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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Birthday Present

I looked my husband in the eyes to determine if he was really serious. He had promised me that for my birthday, he would let me do whatever I wanted to do to him. Most people might find this promise normal or even cliché, but my husband knew I had some downright kinky things in mind… things he probably wouldn’t want to do even if someone paid him a huge sum of money. Therefore, his promise was deeply touching.
He nodded at me reassuringly, his eyes letting me know that he intended to keep his promise. I smiled in anticipation. We had sent our kids away for the night and so were home alone… or so he thought.
I fiddled with the rope in my hand. I had made it specially for tonight out of cotton so that it would be strong enough to tie him up without hurting him. He nodded again, but this time I could see the apprehension in his eyes. He trusted me not to hurt him… much.
I gestured for him to get on our bed, and then tied him so that his hands and feet were all tied to a different corner of the bed. Once I was satisfied that he was securely bound and couldn’t escape, I smiled encouragingly, and kissed him. Then, I wrapped a thick blindfold around his head to make sure he couldn’t see anything. I had made this myself as well, and had tested it to make sure it worked.
I chuckled softly; now the fun could begin! I walked to a table on the opposite side of the room and noisily grabbed my massage oil. I planned to thoroughly rub him everywhere but his groin – hoping to provoke a deep sense of sexual frustration.
I returned to my bed, and warmed the oil in my hands. It didn’t take long before my husband responded to my touch. He was pointing at the ceiling in an obvious signal that he was ready for sex.
I looked up to find my friend grinning at me. As arranged, he had stealthily and nakedly entered my room to help me have fun with my husband. I slid off the bed and walked around the room. A moment later, my friend climbed into bed, and started teasing my husband’s shaft with his breath.
Using one finger to tease my husband’s shaft, my friend grinned as my husband squirmed. My beloved groaned in anticipation, and I knew that he was still pretty sure that it was me playing with him. I carefully and silently settled myself into a chair, and checked the video camera sitting on a small dresser next to me. It had a good view, and was recording. It had a full battery, and plenty of memory. I quietly rubbed my hands together as I mentally cackled in glee. We can take our time!
My friend had progressed to licking the erect shaft, and holding it steady with one hand. I eagerly watched as he attempted to swallow it whole, and suppressed a moan. I didn’t want my husband to suspect that we weren’t alone… yet.
I slipped a finger between my lower set of lips, and rubbed my aching little bud slowly. My friend’s head bobbed up and down as he sucked on my husband vigorously. He noticed me out of the corner of his eye a few minutes later, and paused to grin at me. I returned the grin, and nodded permission for him to proceed.
He grabbed the bottle of oil that I had left on the bed, and lubricated my husband’s shaft thoroughly. Then, he rubbed a generous amount of oil on himself, and carefully stood over my husband. Holding his balls and shaft out of the way – so they wouldn’t touch my husband – my friend lowered himself on to the slightly quivering shaft.
My breathing increased, and I had to be very careful not to make any noise. Just watching them was having an intense effect on my body! I was so close to orgasming, and I didn’t want to do so just yet.
My friend bounced and shifted a couple of times, but eventually had my husband’s entire shaft buried deeply inside him. I was breathing fast and hard in excitement now! From this point on, if my husband figured out that there was someone else in the room, there wasn’t much he could do to stop things, so I was a little less careful about making noise, but even so, I tried to keep quiet.
My friend also made sure to keep his noises soft and breathy. Nearly soundless exhalations and pants. It was clear that he was utterly enjoying himself as well! I decided the time was right to wiggle my finger a bit faster, and immediately felt like I was about to melt from the pleasure.
I held my breath to suppress a squeal a moment later as my whole body shook. I felt waves of pleasure wash over me, and continued to rub myself until I just couldn’t handle any more. I quietly exhaled, and then rested for just a moment.
My friend gestured that he was close, and I nodded. Now was the time to let my hubby know that we were not alone. I climbed into bed in an area that I knew wasn’t blocking the camera, and opened my mouth. My friend and I had previously agreed that ejaculating all over my mildly homophobic husband would be completely disrespectful, so I wrapped my lips around my friend’s shaft in order to capture his cum in my mouth.
 He gushed copiously, and I swallowed it. Then, I turned my attention to my husband, raking his chest with my nails. I knew he knew that I had invited a friend by this point, but he didn’t say anything, and I think he was more than half afraid to find out who it was.
I licked my husband’s chest and bit his nipples as my friend continued to ride him. I used my nails to lightly scrap along his sides, and licked his lips. My husband was loudly moaning and groaning by now, and it was obvious that he was really close to cumming.
I leaned back to rub his chest and abdomen with my hands so I could watch his body buck and thrash about. He roared in pleasure – his body arching into a bow shape – and my friend held still – signaling to indicate that my husband was pumping him full.
