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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sanguine - Part 6

Part 6

A maid fastened Danny's foot in the shackle as Sanguine stared at her armoire, contemplating what to bring with her that would fit in a saddlebag. Now that it was almost spring, it was warm enough that she would prefer riding a horse to hiring a carriage. Deciding that she would need to see how big a saddlebag actually was, she turned to the maid.
She gave the order to fetch one, and then added almost absently, “And bring something for him to eat.”
Yes Mistress,” the maid replied, stealing another look at Danny's virile naked body before leaving.
I've changed my mind,” Danny decided to fill the silence after the maid was gone. “I've learned my lesson... I'll leave and never bother you again.”
Oh really?” Sanguine asked, her tone overly innocent.
I mean I'll escort – er accompany you on the way back, but I've seen enough. I... I don't want you to break me after all...”
Sanguine was amazed a moment later when the maid knocked on the door to announce her return. How in the world had she accomplished both her tasks so quickly?
Sure enough, the maid had a plate with a sandwich on it, and carried the saddlebag slung over one arm. She also held a pitcher. Quickly and efficiently, she switched the new pitcher with the one Danny had been given yesterday, handed him the plate, and then presented her mistress with the saddlebag.
That'll be all, thank you,” Sanguine dismissed her. Immediately, her attention returned to her wardrobe.
Danny quickly ate his food – grateful to fill his empty stomach! When he was done, he set the plate aside and drank some water.
I've done everything you've asked me to,” he pointed out. “I haven't resisted or protested to anything, so... could you please free me from this?” He shook his ankle to make the chain clink almost musically.
So you can do what, Danny?” She asked. “We aren't leaving until tomorrow... what do you plan to do if I unchain you now?”
Return to the inn I've rented a room at. My horse is there anyway, and I'll need to get him before we leave,” Danny informed her.
Sanguine stared at the chain, biting her lip in thought. “Do you mean to say that you've changed your mind about marrying me?”
Well no, and yes...” Danny replied honestly. “I'd still love to marry you, but I finally realized that it's never going to happen. Plus, you're so adamant that you want to stay here, and I... just... couldn't...”
I guess that's it then,” Sanguine murmured, delicately squatting to unlock the shackle around his ankle. She tilted her head sympathetically when she saw that both his ankles were rubbed slightly raw from the clamps in the dungeon. Normally, they didn't care if their prisoners were comfortable.
Thank you for not torturing me,” Danny expressed his sincere gratitude as she returned to her feet. Knowing that he was risking far more than just a couple of scratches, he caught her for a quick kiss. He intended it as a goodbye kiss, and planned to ask for his clothes back the moment their lips were separated.
Sanguine moaned in longing, her body instantly on fire with need. She pressed her mouth against his, slipping her tongue inside. So long as she wore her boots, they were almost equal in height – she might be a tiny bit taller than him – but she was at the perfect place to keep kissing him. With a gasp of realization that she wanted nothing more than to see what he felt like inside of her, she pulled back.
Danny shook his head, determined not to let her get away so easily after a kiss like that. He scooped her up and carried her to her bed. Ignoring her nails – which poked into him lightly without her conscious desire to make them – he crawled onto her large bed just far enough that none of their limbs hung over the edge, then shifted his body so that he was on his hands and knees on top of her. He kissed her again, making her almost dizzy.
Something about the certain knowledge that she could decide to turn deadly at any moment – or worse – take away his ability to ever father a child, made him go a little bit crazy. Some insane part of him thought that it would be best if he buried himself inside her as quickly as possible; that perhaps – if he didn't give her a chance to protest or even think about it – he would get lucky.
The split in her dress just barely covered her womanhood, so it was no trouble to reach between her legs and stroke her a couple of times. Determining that one tiny adjustment to her undergarment was all he needed, he shifted her panties to the side, and then got into position to enter her.
Miraculously, Sanguine spread her legs to give him better access! She wasn't entirely sure what he planned to do, but she was beyond caring. She wanted him, and she could no longer deny it!
