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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Most Important Secret You'll Ever Learn.

Psst! Hey, you! Yes you. Come over here a second. I need to tell you something. Something big. Something HUGE! Literally THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you will ever learn. You interested? Well, here it is:

Let's say that you died today and there actually is a being who is going to sit down with your soul and judge your life. Do you think you would be judged a good soul or a bad soul? How would this judgement be rendered? Do you think that this being is going to pull up a list of every time you didn't do the dishes or clean the house? Do you think he or she is going to remind you of every single time you ever told a white lie in your entire life?

No! That's not what is going to happen at all. This being is going to ask you one question: Did you love those in your life with all your heart? If the answer is yes, you'll then be asked: Did you show them that love so much and so well that they never doubted for a second that they were loved? 

If the answer to that one isn't yes, then you're doing something wrong. Because - and here's the secret...


Good = love 

You will be judged on your heart and whether or not you were good to those you loved. That's it. Being considered successful with a good paying job means nothing if it makes you treat your loved ones like shit.

So I want you to sit down right now and think this over. If you had to answer those questions today, how would you do? And if you think you'd fail, then what can you do to change that?

Let me know in the comments :-D
Thank you and have a happy day,

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