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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Brist's Time - Chapter 14

         Okay, remember how I told y'all that this story actually embarrasses me? Well, one of the reasons is that the character of Nicholas is basically a stereotypical hot-headed superficial male. He does things that I read a lot of in those older "bodice-ripper" type stories, yet even then I could never figure out the author's justification for the... men will be men type actions that didn't make sense, lol! I am pretty sure that Nicholas develops as a character later on in the book, but for now, even I am scratching my head and wondering what I was thinking back when I first wrote him, lol!

Chapter 14

“Shh! Sarah’s still asleep,” Regan whispered.
“Yes, but where’s Brist?” Raven questioned softly.
“Perhaps she’s in the garden,” Regan suggested. Raven nodded, and they strode onto the balcony.
“Oh look! What’s that?” Regan pointed to a patch of color in the woods.
“Let us find out, shall we?” Raven ran off to investigate followed closely by her twin. Normally, they would have gasped, but they were so startled by the scene they found, that they couldn’t speak for a moment. After all, it wasn’t everyday that they came across a pile containing four legs, four arms, a mane of red hair, and their eldest brother’s very naked behind.
“He’s trying to hurt her!” Raven exclaimed softly.
“No silly! They were doing what mother and father do when they lock us out of their room,” Regan replied.
“Oh my!” Raven’s cheeks started to burn. Brist awoke, and peered at the twins for a moment before tapping Nicholas on the shoulder.
“Don’t look now, but I think we’ve been caught,” she said. This failed to wake him, instead he merely grunted, and rolled onto his back.
Both twins gasped at the sight of his manhood, causing him to wake.
“Regan! Raven! Turn around!” He ordered as if they were sailors on his ship. They willingly obeyed. Nicholas leapt to his feet, and hastily began to dress. Brist began to laugh uncontrollably.
“And just what do you find so humorous?” He demanded. She simply waved his question away, for she couldn’t cease laughing long enough to answer him. Finally, she sobered up enough to accept his hand when he was finished dressing. He helped her to her feet.
“Girls are kept so very uneducated in this time,” she stated.
“Will you please get dressed?” He asked, ignoring her comment. She was smiling cheerfully, but he was definitely not amused. However, that did not stop him from watching in fascination as his sisters, having discovered that it was safe to look, proceeded to hand her garments to her.
“I don’t recall removing those,” he said. “What are they?”
“This is called a bra.” She cast him a sultry look as she fastened its hook, thanking its makers for designing it with the hook in front. “And these tiny bits of lace are my panties.” She performed a reverse striptease.
“You had better stop that, else I’ll end up providing my sister’s with quite an education.” Nicholas’ hands itched to caress her bare skin.
Brist laughed in response. “My my, afraid they might learn something?”
The twins understood enough of the conversation to be red with embarrassment. Brist threw her arms wide, and twirled with joy.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” She imitated Tarzan’s call of the wild. “It’s such a beautiful day, perfect for tanning.” She stopped twirling, and fixed her gaze on the twins. “Race you back to the house.”
“But you’re not dressed.” Raven protested.
Brist threw on the rest of her outfit, not bothering to fasten her blouse with more than a simple knot at her solar plexus. “Ready?” She received a duo of nods in response. “Okay, on three… Three!” All three girls took off like a shot from a gun, but the twins’ proper skirts hindered their progress, and Brist won the race.
Nicholas held an angry conversation with himself, wondering why he had such passionate feelings for a non-virginal chit from the future. If she was telling the truth about being from the future, which, he reminded himself, he didn’t believe for one second. The more he debated his feelings, the more he became enraged, and he couldn’t fathom why. Soon, he was seeing red, having convinced himself that she was a whore come to prey upon his family, and he was determined to stop her, or maim her in the process.
He ran flat out, and caught up with her as she was about to follow his sister’s into Lucas’ room. He locked his arms around her waist, and within two seconds, had flung her into his room, which was just across the hall. He kicked the door shut behind them.
“Have you lost your mind?!” She shouted.
“You weren’t a virgin,” he stated with a menacing growl. His strong hands gripped her upper arms, and he began to shake her violently. “You’re a whore!” He roared.
“Stop shaking me!” She warned him loudly, which only caused him to shake her all the harder.
“You’re a whore, and I’m going to treat you like one,” he informed her so quietly, she had to think about it a moment to decide if she’d heard him correctly. Unbeknownst to them, the door flung open at that moment admitting Lucas. Nicholas, his hands still gripping her upper arms, lifted her off the ground, and threw her onto the bed, landing on her half a moment later.
“Nicholas!” Lucas bellowed in shock that his brother would treat any woman thus, especially a lady, and a member of their family. Nicholas was caught off guard for a fraction of a second, but it was plenty of time for Brist to crawl out from under him. She strode to the intruding brother and firmly pushed him out of the room.
