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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jared - Part 1

There was no where else to sit, so the 16-year-old boy asked to sit next to the gamer geek. “Do you mind if I sit here?”
The gamer geek shrugged. “I guess.”
Thanks... I'm Jared.” The boy stated as he set his tray on the table and sat to eat.
It took the gamer geek a minute to respond, but finally he sighed as if saying his name was an onerous task. “I'm Mark.”
Hi Mark,” Jared muttered, mildly upset that Mark was being so standoffish.
A few moments passed in awkward silence as each boy ate their lunch. A glance at the clock assured Jared that he still had almost 15 minutes left before he had to get to his next class.
Mark's cellphone vibrated – which would have been quiet except that it was sitting on the table. Mark check it and then groaned in disappointment.
Something wrong?” Jared asked curiously.
Just that my best friend had to cancel our plans tonight,” Mark admitted grumpily.
What were you planning to do?” Jared wondered.
Play the newest Resident Evil game,” Mark stated.
Is it any good?”
Mark shrugged. “Don't know, I haven't played it yet. Cory has it, not me.”
I like playing video games, but they're usually old by the time I can afford to buy them. I'm currently playing Grand Theft Auto 4.” Jared had no idea why he was making conversation with Mark, but it seemed like the thing to do. “I used to play it with my girlfriend until –”
Mark looked up curiously. “Until what?”
Until she dumped me,” Jared muttered, wishing he hadn't brought it up.
Well at least you've had a girlfriend. I can't seem to get any girls to talk to me,” Mark sighed in depression.
I think it's because you look like a gamer. They probably don't think you're interested in girls,” Jared said in an attempt to make him feel better.
I'm 15! Of course I'm interested in girls!” Mark exclaimed.
Jared laughed, nodding his head as if saying yep yep.
Mark scrunched his face up in thought. “Hey... you want to come over to my house tonight? We can play Grand Theft Auto if you want, or maybe I have a game you haven't gotten to play yet...”
Sure. Why not?” Jared replied with a shrug, as if he didn't care in the slightest either way. A night away from my parents!
His parents constantly fought. Scratch that, they got along great as they were getting drunk, then they argued and fought until they had some loud and violent sex, and then they passed out. They wouldn't even notice Jared was gone...
The two boys agreed to meet out front of the school after the last class was over. The rest of the day passed excruciatingly slowly for Jared, but finally the bell rang that dismissed them for the day. He rushed to the meeting spot so that Mark couldn't forget about him.
Mark waved hi a couple minutes later, and then motioned for Jared to follow him onto the bus. They sat together in comfortable silence for a few minutes, then quietly complained about their classes, their teachers, and the other students. By the time they reached Mark's stop, they were laughing like old friends.
Mark's mom welcomed Jared with a smile. She had already assumed that Cory was coming over, so it made no difference to her that Jared was there. She had made an after school snack – apple slices and cheese, which Mark apologized for with a blush after they got to his room.
My mom treats my like I'm still a baby!”
Jared laughed. “Nah! I think it's sweet, and besides, I like apples and I like cheese, so what's there to complain about?”
Mark shrugged, his expression admitting that it was nice to have a snack waiting for him when he got home. He then insisted that they do their homework for a while so they he wouldn't get into trouble.
Over dinner, Jared kept sending flirty smiles to Mark's sister. She was 17 and rolled her eyes at him as if he were the lamest boy who ever lived before ignoring him completely. Mark finally jabbed him in the side with an elbow.
Forget about her!” He hissed in a whisper. “She only dates college guys...”
Don't your parents get mad?” Jared wondered.
Mark shrugged.
After dinner, they returned to Mark's room to play video games for a couple of hours. Jared eventually excused himself to go to the bathroom, and Mark yawned as he checked the time. It was after 10 PM, which meant that his parents were probably in bed watching TV, and his sister was either listening to her MP3 player or had snuck out to go see her boyfriend.
In the bathroom, after he was finished peeing, Jared took a few things out of his backpack. One was a plug he sometimes used during masturbation – he had more than one, having stolen them from his parents vast collection – and the other was a baggie full of drugs. He inserted the plug, slipping a different one in his pocket.
