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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Willing Slave - Chapter 2

The first 2 chapters are a preview, if you like the story and want to read the rest, please buy it for $.99 on Amazon Willing Slave
Chapter 2

Saria’s first day in Darren’s home was the strangest she had ever experienced. His house was quite easily the largest she had ever seen, and had a light and airy feeling to it. Each room was spacious, and beautifully painted, but minimally furnished. There were piles of cushions everywhere, and she wondered why.
Right away, she was introduced to a wide variety of women – all beautiful – of various nationalities. She was told that they would be her instructors, in addition to Darren. They stared at her in a way that made her wonder what they saw.
She was bathed, massaged, and perfumed, but not given any new clothes. Her old ones were burned. Saria felt that she should be self conscious, but all of the other women were naked, or nearly so, so she felt oddly at ease.
Dinner was prepared and set out on a large table that was low to the ground. They arranged themselves around it, sitting on cushions on the floor. The cushions were plush, and Saria kept stroking hers to appreciate it softness.
Oh the food! Saria had never eaten so much in one sitting before in her life! The main dishes were fish covered in a lemon butter sauce, and pheasant drowning in a creamy herb sauce. Then there were all sorts of side dishes, from pasta to couscous to garlic mashed potatoes. There was enough for everyone, and they washed it down with a choice of water, milk, or juice.
After dinner, Darren led her to her very own bedroom, and asked her to lie down so that he could examine her again.
He started with her hair, discovering that it was mostly a rich, dark brown, peppered generously with strands of fiery red, and bright gold. Her eyes were an odd shade, as if someone started with dark brown, placed a bright blue over it, and then sprinkled them with green flecks.
Her body was overly thin due to lack of food, yet was shaped like an hourglass – one that had been stretched too much during its creation – but he knew that she would fill out pleasantly with proper nourishment. He took the time to inspect and caress her body all the way down to her toes. Then he kissed her mouth, neck, and breasts.
Saria was honest enough to admit that it was pleasant, but she felt that she should protest. “Please… I’ve never…”
“Good,” Darren smiled and assured her, “don’t worry, I’m not going to take your virginity.”
Of course, she instantly knew he told the truth. “Thank you. Why?”
“You have more value with it intact,” he stated.
She nodded acceptance, and wondered how kissing and caressing her would end with her virginity intact.
“For the first week, we will strive to teach you to find the joy of sex,” he explained.
“The joy? Of sex?” she wondered. According to her sister-in-law, sex was either fun or tedious, but never had she mentioned joy. When other women Saria’s age talked about bedtime with their husbands, they all pretty much said the same thing. “Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes you just have to close your eyes and wait for it to be over.” How could that be called joy?
Darren took advantage of her mental distraction to begin kissing her elsewhere.
Saria gasped, and looked down at his head buried between her legs. His tongue seemed to be dancing on an interestingly sensitive spot she had never explored before. It made her body tingle. She began to feel hot and… and… melty?
Darren knew just how to build her up slowly, then, once he decided she was ready, he pushed her over the edge into her very first orgasm. She screamed in pleasure.
He modified his tongue strokes to allow her to savor the orgasm without it becoming too much, then lessened his strokes as she returned to normal. He kissed her on the cheek as she lay panting, and bade, “Sleep well.”


