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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sanguine - Part 5

Part 5

No!” Sanguine gasped, sitting back. She pressed her nails into Danny's shoulders to discourage him from leaning forward to continue their kiss. “I can't do this!”
Why not?” He wondered curiously.
Because!” She exclaimed unhelpfully, then added, “I don't want to be some little wife who serves her husband and raises his children!”
Danny sighed, wisely not blurting out but that's exactly what I want! Which he intended to mean that he wanted her to be his wife – his equal partner in marriage and the mother of his children. He stayed silent for a moment, trying to figure out a way to convince her, but nothing came to mind.
With a second sigh – this one a long soft exhalation – Danny made up his mind. “Then go ahead and do it. Break my will, strip my love for you from me, and send me away a different man.”
Sanguine rested her head on his shoulder for a moment as she thought this over. A small sob escaped her. “I don't want to do that to you!”
Why not?” Danny asked in confusion.
Sanguine kept her head buried in his shoulder and refused to speak. Because I do want you, I just don't want to marry you, she admitted to herself.
Danny slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight. She instinctively tried to pull back, but only succeeded in giving him access to her lips. He kissed her greedily, devouring her, causing her to squirm on his lap.
He groaned as her actions reminded him that they were both more or less naked and had their bodies pressed together intimately. He pushed her slightly away to relieve the pressure on his trapped shaft. Sanguine's eyes flashed as the realization hit her that he was utterly hard. She swallowed nervously.
I'm going to unchain you and send for your clothes,” Sanguine informed him. “I want you to get dressed and leave.”
What are you so afraid of?” Danny asked, astonished to realize that it was true.
She narrowed her eyes menacingly. “I'm not afraid of anything!” She emphasized her point by slicing open a three inch long scratch where his neck joined his shoulder, and then sucking on his blood. Making up her mind, she abruptly stood and went to tug on the bell pull.
A maid knocked softly on the door a few moments later, then opened it and entered the room. “You called, Mistress?”
I wish to get dressed.”
Yes Mistress,” the maid stated and then rushed to gather a sheer black chemise and a special, extra short pantalette that the Mistresses had nicknamed panties.
Sanguine tossed her robe onto a chair, and then held her arms up so her maid could slip the chemise over her head. She then stepped into the panties, and pulled them up to her hips. The maid selected a pair of thigh-high, shiny black boots, then helped her mistress into them.
Next, the maid braided Sanguine's long blonde hair, and then coiled it into a bun at the nape of her neck. After that, one of her standard blood red dresses trimmed in black lace and split up the front to show off her boots was placed over her head and then shifted until it was in place. It had a built in corset, which the maid tightened as much as Sanguine could stand. She readjusted her breasts as necessary so that they fluffed up over the top of the corset, but were still modestly covered.
Finally, a light layer of makeup was applied to Sanguine's face. She smiled at the maid in thanks, and then pointed to Danny.
The collar.”
The maid nodded in understanding, and then retrieved a thick black leather collar from a drawer. She set the accompanying chain leash aside as she fastened the collar around Danny's neck. Danny gulped apprehensively as the collar was tightened almost to the point that he couldn't breathe, locked so that he couldn't remove it, and then the leash was attached to a metal loop.
Sanguine took hold of the other end of the leash, and then waited patiently for the maid to open the shackle around Danny's ankle. Ready at last, the maid was dismissed.
Stand up,” Sanguine commanded.
Danny blushed, and held onto the blanket as he complied. It was true that he had eagerly watched her get dressed, but it seemed highly inappropriate to him that she would see his rock hard shaft while she herself was almost completely covered.
I thought you were going to send for my clothes and then make me go home,” he pointed out.
Sanguine shrugged. “I changed my mind. You asked me to break you, so I think I'll give you a taste of what you asked for.”
Danny followed her as she took a few steps toward her door. She stopped and looked pointedly at the blanket he clutched. He clenched his fists in it protectively.
