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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Selfish Prince

As the only Prince, I was given everything I ever wanted my whole life. My father was a harsh man; he had even executed my mother when I was only 5! Because of his harshness, nobody wanted to risk upsetting him… not even me.
Therefore, I was a dutiful son; an attentive Prince. I did exactly as I was told, and never questioned my father. However… as I said, I was given whatever I wanted. No one wanted to risk upsetting me in case I complained my father about them. I would never dare risk his wrath by complaining about anything, but it’s not like I had announced this.
My days had a set pattern to them; I would wake up, my maids would bathe and then dress me. After breakfast, I would study everything I needed to know until lunch. During the afternoon, I would practice fighting with a staff or a sword, archery, and riding a horse.
All the things expected of a Prince…
One day, not too long after my 13th birthday, things changed. I pretended to still be asleep in my bed so that I could linger in the most pleasant dream. I was not ready to stop imagining the pretty young lady that had arrived at court just yesterday.
“Oh my!” One of my maids cried softly in a strange way. She sounded… almost like she was purring.
Another maid giggled ever so softly. It was just the two of them in my room so far. “It looks like our Prince is demanding some relief.”
The first maid made another of those half purring noises. “We must give the Prince what he wants!”
I felt the bed shift, and the covers gently thrown aside. I was used to the maids near dragging me out of bed in the morning, so this wasn’t really a surprise. A hand grasped me… Oh my God!
There’s a hand on my… Even just thinking it caused me to blush. The hand stroked me gently, and it felt so good! The second maid giggled softly again.
“How cute! He likes it.”
I was paying very close attention to what they were doing now, even so, I could not figure out what it was that I was feeling. I opened my eyes to see for myself.
Both maids were licking my hard shaft. They lay on opposite sides of my bed, and focused on their task to the point that they didn’t even notice me staring at them. My breathing was erratic, and my heart thundered in my ears.
The first maid covered me with her mouth, and sucked on me until I went cross-eyed and started almost shaking. Then she stopped to look into the second maid’s eyes. I had a moment to calm down, but then the second maid started sucking on me.
I couldn’t watch! This was not because I didn’t want to, but because my head was firmly pressed into my pillow and my eyes were squeezed shut. It felt so good that I thought I was going to die!
My mouth opened, and I started crying – the kind of crying that escaped in short gasps. Something happened, and my heart almost stopped. I rode out the absolutely wonderful feeling for a minute, and then practically melted into my bed.
“Good morning, my Prince,” both maids greeted me cheerfully, one of them wiping the corner of her mouth.
I panted until I could speak. “G- g- good mor-ning.”
“It’s time for your bath.”
I nodded. My maids had always gotten in the tub with me as I bathed, so normally I thought nothing of it. This morning, I couldn’t stop staring at them!
This pair of maids were both relatively new. They were only 20 or so, and had nice bodies. I remember thinking that they were cute the first time each of them had been assigned to me, but as I said, back then I wasn’t really thinking about them. This morning, I simply could not believe that I was so used to bathing with two women that I hadn’t even appreciated their nakedness!
I watched them wash me with what felt like brand new eyes…
Every morning for the next year, they woke me up exactly the same way. Gradually, I started to get hard as they cleaned my body, and they would respond by laughing happily and sucking on me all over again. I had no idea if this was normal, but I didn’t dare ask my father. No need to anger him if something was wrong…


After I turned 14, I began to notice that I longed for something. I’m not really sure what, but it drove me crazy that I could not figure out what I was missing! It affected me so thoroughly that I couldn’t pay attention during my morning lessons.
“Please pay attention, my Prince!” My governess begged.
I ignored her, and pushed my chair back so that I could gaze vaguely out the window.
“Please, my Prince! I don’t wish to get in trouble with your father!”
I was normally an attentive and ideal student, so she was understandably perplexed by my behavior. I scratched idly at my groin, and then realized that I was hard. My attention abruptly shifted to my governess.
“No… I will not pay attention until you help me get rid of this,” I gestured to my lap.
I figured that if my maids did this for me, then she would too. Surprisingly, she looked conflicted. She stared at me for a long moment, and then nodded so slowly that I thought I imagined it.
