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Friday, January 20, 2012



“You coming to bed?” My husband asked.
“I’m not tired,” I replied, not really paying attention to him. I was in one of those moods where reading something naughty seemed vastly more important than tossing and turning all night trying to sleep.
“That’s a shame, just look what I have for you,” my hubby wagged his hips slightly, and I realized that he was completely hard and ready to go.
“Oh my!” I feigned maidenly delicacy, and then ruined it by chuckling lustfully. “Lucky me.”
He held out his hand to me, then pulled me to my feet so that he could lead me to our bedroom. I followed him eagerly, already anticipating the feel of him inside me. I hoped that he was rough with me. I prayed that he’d push me onto the bed and ram himself inside me repeatedly until I saw stars.
He started out by kissing me, moving on to lick my neck and suck on my nipples. Mmm… feels good but I really just want him to throw me onto the bed now.
He gently pushed me backwards until the bed touched the back of my legs, and then pushed me until I was laying on my back with my feet dangling to the floor. I moaned as he arranged my legs to give him the best access to impale me with his tongue.
My man has some mad skills when it comes to eating a woman out. He can make everyone he ever licks scream with orgasm eventually, and yes, he does know how to tell the difference between a real orgasm and a fake one. Why does he have such awesome skills, you ask? Simple, it’s because I’m a tough nut to crack, and he’s had tons of practice.
We’ve been married 10 years, so these days, he knows exactly how to get me off fairly quickly. I sighed happily and relaxed as he drew the alphabet on my clitoris with his tongue. He is fully prepared to repeat the letters or start writing words, because we can both tell that it’s going to be one of those nights when my body just refuses to cooperate.
My blood feels hot and thick, and I can’t stop thrashing my head side to side. This feels so good! I wish that I could remain in this moment forever… except that I start getting frustrated. I really wanted to cum now, damnit!
I don’t like doing it, because I feel I shouldn’t have to, but I know one way to force my body to cooperate. Inhaling, I held my breath until I felt like I simply had to take a breath, so I inhaled a little more. I know from previous experience that I can’t fill my entire lungs too soon, so I take sips of air until I’m completely full.
I hovered on the edge of orgasm, but it stubbornly refused to come say hi to me. My whole body is taut, and I feel like my muscles will break from the tension. I desperately want to gasp so that I can take a new breath, but I feel the orgasm coming closer, and I know that I only need to wait a few more seconds.
Grabbing my pillow, I smother myself. Now I literally can’t breathe. About 30 seconds pass, and finally… finally I feel that magical molten lava that rocks my whole body to its core. I continued to hold my breath a moment more, knowing that the best part of an orgasm is when I am on the verge of passing out… and then I gasped and screamed.
My husband lovingly continued licking me until I begged him to stop. He knows that even my most intense orgasm quickly jumps off a cliff into WAY TOO INTENSE. At that point, I can’t handle it, and start beating on his head to get him to stop, but he thinks that I should simply relax and enjoy the ride. He slows his strokes, but does not stop.
I’m completely crying because it feels so good and yet it feels like I would do anything to stop this… this… almost painful feeling racing around my body. It’s just not fair! Why did the Gods make it so that I can only orgasm after a huge amount of effort on my part, and then make it turn to the painful side before it was even halfway over?
I felt cheated, damnit! Other women can cum 2 or even 3 times in a row, and on rare occasions they can even squirt, but not me… Oh well, here comes my absolute favorite part.
My husband cackles suggestively. “Oh my, look at that; someone is positively soaked!”
I chuckle, and pat my thigh in invitation, not that he needed one. He is slightly bigger than average, and I moaned happily as he wasted no time thrusting into me. Oh yes! Fuck me… fuck me hard!
He chose speed over power, and I whimpered. “Oh… you want this…” He stated, slowing his pace so that he could ram into me. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! I love that he knows exactly what I like!
Wow… I think I may actually be close to another orgasm. It’s rare, but sometimes after I’ve gone off, if he rubs me just right during sex, I can do it again. I held my breath, and my body started getting tighter.
My hubby groans. “So tight…” He speeds up for a moment, and then stops. I feel him gushing into me, and I sigh, half disappointed, and half blissfully happy. I swear that feeling hot cum inside me is the hands down best part of sex! And hubby wonders why I get grumpy when he asks to come on my tits or in my mouth, lol!
He rested on top of me, honoring my wish to hold him tight for a bit, but then rolled over because he’s ready to go to sleep, and wanted to get comfortable.
