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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Buying the Car

This is the sequel to Cleaning the Pool

Buying the Car

I actually drooled on the hood of the car, and then hastily wiped my mouth. I couldn't help it! When I read an ad in the paper for an old mustang for sale for only 5000.00, I thought for sure that it had to be a rundown model from the '90s or something, but this...
I ran my hands across the hood as my dad chatted amicably with the older lady who was selling the car.
I know nothing about cars, but I'm certain that my husband kept it in good condition. I also know that it's probably not worth 5000.00, but that's what I need to get for it, and not a penny less!” She insisted, her voice gravelly with age.
Not worth 5000.00!!! If only she knew that she could get so much more for it! I was honest enough that I was tempted to tell her this, but my dad cut me off with a look and promptly started to talk her down.
I opened the hood and started drooling again. This was a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback! It really was in excellent condition and probably worth at least 5 times what she was asking! My hands shook at the possibility that this car could actually be mine.
I'm sorry, but I simply cannot accept any less than 5000.00 for this car!” The old woman stated firmly.
My dad sighed. He wasn't as knowledgeable about cars as I was, but this red and black baby was a thing of sheer beauty, and I could see that he was every bit as in lust with it as I was. We both wanted it, and to tell the truth, if we did buy it for only 5 grand, we could easily sell it for a profit and I'd have enough to buy a different car and pay for part of my college tuition in a year.
I can tell you now that if I could afford to buy this car, there's no way in hell that I would ever willingly sell it!
Taking a deep breath, I inserted the key in the ignition and started her up. She roared like a lion but then settled into a loud rumbling purr. My lust grew beyond all reason and I actually had to shift in the seat to relieve the sudden pressure on my anatomy.
Son,” my dad sighed, “she won't take less than 5 thousand, and she won't take payments. With your savings and what your mother and I can afford to spend on a car for you, we have maybe only 3500.00...”
I nodded in understanding and bit my lip to cover the fact that my eyes were stinging with disappointment.
I had close to 1500.00 in my savings from various birthday gifts and some of my allowance. My parents were willing to go as high as 2000.00, but obviously that wouldn't be enough.
I closed my eyes and rested my head against the seat to listen to the engine purr for a moment more before I turned the car off.
My parents didn't know this, but I had almost 1000.00 that I hadn't put in my savings. I think I'd earned it one day, but the details were blurry. If I could just come up with an excuse for having the money, maybe just maybe my parents would be willing to cover the last 500.00. We'd be paying half each... That sounded fair to me.
Uh dad...?”
He grunted, his way of asking what I wanted.
I've actually got more of my allowance saved up that I haven't yet put into my account...” I said this hesitantly because he knew that I knew it was a rule that any money I put in my account couldn't be withdrawn without their permission. Therefore, it made sense that I'd keep some, and if I sounded reluctant to admit it, he might be more understanding than if I just boldly announced it.
He grunted again, indicating that he was willing to hear me out.
All together, I think I've got about half... Can you and mom cover the other half?” I tried hard not to beg, but I knew that my voice shook with hope.
My dad took a deep breath, and then sighed. “I'm sorry son, but we really can't afford any more.”
I slumped in sudden depression.
But maybe you can earn the extra money doing chores or perhaps even yard work around the neighborhood,” he suggested.
I nodded in morose agreement, got out of the car, and handed the keys back to the lady. She smiled at me sympathetically, and wished me luck in earning money before it's sold.
Later on, I moped as I walked through my neighborhood. I needed to come up with some serious cash, but it was highly doubtful that mowing some lawns would pay anywhere near enough! I stopped to wait for an intersection to clear before crossing, and saw a car that looked familiar... in a blurry, can't-quite-remember sort of way.
I watched it turn onto the street that offered plenty of small shops for tourists, along with some decent diners to eat at. The familiar car parked in front of an antique store, and two men got out to go shopping, or so I assumed.
