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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cleaning the Pool

How would you like to make $100?” A man in his 40's asked the 16 year old boy.
The boy stopped walking abruptly and studied the man, his companion, and his car carefully. The car was a two door BMW convertible, and both men looked like they belonged in a board room running a corporation. The man in the passenger seat was also probably in his 40's, and smiled at him in an open, friendly manner.
What do I have to do?” The boy wondered.
Nothing bad,” the man assured him. “We simply need someone to clean out our pool. Our regular quit.”
Clean your pool?” The boy asked with interest. In his opinion, if all he needed to do was skim a little bit of leaves and whatnot out of a pool, then it would be an easy and awesome way to earn a hundred bucks. “Sure, why not?”
Come on,” the man invited, gesturing for the boy to hop into the tiny backseat.
I'm J.D.” The boy introduced himself as he got into the car. “My mom was a HUGE Johnny Depp fan...”
There was a moment of silence, and then the driver of the BMW returned the introduction. “You can call me Tony, and him Carl.”
Okay...” J.D. murmured uneasily. Something about the way they were acting made him nervous. He kept quiet as they chattered back and forth about their work.
A little more than 10 minutes later, they pulled up to a gate which opened in response to a button pushed on what looked like a garage door opener. Their car drove up to a small mansion with a pool off to the side.
J.D. quietly whistled to himself in appreciation. I wonder if they'll let me swim in the pool after I'm done cleaning it.
Tony pointed to a small shed off to the side of the pool. “In there, you'll find everything you need. We want any debris skimmed out, and then you'll need to get in the pool with a scrub brush and scrub the tiles along the water line. After that, you'll be done.”
J.D. grinned. Then he realized something important. “I don't have a swimsuit with me.”
Tony shrugged. “You can swim in your underwear or even naked for all I care.”
Okay...” J.D. mumbled with a frown.
Tony waved at him dismissively, and walked into their house. Carl smiled at him apologetically. “Sorry, he's the impatient type. If you need anything, I'll be in the kitchen.”
J.D. nodded, and then bit his lip as he contemplated the pool. It was a standard rectangular shape, and only a little bigger than most backyard pools. Thankfully, it shouldn't take too long to scrub. He grabbed the skimmer out of the shed.
After skimming the little bit of leaves, grass, and bugs out of the pool, J.D. looked around nervously for a moment before deciding that they weren't paying any attention to him. He slowly removed his shirt and then fumbled with his pants. Once he was in his underwear, he contemplated taking them off, but then decided that he'd rather have them – if they came out to look – see him in his tighty whities than completely naked.
He slipped into the pool, careful not to splash and attract their attention. Something about scrubbing a pool in his underwear felt, well, embarrassing! Shaking his head in an attempt to banish his thoughts, J.D. focused on his job.
He was only about halfway through the tiles on one wall when Carl came back out to offer him a cold glass of lemonade. He held it out to J.D. with a friendly smile.
It's fresh squeezed; I made it myself.”
J.D. hadn't expected his employers to treat him like anything other than an employee, so he took the glass and drank it. Lemonade wasn't his favorite, but this tasted really good.
What did you put in this? It tastes great!”
Carl tilted his head to the side and grinned. “Quality ingredients make all the difference.”
Suddenly, the smell of the chlorine in the pool made J.D. nauseous. “Ugh! I don't feel so good.”
Perhaps you should take a break,” Carl suggested in concern. He held out his hand and helped J.D. out of the pool.
J.D. sat on a lounge chair with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. He felt dizzy and the more time that passed, the more he felt like he was going to fall. Without warning, all of his muscles gave out on him and he fell onto the chair.
J.D.?” Carl bent over him, a worried frown on his face.
Tony walked up behind Carl, and inspected J.D. with a pensive look.
Do you think we gave him too much?” Carl asked, clearly caring whether or not J.D. was seriously sick.
No,” Tony answered with a decisive shake of his head. “That's how the drug is supposed to work. He won't be able to move. No matter how hard he tries, he'll only be able to twitch.”
J.D. realized that he no longer felt nauseous, and that Tony was right. He tried to move – really focused all his attention on sitting up – but he simply couldn't. Not even his mouth would move, though he could still make noises through his throat.
