the flaccid penis in my hand. It tasted strange, but I have no idea how to describe it. It wasn’t a bad taste, but it wasn’t a good taste either. I used my hand to encourage a response as I sucked, and even though I was expecting it, it still came as a surprise when it grew longer and firm.
I wanted to laugh again. It’s working! I’m having my way with Scott!
Scott’s breathing changed, and I think he was waking up. Once he was hard enough – I think – I decided to move to the next step before he actually did wake up. I figured that it would be harder to stop me once he was already inside me.
Straddling him, I fumbled to guide him inside me. I was confused because I knew it fit inside me, but it kept sliding around and didn’t enter me like I wanted it to. Finally, it seemed to get caught in the spot where it would go inside me. I pushed down onto it, and was surprised to feel some pain.
I thought it only hurt the first time, but whatever, the pain was gone now. It was hard to figure out how to move up and down on him, but finally I found a pace that was easy to maintain. Scott sounded like he thought he was dreaming, but then he gasped.
I didn’t say anything… I was having too much fun.
He discovered that he was cuffed to the bed when he tried to push me off him or something. “Jocelyn, you have to stop. This isn’t right. I-” He gasped again, and I think he was feeling as good as I was.
I completely ignored him, threw my head back, and moaned from the pleasure I was experiencing. How could something that feels so good possibly be considered wrong? It was a complete mystery to me.
Scott kept stuttering, like he was trying to protest but kept getting interrupted by grunts and moans of pleasure. It took a while, but I eventually got to my favorite part – the part where my body shook and I felt wonderful. I heard Scott practically roar as I cried out. For someone who supposedly didn’t want me at all, he sure responded well to my touch.
I sat completely still for a moment, reveling in the tiny spasms that hadn’t completely stopped yet. I was sleepy, and didn’t want to move – except to curl up next to him. Leaning completely forward took a bit of work since my pregnant belly was in the way, but I managed to lay on top of him.
“Jocelyn,” he stated firmly, and I kissed him to prevent him from saying anything else. He let me for a moment, but then turned his head to the side. “Get off of me.”
I was uncomfortable, so I complied. I snuggled up next to him, still taking advantage of the fact that he couldn’t push me away. I wanted to fall asleep right then and there.
“Undo these cuffs and then go back to your room,” he commanded.
I pouted, groaning softly in frustration. Sighing reluctantly, I did as he asked, locating the key I had stashed under his pillow and unlocking the cuffs. However, I didn’t plan to return to my room, so I tried cuddling with him once more.
He took a moment to rub his wrists, but then he realized that I wasn’t leaving. “Jocelyn… since you have proven that you can’t listen or leave me alone, I’m going to consider filing papers to obtain full custody of the baby once it’s born.”
“What?!” I cried in shock. “You want to take away my baby?!”
“I can’t help but wonder what kind of mother you would be. You are willful, devious, and like to have sex with men old enough to be your grandfather. After the first time, when I realized something was different, I looked at my sheet and found blood, so I know I was your first, but how do I know I’m really the baby’s father. You could have found someone else to have sex with after you went home,” Scott pointed out.
I was practically sobbing at this point. “I didn’t! I swear you’re the only person I’ve had sex with. I only want you! Please don’t take my baby away from me!”
I think my frantic crying appealed to his softer side, because he sighed, sat up, and pulled me into a hug. “Don’t cry… I didn’t say I was definitely going to, I said I was going to consider it. To be honest, while I do believe you about not having sex with other men, I have to be certain that I really am the father. I am going to have a paternity test.”
“That doesn’t matter to me, just don’t take my baby,” I begged, clutching the hairs on his chest.
“Then promise me you’ll stop sneaking into my room, otherwise I can’t have you visit me anymore,” Scott insisted.
I started crying again. Why did he keep rejecting me? “Anything but that! I’ll be so well behaved that you’ll wonder what happened to the real me; just don’t make me promise that!”
Scott made a sound that was half a laugh and half an incredulous snort. “That’s the only problem I have with you. That’s the only important promise I need you to make. You’re only 13! You have to stop sneaking into my room at night!”
“I’ll be 14 next week,” I informed him hopefully.
“That’s still not old enough!”
I sighed in defeat, and Scott let go of me. “Now… go back to your room. Just remember, even though you didn’t promise, I am serious. If you try something like this in the future, I will never let you come over here again.”
I didn’t say anything as I gathered up the handcuffs, the key, and then slipped into my robe. If he’s serious about me never sneaking into his room again, I am going to have to come up with a different strategy. It gave me something to think about as I trudged back to my room.
Too bad I couldn’t watch what I had just done over and over again. It had been too dark to even have a good mental image of what had happened. I really wish I had gotten that on camera!
In the morning, after breakfast, Scott asked to speak to me in private.
“Jocelyn, I’ve been thinking… Perhaps it would be for the best if I had sole custody of the baby. Have you thought about school? You can’t bring a baby to school with you and you really should go to school. There is going to come a day when you are going to have to work for a living, and for that, you’ll need an education,” Scott reasoned.
“I actually have thought about that. I plan to either homeschool or enroll in a virtual school. That way, I’ll be home with the baby, but I’ll still be in school,” I explained.
“I see,” Scott murmured. “But what about all the other things a girl your age should be doing? I gather that you are into sports. Won’t it be impossible for you to play anything if you are at home with a baby?”
I slumped a little. “Yes, but it’ll be worth it.”
“I’m just saying that you should consider it. Your life could go back to normal if you wanted it to,” Scott suggested.
“I know it could…” I didn’t have anything else to say, and now did not seem like a good time to hug him, so I simply left him alone. Reggie was ready to drive me home, so I said goodbye to everyone.
I sat in the back of the car in mild depression. “Give up my baby, hmm…?” The thought both hurt and had appeal. I was tired, so I got as comfortable as I could, and went to sleep. Thinking about Scott’s suggestion could wait for another day.

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  1. Ok, and so, the reason it was way harder to write was that I originally made Jocelyn 13 for a couple of reasons, one of which was shock value. I could get away with it because it was clear that she was the one at fault here, but in this part, I had to deal with Scott knowing the truth. I didn't want to make it seem like I was condoning pedophilia, so I couldn't just have Scott say, "Okay Jocelyn, whatever you want! We'll have sex however much you ask for it!"
    I also didn't think it would be believable for Jocelyn to just sneak into his room again without him trying to stop her somehow, so I had to figure out a way to get them back into bed without it sounding like Scott was a complete scumbag. And yes... It was important to me to get them back into bed, lol!
    I hope I managed to write this part in a way that leaves you feeling sympathy for Jocelyn without thinking that Scott is a closet pedophile after all. :-)

  2. Okay...but you now have to write Jocelyn's decision Part 3...you have to at least wrap this story up...Sweetheart...it is looking like you should be saying chapter, not part =)

  3. Yes, I was already planning a part 3, and nah, for something like this, if I said chapter, it would sound like it's going to be more than 3 parts. I should have called this decision 2 rather than part 2, lol!


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