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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jared - Part 3

Part 3

Jared tugged Mark's shirt off, and then worked a hand into Mark's pants to fondle him. Mark moaned, tilting his head back as he pushed into Jared's hand. Jared chuckled in amusement.
I can't believe you accepted pop from me!” Jared exclaimed. “Didn't you realize that I'd probably drug it?”
Mark shrugged, admitting mostly honestly, “I liked how the drug felt. I wanted to feel like this again.”
Jared laughed. “I know what you mean!” He kissed along Mark's chest, sucking on his nipples for a few moments before moving lower. Pulling down Mark's pants, Jared stroked Mark's shaft with his hand until he felt like he had gotten a good look at it. Next, he began sucking on it, humming, trying to imitate a vacuum.
Mark felt like he was suddenly flying through the roof straight up to heaven. “Oh God!”
Jared held him steady until Mark nearly fell over anyway, then helped him onto the bed. For a long time, Jared did nothing but stroke Mark's body with a pointer finger and watch as Mark shuddered and shivered in pleasure. The drug made him so sensitive that every little touch felt like it was just a hair or two shy of an orgasm.
When Jared couldn't wait any longer, he entered Mark, taking the time to make sure that Mark wasn't hurt. The downside to the drug is that pain was also magnified, and a good trip could easily turn into a horribly bad trip!
Mark moaned in encouragement, thrusting his hips into Jared. Jared wanted to go slowly, but Mark kept bucking wildly. Soon, the entire bed was making a racket, squeaking in protest and banging on the wall.
Uh uh uh!” Both shouted with every thrust.
Mark's sister came home for a few minutes to grab a few things before taking off again. She shook her head and smiled when she realized what was going on. They didn't know it, but she had snuck into Mark's room that Friday night – planning to invite Jared into her room for some fun – and had seen them having sex. So, she had a pretty good idea who was in the room with Mark. She grabbed her stuff and quietly left the house.
Mark roared as he came so hard he almost passed out. Jared – not being drugged – had more stamina still, and kept right on going until Mark was almost screaming.
Oh God!” Mark yelled repeatedly. His whole body shook from the intensity of what he was feeling.
Jared held onto him tightly, jerking repeatedly as he filled Mark up. He grunted and groaned, unable to believe how good he felt. They both panted until their breathing slowly returned to normal. As they did so, they fell asleep, Jared still on top of Mark.
A while later, Cory came over, letting himself into their house as if he lived there.
Hi Cory, isn't Mark with you?” Mark's mom asked. She had returned from shopping shortly after Mark and Jared had fallen asleep. “Dinner's almost ready.”
Actually, I was with my girlfriend for a while and haven't seen Mark since this morning. I bet he's just doing homework in his room,” Cory assured her. “I'll go tell him that it's time to eat.”
Mark's mom nodded with a smile, her head tilting to the side as she heard her husband come home from work. Cory walked to Mark's room, opening the door quietly so that he could surprise Mark if he was focused on a game or something. Instead, he gasped and quickly shut the door behind him.
Very carefully, Cory shook Mark on the shoulder. “Mark! Wake up!”
Mark groaned in protest. “Five more minutes...”
Mark! Your mom says dinner is ready, and if you don't hurry up, she's probably going to come in here to see what is taking you so long!”
Mark groaned again, his eyes flying open as he realized that Jared was sleeping on him. AND that they were both naked! “Um, uh... I can explain?”
Later. I'll go tell your mom that you're just going to finish playing a board and then you'll be right out... Should I tell her that he's here too?” Cory wondered.
Mark remembered that he wanted Jared to stick around and change his life for the better. He had let Jared drug him in an attempt to make him want to stay. Mark smiled that his plan was working so far and fondly ruffled Jared's hair.
Yeah. Thanks!”
The moment they were alone, Jared opened his eyes cautiously. “Sorry that your friend caught us. I know you didn't want anyone to know.”
