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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sanguine - Part 8

Part 8

Sanguine studied the tall man with interest. Now that spring had turned to summer, and she had settled nicely into her new role as Lady, the Queen had decided to send an interesting tidbit to pique her interest. He was a Lord, and a highly ranked warrior in their Majesties service.
He had black hair, black eyes, and was every bit as muscular as Big Mike. Sanguine had to admit that he interested her in a way she couldn't quite explain. Of course, she didn't plan to tell him that.
Countess Blood,” he greeted her with a smoldering grin. His eyes drank in her softly curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. “Her Majesty sent me to see how things are going here. Have you had any trouble from Clan Wolf?”
Sanguine smiled at him innocently. “Trouble? From Clan Wolf?”
She snapped her fingers just once. Immediately, the Wolf pup – who was actually about 25 years old – rushed from his place in attendance on her and dropped to his knees before her.
Yes Mistress?” He asked.
As former Lord Wolf's son, do you plan to give me any trouble?” She asked.
No Mistress!” He hastily assured her.
Good boy,” she praised him. “I think you are ready to be sent to the King and Queen so that they can assign you a useful place in the Kingdom.”
Yes Mistress,” he agreed.
I see,” the tall dark Lord murmured. “Forgive me, I seem to have forgotten my manners. I'm Godric, Earl of Clan Storm.”
Do you prefer Earl Storm or Lord Storm?” Sanguine wondered.
I'd prefer if you called me Godric, my Lady.”
Well, Lord Storm, I'd prefer if you called me Lady Sanguine, Mistress, or Countess Blood.”
He smirked. “Lady Sanguine of Clan Blood... isn't that a little redundant?”
She laughed softly. “Not according to their Majesties.”
Danny had given her a few months to adjust to her new position, but felt that he needed closure or at the very least an affirmation that in her mind, things were over between them. Amos had told him to give up on her – Sanguine had invited her family to live in the castle with her, but they'd declined – but Danny just couldn't until he heard the words from her lips.
He entered the audience chamber but then got to his knees to wait in the area specifically intended for people waiting for an audience with their Lord, or in this case, Lady.
In any case, Lord Storm, as you can see, everything is fine. Feel free to return to their Majesties and report the good news,” Sanguine suggested. “You can even take the pup here along with you.”
He hummed lightly for a moment. “No... I think I'll stick around for a while to make certain with my own eyes that things really are going well.”
Sanguine stood up from her small, throne-like chair, and took two steps closer to him. “Do you doubt my word?”
No, my Lady. I'm just doing as my Queen commanded me,” he stated genially.
Sanguine just knew that there was more to his orders than he let on, so she decided to be gracious. “Of course. Allow me to have a maid show you to a guest chamber, or would you prefer a stay in my dungeon? It's almost empty at the moment, so you'd have it nearly all to yourself.”
Lord Storm was obviously confused, but was certain that she was simply flirting with him. He laughed. “Nah! In my experience, dungeons tend to be dark and dank. If you want me at your mercy so badly, I'd far prefer it to be in your bedchamber!”
Sanguine responded by slashing his cheek with her claws, or at least that was the plan. He caught her hand and then stared at her in astonishment that she had nearly laid a hand on him when no one had ever managed to do so before.
I do not let just anyone into my bedroom!” Sanguine growled at him to hide the fact that she was astonished that he had managed to catch her. “Now let me go before I decide that you've earned a stay in my dungeon after all!”
My apologies, Countess Blood. I misunderstood your intentions,” Lord Storm said as he let her wrist go.
She glared at him and took a step back. “Most men do.”
He grinned at her. “Your reflexes are amazing! You almost had me, and that's saying something!”
Sanguine smirked, intrigued by him despite her resolve to ignore him completely. “Did Her Majesty tell you about me? Did she explain what it is I do for the Kingdom?”
Godric shrugged. “She simply smiled and said that you reform criminals. I rather assume by her fondness for you that you are some sort of Angel of Mercy that can convince any man to give up his life of crime.