Unless you like the idea of getting it covered in guck and then sleeping with it again tonight, I suggest you leave the blanket here.”
Danny could vividly imagine exactly what guck she referred to, and hastily dropped the blanket. She smirked.
Good choice,” she praised, stroking his cheek gently with one nail.
As they walked down the hall towards the stairs, Danny prayed that none of her sisters would see him obediently following her like a naked dog. Then, his shaft deflated and his heart started to race as he realized that she was taking him down to the dungeon.
No,” he whispered. “Please no...”
Sanguine stopped to smirk at him again. “You did ask for this.”
He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to steady himself. Even so, he was vastly unprepared when she resumed walking a moment later. Her heels echoed loudly, announcing her arrival long before she actually got to the dungeon.
The two loyal manservants – the same two that had driven them to Sanguine's parents and back – stood patiently off to one side in case they were needed. Sanguine snapped her fingers, and then pointed to an empty spot along one wall. They nodded, and then wordlessly forced Danny to the wall, roughly securing his wrists in clamps.
Spreading his legs slightly apart, they clamped his ankles to the wall too, and then stepped back to return to their waiting place. Sanguine ignored him as she inspected the other prisoners. Her sisters all glanced at Danny curiously, but then ignored him too.
We didn't expect to see you today,” Douleur stated. “Your prisoner is still recovering.”
I know,” Sanguine replied with a smile, then bent to examine an extremely pale man passed out on a cot. He was covered in freshly scabbed over scratches. “I think he's probably not going to make it.”
Abattre was busy raining punches on a man as if he was a sandbag strung up for a boxer to practice on. She stopped and turned to grin at Sanguine, taking pride in her work.
This man was convicted of raping several women, causing a couple of them to die in the process.”
Sanguine dispassionately raked her eyes up and down his naked and badly bruised body. A pool of vomit, urine, and excrement surrounding his feet testified that he was not handling his situation well. “Nasty scum... Not so powerful now, are you?”
I'm sorry!” He wailed, and then broke into an anguished sob.
Abattre continued her explanation. “I think he's all but broken, and now that my job is almost finished, I just have one last thing left to do.”
Sanguine nodded, knowing full well what the requirement was before they could release a rapist back into their Majesties service. The violent black and purple color of his scrotum sac indicated that Abattre had badly damaged his reproductive organs, but they needed to be certain that he could never pass his sickness onto a new generation.
Abattre pointed to the offender's scrotum. “Would you do it for me?”
Sanguine nodded, perversely flattered that they all agreed that her method was the least messy and easiest to heal from. Abattre usually smashed it with a sledge hammer, which was completely appropriate in some cases, but not when the man was about to be reformed.
Shifting her skirt so that it wouldn't touch the foul smelling pool, Sanguine squatted in front of the man. Reaching under his sack, she located what felt like a seam, and then sliced it open with a single claw. He gasped and cried, but honestly, her razor sharp nails were far less painful than most of what he had been through until now.
Pulling his testicles out of his sack, Sanguine suddenly yanked on them until the tubes disconnected from his body. He screamed for three interminably long seconds, and then passed out.
Abattre snapped her fingers, and ordered the nearer of the two servants to, “Release him, sew him up, and then toss him on a cot.”
Yes Mistress!”
Abattre looked around the dungeon. “I guess I'm done for the day... Would you like help breaking him?” She tilted her head to indicate Danny.
Sanguine shook her head. “No... I'm going to try a hands off approach on him.”
Abattre laughed. “Oh... you're evil!”
It was well known to them that fear of an implied threat was far more effective than physical violence in most cases. More often than not, they used a combination of the two to break the criminals sent to them, but the stronger a man's will, the more they liked to horrify him before breaking him.
Sanguine sent a gesture to the other servant, who promptly cleaned up the mess from Abattre's prisoner. Studying the organs in her hand distastefully, Sanguine tossed them into a bucket of guck that needed to be tossed out.