The car seemed to pull at me, nagging at the back of my mind. I took my time, but ended up walking over to it. It was a pretty posh BMW – the likes of which I'd probably never even seen up close, much less ever ridden in, and yet...
I stood there frowning at it for many long minutes. In my mind, two men sat in the front... something about cleaning their pool?
ARGH!!! Why can't I remember?!
Hey! Get away from my car!” A man in his 40's shouted at me, and I looked up at him.
I wasn't going to touch it!” I blurted out defensively.
He took a look at my face and his anger suddenly deflated.
I totally snagged a vintage – Oh!” A second man abruptly stopped talking as he saw me standing there.
I... uh...” I had no idea what to say! I had no idea why I was even standing there... “Um... didn't I clean your pool once for a bit of spare cash?” I finally thought to ask.
The one holding an expensive looking lamp smiled at me strangely. “Actually yes, you did. Don't you remember?”
Uh... not really...” I shrugged. “It's a blur for some reason, but...” I faltered.
But what?” He asked. His partner suddenly smirked.
Well, I was kind of hoping I could do it again. I have a car I want to buy and I need some more money,” I explained in a rush. “So, when I saw your car, I thought,,, maybe...”
The slightly smaller of the two – the one holding the lamp and smiling at me in that strange way – stepped closer to me. Close enough that he could whisper to me.
How much money do you need to earn?”
I closed my eyes, a terrible feeling settling in the pit of my stomach. I may not remember what had happened, but the physical evidence after the fact suggested that I had earned the 1000.00 in my pocket with my body. “The same as last time...”
I turned my head to the side before opening my eyes again. I couldn't bring myself to look directly at him, but I wasn't running away either. Every instinct... every nerve in my body was telling me to run away, but... well... I couldn't remember what had happened last time, so if I didn't remember this time either, than I could simply pretend nothing had happened. I'd have my car, and never have to think about it again.
The more athletic of the two crossed his arms, as if daring me to say it out loud. “What kind of car?”
I couldn't help the way my face lit up as I thought about it. “A 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback! It's in practically mint condition and runs... oh! She purrs like a tigress...” That tone of lust was suddenly back in my voice, and I felt a tiny bit more confident.
Holy shit!” The man swore appreciatively. “I'd do it too for a car like that!”
I closed my eyes and turned my head away again. “Yeah...”
So...” the smiley one began suggestively. “You have a good idea of what's involved? You'll do what we want to earn what you want?”
I nodded, my heart thundering so loudly that I was certain he could hear it pounding inside my chest. “I... do, but... I don't want to remember it. I want it to be like last time. I have no idea what actually happened, but I can guess.”
I felt rather than saw the two of them look at each other. The one who had yelled at me for looking at his car grinned in a way that could be considered almost evil, not that I was looking directly at him.
Get in the car,” he ordered me, and then the car clicked to announced that the doors were now unlocked.
My hands shook, but I forced myself to reach out and open the door.
What did we tell him to call us?”
The one with the lamp smiled. “I think you were Tony and I was Carl, or was that they other way around?”
Oh yeah, I was Tony!”
I shrugged. “It's not like I am going to remember...”
They got in the car, and Carl stared at me with his strange smile the entire way to their small mansion. Seeing it brought back memories; really really vague memories. Almost like a haunting from a ghost.
They led me into the kitchen and Carl prepared me a drink. I accepted it quietly, knowing that it was likely this that would make me forget.
Tony counted out the money in front of me, and then stuffed it in my pocket. I started feeling hot. Not just hot but also horny. Tony brushed the bulge in the front of my pants.
You're not going to need these for a while,” he informed me, subtly telling me to take my pants off.
I longed to get naked and hoped that the air on my body would help cool me down. As I stripped, both Tony and Carl stripped. Tony chuckled in his unsettling way again, and then pointed at his thick erection.
I knew without a word what he wanted me to do, so I dropped to my knees and hesitated for only one second before sliding my tongue all over him. He gripped my hair and encouraged me to open my mouth.
Was this how it was before? I thought I was helpless last time... I thought I was... I don't know, unable to move or something.
