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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Strange Relationship

“Here’s that report you asked for, and I brought you some tea,” Jayson informed me.
I watched him set the tea down carefully on my desk, ensuring that it did not accidentally slosh. A moment passed as I browsed the report, but then I took a sip of the tea. It was almost perfect, but I frowned in dissatisfaction.
“Jayson, why is there not enough cream in my tea?”
Jayson looked down somberly. “We ran out.”
“Unacceptable,” I stated. “You need to be punished.”
“Yes Mistress,” Jayson murmured.
I looked to the ceiling and exhaled a long drawn out hmm as I thought about the best way to punish him. “I think… under the desk.”
“Yes Mistress.” Jayson gently rolled my chair out of the way so that he could crawl under my desk. It had been a gift from my boss when he promoted me to departmental manager about 6 months ago, and was at least 7 feet by 5 feet. Plenty big enough to accommodate my lax slave.
I ignored Jayson as he rolled my chair back into place. Thinking about the report gave me an excuse to avoid thinking about my personnel  problem for a few minutes. It was time to read the report in depth.
Jayson pulled my hips forward slightly, and slipped a firm cushion between my back and the chair. I shifted obligingly to allow him to push up my skirt and slide my panties out of the way. A moment later, he was performing his penance by pleasing me with his tongue.
I stroked his hair fondly just once before returning my attention to the report. People from my department entered my office to place paperwork on my desk, and then left again completely unaware of the situation occurring under my desk.
Jayson was very good at pleasing me, and I must admit that he made it hard for me to pretend like nothing was happening. I couldn’t stop a tiny moan from escaping me. Thankfully, no one was in my office at the moment.
The words of the report started blurring and blending together before me, but I kept the page in front of my face as a reminder that I must not give into the pleasure too soon.
“Where is Jayson?” My boss asked unexpectedly. “I was hoping to send him out on an errand for me.”
“Jayson is doing something vitally important for me at the moment,” I stated calmly, lowering the report to look my boss in the eye. “I will send him to you the moment he is done.”
“Are you okay?” My boss asked. “You look… flushed.”
I smiled reassuringly, “Yes, I’m fine.” I immediately had to hold my breath to prevent a gasp from escaping me. Jayson was obviously having fun making me squirm. His punishment was rapidly earning him an even worse punishment, the cheeky slave!
I noticed that my boss was gazing curiously at the 3 or 4 inch gap at the bottom of my desk, and I felt a moment of panic as I realized that he probably saw the bottom of Jayson’s shoes.  He shook his head lightly as if telling himself that he couldn’t actually be seeing what he was seeing.
“I see, uh… anyway,” he leaned against the frame of the door to my office. “Is that the report Jayson wrote?”
“Yes,” I confirmed. “He just handed it to me earlier, and I’m reviewing it now.”
“And what about your little problem? Have you figured out a solution?”
My brain was currently having trouble shifting gears at the moment. Going from the tedious details of streamlining the department to dealing with an incompetent employee was far too much for me, and so I decided to take evasive maneuvers.
“Uh… no, not yet.”
At this point, I had to devote a good deal of my attention to controlling my breathing. Holding back the gasps was quickly becoming impossible. Later on, I wondered why I didn’t just cuff him to get him to stop!
Covering my face with my report seemed like my only viable option. I did my absolute best to look like I was focused intently on reading the report.
My boss chuckled softly, and closed the door as he left. “Keep up the good work.” He tossed out encouragement before leaving me alone for a moment.
Unable to hold back any longer, I immediately buried my face in my crossed arms atop my desk as I cried out as softly as possible. My whole body shook like never before. It felt like the whole world exploded, and I panted as it slowly came back together again.
“Jayson…” I ground out, trying to sound angry. I was much too happy to be upset, but even so, he could have cost us both our jobs.
“Sorry Mistress, I couldn’t resist.”
I panted until I could speak more than a word at a time. “Go wash up, and then see what the boss wants.”
“Yes Mistress,” Jayson murmured obediently, kissing me lightly on the lips before he crawled out from under my desk.
“And Jayson…” I added mildly, as if I was about to discuss the weather.
“You deserved to be whipped the moment we get home.”
He smiled. “Of course.”
He opened the door, and stopped short.
“Here’s a list of things I need you to pick up.” As CEO, our boss often had enough errands to keep even the best secretary hopping, but ever since he had promoted me, he had resisted hiring someone to take my place. As a result, he often borrowed Jayson when he needed something.
