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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Conference

“I’m sending you to Phoenix, Arizona.” My boss announced. At first, I didn’t think he could possibly be talking to me.
“You heard me, there’s a conference in Phoenix, and I want you to attend it… It’s training to become management.”
I still didn’t think I was hearing him right. “Sir?”
He sighed deeply, as if he didn’t want to admit this out loud. “You’re wasted as a simple secretary. I want to you to go to the conference, and when you get back, I plan to promote you to the position that’s opening next month.”
“How long is the training?” I wondered curiously.
“Two weeks,” he replied, and then his expression changed. He looked almost derisive now. “I’m also sending a young man named Jayson. The others want me to promote him to the position. He’s a complete ass kisser though, so, unless he shows more aptitude for it than I think he will, I intend for him to be your assistant.”
I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to his statement, and stroked my necklace in thought. I settled for an obedient, “Yes sir.”
“See you when you get back,” he smiled at me pleasantly, and I knew I was being dismissed to go pack.


“What do you mean there’s only one room?” Jayson demanded, obviously upset.
“I’m sorry sir, but this is a large national conference, and only one room is reserved for each company that decides to send attendees. Surely your superior mentioned this?” The woman checking us into the large hotel asked sweetly.
No… He hadn’t. Oh well, I’m sure he simply forgot. Whatever. “Jayson, stop being a baby and  take the room key already.” I commanded as I pocketed mine. “You there; bell hop!” I snapped my fingers and gestured for an idle man around 19 years old to come load my luggage onto a cart. As an afterthought, I handed him my room key, which – despite being an electronic key card – still had my room number engraved on it so I couldn’t forget which one it was.
He naturally hopped to it, and soon we were being shown around our small two bed room. It had a private bathroom area, but that was the only amenity other than the standard tiny table and TV on a low wide dresser. I thanked him for his assistance and slipped him a tip as he handed me back my key.
I tossed my purse on the bed closer to the window, and enjoyed the cool air flowing from the air conditioner located just under all the sunlight that poured in. The conference didn’t start until tomorrow, and so I had nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon.
Hmm… Phoenix is a big city, surely…
I pulled out my cell phone and pressed the speed dial. A man answered, and as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t address him properly. “It’s Elena. I’m in Phoenix. Tell me where the nearest haven is.”
He chuckled, and then gave me directions, ending with, “Have fun in Phoenix.” I could hear his younger brother laughing in the background.
“Yes, my – Yes, I will.” I stated, a hint of a smile twisting my lips.
“Where are you going?” Jayson asked, and I could tell that he was upset that I didn’t plan to stay and complain about the unfairness of our situation with him.
“Out,” I responded as succinctly as possible.
“Can I come? I’ve never been to Phoenix before. What’s a haven? Is that a bar or club or something?”
I crossed my arms across my chest and stared at him coldly. “Yes, it is. Haven means a safe place to get away, and no… you can’t come.”
He grumbled under his breath, but didn’t try to follow me as I grabbed my purse and left.


“Princess!” A man greeted me warmly. I returned his warm smile, and kissed him on the cheek. “Welcome to our region. Please let anyone know if you need anything at all!”
I nodded, and entered the large building. I simply could not wait to get out of these stifling clothes! Soon enough, my clothes and other belongings were in a locker in a room dedicated to storing clothes while the members walked around naked.
The only thing I still wore was my silver necklace and the charm that proclaimed my status as a Princess. It was the triad of the Secret Society – the crown, cup, and scepter.
On second thought… I reopened my locker, and grabbed out a book from my purse that I was only halfway through reading. A few minutes later, I was reclining on a sturdy, cushion-lined wooden lounge chair.
I opened my book, and ignored the multitude of people who were suddenly fascinated by my presence. I barely had time to read a page before the first man knelt on my lounge chair – it was just wide enough to allow him to do so. He showed me his beautiful cock, and I opened my mouth so I could absently suck on him as I read my book.
A woman spread my legs, and practically devoured my clitoris. I loved every moment of it, but I was a Princess after all, I could not reward her so easily. I ignored her, and kept my attention on my book.