Button by button, she unfastened her bodice. Her corset squeezed her waist, but did not cover her breasts. She knelt before me, and freed my shaft from my trousers. I eagerly watched her take me in her mouth.
I completely loved this feeling by now, but even so, it still felt like something was missing. I wondered if she knew what it was.
“Tell me…” I inquired before I reached the point where it was difficult to speak. “What do you do next?”As I thought back on this later, I realized that I sounded like I already knew and expected her to do it.
Again, she looked conflicted, almost teary eyed, but she got to her feet, and held out her hand to me. I let her guide me until I was lying on my back on the ground. She lifted her skirt, and slowly removed an undergarment.
From this angle, I could see her naked womanhood. This was not a new sight for me, but still… it excited me to look at her. She stepped one foot to either side of my body, and held her voluminous skirt out of the way as she lowered herself onto my shaft.
Ohhhh! So that’s what happens next… I gasped, feeling incredible! This was even better than being sucked off!
In a way that looked much the same as someone riding a horse, she rode me. I wanted to watch her, but the pleasure was so good that – once again – my eyes were squeezed tightly shut. I made those embarrassing noises that I always make when someone touched my shaft.
Time passed, and she started riding me faster. When I managed to open my eyes long enough to peek at her, she looked almost impatient, like she really just wanted to get this over so that I’d finish my lesson. This was a bit different than the playful way that my maids handled me in the mornings, but strangely… I liked it.
I wanted to hold out forever just to see what she would do! Inevitably, far sooner than I wanted, I reached the point where my shaft pumped out that white goo that my maids called, “Love Milk.”
My governess chuckled unexpectedly, and smiled. I cocked my head to the side curiously.
“Your cum feels so hot inside me… I hadn’t expected it to feel this good.”
I watched her sigh, her smile fading only a little as she looked towards the ceiling. What’s she thinking? She looks both happy and sad, and a bit confused. Shaking her head slightly, she grabbed the undergarment she’d previously discarded, and used it to wipe the mess between us. After that, she stood up, and rebuttoned her bodice.
Just knowing that she wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt made me grin. I longed to run my hand up her dress, and touch her, but as promised, I devoted my attention to my studies.
The next day, after my maids had nearly worn me out with their vigorous sucking in the bath, I did not expect my shaft to harden again anytime soon. To my surprise, the very moment I saw my governess, it sprang to life!
I stared at her as I imagined exactly what I wanted to do, and her expression fascinated me. She started out looking reluctant, then she looked resigned. Finally, she looked almost eager.
“Lift your skirt,” I commanded, and she complied after only one moment of hesitation. I knelt before her, and removed her undergarment. “Never wear this again!”
“Yes, my Prince,” she replied obediently.
I lightly pushed her legs apart, until she fully exposed herself to me. I have seen a naked womanhood before, but never this close up, and I’d never touched one with my hands. Right now, exploring her seemed more important than anything.
Once I’d satisfied my curiosity, I ordered her to lie on the ground so that this time, I could ride her. Opening my trousers just enough to free my shaft, I slid into her slippery hole. She inhaled a gasp.
“Oh! My Prince… you feel so good inside me!”
I completely agree!
When I was done, she took a few moments to recover, then began the day’s lesson. I yawned – a bit lethargic – but paid attention the best I could.
A month later, one of the court ladies walked in on us, but rather than immediately run to tell my father – as I half expected for some unknown reason – she grinned.
“Oh my! I came to borrow the Prince for a trifling matter, but now I have an even better idea in mind.”
Intrigued, I pulled out of my governess before I’d even finished my fun. The court lady gasped in delight, her eyes locked on my shaft.
“He’s… already so big!”
My governess laughed. “I know!”
“Cover up, my Prince, so that we may dally in my bedchamber for a few hours.”
I looked to my governess, almost as if I was asking permission.
“Go ahead, my Prince,” she encouraged. “I’m certain your attention will not return properly until after you do.”
The Lady was fairly new to the court. She was recently married to an older Duke, but rumor was that she remained faithful to her husband, so why was she so eager to bed me?