He entered her a little bit at a time, withdrawing and pushing farther to lubricate himself with her juices. She inhaled and then held her breath until he was completely inside her. He looked at her uncertainly; she almost looked like she was in pain.
Sanguine slowly released her breath, and then smiled at him. “Ow...”
He suddenly felt like a complete and utter asshole! He'd just taken her virginity without even removing any part of her clothes! He braced himself for her to punish him with her claws.
What's wrong?” She asked when he didn't move.
I'm sorry, I assumed...”
She laughed softly. “Don't worry about it. Just keep going so that I can find out what happens next.”
Deciding to start over – sort of – he lay completely on her, still buried deep. Her mouth tasted sweet, prompting him to explore every bit of it. She responded by wrapping her legs around his waist.
Her body was so hot that she moaned, and then squirmed in an attempt to find relief. Her actions prompted him to rock his hips, grinding into her as she squirmed against him. He wanted to take his time and love her the right way, but he just couldn't help himself. The urge to speed up was too overwhelming to resist!
He withdrew almost completely, and then plunged back inside her. She grunted, her arms winding around his neck to squeeze him tight. A moment later, he was thrusting in and out over her so quickly that he felt like he was trying to win a race.
She started shuddering, her panties rubbing her in the most delicious way with each thrust he made. She burst out crying, almost begging for deliverance from this hot and wonderful and almost terrifying feeling. His mouth muffled the strangest noise coming from her!
Stars exploded behind her tightly shut eyelids, and her whole body shook from the pleasure.
Oh Gods! Sandra...” He planted himself deep, groaned, and then whispered softly once more. “Sandra...”
Sanguine panted for a few moments, and then gasped again, pushing him off her to sit up. “Oh Gods! What have I done?!” She cradled her head in her hands for a moment, and then turned to glare at him. “If you ever tell anyone that we did this, I'll throw you in my dungeon and leave you there to rot!”
What's wrong?” He wondered, feeling her promise was a bit drastic for the so-called crime.
This is all you need to prompt my father to force me to marry you! By law, I have to marry whomever he wants me to; I have no choice! I just know that the only reason he hasn't insisted on anyone yet is because I haven't given him a good enough reason to do so!” Sanguine wailed, panic coursing through her veins.
Uh... what do you plan to do if I tell him I've given up on you and he insists that you marry someone else?” Danny wondered curiously, sitting up.
String my new groom up in the dungeon, of course!” Sanguine stated with a tone that it should have been obvious.
Danny snorted a short laugh. “I rather think that if you simply told him that, he'd probably take pity on the man and stop insisting that you get married.”
His words calmed her a little. Both were quiet for a moment, then a thought occurred to Danny that made him smile. He kissed her before speaking his mind – knowing that he was probably about to anger her.
What is it about marriage that terrifies you so?”
As predicted, she growled. “I am not – !” She cut herself off abruptly and then sighed. Resting her head in her arms crossed over her knees, she mumbled. “I don't know...”
Do you think that you'll have to give up all control? Surrender everything to your husband?”
She shrugged helplessly. “Maybe...”
Well don't worry. I already told you that I plan to go home and never bother you again,” he assured her.
Oh Danny...” she murmured sadly. Taking a deep breath, she looked up at him. “And you promise never to tell anyone what we've done?”
I promise...” he stated, one hand raised to confirm that he was serious.
Thank you,” she replied in relief. “Now, I think I should probably wash up and pack.”
Danny stroked her cheek with his hand. “I love you... I don't think you could ever take that away from me.”
Sanguine inexplicably started to cry, and then turned her back on him in an attempt to hide this from him. Danny untied the laces to her dress with the built in corset, kissing her neck as he did so. She pushed into his mouth, her cries turning to soft moans.
Undressing her completely, he took the time to kiss or lick every inch of her body. He only avoided one area, which he did for two reasons. The first was that he wanted to leave something to entice her with later on, and the second was that he had just filled her with his juices, and didn't relish the thought of licking them back out of her.
He spent over an hour worshiping her body, content to simply make up for rushing her first time. Sanguine hovered on the edge of ecstasy, until she was crying again. She had no idea why he affected her so powerfully, but no one else had ever made her cry like this.
