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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sanguine - Part 9

Part 9

Sanguine stayed in her castle as long as she could, but sooner than ideal – as summer drew to a close – she had to leave for Lady Desespoir's. She rode her horse slowly yet confidently, and only had to defend against bandits twice. They were now all dead or seriously afraid of her claws!
With a fond grin, she banged the naked man-shaped door knocker against the thick wooden door. If her castle wasn't so much bigger than this one, she would have commissioned a matching knocker – a man bent in half... His bottom was the part banged against the door, and one had to grasp him around his chest in order to use him.
Mistress Sanguine!” A maid cried out happily after opening the door.
Mistress Abattre just so happened to be in the main entry, and rushed to hug her newly returned sister. “What brings you here?”
Abattre...” Sanguine stroked her cheek lovingly. “I'm going to need your help.”
Anything!” Abattre promised.
I'll explain later, but first... I'm dying to see how much Frayeur and Fureur have progressed in their training!” Sanguine confessed.
Abattre laughed. “Right this way!”

⋨ ⋩ ⋨ ⋩ ⋨ ⋩

Now that it was nearing spring once again, Sanguine was ready to return to her castle. She had thoroughly enjoyed her stay here with her sisters and brother, but knew for certain that she would likely never be able to visit this long again. Her own lands needed her to govern them, but this had been important!
It's beautiful!” Sanguine gushed praise on the man who had carved her new stone table. “Have it delivered to my Castle immediately!”
Yes my Lady,” he replied, flushing happily from her compliment.
After watching him go, she descended into the dungeon. Frayeur was in charge of his own prisoner, and after she had taught him everything he needed to know, he was almost as terrifying as his name suggested. As a test, she'd asked him to create his very own torture method.
Fureur had strengths and skills better suited to Abattre, Douleur, and Misere as teachers, so she also had plenty of help learning. She was proving to be very tough and capable. She found torture surprisingly fun and Sanguine knew exactly how she felt.
But it was Frayeur that held a special place in Sanguine's heart. She didn't really know why, but she was utterly fond of him! She half wished that she could take him with her when she left.
Lady Desespoir would let her, but she didn't want to separate the twins, and Frayeur himself had declined. He felt that his sister was too precious to him to leave alone until he was certain that she didn't need him. There was no question of bringing them both; Sanguine wouldn't have enough work for all three of them, and besides, with Sanguine gone, they needed someone to take her place.
Frayeur looked up as Sanguine approached him. He smiled at her in a proud way that clearly said, “Look! Aren't I doing a good job?”
He had been given an area of the dungeon – one of the side rooms – to use as his personal workshop. In it, he'd had the servants dig out and line an indoor pond so that it wouldn't simply drain into the ground. Once full, he'd filled it with a couple dozen fish from a nearby lake.
On a rack bolted to the ground next to the pond, a prisoner was secured so that escape was impossible. The prisoner was currently asleep, but Sanguine knew he probably wouldn't be for long. She almost felt pity for him...
Frayeur handed Sanguine a small hook. “Want to help me?”
Why not?” Sanguine smiled at him. Together, they pierced the prisoner's body with close to 20 hooks. The hooks were all tied to sturdy thread specifically intended for fishing, and the other end of the line dangled into the pond. The submerged end of the line had another hook on it, which was baited with worms or minnows.
As expected, the prisoner was quietly crying, the stinging of the hooks biting into him had woken him up. He watched the pond in horror, realizing that it was only a matter of time before the many fish got hungry and started yanking on the lines hooked to him.
Please let them miss the ones hooked to my balls! He prayed.
(Yes Elly, THIS is the scene I told you about that my husband came up with, lol! He thinks this should be the punishment for all rapists...)
Sanguine was genuinely impressed. “And Abattre thinks I'm evil!” She laughed. “I'd say you definitely passed your test!”
Two fish tugged on lines at the same time, and the prisoner screamed. “Please! I'll tell you anything you want to know! Just stop them!”
Sanguine kissed Frayeur's cheek. “I'm sorry I have to go now, but it looks like you have this well in hand. Goodbye Frayeur.”
Goodbye Sanguine,” he murmured, blushing for a moment before hugging her and then daring to kiss her on the lips.
Shaking her head that even a boy as young as him would want her, she turned to the prisoner, and scratched his cheek with her pointer finger.