Sanguine laughed. “I like that analogy!”
Godric simply could not help himself! He grinned and blurted out exactly what he was thinking. “I cannot wait to get you in my bed!”
Sanguine closed her eyes as if hiding the fact that she rolled them in exasperation, and then kicked him in the gut. He hadn't expected that in the slightest, and as a result caught her foot before it stabbed him lethally, but wasn't able to block the force behind her kick.
Is that all you men think about?!” She demanded. He held her foot to prevent her from kicking him again, which meant that he was defenseless against her claws. She slashed his left arm, prompting him to release her foot.
He gaped at his arm incredulously.
I demand that you leave my castle, now!” Sanguine shouted emphatically.
Wait! I'll admit that I stuck my foot in my mouth, but that's no reason to send me away. I promise I'll behave.”
Why in the world would I let you stay here?!” Sanguine wondered.
Godric was quiet for a moment, but then smiled. “Because... we might just be evenly matched, and I – for one – am curious to see what would happen if we sparred.”
Sanguine stood up just a bit straighter as she thought this over. The thought was enticing. “Hmm... if I win, I get to string you up in my dungeon and torture until you learn proper manners towards women.”
He chuckled nervously. “Uh... fine... and if I win, I want you to spend a night with me.”
Sanguine crossed her arms and glared at him. “No.”
He sighed, his hopes crushed.
If you win, I promise to let you stay as a guest in my castle until you feel you've accomplished your mission,” Sanguine compromised.
Godric stroked his neatly trimmed beard in thought for a moment. “That could work... So.. do you want to do this now, or do you want some time to prepare first?”
Sanguine examined her dress for a moment. It was more suited to the Lad y that she now was than for a mistress who might need to fight someone at the drop of a hat. “I'm not ready for a decent battle... I say we spar later.”
As my Lady wishes...” he purred.
Sanguine didn't even bother to hide the rolling of her eyes this time, and pointed to a maid loitering near the wall. “Take him to a guest chamber!”
Yes Mistress!”
Lord Storm kept his eyes on her as long as possible as he followed the maid out of the room, but eventually he had to pay attention to where he was going.
Sanguine slumped into her chair with a sigh, very carefully rubbing her temples. “Water,” she murmured.
Another maid poured some fresh pure water from a chilled pitcher into a beautiful stone goblet, and then handed it to her.
Thank you,” Sanguine said sincerely.
Danny cleared his throat. “A word, Lady Sanguine?”
Her eyes flew to him in mild alarm. “How long have you been there?”
He shrugged. “Long enough.”
She groaned, frustrated that she was so focused on Lord Storm that she hadn't even noticed Danny enter the room. Looking around, she realized that it would be impossible to have a private conversation with so many servants around.
I think that I would like to take a walk in my garden. If you would like, you may join me and speak your mind,” she invited.
Danny mentally sighed in relief. The way she had subtly reacted to the Earl of Clan Storm had started his heart racing. He felt like he was about to lose her to this man that they had never even met before!
He followed her out to the garden, waiting until they were alone before daring to speak to her.
No one can hear us out here,” Sanguine assured him, “but they can see us. People are always watching me, so do not stand too close to me or try to touch me at all. If you do, I'll have to scratch you...”
Danny sighed. “I just wanted to know – now that you're living here – well... you said that we could visit each other. Do you still mean that?”
Sanguine stopped with her back to him. She also faced away from her Castle so that no one could see the expression on her face. “Oh Danny...”
She sighed. “As a Lady, I'm expected to get married... Thankfully, no one can actually force me to – except for my father – so I can continue to politely refuse all offers for my hand. If I give anyone cause to suspect that I've taken a lover... Besides, I'm only going to be here for another month or two, and then I'm leaving for an extended visit with Lady Desespoir.”
Why?” Danny wondered.
There's something I must do...” Sanguine replied vaguely.
