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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 2

As promised, Ardent gave me an excellent start to the day. She tickled my very sensitive shaft with her tongue until I begged for mercy. After the ordeal with Glacèe, I was sure that I wouldn't be able to have sex again so soon, but my body was more than willing to try!
Now that I knew just a tiny bit more about how to please a woman, I rolled Ardent under me so that I could practice my skills on her. She was very pleased by my efforts – after she got past being squeamish by the thought of me seeing her womanhood so closely. I loved how much fun it was to hold her and stroke her body with my hands.
If my body wasn't so utterly sore, I'm sure that I would have been in heaven. As it was, I wondered if Glacèe had secretly beaten me in my sleep! I ached so deeply that I was worried that something might be wrong.
After a fun half hour romp with Ardent – not including our oral warm up – I insisted that we get out of bed while there was still a chance of eating breakfast. Ardent was an early bird, so even after an hour or so of play, it was still about the time I normally got up.
Ardent kissed me after we were dressed, then stroked my face. “You're so handsome to me that I think I might die of happiness just from looking at you!” Then she laughed as she ruffled my hair. “You go on and have your breakfast, and don't worry about me. I'm going to grab some meat pasties from the kitchen and go for my morning ride. You should come with me some time,” she suggested hopefully.
Maybe...” I murmured vaguely. “But I'm hopeless with horses and it's way too cold out for my tastes.”
I know,” she stated softly. “Which is why I go riding with Sandra and we talk about how hopeless you are and laugh about it!”
You what?!” I asked, inexplicably crestfallen.
She laughed again, kissed me one last time, and then left to do what she loved to do the most. Even more than torturing a man, she loved to ride her fierce black stallion. Not even the coldest day of winter could stop her!
I made my way to the small family dining room, and was glad to see that dad was alone once again. I groaned as I rubbed my shoulder before grabbing a plate and filling it. As I expected, my father was frowning at me in concern.
Something wrong?” He asked.
Um, well...” I wondered how to ask this without being embarrassed or embarrassing him. I decided to just be direct. “Is it normal to feel sore and achy after... you know...?
Dad laughed. “It can be.”
Man! I feel like she beat me up!” I admitted with a groan, once more attacking my food with gusto.
Well, did she?” Dad wondered, frowning in concern again.
No,” I assured him.
Well, maybe next time you should tell her to be a bit more gentle with you!” Dad advised with a laugh. I'm sure he was picturing how tough and fierce of a fighter Ardent was. She was very likely to punch something if it offended her, so it probably made sense to him that she would be a rough lover, but little did he know that that just wasn't true. Ardent was a fun and playful lover, it was Glacèe who made me feel like I was beaten up!
I don't think that would work,” I muttered with a secretive smile. I didn't go into details because I was pretty sure that last night had been a one time event, and besides, no matter how sore I was now, it had been sheer bliss at the time. “I just wondered if it was normal to ache or if maybe I should send for a healer to take a look at me.”
That's up to you,” dad answered with a shrug. “I personally wouldn't worry, but if it hurts too much, it can't do any harm to see a healer.”
What hurts?” Sang-Soif asked as she entered the room. Breakfast and dinner were the two times when this room was likely to fill up, so I wasn't surprised to be interrupted, just embarrassed to be caught in this conversation by her...
Uh, nothing,” I mumbled evasively and then busied myself chowing down on all the food on my plate.
Oh...” Sang-Soif hummed knowingly. “I see...” She laughed softly but otherwise left me alone.
Breakfast was a fairly pleasant affair after that, with everyone but Ardent and Sandra joining us at some point. We all discussed the little things we planned to do. It was one of those rare slow times when everyone had time to focus on things they liked to do, rather than things they had to do.
Lily was passionate about getting a puppy, and finally managed to talk our father into bringing her to the big city to look at what the merchants had to offer. Besides, the big city was a good place to meet up with the Lady of Clan Lightstone that might have a puppy Lily would want. It was a trip that would take at least a week – there and back – so the sooner they left, the sooner Lily would stop begging our father to hurry up. I smiled at her and wished her luck, even though I knew they wouldn't be leaving for at least an hour.
Sang-Soif eventually sighed. “I hate to spoil such a pleasant morning, but since I currently have an empty dungeon, I thought maybe it would be a good time for us to go over the Clan ledger.”