Eventually, she gifted me with my first orgasm of the day, and I honored her gift by closing my eyes and fully savoring it until it was gone. Then, I went back to reading my book. The man I was sucking on had gotten off on watching me get off, and so he left me too.
They were soon both replaced by others, both men this time. I sucked on the one but otherwise ignored them both as the second slipped right inside me and rode me as hard as he could. This made it a bit difficult to read my book, but I wasn’t about to let him know that!
This pattern remained, men and women both flocking to me to try out the visiting Princess, until I was thoroughly satisfied. I don’t think I read more than 2 pages of my book! Even then, I’m probably going to have to reread them later. I smiled as I petted my last lover on the head.
She was an absolutely luscious woman, and I was sorely tempted to invite her to my room for the night, but I didn’t want to give Jayson the pleasure of watching us make each other scream.


Three days into the conference, I knew one thing more certainly than anything else; my boss was right! Jayson really was a kiss-ass. He simply could not do anything unless told to, but what he did do was done very well with a high level of attention to detail. If he was actually placed in charge of a department, it would soon fall into chaos!
I had fallen into the habit of showering right after the conference ended for the day, which understandably puzzled Jayson when I then showered after returning from the Secret Society’s Regional Headquarters each night. He had no idea that it was necessary to shower at that point.
He gave me a probing stare when I stepped out of the bathroom ready to leave for the evening. “Will you please reconsider bringing me with you? I have nothing to do here while you’re gone, and it frustrating.”
“You could always sightsee,” I suggested.
“I wouldn’t know where to go,” he shrugged.
I studied him with mild curiosity, an idea forming that made me grin in a way I’m sure probably scared him at least a little.
“Fine, I’ll bring you. However, you have to do exactly as I say at all times. Understand?”
He hesitated, scratching the part of his jaw located under his ear nervously. “Like what?”
“Simple, everything. If I tell you to do something, you do it,” I informed him firmly. I already knew that he would agree. After all, that was what he was best at… following orders…”
“Yeah, okay, I guess I can do that,” he admitted almost shyly.
I nodded, and then gestured for him to follow me. Soon, we were stepping up to the entrance of the Regional Headquarters.
“Welcome back, Princess!” The guard at the door greeted me. He then glared at Jayson for a moment before casting me a questioning look.
“I need a suitable visitors pass. Let me see what you have.”
The guard nodded, and then held out a box of chains and charms. I sorted through it, tossing aside the majority – which were plain, underage observer charms. Finally, I located one that made me cackle in anticipation. It was made out of plain steel, but the circle – if one looked properly – was a whip, and the charm inside it was a noose. This would send a message to all that he was bound to me, and could not be touched without my permission.
I placed the necklace around Jayson’s neck with a devious grin. It was too short a chain for him to pull it off, and the clasp naturally locked so that only one who knew how to unlock it could remove it from him. He gave me a look that was half afraid, and half curious, and then followed me through the doors.
I walked straight to the room where we could undress and store our clothes. Jayson gasped as I pushed my skirt to the floor. He was deluded if he thought that I would bring him here just to have sex with him when we could easily do that in our room if that’s what I wanted.
I glared at him just as I grasped the bottom of my shirt. “Well… What are you waiting for? Strip!”
He stuttered in confusion, but then complied. I pointed out the empty locker next to mine in case he hadn’t noticed it. I naturally finished stripping before he did, and watched as he forced himself to remove his blue and white striped boxers. I think he was afraid that I would see his penis because he faced away from me as he did this.
The moment his locker was shut, I turned to walk away. “Come on!”
He made a strange sound, but then followed me. I wonder if he was thinking that there was still time to get dressed and leave. I’d let him if he wanted, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that he needed this. He needed someone to take a firm grip on his invisible reins and tell him what to do.
I nodded to others as they greeted me; calling out, “Princess!” eagerly.
I located “my” lounge chair, and stared at its occupant until he gasped – he hadn’t noticed me standing there at first – and then vacated my seat.