I think this will do the trick...” he whispered to himself as he crushed half a pill into powder and then added the powder to a can of cola. He crushed the other half, and then slipped it into a second can. Slinging the backpack over one shoulder, he carried the two cans to Mark's room.
Hey, I thought you might like some pop. It's warm, but I noticed that you don't have any in your fridge...”
Mark shrugged. “My mom doesn't allow any in the house. I'd like one though. I don't care if it's warm.”
I thought you might say that, but I opened it for you so that you couldn't refuse,” Jared admitted with a laugh. He handed the can to Mark, who chugged it until half the can was gone. Jared took a few sips of his and then set it aside.
They played the game for a little while longer – Mark sipping on his cola until it was almost gone – and then Mark yawned dramatically. “I feel weird and think I should probably just go to bed.”
Jared nodded. “No problem, I'm tired too.”
Mark pointed at the couch as he downed the rest of his pop. “You can sleep there. There's a blanket if you need it.”
Jared looked at the couch they had been sitting on and realized that there was a couple of cushions to be used as pillows and a blanket laying over the back. He nodded with a smile, impressed that Mark's room was just big enough for him to have a bed and a couch in it. Plus other furniture. Jared's room was barely big enough for his bed!
Both boys took a moment to strip down to their boxers, then Mark snuggled up in his bed and pulled the covers over his body as if trying to make a nest. Jared smirked at him. It was amusing that Mark was used to having someone spend the night, and yet seemed to be nervous at Jared's presence.
Jared got comfortable and then waited. It didn't take long before Mark was moaning unconsciously. Jared knew that he had to be horny beyond belief at the moment.
Crawling into Mark's bed, Jared slipped a hand into Mark's blanket and located his rigidly erect shaft. I knew it!
Mark moaned and shifted without realizing what he was doing. His mind was too far gone to think about anything other than his need for relief. Jared pulled the blanket off of him and then yanked Mark's boxers off.
Mark moaned in encouragement as Jared sucked on him. Jared instinctively knew when Mark was close to cumming, and stopped for a moment for the feeling to pass. Then, rubbing Mark's shaft as a distraction, he lubricated and then slowly inserted the other plug into Mark.
Mark squirmed in protest, but his moans made Jared laugh. The drug made Mark want this, but somewhere an alarm must have gone off in his mind. Jared abruptly started sucking on Mark once more, and any protest Mark had completely disappeared.
Deciding that the time was right, Jared removed the plug from his own butt and then straddled Mark so that he could slowly sit on Mark's shaft. He made sure there was plenty of lubrication first, and took his time. He had earned a bit of extra money from time to time by letting men have sex with him, but it wasn't all that often.
Jared had been surprised at first by how good it could feel to have a man inside him. Of course, he was usually drugged like this at the time. After having always been on the receiving end, Jared seriously wanted to be on the giving end.
He hadn't really planned to do this to Mark, but something about his new friend had ignited his lust. Bouncing up and down on top of Mark was just about the most fun he could remember having in a long time! Mark was panting in a way that announced that he was having a lot of fun too.
It took surprisingly longer than Jared would have thought, but eventually Mark was pumping him full of cum. Jared chuckled at how it felt, then sat still to simply enjoy the feeling for a moment. He contemplated Mark with a frown for a few seconds.
The drug made one horny, but it couldn't change their sexual orientation. It could make them willing to try new things, so it helped bend their natural preference, but it couldn't change it. Therefore, if Jared had tried to just take Mark and Mark was adamant about not having sex with guys, then he could have refused and thrown Jared out. That's why Jared started like this. He figured that it would get Mark in the mood and make him forget to think about what was actually happening.
So far, it was working. Jared climbed off of Mark, removed the plug from Mark, and then added some lubrication to make this as smooth and painless as possible. That was why he bothered to plug Mark in the first place; to stretch him out just a bit and make it easier for him to accept an actual dick.
Jared worked his way in gently until he was buried deep. Mark kept whimpering in protest, but then wiggled his hips as if his mind was against this but his body wasn't. Jared knew that once the drug wore off, Mark would probably hate him, but for now, the two of them were lovers.
As tempting as it was to pick a speedy pace, Jared decided to make this last as long as possible. He settled on top of Mark so that their bodies were pressed together, and then kissed Mark as if he were searching for something in his mouth. He didn't want to truly admit it – not even to himself – but he was searching for something... Love...
