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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Tarot Card Reading

1-4-12 11:26PM CST
Moon in Taurus
= reversed or upside down. = upright.

I love to do readings for people I have never met before because I don’t know anything about them. However, the same reason also handicaps me in a way. I start suffering from doubt. I trust my guides and my cards, but I have no way of knowing if I am interpreting them correctly or if I am just making up a story. This reading in particular made me do a double-take.  There’s just enough correlation to me and my life that I started to wonder if I was really reading for someone else. Therefore, if I am WAY OFF BASE, please let me know! Also, I feel I must apologize, when I do a reading, I tell it like it is, so it comes off as… direct and possibly offensive. Please don’t think I intend any insult!

In my readings, I use a layout called a Celtic cross, which is the standard layout for most readings. Each position has a meaning, and I’ll tell you about it as I go.

1 – Present Position. – This position indicates the most important part of the current situation. – ↑Sun – I don’t think I’ve ever had this card come up in this position and upright before. J Blessings; optimism – which is not your strong suit, but you are trying. Sounds to me that you are going to have a good year. It’s more than that; it’s just recently that you woke up and realized how fortunate you really are. You feel lucky… to a point.

2 – Immediate Influence – This position tells me more about the current situation. It clarifies the first card. – ↑ 5 of Swords – You consider yourself smart, full of common sense; capable of taking care of yourself. Almost aloof, and yet you do have one friend or guide that you can rely on from time to time. Someone who has helped you to realize that things aren’t so bad after all.

3 – Distant Future – This position usually refers the next 3 to 6 months up to a year, and is not predicting the future so much as reflecting the situation if it continues. -↓ 4 of Wands – I get the sense that you’re working hard to maintain your home. It feels like – due to working less or perhaps a disability – you are struggling and this hurts even more because you love your home. It’s like a cozy little nest you can snuggle in whenever you just need to hide from the world.

4 – Distant Past – This position can and often does refer to a period of years before the reading. – ↓ 10 of Swords – Okay… The position of this card is strange. It’s like you have this incredibly painful past, but you tried hard to… ignore it, until you felt numb. I’m going to go one step further and say that you eventually realized that living life while feeling numb – or even nothing at all – wasn’t really living. So, you decided to change that. Easier said than done, huh?

5 – Recent Past – This position usually talks about the events in the last few months up to a year that is like the catalyst to your current situation. In your case, it goes back even farther than that. – ↓ Princess of Cups – Ahhh… This is your “wild” days. You reached a point in your late teens where you were fed up with the crap you had to deal with each day, and decided to rebel; to drown your feelings with booze and possibly even drugs. Were you a cutter? You were trying to be numb at this point, so I can’t tell if you were to the point of cutting yourself, but I feel like you either were or wanted to.

6 – Recent Future – This position talks about the next few days to next few weeks. – ↓ 5 of Pentacles – Trying to find your path; your spirituality. Your angels and guides have been with you your whole life, so they know what you’ve been through. They try to help, but it feels like you reject them. Like you reject help from anyone. You can do this all by yourself – damnit! – and nobody had better try to tell you otherwise! This only frustrates your angels and makes them feel useless. Do you secretly feel useless?

7 – Present Position 2 – This position clarifies the situation by giving more information. – ↓ King of Cups – Aha! The underlying reason is revealed. Your father or stepfather (father figure) was an asshole and an alcoholic and/or addict. He was/is a man who blames his problems on the world… especially you. He shaped you for a long time. First, you had to deal with him and try to please him, because a happy daddy doesn’t lash out at you as much. So, you were initially timid and did what you were told. Then, you finally had enough, and reacted to what he had put you through by repeating his mistakes (drinking/drugs, etc.). Finally, you are moving on to find the real you. I get the feeling he probably died, and that’s what triggered the “breakthrough.” Though, I could be wrong; you may have just realized one day that you no longer wanted to be the person he’d shaped you into.

8 – Environment – This position talks about the situation at home, work, or school. – ↑ 4 of Swords – It’s been a struggle, but you’ve seen the rewards of your efforts. You know there’s a good reason to keep going, and you’re even at peace… mostly.

9 – Inner Emotions – This position talks about what is going on in your emotions. ↑ 2 of Pentacles – This card… It comes up surprisingly frequently in this position. I’ve previously stated that you’ve gone through stages that made you numb. Well, this card tells me that you learned another valuable coping technique: put on a mask and hide your true feelings from the rest of the world. With your mask on, you can be falling apart on the inside, but all anyone else will see is the act you put on. “I’m happy. Everything’s fine. Don’t you dare see the real me!”

10 – Final Outcome – This position ties the entire reading together, and sums it all up. – ↓ Magus – At first, I thought this was someone you trusted that is leading you astray, but now I understand. This is that nagging voice in the back of your head that just won’t shut up about all your “negative” qualities. It’s far too easy to believe that this voice is telling you the truth, but you know – now – that it isn’t true at all. You are a good person; you are worthwhile! You want to change, and you will. Do not let this negative voice have power over you any longer!

The Angels Say:

Retreat – You needed to go into seclusion; to separate yourself from the world… for a while. Don’t forget that it’s important to come back too, but you already know that.

Intention ↓ - What do you want to do? You had to make a very narrow goal – to heal from your past, and find yourself as a person. You’ve accomplished a lot, so… What now? You can’t move forward until you figure out where you want to go.

Soulmate – This card came up, but it’s like a teaser. Seriously, even I don’t know. Do you still yearn for your soulmate, or did you find your one true love? Personally, I think you’re yearning, like it’s your next goal in life.

Spiritual Growth – This one jumped out as if to say, “Don’t forget about me!” You are on your own spiritual path, and have made progress. Keep going, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your Angels.

Indriel – Now that you have discovered your optimism, and decided to walk down the path to spirituality, Indriel has this to say:
“You are a lightworker. God (or Goddess if you prefer) needs you to shine your Divine light and love – like an Angel – upon the Earth and all its inhabitants.” AKA – Help those that need it that you can help. Lend an ear and give sympathy.


  1. Aiyah! The smile faces I typed in all turned out as a random letter J, weird! oh well...

  2. Is this one my reading, Roxanne?

  3. Yep, I had emailed you even though you said that you were swamped with emails letting you know this is your reading.

  4. It's right on in some cases and way off in others. There are more cases where I think it's right on than off though. I'm gonna link to it from my own blog, if you don't mind. I don't care if everyone knows what you had to say, lol.

  5. Go ahead and link it to your blog :-) Thanks!

  6. You're welcome, and thanks. If I remember, I'll do it in my next entry. Maybe get you some business.

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