In her chamber, I stared at her expectantly. She laughed, and then turned her back to me. “By the look on your face, you’ve not been taught how to please a Lady in return. You can start by unbuttoning my dress, and then removing my corset. Learn how to uncover a woman’s best assets so that you can play with them at your leisure.”
This made excellent sense to me, so I eagerly complied. It took me some time – I’d never even had to undress myself after all – but eventually I figured it out, and she stood naked before me.
She pushed me to my knees, and then firmly guided my face into her womanhood. “Take a good look… Don’t I look delicious? Don’t you want to taste me?”
I nodded vigorously. You know, considering that I had two maids that used their mouths to wake me up every morning, I’m surprised that this hadn’t occurred to me before!
“Oh yes, just like that,” she encouraged me. She gave me plenty of advice on how to please a woman, and somewhat forced me to practice it all on her. I was so engrossed in my lesson that I completely forgot to be outraged that she was treating me as her personal sex slave!
Eventually we migrated to her bed, and not too long after that, she squealed as a sweet fluid gushed all over my face.
“Now, my Prince! Take your pleasure and fill me with your wondrous shaft!”
The way she said that made me wonder if she was making fun of me, or if I really had a better shaft than other men. Deciding I didn’t really care either way, I opened my trousers once more, and plunged my shaft into her.
I groaned from the pleasure; she’s so tight! I could not stop myself from thrusting into her so fast that one might think I was running a race! It felt good enough to make me go cross-eyed, and I knew the end was near.
I grunted throatily as I pumped her full, and then the door burst open.
“What in the hell are you doing?” Her husband demanded, and I looked at him with a guilty expression on my face.
He gasped, his face quickly turning white. “So sorry, my Prince! I didn’t mean to interrupt!” He turned and left, but I could hear him pacing the room on the other side of the door.
I must admit that I was a bit confused now. I know that people tended to give me whatever I wanted to avoid me complaining to my father, but surely in this situation, the Duke would be justified in complaining about me to my father! I was clearly in the wrong here… well, maybe just a bit less in the wrong than his wife, but still.
Refastening my trousers, I looked to the Lady. I really didn’t know what to do now.
“It’s fine,” she whispered. “Go ahead and leave now. He will not punish me since it was you.”
I nodded slowly, and squared my shoulders so that I could regally exit the chamber like the Prince that I was. The Duke bowed to me, and promised not to be so unforgivably rude in the future. Speechless, I simply left.
I paced the bright palace hallways, deep in thought. Does this mean that I really can do whatever I want? No one will stop me or say no to me?
The thought held an intoxicating power, and I needed to test it. But how? I pressed a finger to my lips as I thought this over.
About a half an hour passed, and I still had not come up with a solution to my conundrum. Suddenly, one of the younger Ladies – one only a year older than me – caught my eye.
“My Lady…?” I gained her attention with a gallant bow.
“Yes, my Prince?” She asked me sweetly.
I stepped closer to her, close enough to whisper in her ear. “May I bring you back to my bedchamber and play with you for the rest of the day? Possibly the night?”
She gasped, astonished by the request. “I… I’m supposed to save myself for marriage. Are you proposing marriage?”
“No,” I replied with a firm shake to my head. I could not beg or plead with her, otherwise the test would not be conclusive. I wanted to know if there was anyone who actually would say no to me.
She looked to the floor and nervously twirled a lock of hair around her finger. “And by play, you do mean…?”
“Yes,” I confirmed.
She started to shake lightly. “Uh-of-of course, my Prince. If you wish it, I must comply.”
Interesting… but I wasn’t convinced that she truly meant to do as I asked. I honestly figured that she was bluffing to pacify me until she could come up with a valid excuse to evade me without refusing me. I smiled at her, took her by the hand, and prompted her to follow me.
In my room, I used my newly acquired skills to undress her. Then I decided to practice my other new skills on her. She was nervous and hesitant at first, but by the time I was done licking her – though she didn’t squirt like the Duchess had – she was practically begging me to take her virginity.
“Oh! My Prince! I had no idea that this felt so good! Is the rest of it as good as this?” She asked.
“Do you want me to show you?” I questioned.
