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Saturday, July 6, 2013

In Brist's Time - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“You’re not serious!” Was Lucas’ reaction when he was informed of his parents' plan to leave the twins behind. Regina nodded. “When are you leaving?”
“So soon, but what about our horses?” Lucas asked.
“Recovered.” David smiled. “Thanks to Brist.”
“You’re joking!” Lucas exclaimed.
“Afraid not!” David laughed.
“You’re serious?” Lucas asked incredulously.
“Quite,” Brist said, strolling into the room, Sarah balanced on her hip. “I came to see how you were doing, and to introduce you to Sarah here.”
“Is that the man my father shot?” The girl asked curiously. “What does he look like?
Brist set Sarah on the bed, gently pushing her to investigate for herself. “Find out with your own two hands.”
Sarah placed her hand on Lucas’ face, once she discovered where it was. “You feel like my father. What color are your eyes?” She lightly ruffled his hair. “What about your hair, what color is it?” She placed her hand on his cheek. “I hope my father didn’t hurt you too bad. I don’t understand why he would shoot you. Were you mean to him?”
As much as Lucas had wanted to hate this child – once he figured out that she was the daughter of the thief – he found that he couldn’t bring himself to actually hate the little blonde angel.
“Actually, baby, your daddy didn’t shoot Lucas, one of his men did,” Brist explained.
Lucas smiled, took the tiny hand that rested on his face in his, brought it to his lips and kissed it. “To answer your first questions, as you can see, I have light brown hair and gray eyes.”
“I wish I could see,” Sarah replied with a sigh. “ I used to be able to, but now, I can just barely remember what things looked like.”
“I had no idea!” Regina, David, and Lucas exclaimed, all three wearing expressions of sudden understanding. Regina and David more so, for they now realized that it was fairly obvious and that they should have guessed.
“When did you lose your sight?” Lucas asked as he cuddled the cherub. Meanwhile, he carefully sat up.
“On the ship ride here, at about the same time the bad man named Newmoanya took my brother Alan away. I had not been allowed near Alan in so long because he was sick, and then we were finally here, and my sister was soooo hungry, mummy must have given her away too, but when I ask when they’re coming back, mummy just says that they’re with her mum in a place called Heaven.
“Oh!” Brist was on the verge of tears. Sarah reached towards the sound of her voice.
“Mummy Brist? Will you tell my mum that I will always come back; that I would never leave her like that?” She asked.
Brist was crying freely now. She plucked the child from Lucas and hugged her, assuring her that she would do it the second she got a chance.
“Do you think that Brist and I might have a few moments alone? I wish to speak to her,” Lucas asked his parents.
“Sarah, how would you like to explore the garden?” Regina asked.
“Oh, I would love it!” Sarah exclaimed. Regina picked her up and headed out the door. David gave his son a questioning look, but followed his wife without a word, closing the door behind him as he left.
“The doctor says I shall be able to leave as soon as I feel up to it. My wound isn’t that bad; nothing’s broken, and he says there’s no internal bleeding,” Lucas smiled.
“That’s wonderful!” Brist replied cheerfully. Lucas sighed and decided to come directly to the point.
“What I really want to talk to you about is Sarah.”
“Sarah? What about her?” Brist questioned, intrigued.
“I know I’ve just met the child, but I’ve already become quite taken with her,” he paused hesitantly.
“And?” Brist pried curiously.
“And I want to take her with me when I leave.”
“Honestly? I don’t know. I just feel as if her predicament is all my fault. As if I am somehow responsible for the tragic condition of her family. I want to protect her, and to show her that life can be full of joy... and that ships don’t have to be feared,” he sighed. “Or maybe I just want to reassure myself that I am ready to be a father.”
Are you going to be a father?” Brist asked, surprised.
“I don’t know what possessed me to confide this to you, but yes. I dallied with the daughter of a client; a wealthy plantation owner who has sold quality sugar to our family for years. They live on an island called St. Eustatius. Well... She wanted me to marry her, but I got scared. I told her that I had to come here to meet with my family as was scheduled, but that I’d be back as soon as I could. I should have married her then and brought her with me, but as I said, I was scared. I thought to talk with my family first, but I couldn’t tell them.”