Panique stood next to her prisoner, watching him patiently. She turned to Sanguine and Abattre. “I'm still waiting for mine to wake up. He's so weak that even the tiniest of shocks knocks him out.”
Soumettre contemplated her prisoner as he glared at her. “I think mine is too damn stubborn for his own good. Abattre? Would you help me for a moment?”
Abattre nodded, and then walked to her side. Together, they freed his ankles from the clamps on the wall, shackling him to a massive chain. The shackles held his feet together, and he glared at them as he wondered what they planned to do to him.
Sanguine readied herself to help Abattre pull on the chain the moment Soumettre freed his wrists. A moment later, he hung upside down from the tall ceiling, his head at the same height as their heads so that they could look him in the eyes.
You're going to hang there for a few hours,” Soumettre informed him. “Maybe then you'll be less resistant.” She bit her lip and studied him intently for a moment. “Hmm... blood...”
Sanguine nodded, slashing 4 deep lines across his chest so that he would bleed profusely for a while. The blood would ooze down his neck and face, thoroughly annoying him more than anything.
I warn you, bitches, the moment you think you've bested me, I'm going to kill you all! But not until after I've taught you all what it means to be a woman!” He raged at them.
Like we haven't heard that one before!” Soumettre muttered.
She held out a hand to silently ask to borrow Abattre's knife. She gestured for them to lower him as Panique silently came over to step on his hands so that he couldn't fight them. Soumettre sliced off his entire scrotum with the sharp knife, paused to let him scream, and then gestured for one of their servants to bandage the area to prevent him from bleeding to death.
Try and show us what it means to be a woman now and see how far you get!” Soumettre taunted him, but had no idea if he'd even heard her through his pathetic sobbing.
You see that?!” Misere asked her prisoner as she lashed him with her whip. “That is what happens to prisoners who threaten to rape us! Do you understand?”
Yes Mistress!” He cried out immediately. “I would never!”
Misere stroked his cheek. “I do believe you're telling the truth. Good boy...” She snapped her fingers and a servant rushed to her side. “I think he's earned a bath and something to eat.”
Yes Mistress.”
Panique noticed that Sanguine was busy watching Misere's prisoner and took the opportunity to step closer to Danny. She played with her electricity, letting a bolt arc back and forth between her hands. Danny shivered, but remained silent so that he didn't inadvertently provoke her.
Her prisoner groaned, catching her attention. With a smirk, she left Danny alone in order to play with her prisoner some more.
Soumettre gazed at a door Danny hadn't noticed before. Her expression made him wonder what they could possibly keep behind the door. Chills ran up and down his spine.
Coming to a decision, Soumettre walked to the door, opened it, and pulled a rolling platform out of the utterly dark room. On the platform was a man clamped to a large stake in a highly uncomfortable way. He was bent awkwardly, twisted in a way that must hurt, and his arms were chained so that they hung from the top of the pole.
His skin was covered in... Danny had to really study the marks closely to realize that they were scars and scabs from what looked like hundreds of little animal bites. Danny felt like he had been punched in the chest hard enough to knock all the breath from his lungs when he recognized that this was the same man who had earned a trip to their dungeon by mouthing off to Sanguine when she was about to let him go free.
Seeing him made Danny wonder what had happened to the Lord and his thug. It had been months! Two at the very least... surely they had been released by now!
Soumettre silently stared at the “statue.” It took him a moment to fully wake up, but then he looked up at her for one second before fixing his gaze on the ground.
Good day, Mistress,” the statue greeted her pleasantly. “May I be allowed a moment to stretch my muscles and maybe even have a bite to eat?”
He had taken longer than almost anyone to break, and even now seemed to be merely playing along. Despite knowing this, Soumettre smiled at him.
Certainly! I always reward good behavior...”
Since all of the prisoners were recovering at the moment, the Mistresses all stood behind Soumettre as she waited for the newly-freed statue to stretch his muscles. Sanguine grabbed a plate full of juicy steak tidbits and held it at the ready for Soumettre.