The next morning, Saria was awakened by some wonderful sensations. Her body was being massaged, stroked, teased, and kissed. Darren was teaching her more about the joy of sex. After a few minutes, he motioned for one of Saria’s other teachers to join him, and together they brought Saria to orgasm.
Saria was told, after breakfast, that it was the women’s job to teach her about orgasm. Each one would pick a time each day to take her aside and use their tongue on her special spot – her clitoris Darren informed her – until she was very good at orgasming, and quite used to being touched intimately. None of the women knew her language, so they couldn’t even talk to her without Darren to translate, but she learned to trust them nonetheless, and they taught her about more than just orgasms. They taught her massage, erotic dance, how to apply just a hint of makeup, and many other interesting things, but the orgasms were the most exciting.
One woman was good at making her orgasm last for a very long time. Another was an expert at giving her several small ones in a row.
Her days took on a rhythm, wonderful food in the morning, lessons until lunch, more wonderful food, lessons until dinner, and then absolutely glorious food! Had Darren mentioned the food she would be eating before he mentioned the payment he would give her father, she would have agreed right on the spot!
Between her lessons, Darren encouraged her to explore his body thoroughly. By her seventh day, she was quite comfortable touching him and his penis.
“Now, your lessons will change,” Darren informed her. “Today, you will give me oral sex for five minutes, at the end of which I will spill my seed into your mouth. I expect you to drink it up since your future master will undoubtedly enjoy you doing this to him.”
“I understand,” Saria stated.
“Good. You will do so again after lunch, and after dinner. Tomorrow, you will do so for 10 minutes at a time, 15 the next day, and so on until you have mastered it to my satisfaction.”
Saria nodded in understanding, and began her task. Darren gave her lots of praise, and plenty of tips on how to improve. As promised, he spilled his seed at the end of five minutes.
Saria evaluated its taste, then swallowed it as ordered. “Salty, not unpleasant… Unique.”
Darren chuckled.
Saria’s jaw really felt sore by the end of the third session.
“That’s why I’m having you practice so much, to build up endurance. Now go; practice kissing with one of your teachers,” Darren ordered.
As time went by, all of Saria’s other lessons had to be shortened to accommodate her practice of oral sex on Darren. After a month, she could perform easily and comfortably for over two hours at a time.
Saria actually enjoyed pleasuring Darren. Not only was he kind, and unfailingly patient, but he praised her, and made her feel loved. Darren had been the son of a slave trainer, and had watched his father train slaves long before he became a trainer himself. His father had felt it important to teach him how to nurture a slave, and when the time came for him to begin training them himself, he just knew he had the best job in the world!
When the time came to take a wife, she – being a properly raised young lady – had been uncomfortable with him until he trained her a little. She’d given him a son, and he’d taught his son everything he knew. His son was old enough now that he also took long trips to look for suitable women, and Darren was infinitely glad that he had found Saria rather than his son. Watching Saria take him into his mouth was as close to divine ecstasy as he was ever going to get!
“Tomorrow, we will change our routine to this:” Darren informed Saria. “You will perform oral sex on me from the moment you awaken until lunch time, then again until dinner. The next day, after breakfast, you will perform it until I tell you to stop, even if it takes all day and night. After that, you will no longer have to practice so much, just randomly when I am in the mood… or you are.”
Saria simply smiled.
The next day, she did as instructed, wondering how Darren could always spill his seed just when he meant to, whether it be five minutes or two hours. Today, he threw in a twist, he spilled his seed while she was busy, but instructed her to continue, and told her that she should do so gently until he stopped pulsating. After that, she could continue on as she was.
In his job as a slave trainer, it was a rare day when he didn’t have sex at least once. He usually even brought a slave or two with him when he went hunting for new slaves. As a result, he’d had a lifetime to build up and maintain endurance.
He once stayed a month with a woman who trained male love slaves, and she had been amazed that he had such stamina despite never having been directly trained in it himself. It was a specialty of her training, and they’d spent many nights comparing notes on their individual training styles. This technique he was teaching Saria was a result of their “brainstorming.”
The next morning, Saria massaged her face muscles in preparation for the marathon to come. She took him into her mouth eagerly, wondering just how long he could endure. She was often too sensitive to touch after about two hours and quite a few orgasms.
He spilled his seed randomly throughout the day, each time seemed to be more intense than the last. Around midnight, he was so sensitive and completely empty that, when he climaxed, he experienced several mind blowing, sanity testing orgasms in rapid succession, only there was nothing left to come out, and his balls began to ache unbearably. It all became too much.
“Stop!” He gasped. “For the love of the gods, please stop!”
Saria impishly continued just long enough to remind him that he asked for this.
There was a round of applause from behind her. All of her other teachers had gathered to watch, and to see who would win the wager. Saria blushed at their praise, and performed a graceful curtsey they’d taught her. They led her away from Darren, who was already passed out, and proceeded to see how long she could endure them.
She’d had enough, and begged them to stop about an hour before dawn. They considered pushing her limit a while longer, but everyone was exhausted, and soon, they’d all fallen deeply asleep.

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