“Why not?” Brist asked non-judgmentally.
He sighed again. “Well, once I got here, I realized that it would disappoint my mother to find out what I did. I figured that if I went back, married her, and then brought her back, saying that I married her as soon as I found out she was pregnant, then… they won’t know I ever contemplated doing the wrong thing,” Lucas explained awkwardly, feeling frustration and anger at his own foolish actions.
“In my time, people don’t get married just because they get pregnant. You didn’t do the wrong thing! It’s perfectly natural to get scared when you have to deal with something so important. I would advise you to support her, of course, but don’t marry her if you don’t love her,” Brist counseled.
“But I do love her! I realized that when I realized I had left her alone to cope with being an unwed mother, and when I think about what her father is likely to do when he discovers her secret… My blood runs cold. How could I have just left her?” He sighed again, sounding on the verge of tears. “But she doesn’t love me.”
“Well, it seems as if you have a decision to make, and I don’t see how bringing Sarah with is going to help,” Brist said.
“But it will help! It’ll take about a month to get to St. Eustatius, and having Sarah with during that month will help me to learn to think of someone other than myself, for a change. I really feel as if it’s the right thing to do.”
In the hall, Nicholas raised his hand to knock, but paused when he heard Brist speak.
“I’m not so sure it’s a good idea,” she said.
“I am. I need this,” Lucas replied.
“But what if something were to happen?”
“I promise nothing bad will happen, and I think it would be therapeutic,” Lucas stated.
“Don’t make me beg...”
“Okay, I’ll…” Brist paused, she refused to give consent without asking Sarah her opinion. In the hall, Nicholas was positive that Lucas had just talked Brist into his bed, and for some reason, the idea made him seethe with rage. He stalked to his room, which was just across the hall.
“I’ll ask her, but I won’t force her if she doesn’t want to go.”
“That’s all I ask. Thank you,” Lucas said gratefully.


Nicholas walked around the rest of the day as if he were dumb, deaf, and blind. He was preoccupied with thoughts of Brist in bed with his brother. So much so that he kept clenching his fists and grumbling; as if he were about to punch the first person he saw.
A slave ran up to him to report that his detail was ahead of schedule, and that they be able to start arranging the trees on the east side of the property into a wall in about a week. Nicholas waved him away without bothering to comprehend what had been said. He approached his parents, who were hugging the twins goodbye; his mother was in tears.
“Don’t worry mother! We’ll be fine,” Raven assured her.
“And we promise to behave,” Regan solemnly added. Nicholas was able to shake off his irritating thoughts for a few moments.
“I’ll take good care of them,” he informed his teary eyed mother.
“I know! I know!” She wailed.
“Come now darling,” David said gently. “It’s time to leave.” He helped her mount her horse.
Brist ran up to the departing couple, noting that this time, they had an escort of armed slaves in addition to Morgan and Curtis – who were both returning to port with their parents. Curtis was beginning his captain’s training, and Morgan was getting back to his.
“I had the cook make up a basket of food. I was hoping that you would deliver it to Sarah’s parents. There’s also a note from me in there,” Brist said.
“I feel for them, but they shot my son, and I-” David began, but Regina cut him off.
“We could have one of the slaves in our escort deliver it. Then it wouldn’t be from us, and yet they would still receive some much needed food,” she suggested.
“Fine,” David agreed reluctantly.
“Thank you!” Brist smiled brilliantly. “Have a wonderful trip. I don’t know how long I’ll be in your time, but I hope I’ll see you again before I return to my time.”
Regina smiled and David nodded. Then, the two were off.
The twins held on to Nicholas’ arms until their parents were out of sight, and then he led them back inside the house.
“Regan, Raven, how would you like to go play in the garden with Sarah and me?” Brist asked as she followed them through the door.
“That sounds like a lovely idea,” they responded. Nicholas excused himself, and soon, they had joined Sarah – who was still playing quietly in the garden.
