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Monday, October 29, 2012

Zombie Fighter!

Ok, anyone who knows me well knows that I do not really support ANY political candidates. In order for a candidate to earn my vote, they would have to:

SUPPORT REAL FOOD!!!! They would have to promise that organic foods and raw milk would be legal forever after. (Or at least while they were in office.) They would have to be willing to stand up to the food giants who care more about making money than about human health. I know of almost no candidates willing to do this, so I refuse to vote for anyone.

I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE LESSER EVIL! Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. People try to argue that I can't complain about what those in office do if I am not willing to vote, but on this point, I agree with George Carlin completely when he said that those who vote have no right to complain because they voted for the ******* in office and so it is their own damn fault when the elected official uses their power badly.

Therefore, please keep that in mind if you watch this video. I am not endorsing either candidate because neither candidate endorses food freedom - and well, freedom in general. I am posting this video because it is frickin' funny!

And if you happen to be curious about what George Carlin actually said in regards to voting and the politicians in the American System. Feel free to watch this video :-)

Have a happy day :-D

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