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Saturday, October 6, 2012

And the Moral of the Story is...

It just occurred to me that the point of my previous post may have been misinterpreted. The point is NOT that people should not try to better themselves; it's that no one should look down on those who are struggling. There should be no blame. There should be no condescension. There should only be acceptance that that is just how it is for some people, and gratitude that because of them, it's not you there. Not everyone can be on top. Everyone can TRY to be on top, but not everyone can make it to the apex. Do not judge. Instead, take a moment to thank divinity that you have what you have :-)

And if you have trouble understanding this concept, watch Ratatouille. In it, a food critic scoffs over the motto: Anyone can cook. By the end of the movie, he learns that the motto does NOT mean that EVERYONE can cook, but that a good cook can come from anywhere, even a rat... He never once had a problem giving gratitude to true cooking talent, he simply assumed that only certain people could be born with it. By the end, he learned not to judge :-)

Have a happy day!

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  1. There is a difference between struggling and not even trying.

    I DO NOT believe that some people just sit on welfare and that is okay because the economy is hard and people are competing for jobs.

    That means you try harder. I looked for work for 4 months, have found nothing, and guess what. I decided to put everything (all my time) into my writing. Every spare cent, every last minute I can spare, I will be writing and finishing this series I am writing. If I can't find a job, maybe I can find an alternative way to support my family.

    Everyone CAN work and everyone SHOULD. Living on welfare for extended periods of time is abusing the system.

    Do I judge people who live on welfare? Well...of course I do! When my husband had his shoulder surgury I could have said oh well. Sat on welfare and lost everything. Instead, I went to work, busted my ass, and while we barely scrapped by, we made it. Why? Because I worked and I busted my ass.

    Everyone has the ability to succeed. Whether or not you have the drive and the motivation is what determines whether or not you do.


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