Everything's different now,” Danny pointed out. “You're a Lady of the Realm. If we got married...”
Sanguine snorted a laugh. “Do you want to know something that I haven't told anyone else? The King and Queen want me to continue on reforming criminals. They plan to eventually give Castles and titles to all of my sisters so that we can, um... keep the peace... so to speak. They want to institute different levels of reform... Instead of just criminals marked for death, they want us to deal with repeat offenders of lesser crimes too.”
That doesn't sound good for the Kingdom,” Danny remarked pensively.
Sanguine glared at him. “Whyever not? You make it sound like we plan to torture innocent citizens! If a person wants to avoid a visit to one of our dungeons, they simply need to avoid repeatedly committing crimes! Especially violent ones! How is it bad to punish them?!”
Danny sighed. “I'm just saying that there has to be a better way...”
Sanguine shrugged, unable to think of a different solution. Her body ached for his touch. She now completely understood why Lady Desespoir had advised her not to take a lover. Lovers were distracting... Her lover made her want to drop everything and jump in bed with him!
She smiled mysteriously. “I'm about to coldly walk away. In a few minutes, I plan to decide that I want to ride my horse. Depressed that I wouldn't listen to whatever it is that you came here to talk to me about, you decide to go home and hide out in that spot at the very back of your orchard...”
The one at the edge of the forest that almost no one ever goes to?” Danny asked for clarification.
Sanguine smiled. “That forest just so happens to be the edge of my personal property... I think I'll ride through that forest in that general direction...”
Danny hid a smile in case someone was watching him. “And then accidentally come across me sulking?”
Sanguine shrugged.
Aha...” Danny murmured in understanding. “What about your guest?”
He's not invited,” Sanguine stated coldly. Turning her back on him, she marched back into her castle.
Danny slumped in depression, and then trudged towards the stables to get his horse and return home. The servants and others watching him wondered why he had ever thought that their Lady would hear him out. Most assumed that he wanted to negotiate a lesser tribute than normal, just because she was a woman and might be fooled into compassion.
A few minutes later, Sanguine sighed as she sat in her chair in the audience room. “I'm bored...”
This did not surprise her servants in the slightest since there were no other people requesting an audience nor any prisoners in her dungeon... that they knew of. They exchanged apprehensive glances. The last time she was bored, she had instigated an in depth cleaning of the entire castle!
Without a word, Sanguine stood and walked towards the stables. Her servants all breathed a sigh of relief.
Half an hour later, Danny caught sight of her. He grinned and waved at her. As soon as she was close enough, he helped her down off her horse.
What does my Lady plan to do now?” He asked suggestively.
She purred happily. “Relax and spend time with my lover.”
Danny moaned in agreement and anticipation. “I hoped you'd say that!” He grabbed her off her feet and lay her down on a blanket that he'd had the foresight to bring with him.
I missed you,” Sanguine confessed.
I missed you too,” Danny murmured with a grin, and then seized her lips in a greedy kiss.
It was enough to simply hold each other and kiss to the sounds of the birds chirping. The sun moved through the trees enough to shift the shadows by at least a foot before they felt like moving on to the next step.
Sanguine gathered her voluminous skirt out of the way, and then straddled Danny's lap. He had sat up to unbutton his pants, and was surprised that she didn't want to lay down. Reaching between her legs, he slid her panties to the side so that she could impale herself on his shaft.
He groaned, feeling as if she had punched him with pleasure. His arms held her body to his chest, and her arms held his neck at the right place for her to kiss him. Each time she rode him, she kissed him, using his mouth to keep hers quiet.
Out of hearing range, Danny's mother muttered to herself. “I swear that boy likes to be tortured! Every time he sees her, he comes home in pain and then mopes for at least a week! When I find him, I'm going to give him a piece of my mi – oh!”
