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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Many Months AFTER I wrote this story, I wrote another called Jared that turned out to be a prequel to this one. If you'd like to read that one first, here's the link :-) It is not necessary to read that one first :-)

She giggled. “You’re so cute!” Then, she kissed me. Kissing her was nice. We were supposed to be doing homework at her house, but she couldn’t seem to concentrate.
As for me, it made no difference if I did my homework; I was one of the smartest boys in school who always score pretty much 100% on all my tests. If I didn’t do my homework, my teachers understood that it’s because I genuinely didn’t have time. They’d randomly select a question to ask me, and when I’d answer it thoroughly correctly, they’d give me full credit for my work.
This girl, on the other hand, needed help. She was pretty much a straight C student, and that’s why I had agreed to help her with her homework. What was her name again? Oh yeah… Jenny.
Her kisses got progressively deeper, and I wondered if I should stop her. After all, we’re supposed to be doing our homework. Suddenly, she removed her shirt.
“Um…” I mumbled hesitantly.
“You too,” she announced, and tugged my shirt off.
Wait, I thought, this is too sudden! But, she was kissing me again, and I didn’t know how to stop her. I had a problem saying no to people, but I am a 16 year old boy, after all. Should I even consider saying no?
She fumbled to open my pants. We were sitting on her bed because it was the only place to sit in her bedroom. Her parents weren’t home, and apparently wouldn’t come home from work for several hours.
I watched her toss all of our books and other things to the floor, and wondered if she had planned to do this all along.
“You’re always so quiet in school,” she informed me.  “But you’re also hot! Without trying at all, you always look… almost… distractedly sexy. You let your hair run wild, and your clothes often look like you slept in them.”
I understand the being quiet part, because that’s true, but what does she mean? Cute? Hot? Distractedly sexy? Any way I look at myself in the mirror, I’m pretty plain… Perhaps even ugly.
“Will you go out with me? I want you to be my boyfriend,” she asked as she had her hand in my pants, fondling my balls. What am I supposed to say?
“Um… yes?” I answered hesitantly. I didn’t really want a girlfriend, but I didn’t really have a reason not to have one. I suppose it wouldn’t make any difference, because at least this way, I’d have one other friend. Sort of. Bringing the grand total to two.
“I’m so happy to hear you say that!” She confessed, and kissed me again. She also managed to pull my pants and underwear off completely. I blushed. No one other than my parents has ever seen me naked, and if she had asked me, I might have had the courage to tell her no before she stripped me like this.
On the other hand, there is no denying that she has had an effect on my anatomy. I wonder if it’s a conditioned response. Maybe my shaft thinks I am about to masturbate. Which makes me wonder when the last time I did that was? I don’t do it all that often because I never know who to picture while I do.
She quickly shed the rest of her clothes, and I admired her naked body. She had wonderfully full breasts, and softly rounded hips. I smiled at her because she was pretty. If I had to choose a girlfriend, I might have chosen her.
This time when she kissed me, she pulled me half atop her. Pressing our naked bodies together made me feel hot and nervous. She wrapped her arms around me, and held me tight as we kissed. This made me poke into her rather more intimately than I was prepared for. My heart was beating so fast.
“Please?” She begged softly, wiggling her hips encouragingly. Her actions caused my shaft to slide around between her second set of lips, but not inside her. We were at the completely wrong angle for that.
“Um…” I wanted to say no. I don’t really know why. I was actually enjoying our kisses, and if that’s all we were doing, I’d be fine… happy even. But this… this felt like too much too soon.
“Please?” She repeated, pouting.
I nodded slowly, and shifted so that I was on top of her more. Oh god! I’m really going to do this! This is so sudden, and I don’t really know what I’m doing!
She wrapped her legs around me, and used her hands to guide me inside her. Then she held me tight with both her arms and her legs. Well… there not much I can do to stop this now. I let my body take over because it seemed to know what to do.
I was way too nervous, but I think this worked in her favor because I couldn’t finish for a long time. For the most part, I stared at her, a bit fascinated by the expressions on her face. Not to mention the sounds coming out of her mouth. She made it sound like I was really good at this or something!
Eventually, I closed my eyes and let my mind go blank. That was when I came, and afterwards, I wondered what I should do. Does she still expect me to stay and help her with her homework, or was this all she really wanted from me?
More importantly, will she ever let me go so that I can pull out of her?