I held a fist to my mouth as panic coursed through my veins again. Oh Gods! We were sure to be fired after this!
Jayson accepted the list, and murmured that he would return as soon as possible. He rushed off at top speed.
I was at a complete loss for words. There was absolutely nowhere else that Jayson could have been hiding in my office, but just because he was under my desk did not mean that anything wrong was going on.
My boss entered my office and shut the door. “I can handle this in one of two ways. Since Jayson has not complained of harassment, I can ignore this, but I have to be certain of something first…”
I hesitated. My best bet would probably be to deny anything happened, because there was no proof… unless he dared to check between my legs.
“Are you using the power of your position to force Jayson to do things of a sexual nature?”
I normally have excellent self control. It takes a lot to provoke a reaction from me. Even so, I was so surprised that I completely forgot my plan to deny anything had happened.
“You have it all wrong!” I protested, and then covered my mouth as I realized that I had just ratted myself out.
“Then why don’t you tell me what is going on.”
I sighed, and took a moment to calm my nerves. We weren’t really doing anything wrong. Company policy allowed for relationships among the employees, but it drew the line at sexual antics.
“We’re together,” I confessed.
“Riiiight,” my boss drawled in a way that clearly stated he didn’t believe me. “I’ve watched you two enough to know that you delight in bossing him around. That’s not a healthy relationship, and frankly looks like harassment to me.”
“No really, we live together,” I insisted.
My boss looked confused. “Since when?”
“Since we returned from Phoenix,” I murmured.
This coincided with the beginning of our strange behavior, so I could see my boss think this over. Slowly, he nodded. “Fine, invite me over for dinner, and if it’s true, then I will overlook this indiscretion. However, if I have any reason at all to believe that something is wrong, then I will have no choice but to take appropriate action.”
“Yes sir,” I acquiesced. Looking at the clock, I realized that there was only a half an hour left before the day was over. “Do you mean tonight?”
“Of course, that way I will be able to see the truth. You won’t have time to mess with the evidence.”
I laughed. “Okay. What would you like me to make for dinner?”
“Whatever you were already planning to make is fine by me.”
I nodded.
Jayson returned from his errand just in time for us to go home. We waited for our boss next to my car.
“Are you sure about this?” Jayson asked nervously.
“What choice do we have?” I shrugged.
“Mr. Burke,” Jason greeted our boss pleasantly a moment later, and then held the front passenger door out for him.
I climbed into the driver’s seat, and waited for Jayson to get in the back.
Our boss turned to smile at Jayson. “I see the way Elena treats you; you don’t have to play along just to keep her out of trouble.”
Jayson shook his head. “I’m not. We really do live together.”
“I just don’t believe it. You two are simply not a good match. Elena needs someone who can stand up to her, and tell her no when she’s being unreasonable.”
I have worked for him for 5 years, so I guess he knew me pretty well, even so, he really had no idea what he was talking about. I saw Jayson shudder lightly, and smirked. I’m almost certain that he was imagining the delicious whipping I would give him if he ever dared to tell me no!
We walked into my house a short while later, and Jayson immediately helped me remove my Jacket. Then, he accepted Mr. Burke’s coat and hung them up in the hall closet.
“Jayson, show our boss around while I get started on dinner,” I ordered, unable to change the way I treated him. It was too much a part of our relationship.
“Yes M- Elena,” Jayson replied, also too used to the way we acted when alone to prevent a slip of the lips.
I pulled a bowl out of the refrigerator, and checked on its contents. Mmm, the marinated chicken was going to make some fabulous fajitas! All I needed to do now was slice up some onions and peppers to go with the chicken.
I could hear the men talking, but I had no idea what they were saying. I couldn’t really blame my boss for being suspicious, but I was not going to try to conform to his expectations of a normal relationship. Nor was I going to try to explain things to him.
My cell phone rang. I was tempted to ignore it, but the ringer alerted me to the VIP status of the caller.
“Elena speaking,” I answered.
“Hey there Princess!” The younger of the two King brothers greeted me cheerfully. “We want you to come over tonight.”
“I can’t,” I stated. “I have my boss over for dinner.”
“Nonsense! Unless he’s spending the night, come over after he leaves.”
“No, seriously,” I insisted.
“We need our Princess, Elena,” he informed me sternly. “You will come.”
I sighed. “Yes, my King.”