On your knees,” Soumettre ordered, the ex-statue obeyed immediately. Soumettre selected a tidbit off the plate and tossed it to him. Exactly like a dog, he caught it in his mouth, chewed it once or twice, and then swallowed it.
Misere tossed a smallish wooden ball to the floor. “Fetch the ball!”
The “dog” used his hands and knees to scramble to the ball, grabbed it in his mouth, and then brought it back to her. He dropped it at her feet, and then sat on his heels.
Good boy!” Misere praised, ruffling his hair. She chose a chunk of steak, and held it out for him to gently take off her hand with his mouth. “Soumettre, I think I'd like to take your dog for a walk around the castle.”
Soumettre nodded. “If he's good, chain him to the wall in my chamber when you're done. If he's bad... the rack, I think...”
Panique stroked the dog's cheek, careful not to electrocute him. Her prisoner had already passed out again. “Please be a good boy; it pains me to see you on the rack with the rats gnawing on you...”
Yes Mistress,” he replied with all seriousness.
Misere left with the dog, and the rest of them looked around for something to do. To Danny's astonishment, far more time had passed than he'd thought, as evidenced by the arrival of a maid announcing lunch when it had been barely after breakfast when they went to the dungeon.
Sanguine stared at Danny for a few moments as if trying to figure something out. He felt a shiver of fear run up and down his spine as he realized that she could quite easily decide to torture him and there was nothing he could do about it. Her eyes drilled into his, and he suddenly knew that if he begged or pleaded in the slightest, she'd consider that a sign to slash him with her claws.
Maintaining a steady gaze that was not threatening or defiant in the slightest, Danny did his best to breathe evenly. He now completely understood that she had no qualms doing things to him that no man should ever have to live through. If she let him, he was going to leave the first chance he got, and never come back.
Without a word, Sanguine unfastened the clamps holding his hands, and then squatted to unfasten the clamps around his ankles. With a look up into his eyes, she hesitated for a moment, her gaze sweeping back down his body – briefly resting on a certain part – before she stood and took hold of his leash. She turned her back on him, holding the leash over her shoulder as she walked towards the stairs leading up out of the dungeon.
They were the last ones up the stairs. Danny thought it was odd that the rest of the Mistresses – even Misere – had simply stopped to loiter in the main entryway rather than go eat the lunch the maid had announced. A loud creaking drew his attention to the door, and he subtly shifted his stance until he was mostly hidden behind the woman holding his leash – the only thing he was wearing.
Once the door was open, a sharp clicking of heels warned them that Lady Desespoir had returned.
Welcome home, my Lady,” the entire staff, including all the Mistresses greeted her with a respectful curtsey.
I have marvelous news, my loves!” Lady Desespoir informed them cheerfully. She turned to look out the door. “Come in... Don't be shy...”
Two children about 12 years of age timidly stepped into the castle. They both had shortish pale blonde – almost silvery white – hair, and clear amethyst eyes. They looked exactly alike, so much so that Danny thought he was seeing things at first.
Girls... meet Frayeur and Fureur... fear and fury. I found them on the auction block. Their master had bought them as toys for his men a few years ago, but he recently died...” Lady Desespoir smiled at the newcomers encouragingly.
One wore a dress, a frilly black and vibrantly pink dress that obviously had been bought by Lady Desespoir. The other wore an expensive looking suit in black and dark green. The one in the dress bristled with attitude as she curtseyed to the Mistresses, while the other one bowed.
Pleasure to meet you. I'm Fureur and this is my twin brother Frayeur. Lady Desespoir has told us so much about you, and I look forward to learning from you all.”
Frayeur contrasted his sister sharply. She quite easily lived up to her new of name of fury, and judging by his somber and quiet demeanor, he would also live up to his name of fear. Sanguine could tell that he had been utterly terrified more than once in his life, and knew exactly what it meant to evoke that in others.