You behave for my brother here, or trust me, you won't like the consequences!” She warned, and then left the dungeon.
Take care!” Frayeur called after her.
Sanguine waved to assure him that she would. A minute later, she was in the entrance hall.
I was beginning to think that you had decided to stay after all,” Abattre muttered.
The rest of their sisters took turns hugging Sanguine goodbye – even Fureur, who had never really gotten along well with Sanguine.
I'm actually going to miss you,” Fureur admitted with a blush.
I'm going to miss you too!” Sanguine informed her, and then kissed her cheek.
Accepting a bundle from Lady Desespoir, the two kissed each other on the cheek, murmuring their goodbyes. “Don't worry about being a good Lady,” Desespoir advised. “Be a great Lady! Terrify everyone and prove that you have what it takes to keep peace amongst your people!”
Sanguine laughed, promised “I will,” and then turned to Abattre once more. “Are you ready?”
Abattre nodded. “Let's get going before it gets dark!” She urged dramatically. It was not even midday after all!
See you when you return!” Their sisters called after Abattre, who waved at them in response.
This is going to be fun!” Abattre exclaimed in excitement once they mounted their horses and began their journey.
Sanguine laughed. “I'm glad you think so!”

⋨ ⋩ ⋨ ⋩ ⋨ ⋩

Danny frowned and bit his lip in concern. “What the...?”
His parents and sister were in their orchard with him inspecting the first growth of spring. They turned to see what he was looking at. A rider approached their house, and then stopped to wait.
They all ran to greet their guest, curious as to who the hooded person was. The rider threw back her hood, and Danny stopped short. As a result, his parents reached their guest before he did.
Good day,” Christopher greeted as he walked around to the rider's front, recognizing her. “May I help you?”
I'm here to deliver something to Danny, is he home?”
Abattre...” Danny murmured her name, calling her attention to him.
Danny,” she stated with a hint of attitude.
Why are you here?” Danny asked rudely, now standing in front of her as well, but cautiously off to the side.
Carefully juggling a bundle in her arms, Abattre dismounted – with help from Christopher. With a growl and then a sigh, she dropped to one knee in front of Danny.
My Lady commands me to deliver this to you personally.” She held out the bundle.
Danny stared at her in confusion as he hesitantly took the bundle from her. He was tempted to ask her what it was, but decided that looking for himself would be vastly easier, and less likely to provoke her temper. He gasped and nearly dropped it as he realized what it was that he held.
My Lady found this child and asks that you take care of him for her,” Abattre informed him.
Found?” Danny questioned. With one finger, he tickled the baby's cheek. The baby cooed and smiled at him. His eyes were blue, and his hair was brown... like Danny's hair was...
Yes,” Abattre stated firmly. “My Lady also says that she would have never found him without your help, and that she knows you'll take excellent care of him. As if he were your very own.”
I see,” he murmured, staring at the baby in fascination. “How old is he?”
He was, ahem, found on midwinter's eve. Therefore, he's a little more than three months old.”
Danny closed his eyes as he counted backwards and realized that Sanguine probably knew she was pregnant the last time they had seen each other. And she didn't tell me! When he felt like he could control his emotions, he opened his eyes to look at Abattre again.
Thank you for bringing this child to me. Tell Lady Sanguine that I shall take good care of him and love him...” Danny faltered, a frog in his throat threatening to choke him.
Abattre actually smiled at him. “Wonderful! Lastly, my Lady asks that this child never be brought to the castle. She feels that her work is far too gruesome for someone so innocent. However, if you should ever need anything, feel free to ask her. She wants to make sure that this child has everything he will ever want.”
Danny nodded, intending to care for this child completely on his own – as Sanguine obviously wanted.
Abattre mounted her horse, waved to his parents and sister, and then murmured, “Good day.” She left just as abruptly as she'd arrived.
What was that all about?” Danny's sister asked, scratching her head in confusion.
Shelly rushed to put an arm around her son. “Are you... well?”
It was hard to breathe. Every time he thought he was over her, something would remind him of her, and he'd be depressed all over again! Now, he would have a permanent reminder!
He forced himself to nod in answer to his mother's question. She exhaled a short sob and buried her face in his shoulder.
I hate seeing you in so much pain and trying to hide it!” She burst out almost angrily.