She begged him to take her, tugging on his body until he was in position to enter her. Her nails scratched him, but he barely felt them. Pausing before doing what she clearly wanted, he whispered in her ear.
I love you, Sandra.” With a greedy kiss, he plunged into her.
She gasped and then moaned. Her teeth pierced his bottom lip, allowing her to taste his blood as she sucked on him.
Danny found it infinitely easier to take his time. His thrusts favored power over speed, causing the whole bed to sway and almost bounce.
Quaking, her body felt like it had completely melted. She shivered and moaned, her breath escaping her in gasps. It started to feel like too much pleasure, and she dug her claws into his back in an attempt to hold on for dear life.
He cried out, astonished that the pain suddenly sent him over the edge. His body shook ever so slightly as he pumped her full. “Sandra!”
Sanguine held him tight, never wanting to let him go. She felt incredibly sleepy, and drifted off before her breathing even returned to normal. Danny soon followed her into the land of dreams.
A light knock on the door failed to wake them, but the gasp of the maid tore them from their slumber. “I'm sorry, Mistress!” She hastily set a tray of food on the table, and then rushed to leave.
Wait,” Sanguine called out. “I want a bath prepared.”
Yes Mistress,” the maid replied then left. It occurred to Danny that the servants must have emptied the tub and removed it at some point.
Sanguine tugged the blanket over them, prompting Danny to shift until he cradled her in his arms.
Mmm...” she murmured happily as she snuggled into him.
The maid returned with the entire posse of servants a while later. Together, they filled the tub about half full, and then left to get more water.
That'll be fine, thank you,” Sanguine dismissed them.
The maid nodded, and turned to leave. Abattre entered the room as the maid left, and then crossed her arms and stared at the couple with an expression of amusement mixed with disappointment.
It seems I lost the bet,” she mumbled, then cleared her throat and spoke up. “Your prisoner is awake.”
Sanguine ignored the first statement and the fact that someone had caught them after the fact. She knew that her sisters would never betray her. They would keep her secret to the grave if necessary.
I see, help me a moment.” Sanguine got out of bed, then quickly plunged a washcloth into the boiling hot tub. She pulled it out, and waited for it to cool down a bit, tossing from hand to hand as she did so. “The simple outfit.”
Abattre nodded in agreement, then sorted through Sanguine's wardrobe. After wiping the dried stickiness from her legs and the blood from her claws, Sanguine pulled on a pair of panties, then held her arms out for Abattre to help her into a corset with a short, ruffly, silk skirt.
Grab his leash for me,” Sanguine half commanded as she pulled on shiny black shoes. They had heels exactly like her boots, but did not go higher than her ankles. This was the outfit they wore when they had to dress in a hurry. Buckling the straps to hold her shoes in place, she glanced in the mirror, and then swirled her hair into a quick bun.
Abattre tied a ribbon round the bun, and then handed Sanguine Danny's leash. She whispered in Sanguine's ear, “You may want to give him a minute to wash up too.” With a laugh, she nipped Sanguine's ear.
Sanguine giggled, smacked Abattre on the butt, and then tilted her head towards the door. “Go on, I'll be right there.”
Danny was fascinated by the way they interacted. His eyes had a faraway look to them as a faint smile settled on his lips. I wonder what else they do to each other?
Sanguine smacked him lightly, knowing without having to be told what he was thinking. “Wash up.”
He took the washcloth from her and complied, grateful to get rid of the evidence. He had a feeling that everyone would stare at him as they tried to figure out who had won and who had lost the supposed bet.
A different thought made him frown. “Why are you bringing me back to the dungeon?”
She smirked at him and he took another good look at her. “And is that really all you plan to wear?”
Sanguine led him down to the dungeon, and ordered him to stand next to the two servants. She walked to the cot where her prisoner groaned weakly, squatting to inspect him thoroughly.
Frayeur was curious, and decided to stand next to her. “What did he do?”
Sanguine looked up at him. “He is responsible for the disappearance of several of men and women over two years. No one knew what had happened to them until someone dropped in on him unexpectedly for a visit and saw him...” she hesitated, and then decided that there was no use protecting him from the things he would learn while working here. “Eating the most recent victim.”