“You stay out of this,” she instructed firmly. “I’m not finished with him.” She slammed the door in his face with more force than she had intended, then on second thought, reopened it. “You should really be in bed resting,” she reminded him. This time, when she closed the door it was with a gentle firmness, and was followed by a gesture to lock the door.
“You expect me to just fall into bed and have sex with you after you just called me a whore?” She asked incredulously. He had already leapt out of bed, and his blind rage was still controlling him. He made to grab her once more, only this time Brist was prepared to stop him. She executed a perfect right cross, and clipped his cheek bone with enough force to swivel his head, but not enough to seriously hurt him. Nicholas howled in rage, cursing her foully. In the hall, a pacing Lucas cringed. The twins had been sent to their room, for it was indecent for them to witness - even if only with their ears - such a scene.
Brist silently cursed her traitorous body, for it was reacting to him as strongly as if she were made of iron, and he was an electromagnet. He lunged for her again, and this time she let him possess her. He tore her clothes off with a reckless lack of control. This time it was she who flung him onto the bed, accidentally causing a large basin and pitcher set to crash to the floor. She removed his clothing, tossing his shoes behind her, uncaring where they landed, or what they destroyed in the process.
Unable to feel anything but an intense need to be inside her, Nicholas flipped her onto her hands and knees, and took her from behind. She moaned with pleasure again and again, until she was quaking with the need to jump off the bliss cliff, or perish on the spot. Nicholas felt his seed spill, and was shocked to discover that it didn’t lessen his need to ride her one whit. Brist’s appendages gave out; metaphorically, she had jumped off the cliff, and was floating down from its heights of ecstasy.
The fact that his partner was suddenly made of gelatin did not deter him for longer than the time it took to position her on her back, and reenter her. Soon, Brist was solid again, and raking her nails across his arms and back in an effort to hold onto reality. This time it was Nicholas who moaned over and over. He had grown so sensitive and raw that each thrust caused almost as much pain as it did pleasure, and still, he couldn’t stop himself. He slammed his fist down upon an unfortunate bedside table as he was gripped by the most violently fierce climax he had ever experienced. The table shattered into a thousand tiny splinters with a sound that perfectly described the explosions taking place inside him.
Nicholas collapsed, near crushing his lover in the process, but she managed to wiggle out from under him. Using the very last of his strength, Nicholas rolled over, and to his great astonishment, he discovered that not only had his need for her not diminished in the slightest, but that his physical representation of it stood as proudly erect as if he were hale and infused with energy. Which, he took note of tiredly, he definitely was not.
Brist had been slightly disappointed that he had finished when he did, for she had felt another oncoming orgasm, and it was now just simmering under the surface, waiting to be brought to culmination. She rapidly noticed that his shaft was willing to play more, even if he could not. She took immediate advantage of the situation, and mounted him as if he were a powerful stallion.
“Please,” he begged. “Not again, I can’t…” He began to stammer incoherently.
“Well I can, and I will. Don’t worry, I won’t be long,” she assured him truthfully. Already, her inner muscles were rippling. She rode the waves of pleasure, and him, for as long as she could before she couldn’t bear it any more. Just after she collapsed atop him, she realized that he had been trying to scream, in agony and pleasure, and was suddenly plagued with an emotion akin to horror. She had just raped him! To make up for it, she tried to kiss him, and caress him soothingly.
After a few long moments, he was finally able to speak. “You are a very demanding lover.”
“In case you hadn’t noticed, so are you,” she replied.
“Even now, I want you again!” He gasped.
“Same here,” she agreed.
“But I’m much too exhausted to do anything more than gape at my hardness. It has never done this before,” he blurted honestly, and was then embarrassed to tell her something so personal and intimate. But she wasn’t embarrassed, and her horror had disappeared.
“I tell you what, I know you haven’t gotten more than four hours sleep in the last two days, so why don’t you get a good day's sleep, and I’ll come back to inspect your stamina tonight.” She smiled, and kissed him.
“Why do I have the feeling I should be afraid?” He asked in an attempt to be humorous.
“Because we still have to discuss your vile accusations,” she stated. She sighed, and crawled out of bed. She couldn’t find all of her clothing, and what she could find was too shredded to be of any use, so she decided to leave without them.
Outside the door, she ran into Lucas, who gasped, and smacked himself in a hasty attempt to cover his gawking eyes.
“Good morning, Lucas,” she greeted cheerily.
He sputtered as he watched her walk away. “Are you hurt?”
“No.” She grinned.
“Is my brother still alive?”
“Yes, but just barely,” she exaggerated.