Pleased to meet you!” The Mistresses all chorused.
Lady Desespoir sighed. “I confess, I haven't quite figured out what their unique weapons shall be yet.”
Soumettre stepped closer to Fureur so that she could look her in the eyes. “I was rescued from a brothel, so I know exactly how you feel. You are full of rage, and you want to kill everyone who ever touched you. Your fury is like a fire inside you...”
Aha...” Lady Desespoir remarked with sudden clarity. “Fureur, your specialty shall be fire.”
Panique laughed. “That sounds like a fun technique to learn!” She toyed with a ball of lightning to show Fureur what was possible.
Sanguine handed Danny's leash to Misere – who still held onto the dog – and then slowly walked over to Frayeur. Using one hand to carefully hold his chin steady, she stared into his eyes. “I have no idea what you must be feeling... to be at the mercy of men who wished only to use you... The first lesson that you must learn is that you need never be afraid again. Each one of us could kill you a hundred times before you realized it, but here, you are safe. Here you have power! You will soon learn everything you'll need to protect and defend yourself, and we will help you.”
She kissed him, a brief soft kiss that a sister might give a brother, and then hugged him tight. “Here... you will be loved no matter what...”
A soft sob escaped him, and he clutched the back of her dress. She let him cry in a way she intuitively knew that no one had ever let him do before for a few minutes, and then stroked his hair.
Shh... There's no need to cry anymore. You're safe here, and you shall make men quake with fear. Speed shall be your special weapon. They will think you a demon! They won't know when, where, or if you will strike. Darkness will be your friend, and I'll teach you how to make a drug that can convince a man his secret terrors are real and chasing him.”
Abattre chuckled in a low and throaty way that sent shivers up Danny's spine. “It's just as I said; you're evil!”
Lady Desespoir put an arm around each of the twins, pulling Frayeur out of Sanguine's arms. “Now, my loves... before you can learn to torture anyone, you need to learn to withstand anything someone might do to you. You need to learn not to feel panic or pain. No matter what happens to you, keep a cool head...” She pushed them both forward a few steps. “Now!”
Abattre slapped them each once stingingly on the cheek. Misere – handing off both leashes for a moment – made an ex with her whip, hitting Frayeur on his right arm and Fureur on her left arm. They had inhaled sharply from Abattre's blows, and sucked in a sizzling breath in response to Misere's lashes, but stood their ground.
Douleur jabbed them quickly with her pain stick, and that made them cry out, but they recovered themselves quickly. Lady Desespoir had warned them about this, so they expected to be tortured. Even so, they hadn't realized how much even these small doses would hurt.
Sanguine let them inspect her nails closely for a moment, and then poked a small hole just below Fureur's collar bone. She sucked the blood from her nail as she contemplated where to cut Frayeur. His suit covered him even more modestly than his sister was dressed, so she was pretty much limited to his face or his neck. She noticed Fureur gape at the lightly oozing hole incredulously, and laughed.
Finally deciding, she scratched Frayeur's neck, slicing open a shallow, three inch long line. His fingers twitched as if he longed to press his hand to the wound, but he had been warned several times that he needed to show no fear nor concern no matter what they did to him. It helped that Lady Desespoir had gave them her word that they wouldn't be seriously hurt.
Panique barely waited for Sanguine to step out of the way, and then shocked them both at the same time. They actually screamed, unable to stop themselves. Taking a deep breath, they both stared at Soumettre apprehensively. What more can she possibly do?
Soumettre uncoiled her rope, shifting it in her hands until both sides of it swung freely. She twirled her rope playfully for a moment, and then lashed out so that each end wrapped around one of their necks. They were both caught by her, and with one small tug on the rope, they were deprived of air.
Panic gripped them both, making them claw at the rope. Try as they might, they couldn't find a way to remove it.
Stop...” Soumettre purred soothingly. “Don't fight me...”
Don't let panic control your actions,” Sanguine advised.