Should we do it here, or bring him inside?” Carl wondered. He was pretty average for an approximately 40 year old man, but now that J.D. had nothing to do but look at them, he realized that Tony was more athletically inclined. Tony picked J.D. up as easily as if he was lifting a 5 year old child.
Inside, of course,” Tony stated.
Inside the small mansion, there was a set of stairs leading to a basement, but the stairs were hidden behind a huge clock. J.D. would have never known they were there if Carl hadn't opened the clock door for Tony. Not really able to get a good look around, J.D. could only see a little bit of the basement. From what he could tell, this place was set up like a kinky sort of playroom.
Tony gently set J.D. on a large bed, and then stroked his cheek soothingly. “I know you're probably afraid right now, but I promise that we will let you go after the drug wears off.”
J.D. had been too preoccupied with trying to move his body and also with trying to look around – he hadn't ever been in a mansion before after all – to be afraid, but now that Tony had mentioned it, J.D. started to panic. Oh my god! What do they plan to do to me?!
Carl gestured to Tony who responded by lifting J.D.'s hips so that Carl could slip his underwear off. The were still damp, and resisted removal, almost as if they were aware of J.D.'s predicament and wanted to help him out. A moment later, and they were laying abandoned on the floor.
It's hard to tell, but I think he might have a big one,” Carl remarked with a lusty grin.
You always want the big ones,” Tony teased him lightly. “The drug should make it easy to work him up, so why not suck on him and find out just how big he is?”
Carl nodded enthusiastically at the idea, and then took a moment to strip before climbing into bed. He stroked and tugged on J.D.'s flaccid shaft for a few moments until it started to firm up a bit, and then gave the head a soft kiss before opening his mouth and sucking on it.
J.D.'s heart was already pounding from the panic, but now his breathing increased, and he felt like he was running as fast as he could to get away. It was like a nightmare he couldn't wake up from. No matter what he did, he couldn't get away!
Sounds of protest came from his throat, but the two men ignored him. Instead, Tony removed his clothes, and then knelt on the bed next to J.D.'s head. Tony lifted J.D.'s body and stuffed a wedge under him so that J.D. was half sitting up.
Tony's rigidly hard dick bounced in front of J.D.'s face for a moment, giving him a really good view. It was at least 7 inches long and fat like a cucumber.
He's long like you, but not particularly thick,” Carl announced now that J.D. was hard.
J.D.'s heart stopped cold a moment later when Carl resumed his licking, only now he was licking J.D.'s tightly puckered hole. He protested as loudly as he could, but Carl simply laughed and continued what he was doing.
Tony traced one finger along J.D.'s lips, and then poked through the corner of his mouth. He forced J.D.'s jaw to open as much as possible, and then replaced his finger with his dark red shaft. The drug made it so that even gagging was not an option!
J.D. was so focused on what Tony was doing that he almost forgot about Carl. A little bit of oil was rubbed into J.D.'s anus for lubrication, and now Carl was slowly pushing into him. It took all his will power, but he was able to move his eyes to see what Carl was doing.
Carl's dick was shorter and thinner than Tony's – only about 6 inches long and more like a bratwurst. It was still far bigger than anything J.D. ever wanted going inside him!
Just then, Tony grabbed a fistful of J.D.'s hair, and pulled on his head until Tony was as far down J.D.'s throat as he could possibly go. No longer able to see Carl, J.D. focused on Tony once more.
How cute, his eyes are begging me to stop,” Tony informed Carl.
Carl moaned rather than reply, and J.D. could feel that Carl was probably about halfway inside him. He continued pushing farther and farther in until he was buried deep.
This is just a nightmare! I'll wake up in a minute, and I'll be in bed. I'll discover that I haven't even gotten up yet.
J.D. thought about his plans for the day. Wake up at noon, eat a 7 layer ham sandwich, hang with Cody... Only Cody had gotten his butt grounded and J.D. had gone back home. And then gotten picked up by two perverted older men!
No! This isn't happening!
Carl was buried deep now, and had waited a moment for J.D. to relax a bit and accept him. Now he withdrew a tiny bit and thrust a couple of times to make sure that he was well lubricated. Without warning, he started really pounding into J.D.