Frayeur blushed, and then cleared his throat. “Eating as in when a man sticks himself in my mouth?”
Sanguine shook her head. “No... eating as in he was tearing bits of flesh off his victim's body and then sticking them in his mouth.”
Ugh!” Frayeur groaned, and then held a hand over his mouth.
Sanguine hugged him a moment. “If you look at him, you'll see that I've slashed him almost everywhere. He's weak from the lack of blood...”
Turning her attention back to her prisoner, she used a hand to force him to look at her. “Tell me, what would you like to do to me?”
The prisoner grinned. “You look like one of the tastiest morsels I've ever seen! I would love to cut those plump breasts from you and then fry them up with a little bit of butter. I bet you taste like heaven!”
Sanguine harrumphed. “I can already tell you that he's a lost cause, Frayeur. Men like him are already broken, and no amount of torture can remake him into something better.”
What happens to him now?” Frayeur asked, his sister Fureur coming closer to hear the verdict too.
He was only brought to us because he was sentenced to death for his crimes, and their majesties would prefer to save anyone they can. Reform them, make them useful citizens...” Sanguine began her explanation.
Soumettre placed a hand on Fureur's shoulder. “Any man who cannot be reformed must be executed.”
Sanguine nodded, then snapped her fingers. “The table.”
The two servants roughly grabbed the prisoner, and then carried him over to a large stone table. It had grooves in it that led to a funnel which led to a large bucket. This design was solely for easy cleanup.
What are you going to do?” Fureur asked, her eyes flashing in excitement. Sanguine could tell that she finally felt she was getting a bit of revenge for all the men who had hurt her.
Just a quick execution,” Sanguine stated. “My specialty is blood, so I plan to let him bleed to death. It's a fairly gentle death, far better than he deserves.”
Frayeur gulped as if swallowing his rising bile. His hands shook, so he clenched them into fists. “Can I do it?”
Sanguine smiled at him. “Not this time. The execution is the responsibility of the Mistress a prisoner is assigned to. You'll be assigned a prisoner of your own when you're ready.”
Now that the prisoner was secure, he turned to watch Sanguine approach him. “My last thoughts will be of eating you. In my mind, I'll devour you and savor every drop of your blood.”
Sanguine patted his cheek almost lovingly. “Right up until you find yourself in the Underworld. I'm sure the King of the Damned will have centuries of fun with you.”
And I'm sure I'll see you there next to me someday,” the prisoner replied with a satisfied smirk.
I'm sure you will,” Sanguine murmured as she climbed onto the table.
Straddling his waist, she sat on him as she delivered his death sentence. Using only the claws of her pointer fingers, she sliced open the veins on either side of his neck. Then, she sliced open the veins in his wrists, stood, and took a step back to squat. Lastly, she sliced open the veins located in his inner thighs.
Why don't you just stab him with a dagger?” Fureur asked.
Sanguine shrugged. “There's almost no clean way to kill a man... except perhaps strangulation.”
Which is my specialty, in a way,” Soumettre added.
And so long as I am going to make a mess anyway, I like to make it as painless as possible,” Sanguine finished.
He doesn't deserve painless!” Fureur insisted hotly.
No, he doesn't,” Sanguine agreed. “But I don't do it to comfort him... I do it to comfort me.”
In other words, you're too weak to kill him the right way!” Fureur spat angrily.
Sanguine was still squatting on the table, watching the blood ooze out of the slowly dying man, but now she jumped down. Her heels made an interesting sound as they snapped against the stone floor.
Weak am I?” She growled as she advanced on the girl. “I could tear your heart from your chest before you had time to realize I was upset!”
Misere wordlessly handed Fureur a shield. Panique put an arm around the girl's shoulder.
In the future, try not to piss any of us off until you learn how to defend yourself,” Panique advised. “In the meantime, do your best to keep this shield between you and Sanguine at all times.”
All the Mistresses stepped back, and Abattre wrapped one of her strong arms around Frayeur to prevent him from trying to help his sister. Fureur glared at Sanguine. She was unafraid and certain that Sanguine wouldn't dare hurt her anyway.