He felt better and gave her a tiny smile. Putting a hand on hers, he gave her a reassuring squeeze. “No really, I think I'm fine. Astonished, but fine...”
Christopher cleared his throat. “Was I interpreting that right?”
Probably,” Danny blurted out before his father could say something incriminating. “But it's for the best if you don't say it out loud... Sandra was so adamant about no one finding out...”
Hrmph!” Christopher replied grumpily, then sighed. “Well... Let me have a look at my new grandchild.”
Danny handed the baby to his mother. She smiled as she purred at the baby, and then presented him to her husband. Christopher held him tenderly, realizing that he hadn't forgotten how.
Life is about to get a whole lot noisier around here, I expect,” Christopher remarked, smiling at his grandson.
I want to see the baby!” Danny's sister insisted. She took him, and then cried, “Aww! He's so cute!”
Danny grinned at her. “That he is!”
She cast a devious smile at their parents. “Just think... this time next year, I'll be old enough to get married, and then I'll probably have one of these soon after!”
Christopher harrumphed again. “16 is soon enough to be thinking about babies! There's no need to be thinking about them now!”
Shelly laughed. “Trust me, girls think about babies practically from the day they are born!”
Danny took his son back, and then bounced him gently as he walked into the house, his family following. It was still a bit chilly outside for a baby, bundled up or not. In the house, he unwrapped the boy to get a much better look at him.
Inside the bundle was a bottle full of milk, which Danny wondered if it had come from an animal or Sandra. There was also a thin braid of blonde hair that was formed into a necklace. Finally, Danny found a note.
My darling son, one day you'll learn about me. Maybe then you'll understand why I felt it for the best to give you up like this. Never doubt that I love you...
Danny was so preoccupied with memorizing every millimeter of the baby that he completely didn't notice that his mother wasn't in the house with his father and sister. They took turns cooing at the baby and making him smile.
Suddenly, his mother returned. “As I said, I simply cannot understand what your daughter is thinking!”
Amos and Mareth crowded around Danny incredulously. “Is it true?!”
Danny rolled his eyes and nearly glared at his mother. “We aren't supposed to tell anyone!”
Shelly scoffed. “Who'll know? I'm certainly not going to tell anyone I told them!”
Knowing that there was no better proof, Danny handed the braid of hair and note to Amos. He read it and then passed them to his wife. Mareth burst into tears.
Oh! Why must that girl be so difficult?!” Mareth bemoaned. “This should be a joyous occasion – our first grandchild! – and yet... I can't even tell anyone!”
Shelly rubbed her back comfortingly. Amos asked to hold the baby, and then smiled. “Look, he has my eyes!”
Mareth laughed. “I have blue eyes too!”
Amos placed a hand on Danny's shoulder. “Son... Our farm is doing much better now that Sandra invests in us rather than depletes us.” By this, he referred to the practice Lady Sanguine had instated of giving the farmers under her jurisdiction everything they needed to prosper – rather than simply terrorize them for tribute as Lord Wolf had. “So, needless to say, you can always count on us if you need anything. We've always been like family, and now it's official!”
Danny smiled at him. “Thanks, I appreciate that!”
A couple of months passed, and summer started fading towards fall. The baby began to crawl, and everyone had fun trying to keep him out of things he shouldn't get into. He was a happy baby that loved to get into as much trouble as possible, but everyone loved him; Danny's sister positively adored him and couldn't wait to have one of her own!
As for Danny, he just couldn't find a woman he wanted to make his wife. All the eligible girls and women made a point of coming to visit him. They just loved how he had taken in this orphan – according to the official story – and couldn't wait to entice him into marriage and hopefully give him more children. His family had always been one of the more prosperous in the area after all!
To cope with the pressure from the women, and the still deep wound from the woman he loved rejecting him, he started visiting the town brothel at least once a week. At least there he didn't feel like they wanted anything from him. He was able to meet a bodily need without worrying about complicating his life.
Dismounting from his horse, he handed the reins to a stableboy working for the brothel. He gave the boy simple instructions and then tossed a coin at him for his trouble.
Wondering which soft and beautiful woman he should choose tonight, Danny opened the door and strode inside the relatively discrete business.
Here is the girl I told you about, my Lady,” the Madam in charge stated. Danny gaped in disbelief as Sanguine stood bold as brass in the middle of the brothel entryway.