She nodded, still a bit shy, and still a bit resigned – as if she wanted to tell herself that the only reason she didn’t stop me was because I am the Prince.
I smiled at her, actually glad that I had the time and privacy to fully remove my own clothes. Oddly, I almost never uncovered anything other than my shaft. Except for in the morning, but even more oddly, I had not yet had sex with either of my maids.
That was going to change in the morning!
I pushed into her slowly, mostly because she was extremely tight and I literally could not enter her quickly. I suppose I could if I rammed into her, but that did not seem like a good idea.
She inhaled sharply as I suddenly slid fully inside her. I waited to see if she was hurt, but she soon breathed out a sigh, and then nodded at me. I pulled out a bit so that I could thrust back into her.
I know that I asked her to let me play with her all afternoon, but surprisingly, hunger prompted me to finish about an hour later. At this point, she was curled into my body, crying out from pleasure. I filled her, and then rested for about a minute before withdrawing and climbing out of bed.
My stomach growled, and I could feel my mood shifting to the cranky side. “You may leave,” I granted her permission, and set about figuring out how to put my clothes back on without help from my maids. If I needed to summon them, this could easily take another hour.
“My… my Prince?”
I looked up at the girl in my bed curiously.
“I do not know how to dress myself,” she admitted.
I nodded, completely understanding. “I’ll help as best I can, but I don’t really know how either.”
She nodded, obviously thinking that even clumsily dressed was better than returning to her chambers naked. We took turns dressing each other, and then went our separate ways outside my door. I made my way to the room that offered food to the residents of the palace all day long.
The next day at dinner, it was announced that the young Lady was returning to her family’s country estate in order to marry the man she had long been betrothed to. I was a bit sad that I wouldn’t get to have her in my bed again before she left, but otherwise, it made no difference to me.


For my 16th birthday, my father took me aside to have a private conversation.
“Son… I think it’s about time that you learn a little about women. Therefore, I’m going to have your bodyguards take you to a pleasure house for the night.”
I almost laughed, but maintained a smooth expression. “It’s fine, you don’t have to.”
“Nonsense! You’re a Prince! It’s only right that a Prince spend every night in the arms of someone soft and skilled in pleasing men.”
“Um…” I wanted to tell him that I pretty much already did, but he wouldn’t let me speak.
“I won’t hear it! You’re going to the pleasure house to become a man tonight, and that’s final!”
I shrugged as if surrendering to his unyielding will. “Yes father.”
“Good boy,” he murmured, and then gave my bodyguards enough money that I could buy every woman in the pleasure house if I wanted.
We walked in the door about an hour later, and I looked around with a grin. I had enough money to buy them all, so why not?
“You’re all mine this evening! There’ll be an extra reward for any one of you that can teach me something new!” I announced to the delight of the women, and the disappointment of the other men who were carefully selecting their companion for the night. I gestured for my guards – who were astonished by my bold statement – to hand over the appropriate amount of money, and the woman in charge quickly evicted all the other patrons.
“It’s the Prince’s birthday, and tonight, we all celebrate with him!” She stated, encouraging her girls to crowd around me.
They all stroked my body, and I kissed any of them that caught my eye. They took turns sucking on me, petting me… massaging my body with their hands and tongues. This felt reminiscent of my maids pleasuring me in the morning, but never had I had so many women trying to have sex with me at the same time!
It was sheer bliss!
I soon lost all track of who was doing what; all I knew was that I was thoroughly grateful for all the stamina I had cultivated! From the moment I had learned that no woman would say no to me, I had made it a point to get between as many legs as possible each day. This truly was a record for me, and I planned to enjoy every second!
I thrust into each woman for at least a half an hour before taking a short break and moving onto the next one. At one point, I remembered to look for my bodyguards, who were not allowed to leave me unguarded. They both looked like they wanted to cry! This made me laugh, and then I took pity on them.
“You and you, go suck them off!” I commanded.
Two of my companions nodded obediently, and then quickly complied.
As dawn arrived, I still hadn’t learned anything new, but I was utterly satisfied! All the women I’d bought had fallen asleep around me, and the madam appraised me with both greed and lust.