She hastily stepped behind a tree so that the couple wouldn't see her. She had just stumbled upon them – intuitively knowing where to find him – but now she wasn't sure what to do. Obviously he was a bit preoccupied, and she didn't want to interrupt or ruin his moment.
She slowly crept from tree to tree to leave them alone until she was certain they wouldn't see or hear her. They however, completely forgot that someone might hear them.
Sanguine's chant, “Ah, ah, ah!” changed to a squeal that not even his mouth could silence. Danny's grunts turned into a roar as he called out her name.
She giggled. “Seriously, you have got to stop calling out my name! Someone is going to hear you, and then there'll be no polite way to claim that it really wasn't me here with you.”
Shelly frowned and stopped to eavesdrop. She didn't want to pry, but this just didn't sound right.
You said it yourself that a Lady of the realm is expected to marry. Why not just marry me and be free from that pressure?” Danny wondered.
Sanguine sighed. “Stop asking me that! I also told you that I am going to have my dungeon full for years to come. I just can't do it! I just can't spend all day torturing one man only to come out and love another. I would be thinking of you while I was supposed to be concentrating on my work, and then I'd be thinking of my victim while I was with you!”
How do you know you can't do it if you don't try?”
Because!” She roared. “I already do it! The entire time that Lord Wolf's son was in my dungeon, I kept seeing your face! I felt like it was you I was hurting and I wanted to cry!”
Maybe that's because I'm not there to help you relax at the end of the day,” Danny hypothesized. “I think I could handle it... So long as you never again bring me down to the dungeon while you work... I think I could handle knowing what you were doing. Think about it... If you're busy in the dungeon, who will actually be running your lands? I can do that for you.”
Sanguine started to cry. “Stop trying to make it sound like everything will just work out! I don't like seeing your face on my prisoners, and I don't like what I think about when we're in bed together!”
What do you think about that's so bad?” Danny wondered, hoping against hope that it wasn't what he was thinking.
I think about bringing you down to my dungeon again! I think about doing more than just clamping you to the wall to watch me work! I think about slashing you with my nails so that I can watch you bleed to death!” She choked on a sob. “You are not safe around me!”
Danny held her tight and rocked her. “Shh... Sandra, don't cry... Don't you see? Because this upsets you, you could never do such a thing to me.”
Sanguine stopped crying abruptly. “Oh, but I could... I really could and it would be so easy... Don't you see? With you gone, there would be no one to distract me from my work.”
Sandra, you're scaring me,” Danny confessed as a chill went up his spine.
Good,” she stated coldly. “You should be!”
She stood up, freeing his half limp shaft from her womanly sheath, and then subtly shifted her panties back into place before smoothing out her skirts. Danny sighed in frustration, then buttoned his pants.
Now, as I've told you, I'm returning to Lady Desespoir in a month or so to stay with her throughout the rest of winter. I need to help train in Frayeur, for one, but I also need to have a few things made for my dungeon... I absolutely do not want to see you at my castle again!”
I understand,” Danny admitted reluctantly. “You don't want anyone to know that I mean something to you.”
Sanguine growled. “Whoever said you mean something to me?!”
Danny snorted a laugh. “You did, just a few moments ago.”
Sanguine pulled on her hair in aggravation. “Anyway, I'm still pretty busy most mornings, but the afternoons... I think I might start riding my horse for an hour or so during the afternoon...”
Danny stood up, furious with her now. “Stop playing games with me! You just said that you didn't want to marry me because you don't want to come to me each night and think about how you'd like to torture me, but now suddenly it's fine because it would be during the afternoon! You can't have it both ways! Either you want me in your life or you don't!”
Realizing that he was right, Sanguine steeled herself to end this for good. Maybe then he could move on. She squared her shoulders and cast him her frostiest gaze.
I am a Lady now. If I must marry, it'll be to some Lord in the distant future when I can no longer avoid it. In any case, it won't be to you, so please stop asking me... Now, I am going to get on my horse and return to my castle. I will not come back here ever again, and if you so much as step one foot in my Castle, I'll have you thrown in my dungeon never to be seen again. Do you understand?”