I wait just long enough to make sure that he doesn’t suddenly want to talk to me, and then I wiggle a finger between my legs and rub myself into another orgasm. I decided not hold my breath this time, so it was tiny, barely worth having. Even so, I sigh from the pleasure, and wait for sleep to come claim me for the night.
Damn… I’m just not comfortable! I rolled to my side. I listened to the clock ticking, and wondered how in the hell I can hear it tick when it’s a digital effing clock!
STILL not comfortable, so I rolled to my other side. That damn ticking is so effing LOUD!!! I try my best to ignore it, but I just can’t.
I rolled back onto my back, and covered my head with my pillow. AHH… now I’m comfortable and I can’t hear the damn clock.
My foot started to wiggle. My clitoris started telling me that so long as I am still awake, I may as well play with her a bit more. Why not?
I take my time, and try to build up a really good orgasm, but it still turns out to be only moderately strong. I rolled to my side, and look at the clock. Seriously? It’s only been 2 hours since I came to bed?
I rolled to my other side, and then sighed in frustration a minute later.
“God effing damnit!” I swear softly, sitting up.
My hubby mumbled something that I think was, “Sorry you can’t sleep babe.”
I kissed him, wished him pleasant dreams, and then an idea hit me. I slid my hand under his blanket – we each have our own blankets because I toss and turn. Not to mention, I like one thin cooler blanket, and he likes having two warm thick blankets, and about 20 pillows compared to my one. Two if you count the one between my legs.
Fondling his shaft, I tried to work him up. Maybe I can ride him for an hour or so. Hopefully, I will be tired by then. He shifts to let me do as I please, but it takes a while for him to get hard. It would take less time if I put him in my mouth, but I absolutely refuse to do that after we’ve had sex.
When he was ready, I straddled him, and guided him right in my still slippery hole. Groaning happily, I ground my hips into his, making sure to lift myself high enough on his shaft to slam back down on him with each thrust.
“Mmm!” I moaned and grunted every time our bodies fully connected. I continued this – Ignoring how sore my wrists were getting – for about a half an hour, and then he grabed my hips and held me still as he curled his body into me. I heard him make these adorable little noises, and grinned.
“I love you,” I whispered into his mouth as I kissed him.
“I love you too,” he murmured, already half asleep again.
I sat atop him for a moment as I forced my wrists to make circles and then massaged each one a bit. I looked forward to returning to my side of the bed… until I realized something very important.
“MFSOB!!! I’m still effing awake!”
“I’m done,” hubby informed me. “Go find someone else to wear you out.”
Someone else he says… just exactly who am I going to find at… 2:30 in the morning?! I made a sound of disgust, and then got off him so that I could leave the room. I grabbed a sex rag from the stack near our bed, and then decided to be nice after all, and toss him one too.
After cleaning myself and going to the bathroom, I sat at my computer to read some erotica. By 3 AM, I was so desperately horny that I seriously considered going to wake hubby again, but I know that he will refuse. He keeps getting seduced by that pesky little thing called sleep, grr!
Having absolutely nothing better to do, I decided to go for a walk. I didn’t even care that it’s the middle of the night, a time considered dangerous to lone women. What is someone going to do, push me to the ground and shove himself inside me? Oh no… such a tragedy…
Note the sarcasm.
As I’m walking out the door, I get a call from my best guy friend. He works second shift, and get home around 2ish. Sometimes we call each other to have phone sex, but he lived too far away to come have real sex with me. Besides, his girlfriend only let him have me – aside from the phone sex – on my birthday and on special occasions.
“Hiya,” I answered. “I’m too horny for dirty talk tonight, and besides, right now I’m out walking around the block. Do me a favor, will ya?”
“What?” He asks curiously.
“If I should happen to not come home, please tell my hubby that I was walking around the block and decided to go to the park, okay?”
“That park is dangerous at night!” My friend protested.
“I know, but it’s the only place that I can think of where I might actually find a man who is awake and horny at this time of night,” I told him honestly.
He sighed. “I’d so come over if you were closer.”
“I know,” I replied with a smile. Then I sighed with disappointment. “There’s no one here.”
“Well, I’m going to go to bed now. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll be ready for me to wake her up and put her back to sleep,” my friend said.
“Good luck! Tell her I said hi,” I ordered.
“Will do, and I’ll ask her to call your hubby to check up on you tomorrow, you know, in case you don’t make it out of the park.”
I laughed. “Looks like there’s almost no possibility of that, but thanks. It’s better to be safe, right?”
“Says the woman looking for random sex in a dangerous park at 3:30 in the morning.”