“Terribly sorry, Princess!”
I nodded graciously as he stepped to the side. I faced Jayson, and pointed to a spot right next to my lounge chair.
“Stand there, place your hands on the back of your head, and don’t move!” I commanded.
Jayson hopped to, but I could see that he had no idea what was going on or why he was actually following my orders. I delicately arranged myself on the lounge chair.
The man who had sat here fiddled with Jayson’s charm curiously. “Princess Elena? May I play with your slave?”
I made a great show of thinking this over. “Hmm… no. I think he needs to stand absolutely still for quite a bit longer. If he moves, you may spank him for me.”
He grinned, and Jayson gasped, looking at me in dismay and astonishment. His eager taskmaster whacked him one on the ass.
“Eyes forward!”
Jayson hastily complied, his face thoroughly red.
A woman appeared as if by magic. She was my luscious lover, and I grinned at her. She returned my grin, and chuckled suggestively as she massaged my legs, working her way up until she was teasing my moist opening with her fingers.
A man walked over to us, and presented his beautiful cock for me to suck on. I took him into my mouth eagerly, wondering if Jayson was trying to watch me out of the corner of his eyes.
“Princess?” A girl gained my attention. She looked like she had only been initiated recently. “May I play with your slave?”
I paused the falatio I was performing to answer her. “Not yet, my pet. He’s still being punished. However, you may stroke his shaft and fondle him to your heart’s content, just do not allow him to climax.”
“Yes, my Princess!” She agreed eagerly.
I glanced at the man watching over Jayson for me. “Remember to punish him harshly if he should dare ejaculate!”
“Yes, my Princess!” He grinned at me.
Jayson whimpered in fear at the potential unknown punishment, and then groaned as the girl stroked his already rock hard shaft.
By this time, my luscious lover made me cry out with orgasm, and a new man took her place, ramming into me in the most delightful way. “Ah!” I chanted.
Both he and the man I was sucking on filled me at the same time, and I sighed in content.
“Princess, may I whip you?”
I looked up at the powerfully gorgeous man. “Yes, my King!” I agreed at once. I had not yet met the King of this region, but I was extremely grateful that he was standing before me now.
He led me to the wall of punishment, and I knew without looking that my volunteer taskmaster was whacking Jayson as an incentive for him to follow me like a good slave should.
I faced the wall, and firmly gripped the bars placed at the right height in front of me. The taskmaster commanded Jayson to, “Watch closely as your mistress dutifully receives her punishment. If you displease her, it will be you there instead of her.”
Jayson paled, and I smirked at him a moment before facing the wall once more. The King whipped me quite suddenly, and I moaned. I heard him make a soft noise of pleasure, and knew that he was thrilled that I could take whatever he wanted to give me.
He lashed out again and again until I was begging him for mercy. Each lash made my hips sway, as if I was both trying to escape and begging for more. He stopped the moment he sensed that it was getting to be too much for me to handle.
He snapped his fingers, and I dropped to my hands and feet. I turned until I was staring at his feet. “Are you a good girl?”
“No… I’m so very naughty,” I purred a confession.
He laughed. “Ahhh, I thought so. Shall I punish you some more?”
“If it pleases you, my King,” I murmured, honestly hoping that he wouldn’t and that he would.
“Let me see if you can please this cock,” he gestured to indicate the beautiful length jutting straight out from his body. We were more or less following a script – a common role-playing fantasy – and yet, it seemed so real to me in that moment.
“Yes,” I replied almost breathlessly, and opened my mouth wide to accommodate him as much as possible.
He moaned and rocked his hips. A moment later, he snapped his fingers, and someone stroked my ass. I felt a solid hardness push against the tight hole between my buttocks, and purposely took a deep breath so that I could exhale all the tension from my body.
They timed their thrusts so that they were both banging into me at the same time, and I was helpless to do anything but let them. I moaned as I felt a hand seek out something interesting to play with between my legs.