Yes, my Lady,” Danny sneered. “I understand perfectly! You'll choose anything over me! I'm glad you finally told me that; now I can get on with my life and forget all about you!”
Sanguine closed her eyes until she could speak without a hint of emotion in her voice. She forced her breathing to remain calm. “Good.”
Turning her back on him, she took a step towards her horse.
I hope that your pride and your job keep you warm on cold nights! I hope they bring you comfort when you find yourself all alone in the dark!” Danny shouted after her.
Turning her head to look at him over her shoulder, Sanguine was silent for a long moment. Her first impulse was to shout hurtful nonsense right back at him, but that wouldn't make her feel any better.
Goodbye Danny. I hope that you find a good woman who doesn't make men scream with terror. I hope you marry her and have lots of happy babies.”
Danny clutched his heart as she mounted his horse and rode away. His stomach clenched as if burning in agony, and he just knew that there was no hope anymore. That had been a final goodbye.
His mother wiped a tear from her cheek, her heart aching for him. No matter how much she wanted to, she knew she couldn't fix everything and make it alright for him. The only thing that could help him now was time.

⋨ ⋩ ⋨ ⋩ ⋨ ⋩

Sanguine retired to her spacious bedchamber the moment she returned to her castle, and flung herself on her bed. She sobbed until she couldn't remember why she was sobbing. Doubts started eating at her until she wanted to scream!
What if he had been right? She wondered. What if it truly is possible to have this demanding job AND be happily married to him?
She finally had to lock all those thoughts up in a dark corner at the very back of her mind. She shook her head until it felt clearer, then washed her face in the cool water in the stone basin. Feeling better, she tugged on the bell pull to summon a maid to help her dress.
How may I be of service?” Her maid asked.
Sanguine studied her in silence for a few moments. This maid had been appointed her personal maid because she had spirit and colorful background. She seemed to be tough as nails, and easily handled anything that Sanguine asked her to do.
I plan to prepare for a sparing session with Lord Storm. I need you to help me change, but remember, I don't want you to pull my corset too tight,” Sanguine informed her.
Yes my Lady,” the maid stated, her tone implying that she longed to add, “Of course I remember!” The maid took a moment to send a message to Lord Storm to meet the Lady in an indoor sparring room leftover from when Clan Wolf lived here.
Soon, Sanguine was dressed in her red and black dungeon uniform, complete with thigh-high black boots and the split skirt. She even wore a belt full of knives, which marked this as a special occasion. Usually, her nails were all she needed.
Lord Storm looked around the sparring room curiously. It obviously hadn't been used in many years, but still had weapons in racks around the room. They were wooden practice weapons – for the most part – but also a couple of dull swords. Part of him was amused that he was about to fight a woman, but another part of him was curious to see if she really could be his equal in skill.
He heard the sharp staccato of her heels long before she arrived in the room. Something about her steady and determined pace actually made a shiver run down his spine. From the moment she had dismissed him earlier, he had talked to various servants about her. Most seemed afraid of her, and all of them told him horror stories.
According to her servants, the Lady was a demon. She was as fast as lightning, and twice as deadly. They told her how she had taken the form of an animal and murdered their previous Lord. Lastly, they talked about how she had taken the younger Lord Wolf into her dungeon and cast an evil spell on him that turned him into her faithful slave; waiting on her hand and foot.
That last tiny bit he had somewhat seen for himself, so he wondered how much of the rest of it might be true.
Sanguine finally arrived in the sparring room, and regarded him seriously. She planned out how to win, making sure to accurately gauge where all his vital spots were in relation to her body. He was nearly a foot taller than her even in her heels, so it was important to know how much to adjust her aim.
As she memorized his every feature, he gaped at her. His eyes took in her strange dress, and he had to shift his stance to hide a suddenly prominent piece of anatomy. He laughed to cover his actions.