Focusing on the kisses, Jared randomly thrust into Mark as powerfully as possible. He continued on like this for a long time and Mark eventually started shuddering; quaking with an impending climax. This set Jared off and he used Mark's mouth to muffle the roar of triumph that he couldn't choke back.
Mark moaned as he squirted out a mess between them. In his drug induced horny haze, he was clinging to Jared as if his life depended on it. His mind had become rather confused on the subject because he could feel exactly what was happening, but he pictured himself making love to a girl. He was now extremely tired and grateful that he practically passed out a moment later.
Jared liked laying on top of Mark and decided to stay right where he was. He kissed his lover one last time before falling asleep.
In the morning, Mark woke up slowly. His mind replayed the previous night in great detail, which made him blush. At first, he tried to shove the memories into a locked mental compartment and dismiss them as a weird fantasy, but then he realized something that made his blood run cold with something akin to horror.
Jared was still laying on top of Mark and they were both definitely naked! Mark's eyes flew open – his pupils wide in shock – as he looked at Jared. He couldn't prevent a sound escaping him that was half a gasp and half a shout.
Jared groaned as he woke up, and then he looked at Mark. The two looked at each other for a long time, Mark utterly shocked and Jared not quite awake. Unexpectedly, Jared smiled.
Good morning,” Jared greeted, and then kissed Mark. Mark was still too shocked to do anything, but then everything that had happened flashed through his mind and he freaked out.
Get off of me!” He shouted in a whisper so that no one would hear him other than Jared. Mark pushed on Jared's chest and then scrambled to get out from under him.
Jared sighed, got off of Mark, and then sat curled up in a ball on Mark's bed. He had his arms around his knees and his face buried in his arms. Mark was already pacing his room with a hand over his mouth in an attempt to calm down and not shout at the top of his lungs. What did you do to me?! The question kept running around and around in his head until he couldn't hold it in any more.
Suddenly, Mark grabbed Jared by the shoulders and growled the question as quietly as he could. Jared couldn't bring himself to say anything. He was too busy fighting back tears.
I know I have no right to feel this way, but I had hoped that Mark would... A tear escaped him and he buried his face even deeper into his arms. Mark shook him pretty roughly for a minute, and then stopped.
Why are you so upset? I'm the one who got raped!” Mark stated angrily, still being quiet.
Raped?” Jared gasped in a soft whisper. I guess he would see it that way...
Well yeah...” Mark confirmed. “I think you slipped me something, and then... you... had sex with me...” He blushed and looked away.
But you liked it,” Jared insisted, looking up at Mark with eyes that sparkled from mostly unshed tears. He was trying his hardest not to cry.
I... I was drugged! I can't be blamed for liking something while drugged!” It was getting harder for Mark to yell quietly, but the absolute last thing he needed was for his parents to come into his room to see what was going on while they were both naked, and all the evidence pointed to exactly what had happened.
Mark blushed even redder as he realized that there were sex toys and lubricant just laying on his bed. My parents would kill me if they saw this!
Mark sighed and calmed down as much as he could. He took a moment to pull on a clean pair of boxers and a tee shirt, and then sat on his bed next to Jared. Jared still looked like he was a hair shy of bawling like a baby.
Listen, I like girls... I don't want this to happen ever again. What did you give me anyway?” Mark asked.
Half a dose of X,” Jared admitted.
Where did you even get that?!” Mark demanded incredulously.
My parents. They have all kinds of things laying around the house that I probably shouldn't know anything about.”
Your parents do X?” Mark asked in astonishment. He couldn't quite wrap his head around the concept of parents doing drugs.
Hell no!” Jared exclaimed, almost offended. “They are always too effin' drunk to do drugs! It's just that my dad sells them to earn money...”
And your mom lets him?” Mark wondered. In his mind, moms at least tried to stop dads from doing stupid things like that.
Jared scoffed. “Why wouldn't she? His dealing keeps her supplied with booze too! And besides... if he doesn't earn enough for her to buy what she wants and get her hair and nails done, she sells her body.” He snorted. “You'd think that between the two of them, we'd be rolling in the dough or something, but they're too stupid! They end up spending, gambling, or just plain losing it the moment they get it!”
