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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jumpin' Jupiter V


Edward woke from their nap before Jasna. He held her close for a long time, simply enjoying the luxury of a woman in his arms. After quite some time had passed, he realized that during her sleep, Jasna's skirt had bunched up, revealing most of her legs and just a hint of her left cheek.
His hand stroked the bare skin before he thought about it. Immediately, he felt terrible about molesting her in her sleep. His feelings changed to fascination almost immediately when he realized that she wasn't wearing any underwear.
He stroked her again and she responded by moaning ever so slightly and shifting her legs apart. His hand almost fell into the valley now between her legs and it was his turn to moan. It had been years... almost since his wife died...
He explored her with his hand, gently sticking two fingers inside her to wiggle them as his thumb rubbed her swollen clitoris. Jasna immediately began to pant and moan. Her cheeks flushed from passion and Edward couldn't resist the urge to kiss her.
His shame at molesting her returned and he withdrew his hand. She groaned and mumbled something in her sleep that Edward finally figured out was a plea not to stop. He hesitated, absently sucking his fingers clean.
She tasted sweet...
Her pouting made his lips curve in a small smile. He kissed her again, shifting her skirt out of his way. Repositioning, he buried his face between her legs, happy to simply smell her scent and gently stroke her lips with his tongue for a few minutes.
She was still half asleep from what he could tell, but she had shifted her body so that she could spread her legs wide for him. Her feet rested on his shoulders, and her hands slid around until they found her breasts.
He watched her tug at her shirt, but not enough to actually remove it. Chuckling at how eager she was, he plunged his tongue inside her. He used his tongue to rub the rough spot he could just barely reach inside her.
Jasna thrashed her head side to side, moaning in a way that was satisfying for him to hear. Deciding to move his tongue to her clitoris, he continued to rub inside her with his fingers. Jasna immediately started chanting, “Ah! Ah! Ah!”
Edward loved the way she moaned and gasped. She made it sound like he wasn't sadly out of practice. His fingers sawed in and out of her ever so slightly, roughly rubbing her as he tried his best to suck on her clit.
Jasna started squealing, her body arching backwards the best it could with a child in her belly. She was as taut as a bow for a moment, and then started shaking almost violently. Edward mentally smiled, continuing his oral assault on her until she started trying to squirm away from him.
He shifted until he was lying next to her, holding her as she panted. He stroked her back soothingly. She slowly calmed down and then started laughing.
That was the perfect way to wake up!” She praised him, kissing him hungrily.
He stiffened uncomfortably as she opened his pants and stroked his shaft. “Jasna...”
She tilted her head to look at him curiously. “What's wrong?”
I'm not a young man any more...”
So?” She asked, her brows drawn together in confusion.
He sighed, reluctant to admit that men his age tended to have less stamina. He was afraid that it would be over almost as soon as it started. Such a thing would embarrass him to no end!
Smiling, Jasna took the time to remove her blouse, bra, and skirt. Then she knelt next to him and lifted his hands to her breasts.
I don't care how old you are,” she assured him. “You're a dear friend, and I can think of no better way to spend the day than playing with each other in bed.”
His shaft was still the only uncovered part of his body. It stood at attention despite his wish that it would behave. Jasna straddled him, carefully guiding him inside her.
He thought for sure that he was going to fill her right then and there, but she held still, watching him until she was certain that he wasn't going to tell her to get off of him. She took his hands and placed them on her hips.
You have complete control,” she informed him. “If you want me to move, simply guide me with your hands. If you want me to stop, then hold me still.”
He nodded, and then had her move slowly up and down. She maintained the perfect speed that had him hovering on the edge of climax for at least five minutes – which was almost 5 times longer than he thought he'd last! Suddenly, he gripped her hips and ground her into him.
Oh God!” He called out, pumping her full.
She purred happily. “I love that feeling...”
You're not disappointed?” Edward asked.
For what?” Jasna wondered.
The others talk about how good you are and how you can go all night...”
Jasna smiled at him, and then shifted to lay next to him. She stroked his face then kissed him. “I'll tell you a little secret... I love sex. All sex. It's all good to me. 5 minutes or 5 hours makes me happy. It brightens my day and makes me smile. I also happen to be carrying a child, and the bigger it grows, the less stamina I have. Therefore, I'd say you were perfect! Exactly what I needed...”
Hmm...” Edward hummed, deciding to be pacified by her assurance. He held her close, enjoying the warmth of her body next to his. He had always loved to cuddle almost more than anything.
As much as Jasna wanted to simply cuddle with him, she eventually had to go to the bathroom and her stomach started growling. She got up, got dressed, and then gathered up her folded laundry to carry back to her room.