As if reading my thoughts, Carl started kissing my neck and then whispered in my ear. “I want you to earn your money this time. There'll be no lying there while we do whatever we want to you... You will be the one doing what we want! I gave you a drug to turn you into a sex addict for the next couple of hours. You won't be able to get enough, and you'll beg us to take you over and over!”
I shuddered in both horror and anticipation. The last bit of my rational mind hated that he'd done that to me, but the part that was already under the influence of the drug couldn't wait to get started already!
In just a couple of days, I would be 17, which is why I was looking for a car. My parents had agreed that I was a responsible driver and were going to help me buy a vehicle as my birthday present. In my 17 years, I had had a couple of girlfriends, but my parents had made it very clear that I shouldn't start having sex until I was ready for the possible consequence of a baby. Ironically, my previous girlfriend dumped me when I told her that.
In any case, I hadn't ever done anything before – other than kiss. I was pretty sure these two had taken my virginity, but I don't remember it. Therefore, believe me when I say that I have never sucked on or even thought about sucking on a dick in my life!
Right now, I wasn't just sucking on it, I was honestly trying to vacuum the cum out of it with my mouth! Using my hands, tongue, and lips, I was doing my best to earn that money, and I think it was working.
Tony clutched my hair and let his head roll back as he groaned softly several times in a row. I tasted something slightly acidic, and realized that he was oozing droplets onto my tongue.
Oh God!” Tony exclaimed. “I'm already so close!”
Carl stopped me, forcefully pulling my head away from Tony's shaft. “Not yet. We have plenty of time to play.”
Tony groaned in disappointment, but then nodded in agreement.
I responded by grabbing hold of Carl's shaft and trying to see how far down my throat if I could get it. Carl moaned, obviously enjoying the way my throat rippled each time I swallowed. He let me continue for a few moments, but then pushed me away with a delighted chuckle.
He seems to be so eager today!”
Tony stepped up behind Carl and nuzzled his neck. “I told you it would be worth having that drug on hand. It really does turn one into a sex fiend.”
Maybe later on, we will each take some to see how incredible it must feel,” Carl suggested. Tony moaned in agreement.
Taking my hand, Carl led me towards a large clock. I frowned as something about it called out to me. To my surprise, it opened to reveal a staircase leading down to an interesting room.
There was a huge bed, a strange swing, an object that looked like a saddle, some large wedge shaped cushions, ropes and chains hanging from the ceiling, and a rack with whips, paddles, and various other toys on display. I swallowed as somewhere inside me, a couple of sober braincells realized that I could get into a lot of trouble in this room. I could even get seriously hurt!
Then, those sober braincells got lost in a sea of drugged-up braincells, and I shivered in excitement.
I know you can't wait,” Tony whispered suggestively in Carl's ear. “I know you are just dying to bury yourself in side his tight – ”
I cut him short by turning my back on them and dropping to my hands and knees. True to Carl's words, the drug had set my whole body on fire, and my butt alternated between clenching and relaxing in anticipation. I honestly couldn't wait to find out what they would feel like inside me; guess Carl hadn't lied about the drug's effects...
Carl laughed. “I said that you would be the one doing everything, remember?” He reclined on his back on the bed. His shaft nearly pointed straight up at the ceiling.
I bit my lip for a moment as I wondered what he wanted me to do. Getting to my feet, I stared at his long thin shaft. Did he want me to suck on him some more?
Tony pushed me forward until I was bent over bracing my hands on the bed. I inhaled a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for Tony to push himself inside me. Instead, he massaged an oil into my tightly puckered muscles. The feel of his thumb rubbing me made me even hotter, and I moaned longingly. I wanted to feel him inside me so badly that I almost begged for it!
Tony's chuckle was still almost evil, but it also sounded sexy to me right now. “I think he's ready to hop on now.”
I had to think about this a moment, but his words combined with the fact that he pointed at Carl's shaft merged in my mind. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to straddled Carl's waist and lower myself onto his shaft until he was deep inside me!