“My Prince is well hung, and knows how to truly bed a woman. You’ve been taught by an excellent teacher.”
I chuckled. “Or two or three.” I’d actually lost count.
“We will be honored to pleasure you any night you so desire,” she purred, and I nodded. Of course they would, I’m the Prince and I paid them! Did she really think I was stupid enough to think that she’d dare consider refusing?
I slept for a bit, but was vastly uncomfortable, so I ordered one of the women to dress me, and then went home.
“You may answer all of my father’s questions, but do not dare tell him that I admitted to having plenty of sex before. If he wants to think that this was my first night, then it’s safest to let him, understand?”
My guards nodded.


When I was 18, it seemed like every man in the Kingdom with a daughter suddenly appeared to offer her hand in marriage. Thank GOD my father was very picky! He wanted my bride to be perfect according to his high standards. This meant that I would likely have a few more years before he finally found the right woman.
By the time I was 21, it was well known that I liked to bury myself between the legs of every woman I saw. I did not care if they were married, unmarried, or even under strict orders not to spread their legs for any man. I wanted them all.
My father seemed to be unaware, but then one day, I heard him ask his advisors – during a meeting which I was required to attend – why the courtiers no longer brought their daughters to court. No one dared speak.
“Do they think that I am so choosy that they have no chance anyway?” The King asked pointedly.
“No… Sire…” The most courageous of his advisors murmured.
“Well then… What?!” My father demanded, growing angry.
They all glanced to me uncertainly. My father noticed this, and asked. “Are you threatening them? Have you warned them all that you do not wish to be married?”
I took a deep breath as I considered what to say. Finally, I decided to just be honest.
“No… they simply grew tired of me taking their daughters to bed without any intention of getting married.”
He looked at me; his expression strange. It was almost as if he was both thoroughly impressed and utterly shocked that I could do such a thing. Eventually, he sighed.
“Fine… the next young Lady that you talk into your bed will be your bride,” he stated.
I stroked my chin in thought. “I assume that you mean unmarried eligible young Lady of noble birth.”
“Of course,” he replied as if there could never be any other type of bride. I shrugged. None of them had come to court in a while, so I was already used to not having them in my bed.
This was a good suggestion, in my opinion, because it meant that I could remain unmarried until I talked someone of the right background into my bed. That would never happen! No way would I give up sex with just about every woman I saw in order to have sex with just one for the rest of my life!
To my surprise, once word got around that I could no longer sleep with the young unmarried Ladies without having to marry them, the palace was suddenly flooded with them! I had to come up with a strategy to stop myself for carrying them away for an afternoon of lust!
Then… it occurred to me to wonder what would happen if I got caught with two or three of them in my bed. Would I be required to marry them all? This was not legal in our Kingdom, so it seemed unlikely. It also didn’t seem fair to any of them if I was forced to choose just one, so I think I might actually be safe so long as I always took them to bed in pairs or trios.
A redhead caught my eye one day as my 22nd birthday approached. She was hands down the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! It was instantly in lust, and wondered how to get her and a couple of the other ladies alone so that I could ask them to join me in my bed.
She saw me looking at her, and haughtily stuck her nose in the air. Wait! Was she refusing me? I hadn’t even asked her yet!
I stalked her through the palace, completely forgetting to snag a couple of others to have on hand for when I asked the all important question. Finally, I managed to get her alone in relative private.
“Leave me alone!” She roared angrily as I approached her.
I stared at her, perplexed.
“My father says that you have been ordered to marry the next unmarried young Lady you bed. He says that I am naturally the most likely one to catch your eye, and that I should entice you into marriage, but I would rather marry a goat!”
She glared at me as if I were scum under her shoe. I was tempted to scratch my head.
“That’s… fine. I have a plan that would guarantee that we wouldn’t have to get married,” I informed her.
“So do I,” she insisted. “It goes like this: you leave me alone, and I never grace your bed.”
Now I was seriously confused. “What?”
“You heard me! I think you are vile, lecherous, horrid, and really not a good Prince!”
“Wait a minute!” I demanded, getting angry. “What makes you think that I’m as bad as all that?”