“Mummy Brist? What color is this?” She asked, holding up a rose.
“Red,” Brist answered, wondering how the child had known who had entered the garden.
“I like flowers; they’re so soft,” Sarah said reverently, brushing the flower across her cheek. Brist took the rose from her and used it to tickle her tiny little nose. She made an adorable little wrinkle in her nose and laughed. “That tickles me!”
Brist and the twins burst out laughing.


Nicholas went to confront Lucas, but he found most of his other brothers were already in the room with him. Jonathan and Richard – at 23 and 21, respectively – were captains of their own ships, and had decided to follow their father’s example to ship out. They were young to be captains, but seeing as how they had completed their captain's training – and because their father owned the shipping company – they were more than qualified.
Gregory and Thomas weren’t captains yet. Gregory, at 20, was still in his last stage of captain's training; first mate of one of the Evans ships. Thomas, at 18, had only recently been promoted to second mate, and wasn’t due to ship out until tomorrow.
Apparently, they had been discussing this very subject with Lucas, for Gregory said: “That reminds me! I’m due to ship out tomorrow afternoon.”
“I rather think I’d like to spend my last night in port enjoying myself,” Thomas remarked with a hint of innuendo.
“Good idea! Think I’ll join you.” Gregory patted Thomas on the back.
“Not a bad idea! Perhaps I’ll delay shoving out until tomorrow as well,” Richard agreed with a grin.
“The four of us can spend the night drinking, and perhaps we’ll each find a beautiful woman to occupy us for a time,” Jonathan suggested.
“Sounds like a plan!” The first three brothers agreed.
“Sounds like fun! Think I’ll join you,” Lucas said.
“No, you are staying in bed!” They told him flatly. Nicholas smiled; the look on Lucas’ face was comical in his dejection.
“I still have one good arm!” He protested.
“I’m sorry, but I have to agree. No fun for you until you’ve healed,” Nicholas said.
“But even the doctor said I was fit to leave when I felt up to it!” Lucas definitely disliked being ganged up on, but finally, he capitulated. Besides, he still needed to get permission to bring Sarah with him.
Soon after their brothers had left, Lucas noticed that Nicholas seemed to be mad at him. Thus, there was an awkward silence. Puzzled, he then noticed that it was oppressively warm, so he asked Nicholas to open the window.
Nicholas complied and was greeted by a symphony of giggles coming from the garden. He leaned out the window to determine the reason for the laughter, and Lucas took advantage of his inattention by climbing out of bed. He overheard his older brother mutter as he joined him at the window: “Now what are they up to?”
“It looks as if they are having fun,” Lucas replied.
Nicholas grunted, realized that Lucas was out of bed, and ushered him back into it with a noise remarkably similar to that of a mother hen.


“Finally, the day is over! Lucas is resting, the twins are in bed, everyone else is gone, and Brist will be mine!” Nicholas told himself as he entered her room. He hadn’t bothered to knock, but it didn’t matter for she wasn’t there.
He cursed her for being difficult, and then stood thinking about places she could be. Most importantly, he knew that she wasn’t with Lucas, for he had just come from his brother’s room. He felt a sudden peace descend upon him as he realized her voice was drifting in softly from the balcony.
“Saaarah, you’re the poet in my heart. Ooo Saaarah…” Brist lapsed into humming the rest of the Fleetwood Mac tune.
Nicholas marveled at how delicious her voice sounded even when she was only humming. Nicholas used the time to rethink his actions; now that he thought about it, he was sure that she hadn’t agreed to bed Lucas after all. He even decided that she was probably still a virgin, and had almost made up his mind to leave, but was interrupted when Brist reentered the room. She smiled at the sight of the man who looked so much like her ex-boyfriend, and yet so much more… delectable.
“Shh… She’s finally asleep,” she whispered. She laid the child on the bed, careful not to wake her, and pulled Nicholas out onto the balcony. “Was there something you wanted?”
“Yes.” You. Nicholas had to think quickly to come up with something so that he didn’t blurt out the truth. “I wondered if you would walk with me. Perhaps we could try to put our differences aside and try to get along. After all, you are my sisters’ companion, and we will frequently be in each other's company.”