She paused before opening his door. “Yes?”
Any night that you find yourself alone – or any afternoon for that matter – feel free to come nap with me again,” Edward offered.
I'd like that!” Jasna grinned.
After dumping her laundry in her room, then making a trip to the bathroom, Jasna took several minutes to decide what she wanted to eat. It was all unappetizing to her considering that she far preferred freshly grown real food, even the popular packets tasted terrible, but she didn't have a choice. She selected a packet of something called lamb and couscous, but tasted more like vinegar and salt.
Would you prefer some chicken and wild rice?” Lawrence asked, holding out a packet for her as he entered the food storage room.
Not really,” Jasna answered.
You were right,” Lawrence smiled at her. “People were hording their favorites.”
Good, that means there's not a inexplicable shortage,” Jasna stated in relief.
I think we should actually keep these in a secure storage room and bring them out only … hmm... once a week?” Lawrence suggested.
That's a great idea! That way we don't run out of them completely before everything else,” Jasna agreed.
Then it's settled! I'll just bring these to SSR-15... it's the closest.”
Jasna nodded. “After I finish eating, I'm going to take a look through some of the cargo bays on the bottom of the ship. I haven't inventoried them yet and they're all secure so no one else has been in them either.”
Someone should go with you in case something happens or you need help,” Lawrence subtly ordered in concern.
Jasna laughed, but nodded to show that she'd follow orders. “I'll drag someone by the ear if I have to!”
Lawrence turned to leave, juggling the large box of confiscated rations. He stopped as a thought occurred to him. He set the box down and took her hands in his.
Jasna... is the baby mine?”
No, it's my husband's,” Jasna stated with a confident smile.
But... you're not far enough along...” he murmured in confusion. “You definitely conceived after we jumped to Jupiter.”
Jasna shrugged. “It's still his, and on this point we agree completely. My kids are his kids, end of story.”
Lawrence paused to bite back a sarcastic retort, then forced himself to remain pleasant as he spoke to her. “Okay... I can understand that, but I mean biologically. The baby does have DNA from one of us... I just want to know if it's mine.”
Jasna stared at him in silence for a few moments as she tried to figure out what to say. Finally, she chuckled nervously, and decided to just admit the truth.
I really don't know. It's certainly possible, but you aren't the only one who could have gotten me pregnant. The only way to know for sure would be to have a DNA test, but we can't do that here, and I don't really see the point in having one.”
Jasna...” Lawrence murmured softly, brushing her cheek with a hand. “This baby is going to be loved by almost everyone on this ship, and I'm certain that by the time we get back to Earth, any man who could possibly be the biological father is going to want to test so that he will have an excuse to stay part of the baby's life.”
A strange expression crossed Jasna's face, and she laughed softly. “You think so? It's usually the woman who insists on a DNA test and the man that would rather not...” She smiled at Lawrence and then kissed him on the cheek. “I wouldn't mind if the baby has your DNA.”
He returned her smile and hummed for about a second. “Neither would I.”
Jasna watched him leave, and then went to a table to eat her food. The galley was mostly empty at the moment, so Corbin gestured for her to join him. He was one of the scientists – as opposed to the regular folk like her – and usually kept to himself.
Jasna could understand why he felt alone. Not only was he the sole black man on the ship, but he was taller than everyone, and very physically fit. A couple of the men on the ship liked to stay in shape, but Corbin looked like he could win martial art competitions!
I bet you're really strong!” Jasna blurted out after sitting next to him. She pinched his bicep in appraisal.
He blushed and looked away from her. “Yeah, I guess.”
Great!” Jasna exclaimed, her face mere inches from his arm as she examined him. He looked at her curiously and she looked up at him with a grin. “You'll be prefect to help me!”
He chuckled at her unexpected statement, purposely ignoring how close their faces were to each other. “Help you with what?”
Inventory,” Jasna stated, eating her meal as quickly as possible so that he wouldn't have time to come up with an excuse to abandon her.
Slow down!” He laughed. “I don't want you to choke.”
Ugh...” Jasna groaned. “I'm going to choke for entirely different reasons. This is almost unpalatable!”
I don't know, I kinda like these packaged meals,” Corbin admitted with a sheepish grin.
Then here, have the rest of mine,” Jasna handed him the uneaten half of her food.
You need to eat too,” Corbin stated in concern.
This far along, I need to eat a little bit here and a little bit there. Trust me, I eat more than you think!”
I bet you're just waiting for Hydroponics to produce something edible,” Corbin remarked wryly.
Jasna nodded enthusiastically. “So far, the sprouts died before really getting big enough to eat... unless you like sprout salad...”