She smiled, and kissed me again. She had her arms around my neck, and used them to pull me so that I was completely lying atop her. A thought occurred to me, and I started to freak out.
“P-p-p-pregnant?” I stuttered between kisses.
She laughed. “Don’t worry. I’m on the pill. I told my mother a couple of months ago how I felt about you, and she insisted that I get on the pill in case this happened.”
I mentally sighed in relief, and relaxed into her body.


“So… I have a girlfriend now,” I finished explaining the situation to my friend without going into too much detail.
“Really?” He asked me, cocking his head to the side. His expression was strange. “You sound like you don’t really want a girlfriend.”
“I’m not sure what I want,” I admitted.
He chuckled, and ran his hand through my hair. He was always doing weird things like that, so I didn’t think anything about it. Next thing I knew, he was kissing me too.
I still didn’t think anything of it, because he actually did that a lot. I think he was my only friend because I was the only person in school that didn’t mind him being weird. Jenny thought I was good looking, but this guy really was. He could be a model, and because he didn’t really talk about himself much, I didn’t really know what he did when he disappeared.
“Didn’t you know? I’m supposed to be your first,” he purred in a seductive voice like you’d hear on TV.
What?! I mildly freaked out over his statement. My heart was pounding, and I was certain he could hear it. I tried to back away from him, but he decided at that moment to hold me tight. Um um um…
I think my face was completely red, and he laughed. “You’re so damn cute!”
We were at my house because he almost always came over to spend the night. His parents frequently worked late, and they preferred it when he stayed here because my mom usually had a hot and nutritious meal ready to eat by the time we woke up. It was way better than school provided breakfast.
Speaking of my parents, they were both home, but we both knew that they almost never came into my room, especially after 9PM. They were too busy watching their shows or surfing the net. I started to pray that tonight would be the exception, because if they knocked on the door now, George would have to stop.
He was kissing me again, and now his hand was in my boxers. If I had known he wanted to do this to me, I would have put some sweatpants on over my boxers after I took my shower earlier. However, I’m not sure that would have helped.
His hand managed to create a hardness I did not expect, and if he wasn’t so close to me, I would have stared at my shaft in disbelief! Seriously, I am not into guys! I summoned up the courage to push him away, or at least try.
He laughed again as he removed my boxers. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”
My heart stopped, and I think I started to panic. What does he mean he’ll be gentle?! I watched him grab the bottle of scented oil that my mom – an ex massage therapist – had blended just for me. It was a boyish scent that I really liked, and often rubbed onto my body after a shower. What did he plan to do with it?
He answered my question almost immediately by rubbing some onto his shaft, and then some onto… me… Oh my god! Nonononono! I think I was practically hyperventilating by this point.
This can’t be happening to me! I closed my eyes, and concentrated on my breathing. If I didn’t see him do it, maybe I could pretend this was all a dream.
He kissed me again, and I half-heartedly responded. After all, if I kissed him, he might get distracted, and not…My hopes were crushed a moment later when I felt him pushing against me.
“Relax,” he advised in a whisper, kissing me.
Relax?! Who could relax??? I nodded, and focused on my breathing. I mentally ordered the muscles in my body to release their tension. This was sheer self-protection since I was fairly sure that it would hurt less if my muscles were soft rather than rigid with tension.
Speaking of rigid, his hand was still fondling my shaft, and it was still hard as ever. What is wrong with me?!!!!
He really was gentle as he slowly pushed into me, and took a long time to make sure that he didn’t hurt me. Every time I tensed up slightly, he would stop, withdraw ever so slightly, and wait for me to relax as much as I could. He continued to kiss me, and I was deeply conflicted. I had no desire to do this, but it also felt good.
When he was finally able to bury himself deeply inside me, he paused to kiss me before withdrawing to thrust. I heard myself say, “Ah!” and it wasn’t a protest. Okay fine; if this was going to happen anyway, I might as well enjoy it. Doesn’t seem like my body has any objections, it’s just my mind that is in a state of utter chaos!
Time passed, and I embarrassed myself by squirting out a mess between us. We were both panting heavily by now, and he was thrusting into me in a hard and pounding way. It started to feel a bit raw, like – now that I was done – it was too much for me to handle.