“My older sister had to get married to an old man because of you. You asked her to visit your bed, and then she was no longer suitable. She had to be married off to the first decently rich man with a title willing to overlook her missing virginity!”
The redhead had green eyes, but they flashed with such anger that they almost appeared red too. I was captivated by her. I began to wonder what it would be like to marry her.
“What’s your name?” I asked, basically ignoring the fact that I hadn’t realized before that all the girls who disappeared from court after visiting my bed all suddenly had fianc├ęs anxious to wed them. I’d never given it any thought.
She slapped me, and I held my hand to my cheek in shock. “You do not deserve to know my name!”
I gaped at her in astonishment. My expression slowly changed, and she suddenly looked almost afraid. I couldn’t help it though; my desire to have her was now as deep as the ocean and just as unstoppable during a hurricane.
I abruptly lifted her over my shoulder, and she started screeching indignantly as I carried her in the general direction of my chamber. Her father – or so I assume – appeared before us.
“My Prince! Please do not harm my daughter! True, she should not have slapped you, but she does not deserve to be treated so cruelly!”
I cast him a puzzled glance. “Cruelly? I plan to treat her very well.”
“But… My Prince…” He glanced at his daughter, who was steadily beating on my back, and screaming. Her screams attracted quite a gathering, and I think someone must have alerted my father, because he appeared fairly quickly to see what the commotion was all about.
“Johnathan!  Put her down this instant!” He commanded.
“Why?” I wondered. “I intend to do as you have decreed.”
He looked confused for a moment, and then his eyes rested on the woman on my shoulder. “You mean to say that she…?”
“Yes,” I confirmed. “She will be my bride.”
“No!” She screamed. “Never! I hate you; I would rather be a low paid whore than marry you!”
The crowd gasped. I was at once insulted and excited by her words. I abruptly set her on her feet – still firmly in my grasp – and then fiercely pierced her eyes with mine.
“That. Can. Be. Arranged.” I said each word slowly so that she could see just how serious I was.
She inhaled softly, shivering lightly in my arms. She swallowed nervously. “I… I didn’t mean that…”
“Good,” I replied, still almost deadly with intent. She stared me in the eye, and I watched her expression change from stubbornly obstinate to intriguingly aware that her body was responding to mine; to the proximity of our bodies and the electricity running between us. She slowly lowered her eyes, and I knew…
“I… I would be honored to marry you, my Prince,” she murmured submissively.
“What was that?” I demanded, toying with her because it made my heart beat faster.
“I would love to marry you, my Prince!” She damn near shouted, her fire returning in full force. “So remove your hands from my body so that I may go start planning our wedding!”
I grinned. “You do that.” I let her go and smacked her rump so that she practically jumped into her father’s arms.
“You lecherous pig!” She roared, indignant again.
I shrugged as if admitting that she was right. “I want the wedding to take place in three days time. I really don’t think I can’t wait any longer than that.”
I strode away, mentally planning out exactly what I was going to do to her on our wedding night. I think I might need to go shopping for a few nefarious supplies. The moment I turned the corner, I stopped to listen to the chaos I was sure was about to break loose.
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” She half wailed, half squealed excitedly. “I need a dress, and… and… Ah! I have no idea how to plan a wedding!”
My father seemed confused as he cleared his throat. “As glad as I am that my son finally chose a bride, you do not have to go through with this if you don’t want to.”
It seems that even he does not yet know her name since he usually addressed everyone by name as a way of dominating them. Damnit! I should have made her tell me!
I peeked around the corner to see my bride-to-be square her shoulders almost angrily. “Do not say such things, Majesty! I do not agree to do anything unless I want to. I have agreed to marry Prince Johnathan and so I shall! Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have a lot to do. I’m getting married in just 3 days after all.”
She marched into her the chambers she shared with her parents, her mother grinning at her excitedly. Her father cast my father a baffled look, and then shrugged, spreading his hands wide.
“It’s true though,” he murmured. “She never agrees to anything she doesn’t want to do.”
I nearly jumped, throwing my fists into the air. She actually wants to marry me too! She’s not just doing what I tell her to because I’m the Prince!