And here I thought we were going to spar! You seem to be dressed for a strange ball... Can't complain though...”
Do you want to attack or defend?” Sanguine asked him, getting straight to the point.
Defend,” he replied and then smirked. “Are you certain that you won't grace my bed if I win.”
Sanguine rolled her eyes and sighed.
He laughed. “Just checking!”
Circling him cautiously, Sanguine looked for an opening in his defense. She attacked without warning, and was surprised when he managed to deflect her every strike. A strange smile formed on her lips.
Godric was astonished to discover that he needed to fully concentrate in order to defend himself. She was fast! Also, now that he got a good look at them, her claws looked downright vicious!
Slowly, she wore him down until he had to shift from defense to offense. He started striking back at her, but she deflected all of his attacks! At this point, he was thoroughly impressed by her.
After at least a half an hour, they were both panting from exertion.
I've never had a man manage to avoid all my claws for this long before,” Sanguine complimented him.
Godric laughed. “I know the feeling, only I'm even more incredulous because you're a woman.” He held out his hand. “Good match.”
Sanguine scrutinized his hand warily. She felt like she could continue and probably win, but he had been right about them being evenly matched. Deciding that it probably was best to quit now before this friendly match turned sour, she placed her hand in his for a quick handshake.
He pulled her close. “Now don't scratch me, I just want a quick kiss.” His lips claimed hers possessively, like he was trying to claim her entire body and soul with this “quick kiss.”
Sanguine was surprised to find her body responding to him. It was no where near as hot as Danny made her feel, but her body was on fire. She seriously contemplated letting him satisfy his lust, but then Danny's face flashed in her mind. Suddenly, she felt like she had just been doused with a bucket of ice water.
Digging her nails into the back of his neck, she pulled her head back. “It you have any sense, you'll let me go.”
His arms were now locked around her, making it difficult for her to just walk away. He was strong enough that she couldn't simply break free either. She had no choice but to wait for him to let her go, wounding him as much as necessary to get the point across.
He inhaled as her nails dug deeper and deeper into his sensitive skin. Finally, he released her. “I didn't think your claws would be quite so sharp.”
She stepped back, contemplating him as she sucked his blood from her nails to clean them. “Hmm... so if neither of us wins, do I still get to throw you in my dungeon for a couple of hours?”
He shivered and made a strange sound as he stared at her hands and her mouth. “I think that may be the most erotic thing I have ever seen!”
Sanguine laughed despite the urge to roll her eyes yet again. “Honestly! Can you think of nothing else!”
Around you? No!” He answered honestly, shaking his head.
She sighed, almost ready to surrender just so he would get over her. An idea occurred to her, making her smirk. “Come with me, I want to show you something.”
Godric followed her, two steps behind her as they walked. He grinned as he admired her curves, especially her hips. When the Queen had mentioned a possible marriage between him and the new Lady, he had tried to weasel his way out of this assignment – which really was to check up on her and see how she was doing.
The Queen had hinted that Countess Blood might just be everything he was looking for in a wife. Since he was adamantly not looking for a wife, he disagreed, but now he was considering changing his mind.
I realize that you are actually pretty tough for a woman, and you seem to have everyone wrapped around your little finger, but I still can't figure out why their Majesties made your Clan name Blood,” he stated mostly to make conversation, but also because it was true.
Because...” Sanguine purred mysteriously.
Godric looked around curiously as he realized that they couldn't possibly be going to her room or his. They traveled down at least three different sets of stairs. The natural light of the sun had long since stopped reaching them, and this made Godric wish she had decided to take him outside for a hunt or something.
Why does the Lady of the Castle even know these dank passageways are here?
Finally arriving, Sanguine bounced ever so slightly in excitement. Her very first actual prisoner had been sent to her this morning, but she hadn't really had time to see to him until now. She turned to the guard that had been assigned to her by the King. He was to accompany the Prisoner at all times, and then to assist and stay with Sanguine until she released him from service or he retired.