Sanguine studied the girl for a moment, and then smiled. “I'm sorry I could not rescue you before it was too late, but I can give you a choice now. Do you wish to stay here, or would you like to come with me and learn a completely different way to handle men?”
The girl was 9 or 10, and looked more afraid of Sanguine than any of the men in the brothel. “M-m-my Lady... I come from a large family, and... my uncles... my cousins... even a couple of my brothers have all used my body. When I was taken by the Tax Collector I was relieved. I thought for sure that I would finally be safe from men!” She sighed in depression. “But they decided to send me here...”
Sanguine stroked her hair carefully. “That doesn't answer my question. Do you wish to stay here, or do you want to come with me?”
Still hesitating, the girl looked to the floor. “I don't know... I don't want any more men to hurt me, but I don't want to live with a demon either...”
Sanguine laughed. “You have nothing to fear from me, I promise! I can teach you to be almost like a demon yourself, and then you will never have to let a man touch you again.”
The girl stood up just a little straighter. “I can learn to be like a demon?” She thought this over quietly for a moment, and then bravely looked Sanguine directly in the eyes. “I'd like that!”
Sanguine smirked. “I thought as much! Tell me, what would you like to do to every man who has ever hurt you?”
The girl growled softly. “I'd like to stab them over and over until they bleed! I'd like them to know what it feels like!”
Hmm...” Sanguine hummed pensively, stroking the girl's cheek gently. “I think you might be suited to a set of claws of your own.”
Sanguine pulled a small coin purse from her cleavage, and tossed it at the Madam. “That is to pay for the taxes the girl's family owes. Even after you take a cut, there should be a credit on their account. See to it that the Tax Collector gets that. Believe me I'll check...”
Yes my Lady!” The madam assured her.
Turning, Sanguine got a good look at Danny standing there staring at her. She nearly dropped her jaw, but recovered herself before anyone noticed something was amiss.
You there! I know that this'll likely ruin your evening, but I have an errand I'd like you to run, if you're in the mood to make a quick coin.”
Danny closed his mouth, swallowed to give himself a second to think, and then nodded. “Yes, my Lady.”
He followed her back out to the stables. Thankfully, the stableboy hadn't unsaddled his horse yet. Standing aside as Sanguine mounted, Danny then helped the small girl onto the back of her stallion.
He climbed onto his own horse, and then followed her until he was certain that no one would see or hear them.
So... what's this errand you want me to run? Sandra...” Danny asked.
Sanguine stopped her horse abruptly, and then turned him so that she was looking at her ex-lover. “I just want one thing... What's his name?”
Danny was quiet for a moment, then smiled. “Gavin.”
Gavin...” Sanguine breathed the name softly, reverently. “How's he doing?”
He's an absolute joy! He's crawling now and getting into everything,” Danny admitted with a laugh.
Sanguine fought tears as she nudged her horse closer to his. She leaned over and hugged him so unexpectedly that he almost thought she was attacking him.
I missed you so much!” She confessed.
He decided that it would be easier on him if he didn't return the sentiment. He had missed her – of course – but he didn't want to open his heart up for more pain and rejection.
Intuitively understanding this, she released him and sat back. Her horse shifted away from his.
Sorry, that's all I wanted. You can go back if you want and tell them I changed my mind,” she told him.
It took him a moment to realize it, but his hand reached out and clutched her arm. He hadn't seen her in year, and he didn't want to let her go so soon.
She smiled at his hand, and then at him. “Danny...”
His expression crumpled. “Gods help me, but I don't want to let you go!”
Just one night?” Sanguine asked.
This time it was Danny who nudged his horse closer to hers. He leaned over and pulled her head close for a kiss.
The girl behind Sanguine shifted so that she didn't feel like she was about to fall off the horse, turning her head to look away, and then buried her face in Sanguine's cloak. She had never seen two people who actually wanted to hug and kiss when there wasn't money exchanged before.
Breaking off the kiss, Sanguine whispered, “Do you know the cottage where my grandmother used to live?”
Yes,” Danny answered with a nod.
It's been vacant ever since she died, and I started sending a woman over to clean it once a week...” Sanguine explained almost nervously, and then smiled. “Meet me there?”
Danny nodded.