“And feel free to bring your delightful slave.”
“Yes, my King.” I hung up before the urge to shout at him for his inconsideration became too much to resist.
Mr. Burke cleared his throat, and I looked up to see him watching me from across the kitchen.
“King?” He inquired, one brow arched in confusion.
I laughed. “That’s an old friend of mine. It’s a long standing joke between us.”
“Riiiight,” my boss drawled again, and I suppressed a frustrated sigh.
Jayson was nearly silent as he moved to my side. He helped me finish preparing our dinner without needing to be told what to do. We worked together almost as if we shared one mind. In actuality, he was so used to following my orders by now that he didn’t need me to give them.
“Such a shame,” he whispered in my ear. “My whipping will have to wait.”
I moaned softly, and looked at him lustfully before remembering that my boss was watching us with interest.
“You are definitely going to be punished severely,” I promised, whispering in his ear. “Stop making me act up in front of our boss!”
Jayson smirked at me with mischief in his eyes. I felt such a powerful tugging in my groin that it was hard for me to concentrate on anything else for a long moment.
I think the way we were looking at each other finally reassured our boss that there was something real between us after all. He chuckled softly, and then cleared his throat.
“So… why it there nothing on this wall except handicapped bars… that are much too high to be of use to anyone in a wheelchair…”
Both Jayson and I blushed at that, and looked away from each other until we were able to control our expressions. I recovered first, and blankly stared at my boss as I lied.
“It’s post modern art that a friend of mine insisted I display.”
Mr. Burke’s expression made it clear that he was certain I was lying to him, and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t come up with a better story.
My cell rang again, the ringtone indicating that it was the same or another VIP. I sighed, and answered it. “Elena speaking.”
“Did the King call you yet?”
I smiled. This was the same Prince that I’ve been good friends with ever since we were in training together. We’d decided to take our tests at the same time, and have even conducted a few rituals for the society.
“Yes, I’m supposed to show up tonight no matter how late,” I replied.
“Did he tell you why?”
“No,” I shook my head even though he couldn’t see it.
“There’s a visiting Queen arriving tonight.”
“Are you serious?” I asked, purposely trying to be quiet and not shout out my sudden excitement.
“Yep, she’s from Europe, and I hear she’s really exquisite.”
“Mmm… I can’t wait,” I purred, completely forgetting that I had a good reason to be on my best behavior. “How long has she been a Queen?”
“Just 2 years, I think,” he answered.
“So this is a formal meeting then?” I stated more than asked.
“I see. I’ll be there, but I don’t know when,” I promised.
“Are you bringing him?”
I laughed. “Of course, I don’t go anywhere without my sla- uh I have to go!” My face was bright red as I realized that I almost made a grave mistake.
The moment I hung up the phone, Jayson leaned over to whisper in my ear. “Did I hear that right? A new Queen?”
I nodded, grateful that Jayson had finished cooking the fajitas on a special griddle over a gas burner. “I think Sangria…” I murmured.
Jayson nodded, and disappeared to select the right bottle of wine from the cellar. I made myself busy dishing up our food, gesturing for my boss to take a seat at the bar style counter on the other side of my center island where my stove was located.
“I’m not stupid, you know. You’re hiding something from me, and lying,” he informed me unexpectedly as I handed him his plate.
I sighed. “Pardon my rudeness, sir, but you are now officially intruding on my private life. You wanted to see for yourself that Jayson and I really are in a relationship, and we are. The rest is none of your business.”
“True, but I’m concerned. A healthy relationship is based on mutual love and trust, and that seems to be missing from your relationship,” he explained.
“I disagree,” Jayson came to my rescue, startling me. I hadn’t heard him return. Man! He was far too good at walking silently!
“How so?” Our boss asked amicably as Jayson poured him a glass of wine and then sat in the empty seat on my other side. This placed me between the two of them, which made me inexplicably nervous.
“I’d trust her with my life,” Jayson replied. He sounded like he was imparting a profound truth, and I felt my heart skip a beat. I stroked his cheek and leaned over to kiss him.
Mr. Burke sighed in relief. “Now that’s what I wanted to see. I had to be sure that there was something real between you. The only thing left to talk about is how you two will not be getting all touchy feely at work.”
“Of course!” I quickly agreed, also relieved that I wasn’t going to lose my job after all.