Sanguine darted around behind the girl, scratched her back deep enough that it would bleed freely, but not so deep that it would seriously hurt her. Fureur choked on a scream of pain. Chuckling, Sanguine rapidly circled around the room a couple of times to confuse and disorient Fureur. Deciding it was time to stop playing, Sanguine kicked Fureur directly in the middle of her thick wooden shield.
The heel of her shoe slashed right through the shield, startling the girl enough to make her scream. Sanguine kicked emphatically to the side, and sent the shield flying. Slowly winding her arms in circles, Sanguine made it clear that she was like a serpent just waiting to strike where Fureur least expected it.
I admit it! I had no idea what I was talking about and I'm sorry!” Fureur shrieked.
Good girl,” Sanguine praised her with a smile, then pulled her close for a hug. “Stop letting all that pent up rage control you.” She slashed the girl's cheek. “And never forget your manners!”
Yes... Sanguine...”
A glance around the room showed the Mistresses all grinning at her.
What?” Sanguine asked, the hairs on the back of her neck prickling.
Abattre tossed a coin at Panique. Panique caught it, and then held out her hand to Douleur. With a fake sigh of aggravation, Douleur flipped a coin at Panique. Soumettre also contributed a coin, and then – with her nearly evil grin – pointed at Sanguine.
You cost me a bet! I'd say that calls for punishment!”
Sanguine laughed. “You have to catch me first!”
Soumettre pulled out her rope as Misere pushed the twins to the relative safety of the corner.
Don't let her out of the dungeon!” Panique commanded to the two servants. They responded by blocking the only exit.
Sanguine raced around the dungeon evading all her sisters. They lashed out at her like they seriously planned to kill her. For the most part, she was able to run, flip, and twist out of their way, but then Soumettre and Panique teamed up.
Panique sent a bolt of electricity in the direction that Sanguine was running, which made her stop short just long enough for Soumettre to wrap her rope around Sanguine's neck.
Abattre grabbed one of her hands before she should claw through the rope, while Misere grabbed the other. Douleur jabbed Sanguine with her pain stick. Sanguine couldn't help but scream from the full dose of pain, but that didn't stop her from kicking her legs out.
Despite putting up a good fight, her sisters soon had Sanguine clamped to the wall. One of the servants had the forethought to grab hold of Danny's leash when he looked like he wanted to rush in and help his lover - “Don't go catching their attention!” As a result, he was watching in horror as they prepared to torture her.
He had to shove his knuckles in his mouth to stop from crying out in protest. To his bewilderment, Sanguine started laughing.
I guess I'm the practice dummy, huh?”
Yep!” Abattre smirked. Misere tossed a cold bucket of water over Sanguine, making certain her hair was thoroughly wet.
Take a swig of this,” Panique stated, handing a flask to Fureur. Fureur did so, nearly choked, and then started hacking from the burning in her throat. The mistresses all laughed.
Douleur put an arm around Fureur's shoulder's. “This is pure alcohol, nearly 200 proof... One of your special techniques shall be to take a swig of this, and then spit it across a torch at your victim.”
Soumettre handed her a flaming torch. “Remember to spit it out in a steady and somewhat forceful stream. Go on, give it a try.”
Fureur took a deep breath, then took a swig of the alcohol and spit it at the torch. It was aimed at Sanguine, and the resulting gigantic ball of fire was truly a sight to behold. Fureur was so startled that she gasped, and almost set herself on fire. She dropped to her knees and started coughing again.
Sanguine laughed again. “Once you get the hang of that trick, you're going to be a force to reckon with! Try it again!”
Aren't you hurt?” Fureur asked when she could manage to speak.
It's hot and it burns, but the water protects me,” Sanguine assured her.
To reinforce her point, Misere splashed her with more water. Fureur nodded, and then steadied her hands so that she could take another mouthful of alcohol. It was potent stuff and made her eyes water!
This stream of fire was exactly as it should be; steady and focused. Fureur squealed in excitement. “I did it!”