Tell me about our friend here,” Sanguine insisted. The guard handed her a file.
The short story is that he was caught molesting a young boy,” the guard informed her.
How young?” Sanguine wondered.
10, I think.”
Sanguine reviewed the file, then handed it back to the guard. “Hmm...” She walked to the prisoner clamped to the wall. “Hello, my name is Sanguine, but you should call me Mistress. I am employed by their Majesties to punish the likes of you... Tell me, why would a man with a wife and a good life want to molest young boys?”
I didn't! I swear!”
Sanguine abruptly slashed his face. “I really don't like lies...”
Walking back and forth, she let him track her movements apprehensively. “You've been sentenced to death... Tell me, why should I spare your life? Why should I even bother trying to reform you?”
I'll never do it again!” The man vowed.
Sanguine slashed his other cheek. “I'm sorry, didn't you just swear that you didn't do it?”
The prisoner paled and sweat suddenly popped out on his forehead. “I... I did it because...”
I'm listening,” Sanguine purred encouragingly.
The prisoner slumped as a small sob escaped his lips. “Because it's what my father did to me! It's all I know!”
Sanguine hummed sympathetically, stroking his cheek with her nail. “Poor thing... Tell me, did you like it? Was the boy the most delicious thing you've ever felt?”
Stiffening cautiously, the prisoner tried to determine what she wanted to hear. “No... I felt... wrong... dirty...”
This time she punched him in the gut. “Liar!”
He burst out crying again. “Gods help me, but I liked it! He felt so incredible!”
Did he cry? Did he beg you to stop?” Sanguine wondered.
And did you stop?”
No!” The prisoner wailed.
Pity...” Sanguine stated dispassionately. “I think you can be reformed, but even so... their Majesties decree that I remove your ability to ever father a child.”
Letting her nails slice shallow grooves down his chest, she continued on to his belly button then stopped. “If you could escape from here and found yourself all alone with another boy, what would you do?”
I... I... I...” Obviously the prisoner was torn between lying and telling the truth. He felt neither option was going to go unpunished, and yet he also knew that she would force him to confess. His crying grew worse.
I thought so,” Sanguine said as if he had just confirmed her suspicions. “This is going to hurt, but then I think I'll let you rest and think on your actions for a while.”
Squatting, Sanguine located his “seam,” and quickly removed his testicles. Examining them curiously – she had seen more than her fair share of this particular organ, but they always fascinated her the way they somewhat looked like tiny brains, and yes, she knew what brains looked like – she turned to the guard.
Do you know how to sew up wounds?”
The guard regarded her solemnly for a moment. “I've worked for a couple of years in the Palace dungeons... yes, I know how to fix all the damage that you could possibly create.”
Good,” Sanguine praised, smiling at him. “Then please sew him up and let him rest for a while. If he's thirsty, give him water, and if he's hungry, he can have some scraps, but –” she turned her gaze back to the prisoner, who was trying not to sob from the pain. “A full stomach always comes back up once I find a prisoner's pain threshold.”
Yes my Lady,” the guard replied knowingly. Unexpectedly, he smiled at her. “May I just add what a pleasure it is to be working with you! All of Lady Desespoir's disciples are legendary in the Palace dungeon, but you! You are rumored to be like a demon in your ability to get results! Mistress Sanguine... I can see why your specialty is blood...”
Sanguine preened slightly at the praise, tossing the testicles in a refuse bucket. She sucked her nails clean as she smiled at him. “Thank you! I hope you find your employment here enjoyable.”
He nodded at her respectfully as if saying yes ma'am!
With a mischievous grin, she faced Godric, who was gaping at her with a mix of horror and disbelief. “Have I managed to lose your interest yet?”
Godric's expression turned interesting. “I'm not sure...” Then he gave her a wry grin. “You know, when you threatened to throw me in your dungeon, I had no idea that you meant that more than literally!”

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