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Friday, January 6, 2012


Last night, I read a news article about a teenaged American girl that accidentally got deported: See?!

As hubby and I read this article, we were both reacting strangely. We kinda laughed at how our government is so stupid that they would actually do such a thing, but at the same time, we felt bad for the poor girl who is stuck in a foreign country with no way to return. My thought: Wouldn't Colombia deport her as an illegal alien??? My other thought: Sorry, but she's at least partially at fault for giving a false name.

My final thought: Wouldn't that make an awesome story? Girl gets nabbed and deported to a foreign country. She can't speak the language, and she has no idea why she is in prison. Someone somewhere catches her eye... Maybe she gets out of jail, and needs to find a job, and then falls in love with her employer. Maybe she falls for a cellmate. Maybe she falls for one of the guards, or even the warden who takes pity on her and brings her to his house.

OR MAYBE she doesn't have a chance to fall in love before all the guards use her body, and she becomes bitter until she finally meets someone who decides to help her return home. Hmm... the possibilities are endless.

After thinking all this, I thought: Nah! I can't write that, NO ONE would believe that the government could make such a mistake! Maybe I should set it in a time when records weren't kept online, and there was no real way to prove one's identity anyway. Such as in the 1800's, OR in a completely different world where I can make the setting and the government be anything I want!

Then I realized something important... I can simply link the real story to my blog - like I did above - then I can write it in this world, in this time, in this country, and if anyone tries to tell me that I am using a completely not-believable-at-all plot device, I can just point them here and say, "But it really happened!" Lol!

So... I may or may not write this story, it all depends on if I can maintain the inspiration to write until I finish it :-) In the meantime, have a happy day!

Read the story inspired by this news article here: Fade to Black

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