“Justin,” George whispered my name in my ear before burying himself deep inside me. I felt him pump me full, and exhaled in relief. It was over now. He sprawled all over me, still inside me, and fell asleep. I was uncomfortable, but sleepy myself. Whatever, I’ll just let him stay where he is.
Every day for two weeks, my girlfriend dragged me over to her house after school under the excuse of doing our homework, but really, she just wanted to have sex. I was still conflicted about this because while it felt good, I never once consciously chose to do it. Or was simply going along with her a choice to have sex? To be honest, she made it fun.
Then came the nights. I felt like George had officially moved in since he hadn’t spent a night at his house since that night he first had sex with me. I was conflicted about him too because every time I wanted to tell him no, but every time he managed to make me want it at some point.
What was even more strange was that I had told Jenny about George when she asked why I was so sore the next day, and she had simply smirked as if I had just confirmed her longtime suspicions. Therefore they each knew I was having sex with the other, and didn’t seem to care. In a way this was good, because I had no idea how to stop either one of them, so if one had insisted that I stop doing it with the other, I’d be in big trouble.
On the other hand, this meant that I was doing it twice a day, and that was possibly that strangest thing of all to go from not even thinking about sex to getting more than I know how to handle in so short a time. What would a different guy do in my shoes?
I stared at myself in the mirror for a long time, inspecting every inch of my face. What the hell do Jenny and George see in me? No matter how I look at my reflection, I am not cute by any definition. What about me attracts them so?
Whatever. I grabbed my backpack, and went to school. My first class was English, and I had such a high grade in the class that I could theoretically not show up to class for the rest of the year, and still pass with a B. I was completely preoccupied during the lecture, and attempted to redirect my thoughts by working on the assignment the teacher planned to assign for tomorrow.
He often told the class what all our assignments for the week would be, and I liked this because it gave me a chance to work on them in class so I didn’t have to waste time on them at home. Plus, I could also work ahead, and get everything done by Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course, it was also frustrating when I was trying to do homework as an escape, only to find that I had done the entire week’s worth already. Sigh!
My second period was study hall – or in my case, free time. I wandered the library to look for an interesting book I hadn’t read yet. There was nothing.
“Um, excuse me… Justin?” A girl asked me timidly.
“Yes?” I replied, wondering what she wanted.
She grabbed my hand, and dragged me after her.  “I have something I want to tell you.”
A minute later, we were in a nearby empty classroom. The room normally had a class in it, but for this particular hour, it was always empty. She locked the door, and I was suddenly apprehensive.
“I really like you,” she announced.
“Um…” I tried to think of a good response.
“I watch you in class, and the way you quietly brood instead of pay attention is so hot!” She told me. “I just want you so badly!”
“Um!” I was starting to panic now. I have a girlfriend! I need to tell her that quickly!
She kissed me, and worked one of her hands down my pants. Is this some universal lesson I missed? Why does everyone kiss me and put a hand down my pants? More importantly, why is my shaft responding???
The next thing I knew, she had me in her mouth, and was sucking on me fervently. I forgot how to speak, and sank to the floor in slow motion. I know there was something important I wanted to tell her, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember what it was.
She put a condom on me, and slipped her panties out from under her shirt. This seemed like a good time to tell her no, so I opened my mouth. “Um… er… I… um…” Why wouldn’t the simple word come out?!
“You’re so sexy when you blush,” she whispered in my ear as she straddled me. It was too late to tell her to stop now. I mean I suppose that it’s never really too late, but now that I was inside her, the damage is done, so what would be the point?
She bounced up and down slowly a few times, and then grinned. She nodded in agreement with the thoughts in her head, and then starting riding me fast and hard. My heart was racing, and I found it hard to stop myself from gasping from the pleasure.
Why does sex always feel so good? Shouldn’t it feel different with different people? Well… I guess it was different, but still good. Maybe my biggest problem saying no is that I simply liked it when someone touched me and made me cum.
She worked her hand between us, and started rubbing herself. This made her get really tight around me, and soon, we were both crying out in pleasure. The sensation of both of us pulsating at the same time was intense, and felt so good that I half wished it wouldn’t stop, but I knew that an orgasm only lasted so long.
She seemed to melt onto me, and kissed my neck as she panted in the after math. I finally managed to say something.
“Th… thank you for liking me, but… I have a girlfriend. I can’t do this again,” I informed her.
She chuckled mysteriously. “We’ll see about that.” Then, she helped me clean up, and we fixed our clothes. I watched her unlock the door, and leave the room, but I stayed.