I climbed onto the bed, licking his shaft a few times before shifting to sit on his waist. Without looking, I felt Tony drizzle oil on Carl, and then rub it in. Carl moaned happily, then used his hands to guide me up and back.
Reaching behind me, I grabbed his shaft and held it steady while I lowered my butt onto him. It was so tight that it literally refused to open for almost a full minute. Suddenly, it was like I relaxed and softened. I felt him inside me, and slowly lowered more and more until I once more sat completely on him.
He was deep! I closed my eyes so that I could feel him. Flexing my muscles seemed to make him happy because he groaned encouragingly. I started bouncing, not really moving much, but enough that I gasped from how good it felt.
Tony lay on the bed watching me ride his lover. It's strange that it took me this long to realize it, but I now completely understood that they were lovers who lived together and probably had for years. Tony reached out and took hold of my shaft.
Ah!” I gasped so intensely that it could almost be considered a scream. His hand on me was powerful! I felt like I could cum at any second. His strokes made me squirm and bounce almost frantically.
I wanted to cum so badly that I would willingly do anything they asked me to at that moment! My bouncing got faster and faster and sounds came out of my mouth that made it sound like I was choking on something. My entire body melted, and I shook as I squirted all over Carl's chest.
Don't stop!” Carl shouted, prompting me to start moving again. Half of me cried out in protest – it was too intense – but the other half begged me to keep going. The pleasure was addicting, and I wanted more. My body shivered and shook as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.
Carl suddenly decided that I wasn't doing what he wanted, so he rolled us over. Holding my legs wide apart with my knees bent, he started pounding into me.
Oh God!” I cried out, gasping repeatedly. My muscles got tighter and tighter.
I'm getting so close!” Carl announced.
Tony forced Carl to stop and kiss him. “Not yet.” Carl nodded reluctantly and then pulled out of me. He rolled onto his back again, and Tony pointed at his chest. I really wish he'd just tell me what he wants because it's hard for me to read his mind.
Using a finger to scoop up a bit of the goo I had squirted on Carl, Tony rubbed his finger across my lips. I licked it reflexively. It tasted salty but not bad. In fact, I think the drug they had given me made it taste really good because suddenly I had a craving for more.
Clean up your mess,” Tony insisted.
I licked every inch of Carl's chest and stomach, making sure to get every bit of salty goodness. When I was done, I searched for more, disappointed that there wasn't any. I was so preoccupied that I didn't even notice Tony oil himself up and push himself inside me.
He felt so good! My breathing increased until I was panting. Okay, whatever drug they had given me, I seriously hope they'll consider giving me some to bring home for future use! This drug made everything feel just incredible!
I sighed. Without giving it any real thought, I instinctively knew that the next time I had sex – no matter how much I loved my partner – it wouldn't feel anywhere near this magical. This drug was able to convince my body that I was hovering on the edge of cumming the entire time... I'm pretty sure that it's not like this for real.
Oh God!” I groaned, my body shaking again. Tony was wider than Carl; wide like a cucumber. He also loved to ram into me almost violently. Had I been able to think clearly, I would have wondered why he wasn't hurting me.
I felt so good! Each time he slammed into me, his balls thumped mine, causing me to shiver and moan.
You look so cute like that!” Carl praised me. “Your face is utterly red and full of passion!”
I was still laying on top of him, so he had a really good look at my face as his lover banged into me. I was suddenly blushing! It was embarrassing to realize that he could see whatever goofy expression I made.
Carl laughed – almost a giggle – then pulled my head close so that he could kiss me. I continued to moan and grunt into his mouth each time Tony rammed into me. My body still shook from the pleasure. My tongue decided all on its own to explore Carl's mouth.
Tony had stamina! I squirted again long before he was done with me. Even now, I felt like I was going to do it again...
Tony groaned. “He feels so tight!”
Carl tapped on Tony's shoulder. “Change positions.”