At the same time, Tony forcefully fucked J.D.'s mouth. J.D. willed his attention to wander. He decided to completely ignore them both until they were done. If he took a mental vacation, maybe he'd forget any of this had ever happened.
Carl continued to pound into him, but now he grabbed J.D.'s shaft and started pumping on it. The drug has to be making this feel good! J.D. insisted to himself. There's no way I could be hard otherwise!
He was more than just hard though. His whole body shook from the heat racing from his groin throughout his entire body. As much as he wanted to run away, his hips twitched as if he was humping Carl's hand.
I need it,” Carl said rather abruptly. To J.D.'s relief, Tony pulled out of his mouth, and crawled behind Carl.
It took a lot of effort, but J.D. was able to shift his eyes back to Carl. Carl was merrily banging into J.D and rapidly stroking his shaft at the same time. With no urge to gag, J.D. actually felt really close to cumming. He tried to think of something – anything – else, but he literally couldn't. His mind was blank!
Tony oiled up his shaft and rammed it into Carl. This caused Carl to thrust extra deep, and J.D. grunted.
I think he liked that, he's suddenly so much tighter than he was a moment ago,” Carl told Tony. Tony didn't make a sound. Instead, he decided to keep ramming into Carl as forcefully as possible.
Oh. My. God!!! J.D. mentally screamed. No matter how much he tried to deny what was happening and shut his mind off, his body apparently had no problem with what they were doing. As proof, he suddenly squirted what felt like the entire swimming pool all over his stomach.
Oh yeah!” Carl cheered throatily, speeding up just a bit. He buried himself deep, and then grunted. He jerked back a tiny bit and made a couple of small thrusts, continuing to grunt with each thrust. Finally, he practically went limp, melting onto J.D.
You have the tightest ass I've felt in a while. I loved every second!” Carl stated with a grin, and then kissed J.D.
Ugh! Thanks? J.D. had no idea what to say to that even if he could speak.
Move,” Tony ordered Carl. “It's my turn now.”
Carl pulled out and shifted to the side so that Tony could shove his thick shaft into J.D. Carl lay down next to J.D. so that he could watch.
It's a good thing you got him so wet,” Tony praised Carl. “I can really pound into him now!” He proved his point by doing so a couple of times, and then groaned. “You're right! He's so fucking tight!”
Carl ruffled J.D.'s hair. “I almost wish we could keep you. You're a pretty boy, and I bet that you'll only get better with age.” Carl started kissing J.D. again, and this helped only because J.D. couldn't see what Tony was doing while Carl's head was in the way.
But he could feel him! Tony was really pounding into J.D. with no concern for how it might hurt. Astonishingly, J.D. realized that it didn't hurt! It feels good again! Why the hell does it feel so good???
He's getting even tighter,” Tony announced for Carl to hear. “I don't think I'm going to be able to hold out much longer.”
Th next second, J.D. wished he could scream as he pumped out another pool's worth of cum. His body shook, and if he could, he would be bucking from the pleasure.
Carl held out a hand to Tony. “Stop! Don't go off yet!”
Tony groaned in frustration, but complied.
Let's turn him over,” Carl suggested. Tony replied with a nod, and then pulled completely out of J.D.
J.D. suddenly felt inexplicably empty. Working together, they turned him over and lay him on top of a special wedge shaped cushion that held him up as if he was on his hands and knees. Now J.D. couldn't see anything but the bed, and this made his panic return. Before, he could at least mostly see what they were doing to him, but now he may as well be blind!
Tony reentered him with a powerful thrust, and Carl positioned himself in front of J.D. Lifting his head, Carl used a finger to open J.D.'s mouth. A moment later, Carl was eagerly fucking J.D.'s mouth.
You know, if they would stop sticking their dicks in my mouth, I could almost forgive them! J.D. thought as once again he longed to gag. The only good thing was that Carl wasn't practically choking him the way that Tony had.
J.D.'s whole body rocked back and forth as he was jostled between the two. He stopped trying to mentally fight them since he was now exhausted. He hoped that this would finally help him go on that mental vacation, but something strange happened.