I was already on the floor, and still had plenty of time before my next class, so it seemed like a good idea to sit here and think. I braced my back against the wall, and wrapped my arms around my knees. I was strangely depressed.
I’m not entirely sure why, but it probably had to do with the sex I had just had. It was the third time – well third person rather than time – that I had had sex with without really wanting to do so. Why is it that even though I want to say no, all someone has to do is touch me, and I’m ready to go?
George came into the room about a minute later, and by the look on his face, he knew exactly what had happened. He frowned when he saw the way I was sitting.
“Something wrong?” He asked.
“Why does everyone want to have sex with me?” I wondered.
“Do you really not know?!” He blurted incredulously.
I stared at him in confusion. “Know what?”
“You’re the smartest kid in school; you play pretty much every sport well – which makes everyone wonder why you don’t join a team. You’re artistic, and can play almost any instrument, plus you can sing. All of this, plus your incredible good looks make you quite the catch,” George explained.
“Do… do people normally… just… grab someone, haul them to a private spot, and have sex with them?” I wasn’t shy about asking, I just wasn’t sure how to ask.
George smirked. “Only the lucky ones.”
Since he seemed to be in best friend mode right now – as opposed to wanting to get into my pants mode – I felt more open about talking to him. “Then is there something wrong with me that I … don’t particularly want sex, but I can’t seem to say no?”
He chuckled softly. “No, I think it’s just a result of all these teenage hormones they keep talking about. Admit it, you like it.” George brushed my cheek with a hand and leaned in to kiss me. I knew it was inevitable, so I met him half way.
Plus… to be honest… kissing him was a good excuse to avoid having to figure out how to answer him. I really don’t know if I liked it or not. It felt good, but so does getting drunk, and I honestly don’t like doing that.
Kissing him was… comfortable. I no longer felt panicky, and my heart no longer threatened to burst through my chest. I did somewhat like it, but… I don’t know. I still wouldn’t choose to do it.
Another month passed – as did my 17th birthday – and I seemed to be stuck in the same pattern. Afternoon sex with my girlfriend, nightly sex with George, and then random unexpected sex with what seemed like practically every girl in my classes. I’m sure it actually wasn’t every girl, but it felt like it.
Why didn’t Jenny break up with me? I’m pretty sure she had to know what was going on with the random girls who ambushed me. Isn’t that cheating, and isn’t cheating grounds for a break-up?
One would think that I’d be ecstatic about all the sex I was having, but… in actuality, I was close to depressed. One day, I just needed to clear my head – not to mention avoid the girl who had been eyeing me all through first period – so I skipped my second period, which was only free time anyway. I had nothing to do, so I walked to the mall.
At the mall, I bought a strawberry smoothie, and then sat to drink it while I let my mind wander. I had to decide something – anything! I figure if I could just make one decision – perhaps about which person I really wanted to be having sex with – then maybe, just maybe I could stop all the ones I didn’t want to have sex with from doing me anyway.
I heard a laugh that made my heart lift from my mild depression. The laugh sounded so happy and carefree! I looked around curiously.
“I’m booked tonight, but I can probably squeeze you in tomorrow. I promise, I’ll make it worth your wait,” a man at the table next to me said. He was probably a college student, and looked like he was 20 or 21. He was also what people referred to as smolderingly sexy!
Yes, I will admit that thinking of a guy as sexy makes me uncomfortable, but I can’t help it. He really is! He noticed me looking at him, and chuckled. I blushed, and he picked up his tray of food, and carried it to my table.
“Sorry, I’m sure you found my statement strange, but you see, I’m working my way through college, and my clients don’t like to give me time to do my homework, and so I… why am I explaining it to you?!” He wondered in disbelief.
I shrugged. “So you what?”
“So I lied and said I was booked up, but in actuality, I just didn’t want to do him tonight.”
I could tell by the look on his face that he was surprised that he admitted something like that so honestly. I smiled, curious about something.
“How much do you charge?”
“Why, are you offering?” He laughed.
“Maybe, I guess it depends on what it would cost.” Why did I say that?!
He made a long drawn out hmm noise as he considered the possibility. Finally, he sighed. “Listen kid, even if you could afford it, I’m certain you’re too young to –”
“What does it matter? It’s illegal either way, right?” I asked rather boldly.