“Sounds good to me; lead the way.” Brist followed him in near silence – humming so very softly – as he walked randomly through the garden and into a nearby grove of trees.
Nicholas couldn't think of anything but her. He wanted her more than he'd ever wanted anyone before. He tried several times to say something – anything! – but nothing could compete with the thoughts of what he wanted to do to her.
Without any warning, he threw his arms around her and swept her up against him. With her diminutive body so intimately aligned with his and her exceedingly kissable lips now in reach, Nicholas lost all control. Brist returned his ardor with equal fervor, and pulled on his shoulders in order to gain better leverage.
“I want you,” he murmured between kisses, and any objections she might have had vanished with the realization that his kiss was far superior to any other she had ever before experienced.
Nicholas’ next coherent observation was when he noticed the comfortable pile of clothing on the ground. It was shortly followed by the discovery that it was comprised of their clothing, and he couldn’t recall creating the pile.
Brist’s thoughts – when they were compos mentis – all involved surprise at the intensity of sensations she was experiencing, and bafflement that it should be this way with a virtual stranger when she had never experienced anything near this level with her ex – whom she had loved deeply.
Nicholas tried to slow down – to fully explore her body – but once his fingers discovered the moist heat of her innermost womanhood, he lost all semblance of control and plunged inside her with reckless abandon. Brist dug her nails into his shoulders and gasped as he entered her.
He rode her hard, grinding against her with a passion he had never known prior to this moment. Brist quickly learned the rhythm of his thrusts, recognizing in anticipation that the most powerful orgasm of her life was in the making; gathering energy like matter being sucked into a void.
Brist was suddenly afraid of her inescapable climax. Instinctively, she knew that if it didn’t happen soon, it would ravage her like a hurricane, and she was unsure of her ability to survive it. She held onto her lover as if her life depended on it, because she feared it just might. Just when she was certain that she was about to die, she felt his hot seed pour into her, and for some reason, this phenomenon drove her over the edge, making her scream in a combination of fear and ecstasy.
It took some time for Brist to return to herself, and when she did, she was filled with anxiety over what she had done. First off, she hadn’t needed to renew her birth control since she was dumped, and second, she had only had sex with one person prior to this, which had been a major and carefully considered decision. She was not a slut who slept around!
She heard a distinctive voice in her heard tell her not to worry, for all was as it should be. This brought her confusion and no small amount of concern over her sanity, and yet, it somehow reassured her. The damage had already been done, she decided, and as wonderful as it had been, she wanted more. She debated the wisdom of initiating another round of sex.
Finally, her curiosity got the better of her. She had been studying techniques in sexual self-help books in a desire to rock her man’s world (or at least his bed), and now she had an uncontrollable urge to see if different men reacted to the techniques differently, or if both the men would be alike in this matter also. (Considering that they appeared astonishingly alike, with subtle differences.) She had a feeling that in this, like so many other things Brist had discovered about Nicholas, he would be the same, only 10 times better. This has to be an incredible dream, she thought.
Nicholas was dozing lightly, his strength sapped. Plus, he hadn’t had any sleep the previous night. At first, he was only mildly aware of her exploration of his body, but she aroused him so expertly, she could almost be likened to a high-priced courtesan.
“You could not have been a virgin,” he remarked softly. She would have replied, but her full concentration was on the task at hand, and he was more than pleased to be receiving her undivided attention. 

The funny thing to me is that this story was one I wrote when I was 15 or 16 and still a virgin. I had read pretty much every romance novel ever written, but had no real experience except for my vivid imagination. Therefore, I relied more on almost poetic descriptions than on graphic details. Also, much of what I used for plot and content was the parts I liked most from other stories. With my own twist, lol! Can you tell the difference? As I reread my older stuff, I cringe in embarrassment, and so editing it now is a challenge to retain the majority of the original content without diving under my chair and hiding from the embarrassment! That's probably why I don't post it more frequently even though it is a finished book :-)

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