The next moment, there were two hungry mouths sucking on my breasts, and I was utterly lost in the pleasure! I let it carry me away until I felt like I was almost floating near the clouds. A moment later, my body convulsed violently in climax, and I would have screamed if I could.
The King rewarded me with his hot and salty cum, and then snapped his fingers again. Everyone else instantly abandoned me.
“Shall I tie you to my bed and use you however I please until morning?” He asked.
I sighed with longing. “I wish you could, my King, but I cannot stay too long. After all, I am in Phoenix on business, and I do not wish to risk my job,” I explained.
“I understand,” he assured me pleasantly. “Perhaps another time.”
I nodded vigorously. “This weekend, probably.”
He smiled at me, and then walked away. I rolled backwards so that I could sit on my feet, and rub my mildly sore wrists. I looked up to find Jayson obediently watching me.
I held my hand out for his taskmaster, who promptly helped me up. I traced a line across Jayson’s chest. Walking a full circle around him, I leaned in to whisper in his ear.
“You liked that, didn’t you? You want that, don’t you? You want me to punish you. No…” I dropped my voice even lower. “You want him to punish you.”
Jayson whimpered, and immediately looked conflicted. Part of him clearly longed to be punished, and part of him was deeply horrified by the prospect.
“Tell me,” I commanded.
He took a deep breath, and held it.
“Tell me!” I demanded.
“Yes… Mistress… I want you to punish me.”
I thought so, I smirked. “Then brace yourself on the wall.”
He hesitated for a moment, and then did as I ordered. He grasped the bars firmly, and I watched his chest expand and contract rapidly as fear coursed through his body. Knowing that this was his first time, I purposely selected a softer whip. One that would sting plenty, but wouldn’t actually hurt him. It wouldn’t even leave welts.
He moaned and writhed as I whipped him, and after a few minutes, he even begged for me to whip him harder. I accepted the standard whip that the taskmaster held out to me, and granted Jayson’s wish.
I instinctively knew when he was close to squirting all over the wall, and stopped. I looked at the clock, and was amazed to see how much time had passed. Smiling, I handed the whip back to the taskmaster.
“You’ve done well for your very first day. I think it’s time we leave now. Come Jayson.”
The taskmaster inclined his head with an expression of sudden understanding. Now it made sense why I wouldn’t let anyone else truly touch him. He was untrained and uninitiated. It would be almost cruel to let anyone play with him until he was ready and willing.
Jayson followed me quietly, stealthily wiping tears from his face. I knew without asking that he had been feeling both pleasure and pain, and the intensity of it had moved him to tears of both joy and despair. Yes… I well knew how he felt.
We dressed in silence, and then left, hailing a cab to drive us back to the hotel. Not a single word passed either of our lips until we were back in our room, and I stripped again so that I could take a shower.
“What…?” His face crumpled in confusion as he tried to figure out how to ask me his burning questions. I’m sure there were so many that he didn’t know where to start.
I pointed to a spot in the small bathroom next to the toilet as I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. He moved to the spot I’d indicated without a moment’s thought, and I waited for him to realize this. I watched him over my shoulder as it dawned on him that he was standing perfectly still with his hands on the back of his head.
Hiding a smirk, I stepped into the shower, and gave him a soft command as I finished closing the already partially closed curtain. “A slave should be naked at all times.”
He immediately undressed, and I stealthily peaked at the expression on his face. He was incredulous that he obeyed so instantly. I knew what he did not… he had been a slave long before I met him.
“Tell me,” I said as if I were pondering an amusing anecdote. “How old were you when you first had sex. How many partners have you had, and were they male or female?”
“17, 5… 4 were female…”
“Very good,” I purred. “Tell me about the man.”
“He… he… … When I was in college, I got drunk one night at a party, and one of the guys offered to help me get back to my dorm. He then took advantage of my drunkenness and…”
I purred again. “Did you like it?”
“I didn’t think I did…” he murmured, and I could almost feel him remembering that night and wondering if perhaps he reveled in the helplessness of it after all.