Together, they shifted until Tony was sitting with me in his lap, impaled by him. My shaft oozed cum, which reminded me to clean up Carl again. He let me, and when I ran out of cum to lick, I sucked on his shaft.
He abruptly pulled himself out of my mouth. “Not just yet... I want to cum inside your sweet, tight ass...”
To my surprise, he started sucking on me. I closed my eyes tightly as the pleasure got even more intense. It was almost unbearable now, and I desperately wished for something to hold onto. My hands found bars on the wall, and I gripped them tightly.
I was half screaming now. Carl probed the hole in my shaft with his tongue, and I realized that I was now quaking as I filled his mouth. There can't possibly be much left!
Carl kissed me, and I searched his mouth for leftovers. Tony laughed, and then lifted me completely off of him.
If he likes tasting cum so much, I have a load here ready for him to drink,” Tony stated, pulling me so that I had my face in his lap. I opened my mouth and greedily sucked on him. Carl wasted no time plunging into me, which made me shudder from the delicious pleasure.
Despite Tony's promise that he was ready to come, he managed to wait until Carl was chanting his readiness to explode too. They both filled me at the same time, and I gulped repeatedly. The heat from Carl's cum felt incredible, and I wanted him to continue pumping me full until I was swimming in his cum!
We all collapsed into a pile, panting heavily. Part of me wanted to take a nap, but...
I squirmed uncomfortably. My body was still on fire!
Please...” I begged. “I need more...”
Carl laughed. “I told you you'd beg for it.”
Neither one of them had energy for more, and I felt like crying. It wasn't my fault that the drug they gave me made me insatiable!
Surprisingly, it was Tony that took pity on me. He got up and selected a toy from his rack that looked like a huge rubber dick. After pouring oil on it, he inserted it in my ass, and I gasped when I realized that it not only vibrated, but it also seemed to pump in and out all by itself.
I moaned and thrashed about on the bed while they watched me. I had absolutely no modesty at the moment. I didn't care that they were watching me get off from a toy. I knew that I should be embarrassed, but I was too far gone in the pleasure to care if there was a crowd surrounding me.
Hell! A crowd might come in handy right about now! A crowd might last until the drug wore off...
After the toy worked its magic on me for damn near ever – I had completely lost all track of time about 5 minutes after we started – Carl laughed again. He must have decided that I looked delicious, because he was suddenly sucking on me again.
Even Tony was ready for more. He grabbed my head and roughly fucked my mouth. I felt utterly overcome by everything, choking on him as I screamed.
I know I was trying to pump Carl's mouth full, but judging by the feel of it, there was literally nothing left, and this made it hurt at the same time that I felt like I was ascending to heaven!
Tony groaned loudly enough to penetrate my hazy pleasure filled fog, and then coated my tongue. My heart was racing so fast that I thought I was going to die!
Carl removed the toy from me, and then I think I passed out for a while. The next thing I knew, the fire from the drug was burning my body hotter than ever. I whimpered.
Even asleep, he's still begging for more,” Tony remarked.
That's some drug!” Carl added appreciatively.
Just watching him squirm has me ready for more,” Tony informed Carl.
Me too!” Carl agreed with a laugh.
I could barely manage to open one eye a crack, but I saw Carl straddle me and then felt him lower onto my shaft. Once he was bouncing happily, Tony pushed my legs up and apart in a way that gave him access to my ass. I felt him enter me, and grunted encouragingly.
I was too exhausted to move, but I could still feel everything. It felt simply mind-blowing! Is this drug ever going to wear off?!
Together, they rode me until I was weeping. I think the drug was actually wearing off because this felt like too much. I started to protest, but they probably thought I was moaning from the pleasure.
Time passed, and then they both groaned. I felt Tony pumping me full, and Carl squirted on me. I knew the drug was wearing off when the thought of his cum on me made me grimace. I felt dirty!
Thankfully, I completely passed out after that. Later on, I woke up slowly, vivid memories playing over and over in my mind. I groaned and held a hand to my aching head.