We all ate in silence for a moment, but then my boss cleared his throat. “No seriously, I’m dying to know what’s really going on. First you call someone your King, and then you ask how long someone has been a Queen. This house is far too big and expensive for someone that earns your salary, and I can’t help but think that I’m being made fun of somehow.”
I started with what I could explain honestly. “My house was part of my inheritance. My parents had quite a bit of wealth accumulated before they died.”
“Then why become a secretary? From the look of it, you probably didn’t need to work a day in your life.”
“True…” I admitted. “But I wanted something to do, and after you hired me, I found I really liked my job.”
I prayed that he would let the rest remain unexplained. He stared at me in a way that made it obvious that he wasn’t going to let it drop. I sighed.
My doorbell rang, and then the door opened. “Change of plans Elena!”
I gasped, and nearly leapt from my chair so that I could try to control the damage. It was already too late. My unexpected guests were already stripping right inside my now closed door. We were all experts at getting undressing quickly.
“What are you doing here?” I asked in astonishment.
Both of the Kings laughed. The Prince gallantly kissed my hand, and the other Princess crossed her arms so that she could stare me down.
“Don’t be such a baby, Elena! We decided that your house was the best place to properly greet and host the visiting Queen.”
I glared at them, they were all naked at this point, and I knew that they wouldn’t leave no matter how much I protested. I tried anyway. “I told you, my boss is here!”
“Send him away if you’re so concerned,” the younger King replied.
This situation seemed so absurd that I couldn’t fight it. So, I surrendered. Laughing, I asked, “What part of secret don’t you understand? You should have called me and then given me time to –”
“There’s not enough time,” the older King informed me. “She’s already on her way here, and will probably be here in a matter of minutes.”
“I’m thirsty,” the haughty Princess announced. “I think strawberry Margaritas might be nice.”
I honestly agreed, and snapped my fingers.
“Yes Princess!” Jayson replied, addressing her respectfully. He promptly gathered the supplies, and started making the suggested drink.
“Can I get anything for you, my Kings, my Prince?” I offered as a good hostess should.
“As I recall, you have an excellent wine cellar,” the younger King mused. “Allow me to select something appropriate.”
“Of course,” I grinned, and pointed out the door to the cellar. This was an official meeting, so I had to be on my best behavior. Well, I had to behave to the Kings, I could be a bitch to the Prince and Princess if I wanted.
“Elena…” She purred, stroking my cheek with a finger.
“Jessica,” I replied, smiling at her.
“Why are you still in those itchy clothes?”
“Mmm…” I nearly purred myself as I vividly remembered how good Jessica was with her tongue.
“Save it for the Queen,” our King ordered us with an amused grin.
We both laughed guiltily. “Yes, my King.”
Jayson appeared next to us holding a small tray. On it were two enormous Margaritas that he had blended up quick using frozen strawberries, ice, and tequila. I smiled because he knew without asking that I would want one too.
“Princess,” he offered the tray to Jessica first. She took one, and rewarded him with a kiss. It was soft and held the promise of more to come.
I took my drink from Jayson, and held my other arm out to my side expectantly. It was just the three of us still standing here not too far from the entryway. My house had an open design, and there wasn’t much on the first floor that wasn’t visible from everywhere else. As a result, I could see the older King and the Prince helping themselves to the alcohol in my cupboards. It looked like they were mixing rum with an organic, real sugar version of cherry coke.
Jayson did not need me to say a word. He simply undressed me, and then hung my clothes up in the hall closet where I think he took a moment to get naked as well. I was distracted just then when the doorbell rang once more.
I opened the door to find a petite and utterly exquisite woman standing in front of a man and two other women.
“Please come in, my Queen,” I invited her, and then stood aside for her to enter.
She waited for me to shut the door, and then kissed me in greeting. “You must be Princess Elena.”
“Yes, my Queen,” I confirmed.
“Please, you must call me Genevieve! I can already tell that we are going to be the best of friends!”
Jayson stood ready to take her clothes, and I helped her undress as her companions undressed each other. Jayson helped them hang their clothes, and once they were naked, I could see that she had a Lord and two slaves with her. I found this strange because there really weren’t many slaves in our society. Maybe one in an entire region.
I fiddled with their necklaces for a moment each, curious as to why they had chosen to become slaves. They kept their eyes focused on the ground, and I smiled at them.
“They’re lovely,” I informed Genevieve.
She took a moment to squeeze Jayson’s ass before smacking it soundly. “Your plaything is rather handsome as well.”