Good!” Sanguine exhaled in relief. “I'm just going to bring my new apprentice to my castle, get her settled in, and then I'll be there as soon as I can.”
I'll be waiting,” Danny murmured. He watched her ride away until he could no longer see her, and then nudged his horse in the direction of the cottage. He knew it would take her a while to get there, so he was in no hurry. Even so, he got there sooner then he expected.
The wait for her seemed interminably long! Danny paced the floor of the small, one-room cottage.
Why did I agree to this?! I was actually mostly happy without her for the first time! I am only going to be hurt all over again in the morning. This is a bad idea...”
He tried to talk himself into leaving, but his feet simply refused to go anywhere.
About an hour passed, and then his horse snorted from outside the cottage window to announce the arrival of someone else. Danny's blood immediately started alternating between cold and hot! His heart started pounding and he felt an inexplicable urge to run away!
Danny...” she murmured when she entered the cottage and saw him standing there. “I wasn't sure you'd still be here, waiting...”
All of his panic and his doubt melted when he saw her. Without a word, he swept her off her feet and carried her to the small bed off in the corner.
She rested her arms around his neck with a happy sigh. They were content to simply kiss for a long time, but as they did so, bits of their clothing seemed to magically disappear until they were both completely naked.
Danny kissed his way down her body until his head was between her legs. Sanguine gasped; she'd forgotten how good this felt! Her body seemed to undulate of its own accord, writhing under him.
They were utterly alone where no one could hear them even if she screamed. Even so, she grabbed a pillow to muffle the sounds coming from her. Her body curled into a crescent moon shape as she screamed into the pillow.
A moment later, Danny grabbed the pillow out of her hand with a laugh. He tossed it aside and kissed her. She explored his mouth all over again, fascinated by the taste of herself on his lips.
Danny was more than ready to be inside her, and slid in smoothly. She shivered happily, moaning into his mouth. Thrusting possessively, Danny proved to her over and over that he had stamina to spare!
Eventually, they both grew exhausted, and curled up to go to sleep. Sanguine wiggled her head into his shoulder until she found the most comfortable spot, and then sighed happily. A moment later, her thoughts turned her mood to depression.
If I'd only known a year ago what I know now...” she murmured.
What?” Danny wondered curiously.
I thought you would be in danger if you stayed with me, but I think I was wrong,” Sanguine admitted. “It's true that I still imagine you nearly everyday. I see your face on the men in my dungeon, but...”
Danny waited patiently for her to finish, but after a few moments passed in silence, he nudged her. “But what?”
But without you, the nights seem so long and lonely!” Sanguine confessed with a sob. “I wish I had just chained you to my bed and threatened anyone who objected with a stay in my dungeon!”
Danny stroked her arm soothingly. He couldn't help feeling just a bit hurt that she still didn't consider the possibility of marriage. If he was chained to her bed as her official lover, and – he assumed – openly the father of her children, then why not simply get married?
But he knew better than to ask her.
What difference does a year make?” Danny wondered. “If you know what you want now, then why not do it?”
Because of Gavin...” Sanguine whispered reverently. She sat up abruptly to look at him. “Oh Danny! When I held him in my arms... I realized that he was completely innocent! He had no painful past. He literally had his whole life ahead of him!”
She drew her knees to her chest and buried her face in her arms. “I couldn't bear the thought of him growing up in a world where everyone is violent and cruel and deserves to be punished! I want him to grow up somewhere where everyone is good and honest and decent and kind! That's why I gave him to you...”
In a strange way, it made sense. Danny tugged Sanguine back into his arms, and then kissed her. “Let's not think about anything right now. Let's just go to sleep and enjoy the warmth of each other's arms.”
The suggestion was even more alluring than having sex had been. She snuggled into him once more, and inhaled his wonderful scent until she fell asleep. It took him almost twice as long as her to fall asleep, but the sound of her heat beating was music to his ears.
In the morning, Sanguine woke, took a long look at him, and then subtly pinched herself. She squealed happily, and pounced on Danny to give him a kiss. He grunted from the force of her exuberance, and then chuckled sleepily.
I thought I was dreaming!” Sanguine announced.
You dream about me?” Danny asked.
All the time,” Sanguine confessed solemnly. “Listen, I have to go... There's going to be enough talk as it is about me not being in my bed this morning without me lingering here until noon.”