I groaned. It was bad enough having to keep track of money on a smaller farm – like my grandparents orchard – but keeping track of everything, and I do mean everything the Clan touches is a headache like I've never thought possible! If I had to do it on my own, I'd probably kill myself, but luckily, Sang-Soif was used to helping my mother with it.
Do we have to?” I asked, reluctant to go anywhere near my study on such a beautiful day. “I promised Ardent that I'd go riding with her for the rest of the day!”
Sang-Soif was not the only one who snorted in disbelief at that. It was well known that I didn't like to ride and was terrible with horses. My father even rolled his eyes at me.
Did I say go riding,” I backtracked as quickly as possible. “I meant spar! I promised myself that I would spend all day sparring with Lord Storm before he gets bored and decides to return home.”
That sounds like fun,” Lord Godric backed me up amicably.
I'm sure it does,” Sang-Soif agreed warmly. “If that's what you really want, then I wish you luck in defeating Lord Storm.”
But?” I questioned, knowing that there had to be a catch.
But we have time to do it now, so we should. Otherwise, we could be in serious trouble if an emergency expense comes up. What if – oh I don't know – lightning starts the stables on fire and we have to rebuild them. Wouldn't it be nice to know if we have enough money to do so?” Sang-Soif reasoned patiently.
Well yeah, but how likely is that to happen? I mean has it ever happened?” I asked, still hoping to get out of the dreaded chore.
No,” Sang-Soif murmured, then took a sip of her tea. I kept waiting for her to argue some more, but she didn't.
Sighing in relief, I grinned at Lord Godric, but he shook his head at me. “She's got you there. Things do happen, and a good Lord is always as prepared as he can possibly be. You just go do your work, and I'll be ready to spar when you're done.”
I exhaled in disappointment, hating to admit it out loud, but he was right. “Yes sir,” I grumbled.

Sang-Soif spread a thick ledger in front of me. Smiling kindly, she patted me on the head like a small child. “I know how much you hate doing this, so I made it simple for you. I've already entered all the numbers you need in all the columns, so the only thing you have left to do is add them up.”
Wait a minute,” I protested angrily. “If you've already done all that, then why didn't you just do it all?!”
Because Gavin, it's your responsibility to know these things. Even if you hired an accountant, you'd still need to go through it with him to make sure that he wasn't cheating you or doing a bad job! So stop whining about it already and just do your job!” Sang-Soif roared in frustration. She's never yelled at me before, so I was a bit hurt by it.
She's the one I dream about! From the first moment she rode onto our orchard to summon us to the Castle, I have wanted her. She's so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at her. From her midnight black hair to her soft and creamy complexion to her deep blue eyes and blood red lips – I loved everything about her! I wanted her to be my one and only, but she's a fully grown woman, already nine by the time I was born...
Sure, even Glacèe was older than me. She's 21 and apparently knows exactly what she wants, but I know that she was just playing with me and not serious about a relationship. Honestly, Ardent is probably a much better choice for a lover. We're both 16 and get along pretty well. She loves me but understands that I don't love her in return. There's no need to pine over a woman I can never have, but I can't help it!
No matter how much I wanted to finish the damn ledger and be done with it, I kept watching her walk around the large, sun-filled library. Her every step was like music to my ears as her heels clicked. I swear that she was walking across the stone floor in a way to create a rhythm on purpose, and it was driving me crazy! I just wanted to sweep the ledger off the table and throw her on it, and then kiss her and confess how much I wanted her and only her.
But sadly, I forced my mind back onto this damn ledger and tried my best to add two and two together. A slight twinge reminded me that my body was achy and sore anyway. I rubbed my shoulder without even thinking about it, and was astonished when Sang-Soif brushed my hand away so that she could rub my shoulders for me.
Stop fidgeting and get it done already! It's shouldn't take more than a half an hour or so if you just concentrate!” She insisted, her touch wreaking havoc on my senses.
I groaned in longing, wanting nothing more than to pull her into my lap and kiss her. The numbers on the ledger went blurry and I suddenly felt like crying. I rested my head on my arms on the table to hide my embarrassing predicament.
I can't possibly be that bad!” Sang-Soif snorted. “Surely the numbers are easy to add.”
They're fine,” I mumbled.
Then what's wrong?” Sang-Soif asked, her voice clearly concerned.
I love you!” I blurted out. “I can't think of anything but you, especially with you touching me like that!”