“Thank you!” I purred happily.
“Quit hogging her Majesty!” The younger King bellowed abruptly. Apparently he had returned from my cellar. He hastily set two bottles of wine on the counter.
“Yes my King,” I agreed with a laugh as I stepped out of the way so that he could see her.
“Genevi!” He cried out happily. “It’s been too long!”
“Brae!” She gushed, and rushed into his arms so he could twirl her in a small circle.
“Braedon,” his older brother admonished. “You should take a moment to introduce everyone, since you interrupted Elena before she could.”
“Oh Andrew,” she laughed softly. “There’s no need, I can easily guess. That’s Prince Eric, and Princess Jessica.”
“At your service, my Queen,” Eric stated flirtily with a gallant bow. He then handed her a glass of wine, the same Sangria that we had served with dinner.
She accepted it with a smile, and then turned to face her companions. “This is my favorite lover Henri, and our two little love slaves, Sophie and Claire.”
Sophie and Claire had been standing in front of the door with their hands behind their head – as was Jayson since he was no longer needed – but now the girls curtseyed in unison, which was rather becoming. I stroked their heads, already anticipating playing with them later.
My boss cleared his throat, and I blushed as I realized that I had completely forgotten that he was still here.
“I’m so sorry!” I gushed, my hands now on my cheeks to hide my embarrassment. “This is my boss, and he is not part of our society. I’m surprised that he has not fainted from shock! There was no time to politely ask him to leave before everyone arrived.”
Queen Genevieve chuckled almost menacingly as she advanced on my boss. She placed a hand under his chin, and forced him to look her in the eyes.
“I cannot imagine how you must feel. You alone are dressed in a small sea of nude people, and you have no idea what is going on. There is a choice to be made. Do you wish to become part of our society, or shall we dispose of you now?”
We all bit our tongues to stop from laughing. Apparently, the visiting Queen had a wicked sense of humor. My boss paled.
“Uh… D-dis-pose?” He asked, utterly shocked by the prospect.
“Alright… if that is what you wish. Henri!” She snapped her fingers.                                                                                        
“Yes, my Queen, it shall be done!”  Henri advanced on my boss, his every pore exuding danger.
Prince Eric was the first to crack. He started laughing so hard that I thought he was going to fall to the floor. His laughter made us all laugh.
The moment I could talk without laughing, I snapped my fingers. “Jayson, bring Mr. Burke his jacket.”
“Yes Mistress,” Jayson replied as he suppressed a grin.
“Wait,” Genevieve commanded, holding up her hand to emphasize her order. “What’s your name?”
“David Burke,” he murmured.
“David…” She sighed appreciatively in her accent so it sounded like Dah-veed as opposed to Day-vid. “A good name. Are you married?”
He shook his head, still in awe of the beauty before him. “Divorced.”
“Do you have a girlfriend?” Genevieve wondered.
He shook his head again.
“Aren’t you lonely?” She inquired sadly.
“At times,” he admitted.
“Wouldn’t you like to join a society where you will always be part of something? No matter where you go, you can always find a companion to share your bed?”
I could see that the offer was tempting to my boss. He couldn’t bring himself to answer her, and I’m certain that he had no idea what he wanted. Well… I’m sure he probably wanted her.
She made another half purring hmm noise. “There’s no need to decide now. Feel free to stay and watch as we greet each other. There is a very specific ritual I am supposed to perform upon my American Brother-Kings. I’m sure that once I have finished, you’ll find that you do want to join our society.”
“If I may interrupt, my Queen,” I begged respectfully. “This is my boss, and I think my job is in jeopardy enough without you shocking him even more.”
Genevieve waved my concern away. “The choice is his, and he would be a fool to fire you over the things you do in your private life.”
I nodded, and then focused all my attention on my boss. “Sir…? You do not have to stay. I will have Jayson drive you home.”
He let his eyes roam up and down my body, and then all around the room. “No… I’ve always wondered what was different about you. Most of the time you’re… perfect… too perfect. Then occasionally, there’s this unexpected glimpse of your true self. I want to find out more.”
I held my breath for a moment to hide my dismay. “Fine, but just remember… some things are better off remaining a secret.”
Genevieve smiled at my boss, and then turned to Andrew – who was standing only a few feet away. “I greet my Brother King.” She dropped to her knees before him, and took him in her mouth.