By now, I was clean – thank the Gods for the detachable showerhead which made it so much easier to wash the intimate parts! I stepped out of the shower, and held my arms open in a silent demand for him to dry me off with a towel. He stared at me curiously until I glanced at the towels, and then he complied almost frantically.
Once I was dry, I walked to my bed, sitting on the edge. He frowned at me, and I smirked at him. My expression changed to expectation once more, and I wondered if he would be able to figure out what I wanted.
“What is that place?” He finally asked me. I pointed to a spot about a foot in front of me, and he instantly stood there in the correct position.
He obeyed.
“As you may have figured out by now, I am part of a secret society. We have far too many rules and beliefs to fully explain right now, but as I’m sure you noticed, the society revolves around sex.”
He nodded, and I saw a look of near enlightenment cross his face. It was almost as if having his suspicion confirmed opened something inside him. I watched him consider his next question, and waited patiently. I would only answer three tonight.
“Why did you bring me there?”
I laughed. “You asked, of course! I had a feeling that it might suit you.”
I waited for his last question, hoping for his sake that he chose well.
“Why did you stop whipping me when you did?” He almost whispered; his eyes on the floor but his hands still on the back of his head.
“Hmm…” I debated not telling him, but then softened. “Because I did not want you to cum yet.”
“You… knew?” He asked incredulously.
Technically I was only going to answer 3 questions, but I made a concession for this one. “Yes, now, prove to your Mistress that you are eager to please.”
He remained on his knees but walked forward until he was between my legs. I spread them wide in invitation, and watched him slowly press his face where I wanted it. I could see him mentally asking permission, and also wondering if this was what I referred to.
It was.
He cast his hesitation aside, and then plunged his tongue into me almost forcefully. His hands grasped my hips, and pulled me closer to him as he explored my already wet and eager hole. I cried out happily, and flopped onto my back, pushing my hips into his face even more.
He continued to worship me until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed a pillow to muffle my screams so that the attendees in the surrounding rooms didn’t hear me. I really didn’t want them to think that this cold hearted bitch was actually full of passion.
I panted as my orgasm faded; enjoying Jayson’s fingers as they curiously probed me.
“Thank you Jayson. You may go to bed now.”
He whimpered. I chuckled. “Is there something you want?”
“Yes,” he admitted.
“And what is it that you want?” I asked.
“I have been on fire with need for hours! Please…”
“Please what, Jayson?”
“Please let me cum too,” he whispered again.
“Do you think you deserve to be rewarded?” I wondered.
He thought this over very carefully. I could see him wondering if this was a trap, and then he decided that he didn’t care. He’d take a punishment if I wouldn’t reward him.
“Yes, I think I’ve been a very good slave today,” he stated.
“And so you have,” I agreed, and then patted my thigh in invitation.
He mounted me, and then stared at my lips as he clearly wondered if he should kiss me before entering me. I licked my lips slowly, and he responded my sucking on them greedily.
I sighed as he entered me, and wrapped my legs around him so that I had the leverage to clamp my inner muscles onto his shaft. He groaned heavily, and I could sense that he was fighting not to cum right then and there.
His thrusts were almost as timid as he was. They felt unsure, like he had no idea which pace would best please me. This was his reward, so technically, I was fine with whatever pace pleased him.
I rocked my hips into him encouragingly. His speed increased until I was gasping in pleasure. I wanted him to last all night, but I knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. He started pulsing inside me, and I clamped my muscles tight around him once more.
“Oh God!” He gasped, and I could feel his body shake from the unexpected intensity of his climax.
I waited for him to recover a bit and withdraw, then I shifted until I was lying properly in the bed with the covers over me.
“Jayson… do you wish to sleep in your own bed, or with your Mistress?” I asked, giving him a rare choice.
“With you, my Mistress,” he murmured. I held open the covers, and let him crawl in bed with me.
The next morning, I woke before him, and watched his face as he slowly became aware of where he was and what had happened. He blushed, and then took a few deep breaths to calm his suddenly erratic heartbeat. Once he had himself under control, he dared to crack one eye open so that he could steal a peek at me.
“Good morning Jayson,” I greeted him with a warm smile, and then a quick kiss.