Oh!” Sang-Soif gasped in sudden understanding. She stepped back and made soft little hmm noises as she tried to figure out what to say. “Oh my... That's... unfortunate...”
I cringed even though I expected her to say as much. I wanted her but could never have her. She couldn't possibly be interested in a boy on the verge of manhood.
She pulled a chair out and sat on it so that she could gently place a hand over my hand. “Gavin... I think I should explain something to you. I'm...”
Not interested, I understand,” I mumbled, still trying hard not to cry, and also unable to stop hiding my face in my arms.
No, well, that's true. I'm not interested anyone. I... I'm damaged. Broken,” she tried to explain, shrugging helplessly. “When I was a child, I was raped many times. I wasn't abused otherwise, always fed, clothed, and cared for, but... there was a large number of people living in our small Clan home. There were far more men than women, and when they got drunk, I was a convenient target.”
I looked up at her in shock and astonishment. I'd heard that she'd been raped, but I guess I thought that it was just once or twice when she was a young teenager. I didn't expect her to tell me the details!
Stoically, she continued her explanation. “So... when I got old enough that I was curious about sex, I tried it. I was hoping that it would be different, better... but it wasn't. I literally felt nothing. I wasn't upset or hurt or anything like that, but I also wasn't pleased. I had men vow to do whatever it took to show me what pleasure was supposed to be like, but they couldn't. It was fun if I had nothing better to do, but I usually have lots of better things to do, so I stopped trying. I realize that I'm just broken, and there's nothing anyone can do to fix me.”
I wanted to hug her and try to comfort her, but I also didn't want her to think that I was trying to force my affection on her. I will never understand how she feels! Most of all, I wished that she didn't feel broken. How can a person live with that?
How...?” I wasn't sure if I even understood how she felt enough to ask.
How did I figure it out? Well, one night, I was drinking in a bar, just to do something different. One of my prisoners had died, and I was feeling a bit pathetic. At some point, a man was drunk enough that he decided that I looked...” she twisted her lips as if trying to decide what to say, and then sighed. “Fuckable.” She shrugged as if apologizing that she couldn't find a better word.
I could have killed him if I wanted to. He was clearly in the wrong, yanking me by my hair and dragging me away to some dark corner, but I didn't... I didn't even fight him! I liked the way my hair felt. I liked the way my body shivered. I liked everything he did to me. It was just like being raped all over again. He held me down, covered my mouth with a hand so that I couldn't scream, and rammed into me painfully.” Sang-Soif threw her hands out emphatically and jumped to her feet.
How could I just let him do that to me and like it?!” She roared out the question and then started pacing the room. “I mean really? I'm a member of Clan Blood! My job is to torture and kill terrible criminals! My name means blood thirst! How could my uncles and cousins and – sadly yes – even some of my brothers have broken me so badly that I can't even have regular sex with a good man and enjoy it?!”
She stopped pacing just as agitatedly as she started, and whipped around to face me. “So, you see? I – I am flattered that you love me, but I can't do anything about it. I'm almost certain that you don't have what it takes to please my twisted desires. Even if you tried, the most I could hope for is something less tedious than outright boredom!”
I was speechless, and confused all over again. “It... sounds like... you're saying... that you want me to try and that you wish I could please your – how did you say it – twisted desires.” I mean, maybe I was reading too much into it, but she sounded frustrated that she didn't have anyone willing to do what she needed them to.
I mentally smacked myself. She was right, of course. I'd only been having sex since yesterday morning. I couldn't possibly know how to do that to her, but once the idea had occurred to me, it wouldn't leave me alone.
W-w-well!” She stuttered, confused herself now. “A-a-a-actually, I do sort of want someone to want me enough to try to fix me, but I didn't say that I wanted it to be you.” She sighed and visibly released all of her turbulent emotion. “I'm just happy that someone finally said they love me, and I do believe you mean it. I'd love nothing more than to be a regular woman who might like to take on a young lover, but, unfortunately... I just don't think it would work.”
I stood up and looked at her exactly the way that Glacèe had looked at me last night. I felt intense. Dark. It was almost as if she had challenged me to do whatever I wanted to her, so long as I didn't try to please her. I wanted her so badly that I was willing to give it a try, no matter how crazy it sounded.
She met my gaze calmly, challenging me silently to prove her right or prove her wrong. I could see that she really believed that I didn't have what it took to give her what she wanted. But if Glacèe could tie me up and show me something very close to heaven, then surely I could do the same to Sang-Soif!
