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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hollie McNish - Embarrassed

After posting this to my facebook, I vowed to download it to every portable device I have so that I could play it at the drop of a hat to anyone who dared to shame a breastfeeding mother in my presence. Well, as it turns out, I can't really do that, so I decided that I will post it to my blog so that I can have it on hand for easy reference if needed :-) Plus, I can pull up my blog on my Vita, so therefore it's almost like having it downloaded to my vita, lol!

So eloquent and just plain awesome :-)


  1. Could you not download it, or was there a problem with putting on your portable devices? I use an add-on called Download Helper to download such things. I can email you a copy of this vid if you like.

    1. My downloader would only grab the video, the sound simply refused to come with it, lol! I'd love for you to email me a copy :-)

    2. It's 9.3 Mb, so it might take a little while to come through.

    3. Did you get it?


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