“Good morning… Mistress?”
I could tell he was wondering how long I planned to make him play this role. The answer – which I did not tell him – was however long he let me.
“Call room service, and order us something for breakfast. I expect you to remember what I ordered the last few mornings, and get me the same.”
Jayson looked disappointed that I wasn’t already suggesting that we have sex again, but I could also see him beam with pride that he actually did remember what I’d ordered. He got out of bed to comply, and I decided that a visit to the bathroom was in order.
That day passed agonizingly slowly, but finally I was in the shower of our room once more. Jayson waited at the spot, and was in position. I made him remain dressed since he had already had a shower this morning, and didn’t really need another.
I did not order him to follow me, nor did I ask or pay any attention him at all. Nevertheless, he remained right behind me as I left the room to go to the Headquarters. Mentally, I was grinning at his eagerness.
The very moment that I reclined on my lounge chair – which, incidentally, was not the only one here, but I had claimed it, and considered it my territory – a handful of people showed up. They all begged to play with my slave. I looked to Jayson, studying him for a moment as he kept his gaze firmly forward and his hands on the back of his head.
I could see him mildly panic, but there was something akin to excitement coloring his expression. I faced my eager posse, and smiled.
“He may please you all with his mouth and hands, but no one may please him or enter him in any other way. Understand?” I demanded.
“Yes Princess!” They all agreed without the slightest hesitation. I could see that it was the volunteer taskmaster, the eager initiate from yesterday, 2 other women, and one other man. They forced Jayson to stand a few feet away from me so that they had room to stand around him.
He whimpered, but instinctively knew that he better not dare protest or speak in any way. The initiate dragged a relatively high chair over to Jayson, and ordered him to kneel. The chair placed her at the perfect height to wrap her legs around his face, and she clearly relished every moment of his tonguing.
Meanwhile, the two men each firmly forced him to grasp them with a hand and pump their shafts vigorously. The initiate had not yet cultivated true stamina, so she soon vacated the chair so that an older woman could take her place.
This woman knew exactly what she liked, and used a hand in Jayson’s hair to guide him as necessary. She watched him pump the men’s shafts, and her excitement grew. Even so, she still took her time climaxing.
The third woman obligingly performed the trick to stop the men from cumming too soon, and they groaned in disappointment even as they thanked her for her assistance. When it was her turn to sit in the chair, one of the men asked her to wait a moment.
He gently thrust his cock in Jayson’s face and silently dared the slave to suck him off. Jayson hesitated for only a moment, and then opened his mouth.
I was busy enjoying a few lovers of my own – of course – but it amused me to keep an eye on him. I could tell by his expression that he had never once imagined himself sucking on a thick and beautiful cock before, but now that he was, he rather liked it.
The man he sucked gave him plenty of advice and tips on how to do a good job. I already knew that Jayson made it point of personal pride to always do as he was told exceedingly well. As a result, it didn’t take long for the man to fill his mouth. From the look of it, there was quite a bit pumping into Jayson; his throat moving oh so sensually as he swallowed.
He turned his attention to the third woman, his hand still stroking the taskmaster’s shaft. Now, his strokes were almost eager, as if he was just waiting to suck on the long thin shaft. I think the taskmaster was planning out a few other things to teach my unexpectedly acquired little love slave.
The third woman gushed all over Jayson’s face just as I cried out from my own pleasure. I immediately rolled over and adjusted my chair so that I could lie on my stomach as I watched him. I paid no attention to the man who entered me from behind.
Jayson was so beautiful as he opened his mouth for his taskmaster. I smiled fondly as I watched his head bob vigorously back and forth. The taskmaster had a hand on his head, gently encouraging Jayson.
He asked Jayson to lick and then suck on his balls. Jayson complied, and I could see him wondering why he hadn’t thought of this before. A small drop of fluid eventually emerged from the tip of the taskmaster’s shaft, and I saw a matching drop fall from Jayson’s fully erect and interestingly throbbing shaft.