Tony was now vigorously banging into him once more, and as he did so, J.D. discovered that Tony was hitting a spot that felt really good. It took a while – which to J.D. could have been hours or mere minutes, he'd lost all track of time – but eventually J.D. felt like he was turning into molten lava. Seriously?! I'm going to cum again???
Despite his disbelief, he was proven right a moment later. Tony felt him, and the tightness made him completely lose the rest of the stamina he was working on. Tony shouted as he rammed into J.D. one last time, and then held still as J.D. felt utterly flooded by a moist heat.
Meanwhile, Carl started moaning. “I'm almost there...” Rather than try to go as far down J.D.'s throat as he could, he withdrew until just the head of his shaft was in J.D.'s mouth. He let the first squirt coat J.D.'s tongue, and then used his hand to pull J.D.'s head forward as he thrust. The rest of his cum went down J.D.'s throat.
After Carl stopped pulsing, he pulled out except for the head once more, and did this odd little movement that made J.D. picture that his tongue was a dog and Carl's dick was petting it.
Please have the courtesy to at least give me a drink! J.D. begged Carl with his eyes. But Carl was no longer paying any attention to him.
You were right!” Carl informed Tony as they both flopped together on the bed. “There's nothing quite like a tight young ass.”
Tony kissed Carl. A moment passed in relative silence.
Now what?” Carl asked.
Now the drug will likely help put him to sleep, and when he wakes up, he won't remember much of anything,” Tony answered, and just as he said it, J.D. realized that he was already mostly asleep.
When he woke up, his head throbbed. He groaned, and then covered his mouth as the urge to vomit came and then went. J.D. put a hand on his head and forced his eyes to open.
Where am I?” He asked.
The two men in the front seat turned to look at him. The average looking one smiled at him kindly. “You passed out while cleaning our pool, so we decided to drive you home... Except we don't actually know where you live, so we're back where we found you.”
J.D. sat up straighter, and looked around. “Uh, yeah... I live a block away. I can totally walk from here.”
Are you sure?”
J.D. nodded, and then opened the car door and got out of the posh BMW.
Thanks for cleaning out pool,” the other man said gruffly. “Maybe we'll hire you to clean it again sometime.”
J.D. frowned. I don't remember cleaning anything...
The two men waved and drove off. J.D. checked his watch. “It's after dinner!” He wanted to run home, but he felt wobbly and sore.
What the...?” He asked himself as he realized that he had a strange taste in his mouth. He carefully power-walked home, and then went straight to the bathroom. His clothes were normal, but his underwear smelled like chlorine. He sat in response to a call of nature, and then noticed money sticking out of his pocket.
1000.00!!!” He shouted in a whisper. “What kind of pool boy gets paid 1000.00 just to clean a pool?!”
He stuffed the money back in his pocket, and then wiped since he was done. It felt gooey as he wiped, so he inspected the toilet paper. Vague memories floated through his mind as he gaped at the evidence.
He wanted to scream and shout in a combination of shock and horror, but the last thing he wanted was to upset his mom. “What the hell?!” He whispered.
He finished wiping, and then sat with his head in his hands. “Just what am I supposed to do now?”
He sighed, recounted the money, and then shook his head. “It didn't happen,” he told himself firmly as he got up and flushed the toilet. “It did not happen, and that's final!”
He straightened his shoulders, and walked out of the bathroom as if nothing in the world was wrong. He felt a little bit like crying, but forced himself to smile. The memories were too vague to be certain of anything, so he figured he'd be fine if he just kept denying it.
In the back of his head, one memory kept playing over and over. It was of J.D. cumming harder than he ever thought possible. He slipped a hand in his pocket and gripped the money.
Something wrong?” His mom asked him with a small frown of concern.
J.D. shook his head. “Nope.”
I put your dinner in the oven to stay warm,” she informed him.
Thanks,” he replied with a smile.
As he pulled his plate of food out of the oven, he decided that – even though nothing happened – if it had, 1000.00 was a nice consolation prize. He shook his head with a small smile.
Nothing happened. I just have an overactive imagination,” he told himself as he sat to eat. He put the whole day out of mind, and vowed to never think about it again.

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