“Do I even want to know what happened?” By now he was able to talk clearly enough to be heard by her even though she had just stepped into her room at the end of the hall.
She reappeared briefly. “No.”
Inside her room, she nearly tripped over Sarah.
“Mummy Brist, are you mad at Nicholas?” The child asked innocently, he nose wrinkling delicately at the strange smell emanating from her newly adopted parent.
“No, Babydoll, I’m not mad at him.” Brist quickly thought about what to tell the child. If Sarah were truly her child, she would explain things simply, not expecting the child to understand the explanation until she was older, but she wouldn’t lie to her, or dismiss her intelligence as not mature enough. Brist fully believed that maturity was cultivated by teaching children to think for themselves, and by not equating the word child with stupid.
Thus, Brist was semi prepared to answer Sarah’s next question.
“Lucas said you were fighting with Nicholas, but the twins said you were doing what all mum’s and dad’s do when they are alone. Which is true? What were you doing?” Sarah asked.
“Well, both I guess.” Brist answered her.
The tiny girl nodded. This somehow made perfect sense to her.
Brist rummaged through her bag to find something comfortable to wear. She decided on an oriental style dress that had a choker-like neckline. The dress was sleeveless, had a length that fell perfectly to the midpoint of her thigh, and was made with a fabric that contained both silk and lycra, dyed black, and embroidered with an emerald and burgundy rosebud-on-vine pattern. In general, Brist abhorred flower-patterned fabrics, but she made an exception when it came to delicate designs that portrayed buds, or other intricately beautiful images.
As soon as she was elegantly clad, she swept her hair up into an ultra modern coif, using a pair of hairpins that looked like chop sticks, and were made out of a crystal that appeared to be garnet at first glance. In any case, the accessories matched the color of the roses adorning her dress perfectly.
After applying a light layer of makeup, she was ready to face the day. She turned to the extremely quite toddler, who was posed in a perfect imitation of a dog who hears a curious noise.
“What are you doing?” Brist asked her.
“I’m trying to figure out what you are doing. I can’t quite match the sounds to actions I’m familiar with, except I faintly recall mum dressing for a fancy dinner once. If you had just applied a perfume, I would have been certain,” Sarah elucidated.
“I was just about to do that, but not because I’m dressing up for a party, simply because I love to play dress-up. How would you like to wear some perfume too?” Brist asked.
Sarah liked this idea so much, she began to tremble with anticipation. “Oh! Can I?”
“Sure thing, Babydoll.” Brist misted the both of them with her favorite perfume, which had been specially blended for her so that the dainty bouquet of gardenias, and her own pheromones complemented each other, rather than turn sour when they came in contact. It was a soft, subtle perfume, for she absolutely hated strong scents. Not only were they overpowering, but also gave her a headache, and detracted from what would have been an otherwise pleasant experience.
“Mmm, smells wonderful,” Sarah sighed.
“Sarah? Before we do anything else, I think we should talk about something important,” Brist informed the cherub.
“What about?” Sarah asked curiously.
“Lucas has asked me to ask you a very important question. He wants to know if you would join him on his passage to a special island,” Brist stated.
“On his ship?” An expression of terror settled on her face.
“Yes, but you don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” Brist assured her.
“The ship stole my eyes!” The child exclaimed.
“No, not your eyes, your ability to see. I know it’s scary, but Lucas wants to help. He wants to give you the opportunity to conquer your fears. Personally, I think…” Brist sighed. She didn’t want the decision to be made based on what she felt, but on what Sarah felt. “He needs your help. He’s going to be a daddy, but that’s a secret still, so don’t tell anyone I told you, not even Regan and Raven.”
“I promise. I can keep a secret, but why does he need my help?” The child asked.
“You’ll just have to discuss it with him. I only wanted to give you some time to think about it before you say yes or no.” Brist cuddled with her adopted daughter.
“Can we go talk to Lucas now?” Sarah asked.
“Of course, Babydoll.” Brist took her by the hand, and led her to Lucas’ bedroom. Lucas had had it up to his hair with lying in bed to recuperate, and was reading a book by the window.
“Do you mind if we come in?” Brist asked in lieu of knocking, for the door was wide open.
“Of course not, make yourself comfortable,” Lucas replied.
“Sarah wishes to discuss your reasons for requesting her presence on your journey to St. Eustatius.” Brist informed him regally to stress the importance of respecting the child’s wishes.
“What do you wish to know?” Lucas asked.
“What if I fall off like my brother Alan?” Sarah responded. This was how she had interpreted the splash his dead body had made when they tossed him to his grave.
“I won’t let you, I promise.” Lucas assured her.
“I didn’t like being on a ship at all, it was so scary all the time, I don’t think I want to go,” Sarah said.