Frayeur bit his lip in thought. “What happens when the victim isn't covered in water?”
Panique pointed to her prisoner, who was silently watch them in the hope that he wouldn't alert his Mistress to the fact that he was awake. “This man beat his wife to death in a fit of rage. Use your fire on him Fureur.”
Nodding, Fureur studied him carefully for a moment. After pouring some alcohol in her mouth, she blasted him the way she was supposed to. He screamed the entire time, and then slumped in his clamps. His beard, his eyebrows, and the hair along his forehead all continued to burn until it was gone, which left red welts on his face.
Both of the twins looked sick. Fureur turned to her brother and buried her face in his shoulder.
He deserved it,” Frayeur muttered as if trying to reassure himself more than her.
I know,” Fureur replied with a tiny sniff. She turned to face Panique. “Should I do it again?”
If you'd like,” Panique offered with a shrug.
This time, Fureur focused her fire on his chest, singing all of his chest hair, and making him scream even though his throat was raw and it came out raspy as if he was being strangled.
Abattre took Frayeur by the hand and pulled him back over to Sanguine. She pointed out a few places, and then told the boys to jab the captive quickly in each spot. He looked at Abattre in disbelief.
What good will that do?”
Abattre grinned. “It'll take away her ability to move, which will come in handy if you ever find yourself in a fight with an unruly prisoner.”
Still not quite believing her, Frayeur performed all the jabs, living up to their theory that he could be as quick as lightning if he wanted.
Sanguine gasped as her body went completely weak. She slumped in her clamps, unable to remain standing. “Good job,” she praised in a gruff voice.
It worked!” Frayeur exclaimed excitedly.
It's only temporary, so you'd have to kill or bind your victim in about a minute or two before they regained their ability to move,” Abattre informed him, “but I'm sure you'll be able to think of plenty of things to terrify them with in that short amount of time.”
Frayeur blushed and looked to the floor. “Not with Sanguine, but with a real prisoner someday... will I be allowed to hurt him the way others have hurt me?”
The Mistresses all exchanged a glance. As one, all of them except for Sanguine shrugged. “That will be up to you. It's definitely something you can do to terrorize them that we never could,” Douleur finally answered.
Frayeur bit his lip and vaguely looked at the ceiling as he thought this over. Shrugging, he glanced around at all the women staring at him.
Can I practice that technique on any of you?”
Abattre volunteered since she would be able to tell him if he did it wrong. He jabbed her rapidly, and then she fell to the floor.
Gods! I wish I had known this ages ago!” Frayeur shouted, half in frustration, half in triumph that he could now defend himself if necessary.
Misere released Sanguine, holding onto her for a moment to make sure she had control over her body again. Sanguine hugged her impulsively, and then hugged Frayeur. Narrowing her eyes, she stared at him menacingly until he unconsciously shivered from a small jolt of fear.
Both of you need to bundle up and run laps around the castle,” Sanguine announced.
They groaned in protest, but the rest of the Mistresses concurred. The twins sulked out of the dungeon as Sanguine grinned at Danny. She took hold of his leash, and then led him all the way up to her bedroom.
By now, the water should be the perfect temperature, especially since the maids know to keep an eye on it and warm it back up if it grows too cool,” she purred, nipping Danny's neck.
Testing the water with one hand, she moaned happily. “As I said, perfect!”
Removing the leash but not the collar, Sanguine gestured for him to get in the tub. He tilted his head curiously, but then did as she commanded. A moment later, she climbed in with him.
Mmm, she moaned happily. “Now this is the best way to take a bath!”
Danny chuckled. “I agree!”
Their lips fused and refused to be separated. Sanguine guided him inside her, and then ground her hips into him repeatedly. Her arms wrapped around his neck and held him tight.
Danny groaned, grasping her hips with his hands. He helped her ride him until he roared her name once more.
Both started to laugh.
I'm not sure we are any cleaner than when we started,” Danny remarked wryly.
We can always remedy that!” Sanguine suggested, grabbing the bar of soap and lathering him up.
They took turns washing each other, and then returned to her bed, completely forgetting the uneaten dinner the maid had brought that woke them up.

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