What about you?” Mark asked in concern.
What about me?” Jared wondered defensively.
Do they at least manage to take care of you?”
Not so far!” Jared blurted out angrily. “I have sell the only thing I have from time to time just to buy some food to eat!” Jared gasped as he realized what he'd just said and quickly turned his head away to hide his shame.
Mark had no idea what Jared was talking about. “Sell what?”
Jared simply shook his head and refused to answer.
It took Mark a moment, but then the answer hit him like a ton of bricks. “Oh! Oh... seriously?”
Jared nodded, still not looking at Mark. Mark sighed, placing a hand on Jared's shoulder. He felt just terrible for his new friend.
I'm sorry. Can't you do something about it? Call Child Protection or something?”
Jared shook his head. “Nope! That's far worse! The homes I get placed in usually treat me like I'm nothing but a paycheck. I'm basically expected to keep my mouth shut and do nothing. I'd rather be with my mom and dad! At least if I argue and fight with them, I'm not charged with assault and thrown in jail!”
Jail!” Mark gasped, horrified.
Juvenile detention, whatever...” Jared shrugged.
Mark wanted to cry on his friend's behalf. He pulled him into a hug and closed his eyes to stop the tears from falling.
Jared squeezed Mark and held on to the only comfort he had ever known like he planned to never let go. Mark stiffened as he realized that he'd probably just made a mistake by hugging the guy that had drugged and raped him. Sure enough, Jared started kissing him again.
Mark pushed him away. “Stop it! I told you I'm not like that!”
Jared curled into a ball again, which made Mark feel like a bastard. He sighed in frustration and a little aggravation.
Listen, I want to help you, but not if you're going to keep trying to kiss me. Definitely not if your going to try having sex with me again!”
Jared wiped moisture from his eyes before it could escape and shame him. “You can't help me!”
Maybe not, but I can try. My parents don't mind if I have friends spend the night. You might have thought it was okay last night because it was Friday, but Cory tends to come over just about every night. So long as I get my homework done and don't stay up too late, my parents don't care. You can sleep on my couch whenever you want,” Mark offered.
Are you sure?” Jared asked, not quite daring to hope that it was true.
Yeah. You can have dinner with us and spend the night. Your parents can do whatever they want without you around to suffer,” Mark murmured.
Jared smiled. “Thanks man. This means a lot to me! I've never had a friend let me stay with them before.”
Mark snorted. “Well, if you drug and then have sex with all your friends, I can kind of see why they wouldn't want to invite you back!”
Jared shook his head and guiltily looked away. “Nah... Most recently, I actually had a girlfriend that would let me come over to her house and stay until my parents were probably passed out anyway. She liked fooling around.”
Lucky you, I guess. I've never had a girlfriend or sex before...” Mark muttered this a bit petulantly. He didn't like that his virginity had been stolen by a guy, but at least the drug had made it feel incredible. The only reason he was able to move on was because he remembered exactly how the drug had made him feel, and part of him secretly wanted to feel that way again. With a girl!
With a blush, Mark cleared his throat. “Please promise me that you won't ever do that again.”
Jared snorted a laugh. “I would, but I'm a notorious liar! Not even I would know if the promise was real or not!”
You're not giving me a lot of confidence,” Mark stated, unconsciously shifting away from Jared. Jared smirked mischievously, leaning closer to Mark. He got ever so close to kissing Mark again before laughing.
I'll try to behave. That's about the best promise I can give.”
Mark sighed in relief as he leapt off the bed. “Uh... I bet breakfast is ready!” He hastily threw on some more clothes, and then ran out of the room.
Jared slowly pulled on his clothes, grinning as he remembered last night. He had hoped against hope that his actions would confuse Mark enough to make him fall in love, which would give Jared an opportunity to escape from his parents from time to time. Instead, Mark wanted to help.
Jared felt happier than he had in a long time. Instead of love, he'd found a friend. That was so rare it had never happened to him before! At this moment, he was seriously considering going to church and lighting a candle to thank God!
With a smile, Jared finished dressing and followed Mark towards the divine smell coming from the kitchen.
A friend...

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