Corbin shrugged. “I actually do like to eat sprouts and salads.”
Jasna laughed. “Well, the latest batch of sprouts seems to be doing well. If they continue to grow, we might actually have some real food soon!”
Corbin finished her leftovers, and then disposed of the packaging. Returning to her side, he held out a hand to help her to her feet.
How many times do you really need to inventory everything? Can't you just make a chart to put on the wall of each storage room and simply have everyone cross off what they use as they take it?”
That's a great idea!” Jasna exclaimed excitedly. “However, I haven't inventoried these rooms yet.”
The way the ship was designed, there were two levels. The main level was were everything was located – the bridge, the galley, the lounge, living quarters, everything – the lower level was a series of large cargo bays. They were supposed to house shuttles and various other pieces of equipment that might come in handy while exploring the universe, but Jasna doubted that they were fully stocked.
Then again... the rest of the ship had been surprisingly well-stocked...
Jasna led Corbin to the elevator, which unsurprisingly, no one ever used. He gave her a curious look, but didn't say anything. The elevator felt like it wasn't even moving, but then opened to reveal a wide hallway.
I guess we'll start with the first one,” Jasna murmured, and then entered her security access code in the key pad. A small light flashed green, but then nothing happened for a moment. Suddenly, they could see lights turn on through a window, and they heard a loud whooshing. When it stopped, the light on the huge door flashed green twice and then stayed on.
Looks like we can go in now,” Corbin murmured, opening the door for Jasna like the gentleman he was.
Jasna gasped as she looked around. “It's almost like a warehouse in here!”
This is going to take a while!” Corbin remarked, impressed by the size of the place.
Let's start by looking through those crates,” Jasna suggested.
They sorted through a a stack of crates close to the entrance, finding a couple of extra space suits and some equipment to observe any planets they might come across.
I think we might need help,” Jasna murmured thoughtfully as she looked around once more. “This is probably a 4 person job...”
Plus you to stand there with a clip board writing everything down,” Corbin teased.
Jasna hit him playfully. “Are you trying to say that I'm not good enough to help?”
Corbin shook his head. “Not at all, just that as pregnant as you are, you shouldn't be lifting anything.”
Aww, that's sweet,” Jasna purred, rewarding him with a light kiss.
He groaned longingly, placing a hand on the back of her neck so that he could kiss her in return. Jasna moaned and opened her mouth so that she could lick his lips with her tongue.
Corbin lifted her into his arms so that he could kiss her without bending over as far. Jasna wrapped her legs around his waist, using the leverage to press her body into his. Her arms wound around his neck, one of her hands stroking his soft and wildly curly hair.
Jasna wait,” Corbin whispered. “I um... I should warn you... I, um, I'm big. Really big.”
Jasna tilted her head to the side curiously. “How big?”
Big enough that most women tend to shy away from having sex with me,” Corbin admitted.
Jasna couldn't help but wonder exactly how big a man had to be for women to actually decline sex. Her expression showed her excitement and eagerness to see, but she didn't want to make him feel awkward or embarrassed. Shaking her head, she licked his lips again. Even if he really did turn out to be too big to have sex with, there was so much more they could do.
In attempt to set his mind at ease, Jasna tripped him so that he would end up sitting on a crate. She settled herself comfortably on his lap and kissed him again.
That doesn't matter to me. Even if we don't fit together, we can still have fun,” she assured him.
Corbin sent up a quick prayer that she wouldn't change her mind. His size made it difficult for him to have casual sex, and so it had been far longer than the jump to Jupiter since he'd last gotten laid. His hands gripped her hips and ground her into his groin as she kissed him.
The way Jasna kissed made it hard to think. She kissed him like he was the only source of water in the desert! His body wanted to skip directly to the main course, but he knew that doing so would probably scare her away completely. Then he would have no hope of getting laid until they got back to Earth!
Jasna let him tug her skirt out of the way so that he could stroke her ass. He slipped a finger inside her panties, located her hole, and then had fun listening to her gasp and pant as he wiggled his finger.
You're so wet!” He praised her when their lips separated for a moment.
Rather than reply to his statement, Jasna threw back her head and cried out from the pleasure. “Ah Ah Ah!”
Corbin's other hand migrated up her back, under her blouse. He unhooked her bra and then moved his hand around front to move it out of his way while he sucked on her breasts. Ignoring her nipples at first, Corbin concentrated on the lush plumpness of her breasts. He sucked on them in several spots until he left small marks.