It's okay. I told Cory what happened,” Mark informed him.
Jared felt incredibly happy for some reason. He kissed Mark as if they had all the time in the world to fool around. Mark let the kiss happen, but frowned as he realized that it didn't feel anywhere near as good when he wasn't drugged. In fact, it felt almost creepy.
Something wrong?” Jared asked.
Yeah, get off me!” Mark insisted.
I thought it was different now,” Jared grumbled resentfully as he rolled off Mark.
It is, but...” Mark shrugged. “I don't know what to think!” He sighed. “Besides, we gotta get dressed.”
Yeah okay,” Jared agreed, a bit sad now.
Dinner was relatively normal with everyone talking about their day. Mark's sister kept giving him mysterious smirks, but otherwise ignored him as she babbled on about her feud with her best friend slash worst enemy. Finally, everyone was done and Mark jumped on the first excuse he could think of to return to his room.
Not so fast, mister!” His mom exclaimed. “It's your night to do the dishes!”
Mark groaned. He ached in a way that made it uncomfortable to stand or even walk much, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to get out of his chore unless he was practically dying.
No worries, I'll do them,” Jared volunteered.
That's really sweet,” Marks mom stated. “But it's Mark's job to do them.”
Jared pouted a little. “But I feel bad. This is twice now that you've fed me dinner, and I haven't done anything to repay you.”
Mark's mom gave a soft breathy laugh. “Well, if you insist... Mark, you got lucky tonight, but don't make this a habit!”
Yes mom!” Mark exclaimed happily, hugging her. She kissed him and then tilted her head in a gesture of permission for him to go to his room.
Mark did his best to walk normally, but he felt like he was waddling like a duck! Soon enough, he and Cory were alone in his room. Cory frowned in concern.
Are you okay?” Cory asked.
Yeah,” Mark assured him.
Did he drug you again?” Cory demanded to know.
Well... yeah, but I let him,” Mark admitted.
What?! Why?”
Mark sighed and leaned closer to Cory so that he could practically whisper in case anyone was listening at the door. “You can't ever tell Jared I said this, but I feel sorry for him! I went to his house after school today, and his parents are every bit as messed up as he said they were. They practically beat him up before kicking him out of the house and having sex right in the doorway! I don't want him to live in a place like that. Not when I can help him by letting him stay here.”
And then what, Mark?” Cory wondered. This plan sounded flimsy to him.
And then I'm going to encourage him to go to college. He's a grade ahead of us. If he just picks a goal in life, I know he can do so much better than what he plans to do!”
So... you're going to let him drug you up and rape you so that he'll stay here and go to college?” Cory asked in confusion.
Basically, yes,” Mark answered with a sigh.
That makes no sense!”
Maybe not, but it's the only thing I can think of!” Mark cried out in frustration.
Why?!” Cory practically shouted.
Mark felt tears sting his eyes, but they didn't fall. “What if that was me? Wouldn't you want to try to help me if you knew that I had abusive parents and had basically given up all hope of a decent life?”
Well... yeah... but it's not you. It's some loser who –”
He's not a loser! His parents are! Don't you see? None of this is his fault!” Mark almost shouted, but managed to keep relatively quiet.
Cory sighed. “Okay, if you say so... I'll try to be nice to him.”
Thank you,” Mark stated, wiping the unshed tears from his eyes. “He's actually pretty cool, once you get to know him.”
You know...” Cory remarked with a wry smile. “Things would go a lot easier if you would just admit that you like him.”
I don't know, maybe I do...” Mark shrugged, shaking his head because he didn't know how he felt about any of this. It had all happened so fast!
So... do you want me to spend the night tonight or not?” Cory wondered. His parents were often gone on business trips and loved it that Cory had somewhere to stay. Though he was old enough to stay home alone if he wanted, and they trusted him not to throw wild parties.
Stay!” Mark insisted.
Cory nodded as he reached over to grab a controller and turn on the PS3. Mark sighed in relief. The drama was officially over for now and they could go back to playing video games like they always did.