I wasn't sure where to start, until I remembered her say that she liked having her hair pulled. Deliberately, I wound my hand around her silky black hair and then pulled until she was forced to bend her head to the side. She closed her eyes and moaned, but didn't say or do anything to stop me.
Oh Gods! What do I do now?!?! Do I force her to suck on me like Glacèe forced me to do to her, or do I reenact the night she just told me about, dragging her off and ramming into her? Inspiration struck ever so slightly.
I don't want you hurting me with those claws of yours, so why don't we point them someplace safer?” I suggested pleasantly – as if discussing the weather – but I yanked her around by her hair until she was at the table. “Wrap your arms around your waist.” I ordered sharply, feeling for the first time ever like a Lord who was used to giving orders and being obeyed.
Sang-Soif did as she was told, a slightly impressed expression crossing her face for a split second. I then used her hair to push her until she was bent over the table. I really really really wanted to simply lick her until she started screaming, but by her own words, that wouldn't work. I felt more than a little like a selfish bastard for doing this, but even if she has twisted desires, doesn't she still deserve to have a lover who at least tries to give her what she needs?
With the hand not firmly holding her hair, I pushed her skirt up over her hips and back and even her hair. To my sadistic delight, she wore nothing under her skirt to get in my way. Her buttocks were smooth and creamy perfection which I longed to caress gently, but she wanted it rough. I smacked her across her left cheek, and watched it turn slightly red.
Sang-Soif moaned, her breathing increasing dramatically. “Oh,” she exhaled, clearly liking what I had done. She squirmed as if daring me to do it again, so I did. “Oh!” She gasped again. I was surprised to notice moisture dribble down her legs. For a moment, I thought she had wet herself, but it smelled faintly sweet.
What I did not know at the time – since I was so very focused on what I was doing – was that my father had come into the room at just that moment to say goodbye, but before he could say anything (and he admits that his first instinct was to come to her rescue), he realized that there was no way I could have put her in such a position if she didn't want to be there. This plus her obvious moans of pleasure made my dad decide to just leave the room and pretend like nothing had happened. He turned the lock on the inside of the door, stepped out of the room, closed it firmly without making a sound, and then intercepted Lily before she could get close enough to hear the next loud smack.
I knew none of this, otherwise I would have been too mortified to continue!
I spanked her a few more times, trying to be hard enough to please her without hurting my own hand, but I really didn't enjoy hurting her anywhere near as much as she enjoyed me doing it. I decided that as much as I wanted to take the time to play with her, she'd probably prefer if I just rammed into her.
My shaft was hard and dripping with the need to do just that anyway. All I needed to do was free it from its cloth prison, and then it could go to the one place I have dreamed of being for almost a year now. The air felt cool on my shaft just before I guided it between her legs.
She was so wet and slippery that I had trouble finding her hole at first, but then I found it and slipped in with unexpected suddenness. I groaned from the pleasure, embarrassingly ready to pump her full right then and there!
She sighed very softly in disappointment, letting me know that I wasn't doing anything to excite her at the moment. Fine, this experience is all about what she wants, not about me rutting like a horny teenaged pig, so I pushed aside my urge to fill her up and simply enjoy the feeling of being inside her.
Taking another cue from Glacèe, I readjusted my grip on Sang-Soif's hair, and then tugged on it slightly as I thumped into her. I wasn't sure I could do that thumping as powerfully or as rhythmically as Glacèe had, but I vowed to try my best. Sang-Soif gasped in astonishment, which I took as a good sign.
The table was very large and sturdy, so it did not slide across the room as I feared it might. Instead, it creaked and groaned, protesting the way we were using it. So long as we didn't break it, I didn't care what it thought of our abuse.
As I was quite literally trying to ram her into the table, Sang-Soif started kicking. I thought she was fighting me at first, until her shoes with the tall sharp heels went flying across the room. After that, she went a bit limp, her feet not quite able to stand on the ground. Her moans of pleasure increased in depth, so I guess she must have liked the way her legs dangled almost helplessly.
I grunted with each powerful thrust, thoroughly enjoying the way she squirmed and wiggled. It really was as if she was fighting to get away, but not very well in the slightest. Just enough to pretend like she was.