You're in control,” Lady Desespoir reminded them.
They closed their eyes and forced their hands back to their sides.
Good,” Soumettre praised. A tiny flick of her wrists released them. Everyone but Danny, the dog, and the twins passed a grin around the room. Their first test had been a success.
Excellent!” Lady Desespoir cheered. “Anybody hungry?”
Reminded that lunch was waiting for them, the entire group walked to the dinning room. Sanguine took Danny's leash back from Misere, waiting a moment so that they were the last to enter. Sanguine pointed to a spot along the wall that would be right behind her chair.
Danny complied obediently, no longer concerned about his modesty. He realized that there were far worse things than standing naked in front of a bunch of women who hadn't even glanced at his genitals more than once. They hadn't stared at or leered at him as he feared they might, and he now completely understood that they had seen more than their fair share of male anatomy. Seen it and tortured it...
Misere snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor right next to her chair, ordering the dog without words to sit on his heels and behave while she ate. He did exactly as she wanted, pushing off his hands to sit on his feet. He then placed his hands in his lap, and did not move or make a sound for the duration of lunch.
The meal seemed to drag on forever, in Danny's opinion. The Mistresses and Lady Desespoir held a conversation much like any other group of ladies might have. They gossiped about members of nobility, and discussed mundane matters that effected the Kingdom. Had they been at tea with the Queen herself, they would have fit in perfectly!
After an hour or so, they ran out of chitchat, and talk turned to work. They filled Lady Desespoir in on all the little details she had missed since leaving yesterday on her errand.
That reminds me...” Lady Desespoir stated with a tiny smile. “I have received the King and Queen's official response to that little matter of the Lord who harassed Sanguine's parents.”
Sanguine sat up just a little bit straighter, her attention completely focused on the Lady. Lady Desespoir stared at Sanguine for a moment, just long enough to make her heart beat faster that the outcome might not be favorable after all. A tiny smile crumpled Lady Desespoir's thin Lips.
You have been tasked by the King and Queen to carry a missive to the King's man, but rather than give it to him, you are to order him to gather all the Lord's subjects to listen to you read the decision their Majesties have made.”
Me?” Sanguine asked, her brows wrinkled in confusion. “I'm not a messenger.”
They asked for you specifically,” Lady Desespoir confirmed. “And I'm sorry, but we are too busy for me to send anyone with you.”
I understand,” Sanguine nodded, her heart just a little bit happy to have an excuse to visit her family again so soon. “Do you know what they've decided?”
Lady Desespoir shook her head. “No, but I suggest that you start packing now. Keep in mind that I can't spare the driver, so you'll have to ride a horse, or perhaps travel on a public transport.”
Sanguine nodded, smiled in not so secret excitement, then stood. She walked to Lady Desespoir. “I promise to return as soon as possible.”
The Lady stood, and pulled Sanguine into an embrace. “This will be the first time you've ever been on your own. Take care, my love.”
I will,” Sanguine promised. A moment later, she walked to Danny, took hold of his leash, and started to lead him out of the room.
Damn!” Abattre exclaimed almost jealously. “Looks like she completely broke him in just one night!”
I thought for sure that he'd put up a bigger fight than that!” Douleur agreed.
Panique shook her head, a knowing smile stretching her full lips. “No... I think he's simply smart enough to keep his mouth shut rather than risk a much less pleasant stay in our dungeon.”
Misere laughed. “I think she should string him up and let us each have a turn.”
He would make an excellent subject for our new sister and brother to practice on while she's gone...” Soumettre suggested.
Sanguine's back was to them, but Danny could see her eyes clearly. She smirked at him, her eyes sparkling with something almost evil. He gulped as he realized that she had it in her to do exactly that; leave him here at the mercy of her sisters while she abandoned him completely.
She turned her head to look over her shoulder at them. “Tempting... but I think I might like having someone around to wait on me hand and foot while I'm away from the castle.”
Without another word, she returned to her chamber to pack.

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