“What if I make it fun for you? You know my sisters have been on ships lots of times, and they both love it. Please.” Lucas tried not to beg, but a hint of inexplicable desperation entered his voice.
“I’ll go if you really want me to, but you have to promise that I won’t be hurt, or sick, or fall overboard,” Sarah demanded.
Lucas gave a sigh of relief, and smiled. “I promise. Thank you.”
“I want to make one request,” Brist imparted. “I want you to remain here for at least two more days.”
“Why?” Lucas asked.
“Because I want to do something special for Sarah’s birthday, after all, four is a very special age,” Brist said seriously. Sarah leapt in the direction of her voice, and was caught into a hug.
“What? What are you going to do?” Sarah asked excitedly.
“I don’t know. Perhaps I could… wait a minute! It’s going to be a surprise, and don’t you ask me again. You’ll find out soon enough.” Brist tickled the tiny angel.
Lucas laughed. “Perfect. I should be able to convince Nicholas that I’m capable of leaving by then.” He tickled Sarah’s foot. “Run along and tell Regan and Raven that you’re going with me.”
Sarah nodded, waited to be released, and made her way out of the room, a surprising feat for a blind child, but already she had an excellent sense of where everything was placed.
“My brother didn’t… Did he..? He shouldn’t have…” Lucas sighed. His thoughts refused to come out coherently. “He’s making the same mistake I did, only I don’t think he’ll marry you.” He finally blurted.
“Who said I wanted to marry him?” Brist asked with a wry tone to her voice.
“What if you are carrying his child right now?” Lucas countered.
Brist thought this question over for some time. Her period was like clockwork, every 32 days on the dot. Which made it harder for her to calculate when she was more likely to get pregnant, and when she was less likely, however, she knew that ovulation occurred 14 days before the onset of a period, and that gave her a tool to help calculate how close to ovulation she was. If she disregarded the fact that her last period occurred over 200 years in the future, she could determine…
Aw hell! She was within 3 days of ovulation, and she had no idea when exactly her shot would run out. She sighed, and prayed fervently that she was wrong, and that her ova would be particularly hard to penetrate this month.
She sighed. “Well, I’ll just have to cross that bridge if I come to it.”
Lucas stood up. “I’ll help you if he won’t. If it happens that is.”
Brist smiled appreciatively. “And if I’m still living in this time. I’m still half convinced it’s all a dream.”
“What a pair we make.” Lucas gave a short, mirthless laugh. He opened his arm to embrace her in friendship. Really, he needed comfort, for she was vibrant and confident, and he was so unsure of himself, and how his life with his new bride will turn out.
She stepped into his embrace, taking extra care not to jostle his wounded arm. She sensed his need, not only for a friend, but also for reassurance that everything was going to be okay. She wished she could tell him about his future, in order to set his mind at ease, but she honestly didn’t know a thing about anyone in this time period, except her really great grandmother Brist. Vaguely, she wondered when she’d get to meet the woman, and see how alike they were, and how different. For surely someone raised in this time period was bound to be vastly different than someone raised at the end of the millennium.
“Don’t worry.” She smiled, and placed a light kiss on his lips. “Everything will be fine.”
Across the hall, Nicholas had opened his door because he felt a need to relieve his bladder, and somehow the chamber pot was amongst the things that were destroyed earlier during his encounter with Brist. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he had a clear view of their intimacy. It couldn’t have been more than an hour since she had left his bed, and already she was working her was into his brother’s! He felt vindicated. She was a whore, and she was here to cause trouble of some sort. He vowed to keep a close eye on her, and was baffled when he felt an urge to break his brother’s other arm!
Whore or not, Brist was his, and he would soon teach her to keep her body in his bed, and out of all others!
Brist excused herself, after all, she hadn’t done her exercises in some time, and just now, she felt a need to move about, to stretch, and to practice her kickboxing.
Nicholas saw her turn to leave, and decided to hide until after she had gone. The way he felt now, he be liable to strangle her if she got too close to him.
In no time, Brist was doing warm-ups in the privacy of her room. She wished that they had some gym equipment, but they weren’t a necessary part of her exercise. She decided, a short while later, that she liked the way her stretchy dress allowed her to do even the highest of kicks comfortably, and without resistance, or a tear in the fabric.
After about a half hour, she was so sweaty, yet energetic, that she decided to go for a run around the plantation grounds to cool down.

Okay, so I am currently editing a different book in preparation of publication (Writing Sin) and even though it was also written a few years ago, it at least has a better developed male character. I just edited a seriously graphic sex scene that didn't embarrass me in the slightest, lol! So maybe you don't really understand why this story DOES embarrass me so much, but I can tell you that it has nothing to do with the sex scene - at least not how graphic it is :-)

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