She gave him several small kisses, and then one more before continuing. “But I realized something very important... I love you! I don't want to live without you any more, however... I also don't want you and Gavin to come live with me in the Castle. So... Can you think of another way?”
For us to be together but not be together? “Danny asked in confusion.
Sanguine nodded, praying that he would at least consider it.
Danny held his breath as the concept battled against the thought of continuing as they were. Not being with her hurt! It was a dull ache that he carried around with him constantly, however, this suggestion of hers might hurt more.
Being with her but not being with her would mean that he would have to continue to keep their relationship a secret in order to protect their son from the darkness in the world. It meant that each time he did see her, he would fall in love with her all over again, and then feel like his heart was torn from his chest when she returned to her castle until the next time. He seriously wondered which would be better...
The dull ache, or the intermittent love and torn heart?
He sighed. “How about we meet here once a week?”
Sanguine grinned at him. “I like that! One night a week where I can forget about everything and just be with you.”
Danny kissed her, sucking on her bottom lip for a moment. “One night a week where we can pretend that we will be together forever in a perfect world.”
I love you,” Sanguine whispered into his mouth.
I love you too,” Danny informed her honestly. It was no secret, he always had. Sanguine smiled, and kissed him as if she never planned to let him go, and then groaned.
I really have to leave.”
I know,” Danny acknowledged.
He helped her get dressed, and then held her tight for a moment before watching her leave.
The same night next week!” Sanguine called over her shoulder as she mounted her horse.
I'll be here!” Danny promised.
As the weeks then months passed, it took his parents a while to figure out that something had changed. They had quietly accepted the fact that he occasionally went to a brothel, but now he was actually spending an entire night out each week, and they were concerned. However, he also seemed a lot happier than they had seen him in a while, so they were reluctant to make an issue out of it.
Winter came and went, and in the spring, his sister, Christine, got married to the son of the second most prosperous family in the area, which was a big deal in the town. Everyone came to her wedding celebration to wish her happiness and a long marriage. She simply glowed with excitement as she joined her groom at the altar.
It wasn't until about a month later that Danny noticed something was wrong. His sister stopped coming to visit them. When he did catch a glimpse of her around town, she looked pale and sickly.
Finally, using the fast young mare that Sanguine had given him – that he'd told his parents he'd bought – he snatched his sister off her feet as she shopped in town. He brought her home for a visit with their parents, holding her firmly so that she couldn't struggle.
The moment they arrived in front of their house, Christine burst out crying. “Please take me back to town! I'm only supposed to be gone long enough to buy a few supplies! If he finds out I came here...”
Christopher grabbed his daughter, pulling her off the horse and into his arms. “If he finds out you're here, he'll what?” He asked darkly.
Christine shook her head and refused to answer. Shelly gasped as she noticed a couple of bruises on the back of her daughter's neck. She immediately pushed Christine's sleeves up to expose more bruises.
Did he do this to you?!” Shelly demanded.
Christine cried all the harder, but shook her head. “No! My husband is a good man who takes care of me!”
By controlling where you go, for how long, and then by beating you?” Danny snorted in disbelief.
Christine looked to the ground and again refused to say anything.
You're staying here tonight if we have to lock you in your room!” Danny insisted.
No!” Christine gasped. “He'll kill me if I don't go home!”
She fought them the entire way to her room, so they really did have to lock her in it, but they refused to let her leave.
What now?” Shelly asked, wringing her hands in worry.
Christopher shrugged helplessly. “By law, there's nothing we can do.”
We can petition our Lady to dissolve the marriage,” Danny suggested.
Do you think she would?” Shelly wondered. “She's … not exactly compassionate.”
All I can do is ask her,” Danny stated. “But I think she will. She seriously dislikes when men abuse women.”
I don't know, son,” Christopher said hesitantly. “She's very strict about following the law, and this man hasn't actually broken any laws.”
Danny sighed. “Well... I see her tonight. I'll know by tomorrow what she thinks.”
His parents stared at him for a moment, realizing that he had just roundaboutly told them what he did on those nights when he was gone.
Finally, his father recovered from his shock. “Well... you let us know what she says.”
Danny nodded.
His mom squeezed his hand for a moment. “Thanks for bringing her home.” She kissed him on the cheek, and then they left him alone so that they could finish their chores.

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