Jared came into the room a few minutes later. Without a word, he flopped on the couch and watched them play. Every once in a while, he'd ruffle Mark's hair, but other than that, he left them alone.
Mark's mom brought them a snack around 9 PM because she thought they were being a bit quieter than usual. She watched them play the game for a few minutes before deciding everything was normal. She handed the plate of sliced pickles wrapped in ham and cream cheese to Jared, smiled, and then left the room.
Jared moaned loudly in appreciation. “Is this what normal moms do?”
Mark nodded but Cory simply shrugged. They each helped themselves to some pickle wraps.
I guess,” Cory added. “My mom sometimes makes me a snack when she's home.”
Jared laughed. “When my mom does remember to make me a snack, it tends to be jello shots!”
What?!” Mark burst out incredulously. “You can't be serious!”
Yep, my mom once thought that she could hide the alcohol from my dad by making every flavor of jello known to man and spiking it with vodka or tequila. That was when I was 3. I grew up thinking that jello shots and mac'n'cheese were standard food for kids.”
That's terrible!” Mark gasped.
Nah, it's not all bad. My mom also went through a phase when I was 7 where she'd make brownies every day and add pot to it. We all got fat during that phase!” Jared stated with a grin.
Didn't your dad object?” Cory wondered. He still didn't like Jared, but he figured that at least one of Jared's parents had to be responsible from time to time.
Nope, he was an alcoholic by then too, and started having drinking contests with me when I was 9 or 10. That was when I got taken away the first time. My teachers noticed that I was coming to school drunk or hungover and they reported me to Child Protection. I quickly learned that if I didn't want to go through the hassle of being shuffled from home to home, then I needed to keep myself sober and have decent grades. So long as no one knew what was going on at home, no one cared,” Jared ended his explanation with a shrug.
I care,” Mark whispered. When he thought about what it must have been like for Jared growing up, he felt like crying. More than that, he felt despair like he never thought possible and wanted to scream at the horror of it until he couldn't scream any more.
Jared was touched. He smiled and stroked Mark's cheek with a hand. “I'm glad you care...”
Cory frowned as a thought occurred to him. “Didn't you ever want to just kill yourself? Make your parents sorry for the way they treated you?”
Mark squeezed Cory's hand to show support. He knew Cory had nearly committed suicide a while ago when it seemed like his parents would rather be anywhere than with him. Cory had a sudden look of inspiration cross his face as he realized that Mark actually had a history of caring about people who felt like they had no one else.
Jared sort of bobbed his head for a couple of seconds as he considered what to say. “... Yes... but then I thought about how to go about killing myself. The best weapon in my arsenal at the time was the various drugs my dad had around the house. I went through his stash, researching what the effects of each were and which one was most likely to kill me if I overdosed. I was 13 and felt like I would rather die than hear my mom in the bedroom spreading her legs to make some money – especially since I knew that she would go spend it all on herself rather than feed me. The days of pot brownies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – followed by a shit load of junk food – were long gone. At that point, if I didn't eat at school, I didn't eat.”
Jared sighed and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. He hated remembering those days! Reluctantly, he continued his explanation.
Anyway, I saw that ecstasy was designed to make people feel really good. I became obsessed with it, staring at the pill because I had no idea what it meant to feel good. I was half afraid that if I took the pill, I'd feel exactly the same as always, and then life really would have no meaning. Eventually, I took half a dose, too afraid of what a full dose might do to me.
That just so happened to be the day – when my dad was out dealing and my mom was busy screwing a client – that a man showed up at our house, and rather than wait for a turn with my mom, he saw me high off of X and offered me money to let him... Yeah, anyway, long story short, it worked. The X made me feel good, and I even had a bit of money of my own. So after that, whenever I felt like killing myself, I'd just take some X and go have sex. Works every time!”