I grinned, extremely grateful that I had gotten this on camera! This was one of my naughtiest fantasies, and having it come true was sheer bliss! I am so going to watch this video every chance I get!
I handed my friend a hand towel, and watched him savor the lingering pleasure for a moment before rising off my husband’s shaft. He held the towel between his legs to prevent any cum from dribbling out, and then nodded when I indicated that he should leave the room. I knew that he would go clean up in the bathroom, dress, and leave. He also took a moment to stop the camera and take it with him; I didn’t want my husband to demand that I erase the video once he found out what had happened.
I stroked my husband’s body for a few moments to sooth him. He still panted in the aftermath, and appeared to be drowsy. I wondered why he didn’t say anything. He must have questions! Maybe he figured that I wasn’t done with him yet.
I contemplated pulling out my toys and inserting them where I know my husband didn’t want them, but then decided against it. I had pushed him far enough already. Deeming it safe, I removed the blindfold, and kissed along my husband’s jaw line to his ear, up his cheek, and finished by kissing each of his eyes lightly. Finally, I stretched out next to him, and used his shoulder as a pillow.
I wasn’t sleepy at all, and my husband wasn’t quite ready for another round just yet, so I shifted to allow my finger access to my greedy bud once more. I closed my eyes, and relived the previous half an hour as I pleasured myself. My husband chuckled.
“You know, if you untied at least one of my hands, I could help you out with that,” he suggested. I suddenly had a brilliant idea, and cackled deviously.
“Nuh-uh!” I vetoed and then sat up. I straddled him and shifted position until I was practically smothering him. I made sure that he could breathe, and then commanded him to, “Lick me!”
He complied, and used his tongue to reignite the fire in my blood. I moaned and cried out happily, and braced myself with the headboard so that I didn’t suffocate my beloved. His tongue is talented, and always has been. I just love the way he makes me squeal!
I quaked with pleasure, and forgot about safety for a moment as I ground my hips into my husband. “Oh God!” I shouted. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and collapsed onto the bed next to him.
I recovered for a few minutes, and then decided that it was time to release my poor captive hubby. I’ll admit that the thought of torturing him all night was highly appealing, but I figured that he had probably had enough by now. He wasn’t really into the kinky stuff after all. He liked his sex to be varied in position, but pretty much normal. He would never have agreed to what I did to him if I had actually told him about it first!
Once he was free, he snatched me, and rolled me under him. He tried to kiss me, but I turned my head to the side. He knew I didn’t let him kiss me after he licked me off, so he didn’t question this, but in actuality, I didn’t think it was right for him to kiss me after I had swallowed another man’s cum. I would need to wash my mouth out first!
“I love you,” he whispered in my ear, and I purred in response.
“I love you too,” I replied huskily, already hoping that he planned to impale me and pound me into the bed.
“So… who was that?” He wondered curiously.
I smirked. “That’s a secret!”
“So I was right in that I probably don’t want to know, huh?”
I grinned and nodded.
He plunged inside me forcefully. “That’s punishment for being naughty!” He informed me. I nodded, and dutifully received my sentence. He chose a medium and powerful pace, and banged into me in a way that made me want to squeal. I whispered encouragement, and held him tight.
“Happy Birthday Honey,” he wished when he was done filling me up.
I sighed happily, purring again, and then grinned. “I can’t wait for next year!” I cackled slightly as I mentally rubbed my hands together, and made plans for what I could do to him next time.
He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Don’t think I’ll let you do this to me again,” he warned.
I tactfully did not say that it didn’t matter if he was willing. He cast me a curious glance.
“So… does this mean that you’ll do whatever I want for my birthday?” He inquired.
The thought of him tying me up and doing anything he wanted made me hot again. “Mmm-hmm!” I agreed.
It was his turn to cackle malevolently, and I snuggled into him. Too bad his birthday was 6 months away!
“We may need to send the kids away for the whole weekend!” He stated, and I grinned. “That way, you’ll have time to clean the entire house and do all the dishes!”
I gasped in faux outrage. “You bastard!” Leave it to my hubby to want a clean house for his birthday! I am so going to have him raped for my next birthday!
He laughed. “I’m imagining it now.” He squeezed me tightly, and I attempted to smack him. I was half laughing, and half trying to kill him for daring to suggest that I clean!
We played around in bed for a good hour after that, before finally deciding to take a nap. I smiled as I drifted off to sleep, thoroughly content.
“No seriously, who was that?”
I giggled softly, but refused to answer. If he still wants to know after our nap, I’ll tell him, but for now, it was better if he just continued to imagine that it was Angelina Jolie.

This particular story is based off of MY fantasies, my real ones. Yes, my hubby does know what I'd love to do to him, and he positively refuses, grr!


  1. Before the end in red I was already pretty sure we were reading one of your fantasy's :) lol

  2. True, but the distinction is that it is one of my real fantasies, meaning I would actually want to do this. As opposed to my fantasy fantasies in which I like thinking about them, but would NEVER consider doing it, lol!


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