And then it hit me… I’m effing getting married! When did that happen?! I clutched my hand to my chest and tried to calm my rapid panting. I need to get to my bed before I pass out from the shock!


Three days with absolutely no sex of any kind actually hurt! I ached all over, as if someone had beaten me to near death. How do celibate men deal with this?
My maids pouted as I firmly did not allow them to fondle me or play with me in any way as I bathed. I had to seriously wonder why I was holding back. After all, men are allowed to have mistresses.
I pictured my bride-to-be; her glorious red hair, and her vibrant green eyes. It was enough to make my shaft stand at rapt attention. My maids reached into the tub – I hadn’t let them join me today – to stoke me, but I waved them aside.
“In fact,” I commanded. “Wait for me out in the hall.”
“Yes, my Prince…” they murmured in crestfallen disappointment.
I stroked my own shaft as I continued to think about my bride. I now knew her name was Lorelei, and I purred just thinking about her.
“Lorelei…” I whispered, my hand pumping up and down rapidly.
The last moment before I nearly squirted into the tub, I stopped completely. What was I doing wasting this on nothing but water when I should be saving it for her?! I looked at the clock.
It’s almost time!
I scrambled out of the tub, and called for my maids to dress me. They hurriedly got me into my wedding attire, and then I was almost running to the throne room. I stopped to compose myself before entering by the private entrance.
The next thing I knew, I was anxiously awaiting the moment my bride entered the throne room on her father’s arm. I would swear that the clock stopped moving entirely! I shifted from foot to foot, and resisted the urge to start biting my nails.
Suddenly, the main entrance opened wide, and my eyes glued themselves to the doors, eager for my first glimpse of my future wife. The occupants of the crowded room all stood, and blocked my view. I stepped to the side until I could see her, and I think I heard my father chuckle.
I glanced at him, and he was definitely grinning. “I guess all it took was finding the right bride.”
I was tempted to roll my eyes at him, but they had already returned to the entryway. There she is! I started breathing abnormally fast again, and had to concentrate on calming down.
Looking at her wasn’t helping, so I turned my back so that I was facing the Priest. He was old and ugly, and definitely not attractive. Thinking about his wrinkly face made me shiver in horror, and to my relief, I was breathing normally again.
But then, her father placed her hand in mine, and I stared into her eyes… I couldn’t speak! The Priest had to actually poke me to get my attention.
“Will you take this woman as your bride?”
I nodded vigorously, and then cleared my throat. “Yes… I will…”
I heard her exhale softly, as if she couldn’t believe her ears. Her excitement increased until it was palpable.
“Will you give yourself to this man and obey him as your husband?”
“Obey?! Uh-I I mean yes! I mean I will!” She stumbled through her vows nervously. Softly muttering under her breath. “Obey? What does he mean obey?”
I chuckled, and leaned to whisper in her ear. “You will… You’ll see.”
She blushed demurely, looking down in an attempt to hide it. By this time, the Priest had pronounced us as husband and wife, and I was granted permission to kiss her. I seized her, kissing her as if I couldn’t wait to carry her back to our room and show her what it meant to be in my bed.
Actually… I can’t wait! I scooped her into my arms, and strode straight through the private door used only by the royal family. Like me, she was too lost in our own little world to notice that we were no longer in front of an audience.
I set her on her feet just inside my bedchamber door. “You ready?” I asked.
She took a moment to look around, and it finally occurred to her that we were completely alone. She took a deep breath, and then returned her gaze to me.
“Yes… I am.”
“Good,” I stated, my heart soaring, and then carried her to bed.

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  1. Fyi, yes, this is one of the two stories that I debated not writing/posting because of problematic theme (underage sex). I decided to tone it done mostly because I wanted to get to the part where he fell in love. Originally, I had planned to have a whole bunch more of the details occur while he was still just barely 13, and then have him COMPLETELY an arrogant asshole - as opposed to mostly as he appears above, lol - by the time he fell in love.
    As I said though, I didn't want to make the story more than one part, so I decided to tone it down and step up the pacing.

    And no - Elly - there's no more, lol! Let's just say that they two of them love to argue and then go to bed to make up :-)


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