Cory gaped at him. He had been hoping for a touching story similar to his own in which Jared realized that there was at least one person in the world who would be upset and angry if he died. Cory had struggled for months with his suicidal tendencies, and only because he had Mark to talk him out of it each time did Cory finally heal and move on.
But Jared – on the other hand – somehow managed to take the easy way out! Rather than work through and solve his problems, Jared simply took drugs! And have sex... In Cory's opinion, this was actually adding to Jared's problems, not fixing them...
Jared smirked. “Either one of you want a cola?”
No!” Mark declined insistently.
Jared simply laughed. He'd only been teasing, but he totally would have spiked their drinks had they accepted.
Mark and Cory returned their attention to their game, and when Mark determined that it was time for bed, he saved and quit. He turned to Jared.
Cory gets to sleep in my bed because you have to learn to keep your hands to yourself!” Mark exclaimed, blushing as he thought, and besides, we already had sex today!
Yeah okay,” Jared murmured in agreement.
They all got comfortable and settled into bed – or in Jared's case, the couch – and then Mark thought of something to ask.
Jared... Are you passing your classes? Will you be graduating at the end of the year?”
Jared sat up to look at Mark curiously. He couldn't figure out why Mark would want to know something so trivial. With a shrug, he smiled.
Yeah. I told you, if I want to stay out of the system, I have to keep my grades decent and appear to have no problems at home. I don't want to be home much anyway, so I tend to stay after school until I finish my homework. Then I lift weights or something, delaying the inevitable as long as possible. Why?”
I figured I could help you with your homework if you needed it,” Mark replied, sitting up to look at Jared in return. Then he gasped as something important finally reoccurred to him. “Wait, is it really your birthday today?”
Yep,” Jared confirmed.
Happy birthday,” Mark wished him. Cory murmured it as well.
A very strange expression crossed Jared's face. “You know what? ... It was.”
Mark smiled at him, and then turned the light off so that they could all go to sleep.
In the morning, the 3 of them rode the bus to school in near silence. It was simply too early in the morning for their taste! Jared waved goodbye as he headed to his locker, which left Mark and Cory alone as they walked to their locker.
I don't think I'm going to spend the night at your house any more,” Cory blurted out nervously.
Why not?” Mark wondered, a little upset.
Well... I think I'm in the way,” Cory admitted.
No you're not!” Mark thought this over. “Well, maybe a little, but I... I'm glad that you are. I want you to keep spending the night.”
You want me around so that you have a reason to keep Jared dangling on a hook at arms length,” Cory stated, a bit cruelly. “I don't like him, so I don't really have a problem with you treating him badly, but I don't think it's fair to you. Either you really do just want to help him and need to figure out another way to do so, or you actually like him. I think you need to figure it out, and I'm just going to be in the way. Besides... my girlfriend said her parents are going out of town for a week, and we plan to spend every night together...”
You bet your sweet ass we are!” Rani agreed as she walked up behind them. She groped Cory and then kissed him. “I can't wait until we are alone tonight...”
Oh,” Mark murmured. “Yeah okay, I understand.”
The warning bell rang, and they split up so that they could get to class on time.
After school, Jared and Mark waved goodbye to Cory as he got on Rani's bus, and then seated themselves on Mark's bus. Jared knew that Mark didn't want the whole school – or anyone for that matter – to know that they were lovers, so he maintained as much space between them as possible. Even so, he couldn't help but tease Mark.
Do you want a cola when we get to your house?”
No!” Mark exclaimed softly, and then blushed in embarrassment as he thought about how good it felt when he was high and in bed with Jared. “My mom is usually home. You aren't going to be able to do anything most of the time.”
Jared hummed noncommittally.
Sure enough, Mark's mom was home and had a snack waiting for them. She held out the plate of peanut butter and raisin covered celery proudly.
Mom!” Mark groaned in embarrassment. “I'm not 5 anymore!”
So? That doesn't mean that you are too old to have healthy snacks rather than junk food,” she insisted.