Jayson didn’t even need to be told. He licked up the drop and then covered as much of the shaft as he could with his mouth. The taskmaster’s balls seemed to clench, and then his shaft began to pulse in a way that made me wish I was licking it too.
As I describe these events, it sounds like mere minutes have passed, but it’s been hours. I decide that we have just enough time for one more thing before we have to go, and this time, I’m leaving us enough time to eat dinner before we go to bed!
I wave away a pair of lovers who are only mildly interested in me. They haven’t asked me for sex yet, so I am allowed to tell them no thanks. Getting to my feet, I stand over Jayson and the still pulsing taskmaster.
“Jayson, you’ve been such a good little slave today, but even so, I feel like punishing you. Up against the wall please.”
Jayson waited only long enough for his taskmaster to stop coming, and then silently complied. I touched the taskmaster’s arm in quiet permission. He immediately grinned, and selected an instrument of punishment.
I smiled with amused interest as the taskmaster decided that his hand is the only thing he needs. He stood in the perfect spot to spank Jayson, and I suddenly felt like I haven’t had sex in days! Not even my hand on my chest can calm my thundering heartbeat!
I gestured for a man to kneel before me, holding my lower set of lips open so that he could lick me clean and suck on my clitoris. He was skilled enough to make me nearly swoon, but I determinedly keep my eyes open and on Jayson. His whimpering cries are like music to my ears.
All too soon, I am crying out from the strongest orgasm I’ve had today, and I can’t help but notice that Jayson reacted to my cry by shuddering. He’s obviously close to cumming himself, so I cry out, “That’s enough!”
His taskmaster reluctantly complied, but he’s so worked up himself by this point that he gave Jayson no choice but to suck on him for the 20 or so seconds before he exploded. Jayson seemed pleased, as if this was proof that he did a good job.
I answered Jayson’s many questions during dinner, and then we returned to our room. I desperately wanted to be a good Mistress and order him about as I showered, but I simply could not wait to have him inside me.
Stripping as quickly as I possibly could, I jumped into bed, and then granted him permission to claim his reward. Tonight, he was excited beyond belief, and did not hesitate in the slightest. He rode me hard, and made me shudder from the divine pleasure.
The two weeks passed far too quickly. Jayson quietly brooded all during the flight home. To be honest, I think I was brooding as well.
“You’re the Princess of the Society in our Region, right?” Jayson asked.
I nodded. “If you’d like, I can have you initiated. You won’t need to take all the training – since I’ve trained you a good deal already – but some additional training is necessary. What do you think?”
Jayson silently looked at the seat in front of him, and then turned to me so he could whisper. “I want whatever my Mistress wishes.”
I was so happy to hear that! Grinning, I leaned forward to kiss him. “In that case, you shall move into my house the moment we return. I shall have your training completed, and then you will be initiated into my society.”
Jayson smiled, and I knew he simply couldn’t wait.
By the time we returned to work on Monday, he was more or less living with me. He still had a few things to unpack, but surprisingly, there wasn’t much he wanted to bring with him.
Our boss – the CEO of the company we worked for – took one look at us after we arrived, and a confused expression settled on his face. “Something’s different.”
I smiled mysteriously. “The difference is that I plan to be an excellent manager, and he plans to assist me to the best of his abilities.”
The boss nodded slowly, as if this made sense, and yet, it did not explain everything.
“Jayson, I’d like some tea with cream but no sugar, and the Boss likes his coffee black. You have five minute,” I stated.
“Yes M- … Elena,” he replied obediently with a slightly embarrassed grin, and then took off to fulfill my order.
“Yes M…?” My boss questioned.
I waved away his interested with a laugh. “Yes Ma’am. I’ve been a bit overzealous.”
“I see,” my boss smirked. “I just knew you had what it took to be a good manager.”
I grinned, vibrantly happy. You have no idea!

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  1. As I woke up this morning, I was already thinking about how to extend this, but then I realized that my foot hurt horribly, and that drove all other thoughts from my head. As a result, I have no plans to continue this. Yet. It may nag at me a bit until I do, lol!


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