I laugh again, “Yep.” We both hung up after that, and I slipped my phone back into my pocket.
I focused on the ground in front of me, trying to locate a stone to kick around. It’s frustrating! Why can’t I ever have one big old orgasm and go right to sleep at night?
“You looking for smack or crank?” A man asked, startling me. He inspected me warily, then frowned. “Nevermind, I don’t have anything.”
I laughed. “I’m not a cop and I’m not a druggie. Sorry.”
“Then what are you doing here at this time of night?” He wondered.
I shrugged.
“Lying, I’ll bet!” Another man stated. “Ten to one she’s wearing a wire.”
“I’m really not,” I assured him.
“Prove it!” A third man insisted. Holy crap! This place was deserted a minute ago, where’d these guys come from?!
“Listen, the only thing I have on me is my cell phone, but please don’t take it from me because it’s a prepaid phone and I can’t afford to get a new one or any minutes for at least 2 months,” I told them the truth. I hadn’t grabbed anything but my phone, and that only because it rang as I was leaving.
Hell, I hadn’t even dressed properly! I’d simply tossed on a shirt and a skirt. All the better to attract a wolf with…
The second and third guys closed in on me so that they could search me for the wire they were so sure I was wearing. I held still, slowly raising my hands above my head.
“I’m just out for a walk,” I said, only half lying.
They had both discovered my lack of undergarments, and were groping me thoroughly just in case their imagination was trying to pull a fast one on them.
“Shit!” The taller dark haired one swore appreciatively. “She’s practically begging to be raped.”
I whimpered.
“Seriously?” The first guy who had spoken to me asked.
“See for yourself, she’s got nothing on to stop us from doing whatever we want to her.”
“Hey now!” I protested. “Just because I prefer not to wear underwear, that doesn’t mean… besides… it’s not like my underwear would stop you.” Okay, even I am confused, was I trying to tell them to leave me alone, or was I trying to encourage to do whatever they wanted?
I know I had wanted random sex, but this was not really what I had in mind. I pictured one guy taking me back to his place or car or something.
Short and blond pinched my nipples roughly, and I moaned helplessly. “I think you secretly want us to shove our cocks into you and pump you so full you can almost taste it.”
Was I that easy to read? “No…” I denied softly.
The first guy – who I’m going to call the dealer to differentiate him from tall dark and short blond – had a hand cupping my ass. “I saw her first, so I get her first.”
I whimpered again, and squirmed. Not only was I still fairly well lubricated from earlier, but now I was dripping like a leaky faucet. “Please don’t hurt me!”
“Nah, baby… we don’t want to hurt you, we want to make you feel real good,” tall dark purred assuringly.
My heart was thundering from both fear and excitement! I honestly wanted to run away, but I also desperately wanted them to pound me into the ground. My hands – still in the air to assure them that I didn’t have anything to hide – shook; my whole body trembled.
The dealer unzipped his fly, and suddenly the street lamp seemed to be a spotlight focused on his thick shaft. “Come here,” he ordered, and short blond pushed me forward roughly enough that I fell right into the dealer’s arms. He helped me stand up again, and then guided one of my legs over his hip so that he could poke his shaft into my hole. I gasped at the suddenness of it, but it didn’t hurt. I was far too wet for there to be any pain.
Once he was inside me, and had thrust a few times, he decided that he would prefer it if we were on the ground. I think it was frustrating to not be able to penetrate me very deeply because of the bad angle he was at. He pulled me down, somehow managing to land without breaking contact.
Tall dark stepped next to me, and showed me his long dick. I shuddered as I pictured him ramming that into my cervix. I may like my sex rough, but not that rough, ouch! He pushed my back until I my body was completely pressed into the dealer’s. Then he wiggled his shaft through my juices for a moment.
I held my breath as I felt my heart stop. I have heard about two men penetrating the same hole, but I never imagined that anyone would do such a thing in real life. I exhaled in relief a moment later when I felt him use the lubrication he gathered from me to push himself into my other hole.
Oh! Anal sex! Okay… I think I can handle that…
Even so, I gasped in surprise. Short blond took advantage of my open mouth to shove his dick into me. I must admit that I panicked for one moment. I now had three men fucking me, filling all possible holes in my body. My panic soon faded, and I let myself be swept away by their lust.
I really couldn’t move much, though I was shuddering from the unexpected pleasure. Each of them thrust into me with a different pace, and that jostled me awkwardly. Gradually, they all fell into the same rhythm.
I moaned, utterly swept away by the pleasure, and short blond moaned in return. He obviously enjoyed all the noises I was trying to make.