Jared smiled and took a stick of celery without any complaint. “You are the best mom ever!”
She blushed happily and flapped her hand as she laughed. “Oh stop, you flatterer!”
No seriously,” Jared stated, happily crunching on his snack and grabbing another stick.
Mark felt like crying again and the look he aimed at Jared's back clearly announced this. Every time he felt like his mom was purposely trying to embarrass him, Jared would remind him that some mom's didn't even care enough to do that.
Mark's mom caught his look, and frowned in concern. “Jared? Could you give me 5 minutes alone with my son?”
Sure thing!” Jared agreed, taking the plate of celery with him to Mark's room.
Mark accepted his mom's hug gratefully, vowing to never take her for granted again.
What's wrong?” She asked, stroking his hair.
Jared's parents are seriously... uh... messed up. They apparently raised him on jello shots and pot brownies. When I went over to his house, they were fighting with him – literally – and then kicked him out. I don't think he should ever have to go home again! I want him to live with us!”
Oh honey! I don't... We can't just keep him. If his parents want him to come home, we have no legal right...” She sighed. “If what you say is true, we could file a complaint with CPS and ask to take him in.”
Mark shook his head fervently. “He doesn't want that! Can we just let him stay when he can? He says his parents don't notice whether he's home or not. Can't he just stay here as much as possible? He just turned 17 yesterday. At most, it's a year before he can get a place of his own.”
His mom sighed. “I have no problem with that. I know your father won't mind either. On one condition... I want to go with him to get a few of his things and at least get a chance to talk with his parents.”
Mark started to protest.
I won't tell them that we plan to let Jared live with us,” she assured Mark. “I just want to see for myself that they really are bad parents. Teens do have a way of over-exaggerating, you know?”
I'll talk to Jared about it,” Mark murmured, squeezing his mom tight.
Go on. Your father will be home soon, and I think we'll all go out to dinner tonight.”


Jared cringed as he saw his mom open the door to his trailer. She was wearing a bra and underwear and a sheer silk robe that hung open and did nothing to really cover her up. He was still in the car with Mark and his parents, and didn't want to get out.
Jared's mom glared at the black sedan with tinted windows suspiciously. Mark's mom got out first since she was driving and was the closest one to trailer door.
Who the fuck are you?!” Jared's mom demanded before anyone else could even speak.
Jared got out of the car. He really didn't want his mom to get abusive. She narrowed her eyes at him.
Did you get in trouble again? What's this? Child Protection?”
Jared's dad came up behind her. He was wearing nothing but boxers and had a half empty bottle of vodka in his hand. He chugged a few swallows and then belched.
Why do you always have to break you mother's heart?” He asked accusingly. “Always getting taken away.”
Mark's mom did her best to smile as if she was talking to well mannered business associates. “I'm not from Child Protection – or any social services, for that matter. My name is Ginger, and my husband here is Rodney.”
Mark's dad had come to stand by her at this point. He put an arm around her to give her moral support and strength of will.
Jared is friends with our son and has asked to spend the night. We simply decided to bring him home to ask for permission. And so that he could get a change of clothes and whatever else he might need,” Ginger explained.
Jared's parents were obviously flustered. “Oh... well... um...” this had never happened before. Either Jared came home after they passed out and left before they woke up, or he simply didn't come home. He'd never asked permission to go before.
Jared's mom finally recovered a little, and Jared could tell that she was slightly less drunk. “I... I suppose that would be alright.”
Are you crazy, woman?!” Jared's dad burst out. “Did you forget that he walked out yesterday when we were trying to have a nice dinner for his birthday?! His ass should be grounded to his room until I forget why he's there!”
Dad!” Jared yelled. “You tried to give me an ounce of cocaine and a hooker for my birthday! Of course I walked out!”
Wass wrong wi' you?!” His dad asked, slurring terribly now. “Too good for hookers?” He stumbled and clutched onto Jared's jacket. “Punk!”