I nearly lost my load three times in less than five minutes, but I felt like I would be a pathetic excuse for a man if I couldn't hold out until she started squealing. I prayed to the Gods that they would help her, because I really didn't think that I could last too much longer. Especially not since her body started trembling and she got so incredibly tight.
I almost stopped to wait for the need to pump her full to pass, but the sound she made changed. Even though she didn't scream or squeal, I could tell that she had reached heaven. I thanked the Gods for their assistance, and then rammed myself inside her one last time. I roared happily, feeling like a lion claiming his territory.
I was sorely tempted to fall asleep right on her back as she dangled over the edge of the table, but I figured that she would get uncomfortable eventually and push me off. Even so, I rested on her for a few moments, wishing that I could pay the Gods all the money I had if I could just stay inside her forever.
When she finally managed to catch her breath a few moments later, she laughed. “Well, it seems I was wrong! Maybe you do have what it takes to please me after all.”
I tugged on her hair lightly before kissing the back of her neck. “Next time,” I stated in a low and dark tone of voice. “I want you completely naked.”
She laughed again. “Who ever said there would be a next time?”
I did,” I growled, yanking on her hair and grinding my hips into her. “Because you are the one thing in this whole world I want more than money, more than being a Lord, more than having friends even! I am going to have you again and again until you get thoroughly sick of me!”
She exhaled in amazement. “You know... I think I believe you...”
I decided that I was flaccid enough that this position was no longer comfortable, so I withdrew from her, released her hair, and stuffed myself back inside my pants. She continued to dangle for a few seconds more, tempting me to spank her again. She gasped and groaned.
By the Gods! Why do I want you again already?!”
Really?” I asked, not fully believing her. “Just because I spanked you?” I did so again.
Yes!” She confessed, squirming in invitation.
I shrugged. “Perhaps because you've never had a lover willing to do so before, and you need to make up for lost time.”
You're probably right,” she murmured, moaning in encouragement. “Harder, really beat on my ass!”
I blushed, not used to hearing women use such terms. “No.”
She whimpered, clearly disappointed by my denial.
I told you, the next time, you would be completely naked. If you insist on having the next time be now, you have to prove it by stripping for me,” I challenged her.
She was silent for a moment, and then slowly got to her feet. I was amazed to see how short she really was. I was used to her being taller than me, but without her heels, she actually only about the same height as I am. I grinned eagerly as I waited for her to undress.
No...” She said, shaking her head. “You need to finish with the ledger, and it needs to be done correctly, otherwise, I will not do this again.”
As much as I was tempted to dive right into the ledger and get it done so that we could continue our playing. I would rather pull all my teeth out than add up another number. It gave me the incentive I needed to think about something completely different for a moment.
Um... Actually, before I do that, I should probably tell you something important,” I informed her. “I... may need to...” I took a deep breath and then blurted out the rest. “Break Ardent's heart!”
Sang-Soif stared at me mysteriously for a moment, and then smirked knowingly. “I really don't see why. This might happen on occasion, but I'm not going to be your official lover. I've got too much on my plate as it is, running a dungeon and trying to help you be a good Lord. I really don't need to be thinking about sex every five minutes!”
I couldn't help but feel disappointed that she didn't want to move into my room and be chained to my bed, but I understood her decision.
Besides, I know Ardent plans to share you with whoever you take as a wife someday, so I really don't think she'll have a problem sharing you with me,” Sang-Soif informed me with a smile.
And Glacèe,” I muttered, looking away guiltily.
What was that?” Sang-Soif asked, frowning because she hadn't heard me.
I picked at some imaginary lint on my shirt. “And Glacèe,” I repeated more clearly. “She was in my room last night and really didn't give me a choice in the matter. Come to think of it, neither did Ardent, but anyway... I have agreed to take Ardent on as my sort of official lover, but I really don't think that Glacèe will do that again. She didn't seem to want me to touch her at all, especially when she was done.”
Sang-Soif laughed, shaking her head. “That's just the way Glacèe is. Her master used to sleep literally on top of her at night, and she HATES any sort of touch when she's sleeping. I once had to wake her to deal with a prisoner, and she almost electrocuted me before I managed to scratch her and get away. If she wanted you once and thought that you were any kind of decent, she'll want you again.”
I took a deep breath as the enormity of it hit me. “Oh...”
So, in other words, all three of my adopted sisters wanted me, and they didn't mind sharing...

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