Braedon patiently waited his turn by chatting with Henri. From what I could gather, Henri was straight, so he could refuse if my King asked for sex, and so long as he didn’t ask my King for sex, Braedon would leave him alone.
“My Queen, may I play with your slaves?” I asked Genevieve, knowing that she was constantly paying at least a little attention to them standing meekly across the room.
“Of course!” She paused her task to grant my request. “They were disobedient on the flight over here, and need to be punished.”
I smirked at Jayson; he still deserved a punishment, but was reprieved until later. He pointed to the bare wall with the handles, and then walked to a nearby cabinet. I stood contemplating the slaves as they meekly made their way to the wall.
“Lord Henri,” I gained his attention. “Do they respond best to the whip or the paddle?”
He chuckled. “They are so sweet and tender that they respond well to everything.”
“I see. The whip I think.”
Jayson selected an appropriate whip from the cabinet, and handed it to me. I kissed him as I accepted the whip, and then purringly promised, “You still deserve a whipping for your impertinence earlier. I’ll make sure to do so before tonight is over.”
“Yes Mistress,” he replied with an eager grin.
“Elena,” Jessica called out my name with a tone of sudden inspiration. “I’ve never had a chance to play with your slave before. May I?”
He was fully trained and initiated into the society at this point, and so I knew he could handle anything anyone did to him. “Of course.”
By this time, Andrew was properly greeted, and Braedon was groaning as Genevieve greeted him. Andrew stroked my back as I prepared to whip the two naughty slaves. They were facing the wall together, and I knew I’d have to whip them just right to get them both.
Andrew nuzzled on my ear, distracting me for a moment. “May I also play with your slave?”
“Of course, my King,” I replied. A moment later, I drew an enormous letter x with the whip, hitting the first slave and then the second. They moaned, and I chuckled; pleased that they appreciated my talent.
“So powerful!” Henri praised me a few exes later. “You enflame my passion.”
“Do you like to be whipped as well?” I asked him. Sophie and Claire were practically singing with pleasure as they begged me to whip them harder.
“No, but I loved to watch a woman wield a whip so expertly.” He pulled me into his arms. I could feel him poking into me, and shifted my legs so that he had clear access. He lifted me so that I could wrap my legs around him.
Braedon took the whip from me, and exchanged it for a paddle so that he could continue their punishment. Meanwhile Genevieve was stroking her lover’s back. They had obviously finished the greeting, or mutually agreed to postpone it until later.
“Is she tight, my love?” She asked.
“Yes, very,” Henri replied, making me thankful that I spent 10 minutes each day exercising my inner muscles.
“You look so good together,” Genevieve praised, and her accent made me melt. I leaned back so that I could pull her closer, and kiss her.
She paused to issue an order to her lover. “Fill her quickly, my love, so that I may taste you when I make her scream with orgasm.”
I moaned in anticipation. Henri lowered me onto a nearby divan so that he could comply. My house was full of interesting and sturdy furniture for just this reason.
I heard Jayson moan, and tried to look at him, but Braedon was between us, watching me. I think he was waiting for his turn. The way he looked at Genevieve’s ass made me think he wanted to enter her as she was pleasuring me. I shivered in anticipation.
Braedon caught my searching look, and turned to check on Jayson for me. “Your little slave seems to be enjoying himself.”
Now that I could see them, I realized that Andrew currently had Genevieve’s slaves – he must have obtained silent permission when I wasn’t paying attention – and between him, Jessica, and the slaves, Jayson was thoroughly enjoying himself.
I purred as Henri pumped me full. The heat of his cum felt divine, and I half wished that he could continue to fill me all night.
Genevieve barely gave him a moment to rest, before pushing him aside, and plunging her tongue into me.
“Ah, yes!” I gasped.
Braedon proved me right a moment later by slipping inside Genevieve. She moaned into me, and I felt like a shockwave radiated throughout my entire body.
“Great Goddess, mother of us all, bless us with your Divine presence.” Genevieve invoked.
I gasped as the Goddess immediately granted her request. I’ve hosted the Gods before, but usually only during rituals. I rather avoided invoking them for regular sex. Tonight, she possessed us both, and we shimmered with her holy light.
Braedon was not possessed, but was obviously affected by her energy. He groaned, and I could see that he was trying his best not to explode, but he could not resist the sweet energy flowing into him from the Queen.