Don't you dare try to smack my baby in front of these nice people!” Jared's mother protested. “They might get the wrong idea!”
Jared held onto his father as he swayed and tried to point at his wife. “Don' ya tell me whatta do, woman!”
Jared sighed. “Come on dad, let's get you to the couch so you can sit down.”
Wha-for? I don' nee t'sit!”
Yeah yeah,” Jared muttered, guiding his dad into the trailer while fending off indignant punches.
His mother watched them for a second before returning her attention to Mark's parents. She smiled at them in a way that let her true beauty shine through. She had once been Prom Queen and a runner up in a beauty pageant.
You look like a decent fellow? How would you like to buy a couple of hours in my arms?”
Rodney gave her an incredulous look. “Uh... I'm standing right next to my wife! Even if I was interested, I couldn't really take you up on your offer.”
There was an angry roar and a crash from inside the trailer. Jared appeared in the doorway a moment later.
Just fucking sleep it off already!” Jared shouted. Another crash made him duck to avoid something that came flying out of the door at him. “If he doesn't pass out soon, mom, do me a favor and punch him out!”
Sure thing baby,” his mom purred. She pulled a baggie from her bra. It contained enough pot for a joint maybe two. “Here you go. Take it and have a good time at your friend's house.” She kissed his cheek as she stuffed the baggie into his backpack. Somehow, Jared had managed to stuff his bag full of cleanish clothes, despite fighting with his dad.
Jared rolled his eyes. “Thanks mom,” he muttered, and then kissed her cheek. He sighed in relief a moment later when he was able to open the car door in preparation for an escape – waving goodbye to her.
She waved back, excited for him. “I think your dad paid the phone bill this month, so you can always try calling us tonight if you need anything!”
Jared simply nodded, then got in the car and shut the door. “Don't make me do that ever again!”
Mark smiled at him sadly. “I won't.”
Ginger and Rodney got into the car and drove away as fast as possible. Rodney held his hand out to Jared.
Hand it over! We don't allow drugs in our house!”
Jared nodded, pulled the baggie of pot out of his backpack, and gave it to Mark's dad without any hesitation whatsoever. Rodney stared at it a moment as if wondering what to do with it, then he looked up at Jared again.
What about the cocaine that you said your dad tried to give you for your birthday?”
Jared laughed. “I don't do coke! I never took it from him in the first place, and if I had, I would have left it there.”
Rodney nodded. “Good.”
Mark had to stare out his window and bite his tongue to prevent himself from blurting out that Jared likely still had X in his backpack. It was tempting to confess it right here and now, but it was the only thing Mark knew of for certain that would make Jared stay with them and start planning for his future.
Jared looked at his hands, which were fiddling nervously in his lap. “Thank you... for letting me stay with you...”
No problem,” Rodney stated with a warm smile. “I know what it's like to come from parents that... that... are messed up.”
Mark gasped. “You do?! What? Huh? What do you mean?”
Rodney sighed. “I don't want to go into details, but it's true.”
But you told me that grandma and grandpa were dead!” Mark yelled.
They are dead to me,” his father stated. “They died in my heart the day I realized that they didn't care about me at all.”
Ginger took advantage of the fact that they were stopped at a red light to squeeze her husband's hand. Rodney smiled at her.
If not for your mother... She saved me! She showed me what it meant to love and to live for myself... not for my parents...”
Mark's head spun as he realized that his parents had lied to him his entire life. At first he was hurt, but then he realized that if his dad's parents were anything like Jared's parents... Well... then it was understandable that he lied about them. Mark sighed as he released his anger and focused on Jared.
If my mom could help my dad, then I can help him...

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  1. Oh boy...I can't help but feel so sorry for MARK! I know what it is like to be in that situation. Trying to help someone but having to give something of yourself to do it.

    1. I know! It's one of those things that I think shows how truly compassionate Humans can be, even if they go about it kind of sideways, lol!


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