Sitting up, I looked at the two men sleeping on the bed. I closed my eyes and fought the tears. I'd asked not to remember anything, but I remembered everything! Why had I ever agreed to this?!
As silently as possible, I slipped out of bed and up the stairs. My clothes were right where I'd left them. I checked the pocket and found the money there.
My phone started to ring, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Looking around, I discovered it on the counter. What was it doing there?
The caller ID informed me that it was my mom calling. Oh God! Please don't let her realize what I have done just by talking to me!
Hello?” I answered shakily.
Hi sweetie! Sorry to keep pestering you, but I would have thought for sure that you'd be done by now.”
What?!” I demanded incredulously.
Mom laughed. “Don't worry, I know that you're doing a bunch of chores for a couple of older men. One of them answered your phone earlier and explained to me that you were cleaning their pool and mowing their yard and just generally earning money for your car.”
I held a hand over my heart and panted in panic and then relief. “Oh, yeah... sorry I didn't call you back earlier, but I just finished... uh... cleaning their oven. It was surprisingly nasty! I don't think they've ever cleaned it before!”
My mom laughed. “I can imagine! So, are you coming home soon? It is going on 10 PM after all. If they have anything left for you to do, tell them that you can come back and do it tomorrow.”
No!” I protested, and then forced myself to calm down. “I did everything they wanted me to and now I have enough money to buy my car.”
My mom got quiet for a moment. “Is something wrong? You sound... weird...”
I laughed nervously. “Nope! I'm just excited! I get to buy my car tomorrow!”
Alright then. How long do you think it'll take you to get home?” She asked.
I shrugged. “I don't know. I think I'm going to walk, and I can't remember how far it is to our house...”
Okay, see you when you get home.” She hung up.
I shrieked in surprise when Carl unexpectedly hugged me. He kissed me, stroking my groin. “Too bad you don't need more money... I'd love for you to come back again every day!”
I forced myself not to panic. His kiss freaked me out, so I focused on his words. “You would seriously pay me to come back every day?!”
Yep... but I can tell by the way you are shaking that you wouldn't even consider it unless you were desperate.”
I nodded, taking a step back. He followed me, kissing me again. “I'll drive you home. Do you want something to eat first? I'd hate for your mom to think that we worked you all day without giving you anything to eat or drink.”
My stomach growled loudly at his question, and I reluctantly nodded. He made me a mouthwatering sandwich as I got dressed, which I ate as he drove me home.
I watched him leave before I went inside, feeling safer knowing that he was gone. I waved hi to my mom as I walked in the house, mumbled that I was tired, and then went straight to bed.
The next day, I pulled my blanket over my head and cringed as I relived yesterday. I groaned in shame even as I secretly hoped that I would feel even half as good the next time I had sex. I was certain that my parents would be able to see the memories playing across my forehead if I got out of bed and left my room.
Close to noon, my mom lightly knocked on my door and then entered my room. “Are you feeling alright?” She wondered.
Fine,” I groaned, then cleared my throat and sat up. “I'm fine, really, just tired from yesterday...”
O...kay... Well, your father has just returned from the bank. He's got everything from your savings account, and everything we can spend on your new car. Are you ready to go pick it up?”
I immediately felt about a hundred times better, and nodded with an enthusiastic grin. Two hours later, I was behind the wheel of my very own mustang!
Okay... I can forgive myself for what I did. I think I can even live with the memories... For this car, I think I would consider letting half a dozen other men having sex with me too!
The engine purred as I drove it around the neighborhood. My best friend gaped at me incredulously, and the girl I had a crush on ran up to me as I waited for a light to turn green.
Nice car!” She exclaimed. “Can I have a ride?”
I grinned at her. “Sure thing! Hop in!”
Hell yeah! For this car, I had made the right decision, and now I could move on. I leaned over to kiss her. “You want to be my girlfriend?”
She nodded, giggling, then cuddled up to me as I drove around our town at least five times. Life was officially perfect!

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