Oh God! I mentally chanted, never having felt quite this way before. My body quaked from the force of their thrusts, and I felt like I was finally being pounded the way I longed for.
I started to struggle. I could feel an orgasm coming to get me, but it already felt much too intense; the kind that hurt. It was already too late, and I tried to scream, but of course, short blond had a hand in my hair forcing me to accept his shaft as far as he could go in my mouth.
I heard them all groaning, and then it felt like a dam burst and I was being flooded. The hotness of their cum soothed my nerves, and suddenly my own orgasm was not so intense. I let it carry me up to the clouds, unconsciously swallowing everything short blond pumped into my mouth.
Thankfully, short blond finished cumming first, and stepped back so that he could abruptly sit on the ground to recover. I sighed in relief, and melted onto the dealer. He chuckled.
“Told you we wanted to make you feel good.”
“Mmm,” I murmured, opting not to confirm or deny his statement.
Tall dark was apparently one of those that like to continue thrusting for a few minutes after he cums, because he was still rocking into me. Incredible, he did not stop. Instead, he lifted me off of the dealer, and held my legs spread wide apart as he sat on the ground and bounced me on his long shaft.
My head flopped against his shoulder, and I started panting encouragingly.
“Play with yourself,” short blond commanded, and I obeyed without a moment’s hesitation.
“Ah ah ah!” I cried out with each possessive thrust. I normally liked to have a pillow or a hand over my mouth, but I completely forgot to care that someone might hear me.
Tall dark eventually filled me again, and I was utterly satisfied. Despite my lethargy and willingness to crawl home and go to bed, short blond decided that he was ready for another turn. He rolled me onto my back, and then rammed himself inside me.
I wrapped my legs around him, encouraging him to pound into me as deeply as he could. He was a bit less than average, and could really grind into me without hurting me in the slightest. I moaned, unable to believe that I was still so eager for more sex.
Just as I could sense short blond’s impending climax, I felt someone insert a finger in my mouth and pull down my jaw. I opened my eyes to see the dealer vigorously pumping on his thick shaft with one hand. He waited a moment, and then shoved the entire bulbous head into my mouth.
I tried to tilt my head forward so that I could get a bit more of his shaft inside me, but it wasn’t to be, he was already coating my tongue with his thick cum. I half wanted to gag, but I sucked on him instead, swallowing every drop. I even probed the little hole to see if there was any more.
By this time, short blond was roaring with release. I heard tall dark laugh. “Damn, I wish I had energy to go again!”
I half moaned encouragement and half protested. I was thoroughly exhausted! I panted until my heart rate calmed a little, and then used a nearby tree to climb to my feet. I swayed and wobbled as I walked, which made me giggle.
“Thank you,” I saluted almost drunkenly. “I think I might be able to sleep now. Have a good night.”
They laughed. “Feel free to come back any time!”
“I just might,” I replied vaguely, concentrating on walking. I pulled out my phone to check the time. 6:30! Wow…
Though I kept stumbling and swaying like an alcoholic, I managed to walk home AND text my friend. Juicy story! Call for details!
Ten minutes later, I had managed to get home, strip, and now cleaned up the best I could with a sex rag. Finally, I fell into bed.
“Good morning,” my hubby greeted me. “Do you still want more?”
I groaned. “Not right now. I’m actually fucked silly and desperately want sleep.”
“Is that so?” he asked curiously.
“Yep, I took a walk to the park and met three guys, but I’ll tell you about that later. I NEED sleep!” I insisted.
My hubby laughed. “Ok… I’ll let you sleep.” He kissed me on the cheek, and left to grab something to eat.
As I drifted off to sleep, I started planning out how to get a girl or two or three over here to repay my hubby for being so awesome. For now, the thoughts were enough to give me some pleasant dreams. Hopefully, I could make them reality soon enough and get it on tape.
“AW MAN!!!” I shouted abruptly. “WHY DIDN”T I THINK TO GET THAT ON CAMERA?!”
I heard my hubby laugh as he reentered our room. “That good huh?”
I nodded.
“Well, get some sleep, because I can’t wait to hear all about it.”
I nodded again, yawning, and then I was asleep. Yep… Definitely have to visit them in the park again sometime!


  1. This sounds like a combination of truth and fantasy...I think I know what part is the fantasy =)

    1. Ok... I confess, it is pretty much how my night went last night right up until the point in the story where I leave the house. Then it's all fantasy :-)

  2. LOL, I've had those kinds of nights before, the before part, but not the after. Where I just can't settle down to sleep and nothing seems to do the trick.


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