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Thursday, July 5, 2012

One of the Best Compliments Ever!

 This is almost word for word from my Diamond Elf Side Story, or at least the beginning of it :-) I love it! What do you think? It was posted on a LARP forum by someone I don't even know, lol!

I faked a moan of pleasure, and smiled as I felt the man between my legs fill me with his hot seed. He wasn’t the best lover I have ever had, but he wasn’t the worst either. I quickly repressed unpleasant memories.

He kissed me on the cheek tenderly. “Thank you, Warryn, I’m sorry I don’t have time for pleasantries, but I have to run or General Uthred will have my head!”
I nodded in understanding as he slid out of me, his juices oozing out in a way that made me wish I had something handy to wipe them away with. He quickly stuffed himself back in his pants, and briefly tipped his hat to me respectfully. He was one of the sweet ones.

62 years ago, I had no idea what it meant to be an Elf. I was the sheltered and pampered first Earth Elf, brother of the high-king. I celebrated my 100th birthday excitedly, knowing that I was soon to be given in marriage to a wealthy Elf and would have my days filled with happiness.

Then… the human Emperor decided that my brother was a traitor – which I will never believe! He sent an absolutely evil army to punish my brother, and I was punished too. Humiliated, beaten, raped, tortured… For as long as my brother still lived and had the breath to deny the accusations, I was made to suffer.

The absolute worst part was the relief I felt when my brother died. My beloved brother who had never harmed anyone. My kind and gentle brother… I was so happy when he died that I actually wept! With him gone, my abuse was over.

Of course, I was no longer suitable for marriage, and no longer the King’s brother, so I prepared to die too. Only that was not my fate. Instead, I was considered a slave, and sold to the highest bidder.

My only saving grace was that General Uthred needed a few more slaves, and I was bought by one of his men. My official duties were cleaning, but the man who bought me assured me that I was chosen specifically for my looks. If I didn’t spread my legs for any human who wished me too… well… I was just a slave, and slaves who refused to do what they were told usually suffered for it.

So, here I am, still spreading my legs for any human who wanted to poke me for a bit. Most of the humans were pretty quick, and so long as I didn’t resist them, I had no real reason to complain. A lot of the humans were even kind, and brought me gifts. When General Uthred found out that I was more useful as a toy to keep the men happy than as a servant, he told me not to bother cleaning. I was to maintain my beauty and spread my legs.

I can’t say I have enjoyed my life here in this stronghold the General Uthred occupied on behalf of the Emperor, but at least it hasn’t been too hard. I’m treated pretty well… most of the time. It’s the other bit of time that hurts.

I finally used my robe to clean myself, and then checked to make sure that my hair and makeup hadn’t been mussed. I picked a random direction, and started walking. I was free to do as I liked so long as what I liked to do brought me to the attention of the many soldiers in this keep.


  1. Umm...I think you need to contact that person and let them know that as the AUTHOR of said work you do hold the publishing rights to that story and you didn't authorize them to use your work...Awesome that someone thought you were a good enough writer to plagiarize you but not so awesome that they did it.

    1. He linked back to my original story, so he is not claiming it as anything other than a fan fic of sorts :-)

  2. I think I'd be a little bit pissed, lol. BTW, I sent you a message on Facebook, and you haven't answered it yet. I just wanted to let you know it was there!!! (I wanted to email you, but your profile is set up to go to your Facebook page instead.)

    1. Really? I haven't received anything. I'll have to double check. If you want to email me, you can do so at ladyroxanne21@hotmail.com :-)

  3. Sorry if I annoyed anyone. We're a Live Role Play group from England and we have a guy (Luke) playing a Diamond Elf (called Warryn). I did a Google search looking for a picture of a Diamond Elf and although I didn't find a picture, I found one of the pages of the story and read the rest then posted up a slightly altered version (that fitted in with what we do) as a little bit of humour at Luke's expense. Thanks for being understanding and sorry to anyone who's not amused. Ben

    1. Feel free to continue if you want, just keep linking it to my blog :-) I like your version because it has a definite yaoi flavor, lol!


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