I did not realize it at first, but all the others stopped to watch us. It had been a while since the last time this many Royals were together in the same room. Even council meetings were often conducted via conference call. As a result, it had been a while since the Gods had joined us for sex.
Genevieve and I heard a voice whisper in our ears, and we turned to look at those watching us. In unison, we spoke with the Goddess’ voice.
“My lover wishes to possess the slave, but he has never hosted a God in his body before. What say you, Jayson? Will you allow yourself to be possessed and join us?”
The part of my mind that was an impartial observer noticed that Jayson looked conflicted. He had witnessed a relatively recent ritual involving sex with the Gods, but he came from a completely different faith, and I knew he told himself that this was some trick of the lighting.
A moment later, he stepped forward, and dropped to his knees. “If my Mistress wishes it, I must obey.”
“No,” I stated, speaking for myself now. “Not in this, Jayson. You must fully and willingly accept the God into your body, or his energy will hurt you.”
He was quiet for a moment, then he looked me straight in the eye. “I want to, but Elena… I’m scared.”
“As you should be,” pretty much everyone murmured.
Andrew placed a hand on his shoulder. “That said, it is like nothing you have ever experienced. Just give in to him. He is a loving God… He will not push you farther than you can handle.”
Jayson nodded acceptance, and repeated the words that Andrew told him to invoke the God. A moment later, he was glowing. It was actually hard for Genevieve and me to see – since the Goddess’ glow slightly blinded us – but it was a dark green, and I could tell that everyone else could see his glow just fine.
“Come,” we invited, using the Goddess’ voice once more.
Jayson started praising us with the God’s voice, and the sound of it made my heart soar. I felt compelled to please him. I wanted to worship him until the day I died!
Genevieve arranged us so that Jayson was between us, and we both took turns kissing him as we stroked his body. He had one arm around each of us, and we encouraged him to lean back so that we could lick and kiss his body. Eventually, we were both licking his shaft, and he looked like he was in heaven!
I shifted to kiss him, hungrily exploring his mouth while Genevieve impaled herself on his shaft. She rode him hard, the Goddess inside her determined to drive him crazy with pleasure. He was protected by the God inside him, but even so, I could feel him quivering. Time passed strangely, as it always does when possessed by the Gods.
Genevieve started screaming, apparently overwhelmed by the Goddess’ power. She gasped and tossed her head side to side until her orgasm faded, and then she collapsed next to us. I stoked her soothingly as the Goddess faded from her body.
Now, it was my turn, and I straddled my lover eagerly. It felt like the power increased; like the Gods possessed us both just a little bit more. He thrust his hips up as I lowered myself onto his shaft.
The next thing I knew, it felt like our bodies had been fused. Every little movement was heart stopping!  I was crying out as if my life depended on it, pleased to hear his cries in return.
We paid them no attention, but while we were having the hands down best sex of our life, Genevieve was fast asleep, worn out from her possession. Meanwhile, everyone else had gathered around the center island in my kitchen to explain to my boss what was going on. He told me later that he was utterly baffled by that point, and honestly relieved that someone finally told him that this was a good thing.
He had feared that we were into devil worship, and was almost terrified. When they told him about our society and beliefs, he was so relieved that he nearly cried.
Suddenly, the Goddess whispered in my ear again. “This man was made for you… You should carry his child.”
I gasped, thinking, he doesn’t want a child!
“He does…” The Goddess assured me.
I looked into Jayson’s eyes, and they changed until I could clearly see the deep longing within him. He nodded, and I knew that the God was whispering the suggestion to him as well. I felt inexplicably touched!
Nodding, I closed my eyes for one moment. This didn’t need to be said out loud, but we both felt overcome by the desire to practically shout! He said almost exactly the same thing I did, only he used his name.
“I, Elena, hereby give my heart to you forever, and ask the Gods to gift us with a child.”
The energy of the Gods felt like it increased just a bit more, and suddenly we were both crying out in climax. The world spun, and then settled once more. There was a fullness inside me that made me place my hands on my womb in awe.
The Goddess and God had both left us, and I exchanged an incredulous look with Jayson. He slowly smiled at me, and I couldn’t stop a grin from stretching my lips.
The others started clapping. “Congratulations!”
I felt a moment of panic as I realized that our relationship would have to change once we had a child. No way would I want to confuse our child by treating his or her father like a slave. What kind of message would that send?
I calmed myself, and then leaned over to kiss Jayson. No matter how our lives changed, we were going to be great parents!

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