Jasna gasped, pushing herself into his mouth as she rocked her hips into the finger he still had inside her. She absolutely loved every moment! It took her some effort to hold herself steady so that she didn't fall off him as she removed her shirt and bra completely, but she managed; flinging them to the side carelessly.
Jasna...” Corbin murmured longingly. The way she kept grinding her body into his had him close to spilling his load, and he didn't want to just yet. He pushed her away ever so slightly and held her still.
What's wrong?” She wondered.
I...” Corbin was torn between moving to the next step and continuing on as they were. He was more than half afraid that things would be over the moment he removed his pants. “I just need a moment...”
Sure thing!” Jasna replied with a grin. She hopped off his lap so that she could remove her skirt and panties. “There! Now I'm naked and you have no reason to be shy any more...”
Corbin took a deep steadying breath before starting with the relatively safe task of taking off his shirt. Jasna grinned and pushed on his chest so that he would lay on the crate. She raked her nails across and kissed his chest a few times before she concentrated on biting and licking his nipples. Corbin swore he was harder than he had even been in his life!
Using her tongue to draw circles around his nipples provided just enough distraction for her to open his pants and slide a hand inside them. She inhaled an astonished gasp.
Wow! You weren't kidding!”
Corbin tensed, almost certain that she was going to tell him he was too big for her after all.
You could have been a well paid porn star!”
Corbin laughed and shook his head. “Maybe, but that's not what I wanted to do with my life.”
Jasna grinned at him mischievously. “Does science really ignite your passion more than having an endless amount of women clamor to star in sexual movies with you?”
Yes... especially right now,” Corbin stated, pulling her head closer to give her a kiss. She had a mini sword fight with his tongue, and then turned her attention towards stripping his pants off of him so that she could get a good look at his massive shaft.
The moment his pants were on the floor – along with his boxers – Jasna stroked his shaft with her hands, murmuring in delight.
Just look at how beautiful this is! You were surely blessed the day your were created!”
Corbin rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything. He didn't want to risk offending her or giving her a reason to change her mind. He inhaled sharply when Jasna licked him from the base of his shaft to the very tip.
Jasna loved the way he groaned in pleasure. His eyes practically rolled into the back of his head. She knew without asking that very few women had ever been brave enough to do even this.
She continued to lick him until small droplets started oozing from him. As much as she wanted to, she simply could not fit him in her mouth. Instead, she gave him a kiss right on the bulbous head of his shaft before shifting to straddle him.
She slowly lowered herself onto him – moving up and down repeatedly to get him as far inside her as possible. When she simply could not accept anymore of him, she felt bad that half his shaft was still exposed. She dearly wished that he could have the satisfaction of burying himself balls deep inside her, but that was literally impossible.
She felt stretched to her limit! Even well lubricated, she had to go very slowly. Despite the difficulty, she was determined to rock his world!
Oh God!” Corbin exclaimed in a soft breathy whisper. “I don't think I can last much longer!”
Jasna was relieved to hear that. Part of her feared that she couldn't give him the kind of friction he needed to climax, and another part of her couldn't quite decide if she was in pain or not. She was definitely uncomfortable, and yet it felt good. So very good!
Corbin grabbed her hips to encourage her to go just a little bit faster. He repeatedly thrust up into her, and she compromised my meeting his thrusts as hard as she could without hurting herself. The crate they were on creaked in protest.
Corbin was amazed to discover that he lasted at least another couple of minutes before he just couldn't hold back any longer. With a roar of triumph, he filled her, holding her firmly to him as his hips jerked uncontrollably. The crate gave up trying to remain intact and burst open as if someone had shot it.
Corbin and Jasna instinctively held onto each other as they fell. Corbin wrapped his arms around her head so that she couldn't hit it on anything. Jasna felt a sharp pain inside her as their bodies were banged together more forcefully than she was prepared for.
Ow!” She cried out mildly. She held absolutely still for a few moments to make certain that nothing was seriously wrong. Aside from being sore, she was fine.
Are you okay?” She asked Corbin, who was holding completely still so that he couldn't accidentally hurt her child.
I'm fine. My back hurts and I feel like I was just rammed into an unfriendly fist or two, but I can already tell that I'm not seriously hurt,” Corbin assured her.
Carefully, Jasna lifted herself off of him. She rolled a little to the side and then got to her feet. She would have offered to help him up, but his amused look reminded her that she was tiny compared to him and that unless she braced herself very well, he'd just end up pulling her back down to him.
Corbin rolled onto his hands and knees, inadvertently clearing away some of the debris. He stayed in that position for several long and quiet moments. At first, Jasna thought he was seriously hurt, and then she realized that he was staring at something.
She gasped. “Isn't that...?”
I think it is...”

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