He looked conflicted for several long moments, then slowly asked, “Why?”
“Why what?” I countered.
“Why would you want to? You don’t look like you need to pay for it.”
I twisted my mouth side to side as I decided what to say. “Every afternoon, my girlfriend brings me to her house, and has her way with me. Every night, my best friend stays at my house and has his way with me. Every other day or so, some girl I don’t even know – it’s a different one each time – drags me somewhere private, and… well, maybe it’s obvious that I’m pretty passive. I just let them all do whatever they want…”
I hesitated; can I really say this out loud? “The thought of being in control for once… it’s pretty heady. I like it,” I stated.
“Hmm,” he mused, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Okay, come with me.”
I followed him out of the mall, and to his car. He drove me to a studio apartment close to the local college, which was actually pretty close to my girlfriend’s house. He studied me again, probably noticing how relaxed I was. I really wasn’t nervous at all.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked.
“How much?” I demanded.
“For this one time only, I’ll give you a discount; 50 dollars for the hour,” he said with a smile, and my heart started thumping loudly.
I pulled out my wallet, and counted out the right amount. I had nothing else to do with my allowance, so it had built up a bit. My parents gave me money for every A I brought home, which meant that every time a teacher handed me back an assignment, I got paid.
He accepted the money, and then smirked at me. “You said you wanted to be in control.”
I did, didn’t I?! This made me grin. “Undress me,” I commanded. He obeyed, and I got really really excited.
“Suck on me,” I ordered. He bent to comply, and I gasped. He must have had a lot of practice! My breathing was heavy now, and I was actually glad that I was used to having sex. I think if I hadn’t had so much practice, I’d probably be done already!
Just as I was getting close to cumming, I stopped him. “Get undressed.”
“Are you sure you’re passive?” He asked with a laugh.
“Most of the time, yes,” I confirmed.
He stripped, and my heart beat even faster when I saw his naked body. He instinctively dropped to his hands and knees, and handed me some lubricant. I rubbed some on me, and then some on him. I would never have known to do that if George hadn’t done so for me several times already.
I slowly worked my way inside him, and then let my body set the pace. This felt so good! I was astonished by it. I always enjoyed sex – even if I was conflicted by it and not actively choosing to do it – but this was seriously about 100 times better! I wonder if it’s because I wanted to… because I choose to.
After I shot my load, I looked at the clock, and found that I still had 20 minutes left. He waited for me to withdraw, and then collapsed onto his bed. I ran my hand along his body, and kissed him. His shaft was still hard, and I knew he hadn’t gotten off yet.
I continued to kiss him for several long moments, stroking his shaft lightly – not enough to make him come. Finally, he groaned in frustration, and I knew he seriously wanted to cum. I shifted, and pulled him on top of me.
“I want you inside me,” I whispered in his ear. He tried to get me to roll over, but I wrapped my legs around him. Finally, he complied.
“I’ve never done this position with a male client before,” he told me.
I responded by kissing him. He took his time, making sure not to hurt me, but finally, he was pounding into me in a way that made me want more. I didn’t want him to ever stop. I even managed to cum again, and that was sheer bliss!
When he was done, I held him to me, and we both drifted off to sleep.
A ringing phone woke me, and unless we both had the same ringtone, it was my cell. I realized that it was within reach, and grabbed it, careful not to jostle or wake my lover.
“Hello?” I answered quietly.
“Where are you?” Jenny demanded.
“I skipped school, and went to the mall,” I answered honestly… mostly.
“Really?” Jenny asked in surprise. “Why?”
“I couldn’t concentrate, so I decided to leave school. Besides, another girl was stalking me again,” I said. I had no reason to lie since she never once got mad about it.
“Can you meet me at my house?” She asked.
“What if I just don’t want to today?” I wondered.
She laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous! I’ve been waiting all day to jump back in bed with you.”
“Yeah, ok,” I muttered docilely, and then hung up. My phone immediately rang again.
“Hi George,” I answered it, again, trying to be quiet.
“I see you’re not walking home with Jenny. Did you ditch her so that we can do it all day and all night?” He asked, and I could tell he was grinning at the prospect.
I chuckled. “No. I’m just not in the mood today.”
He laughed loud enough that I had to move the phone from my ear. “You’re never in the mood until someone touches you!”
“Yeah, I know,” I murmured. “Listen, I promised to meet Jenny at her house, and then I’ll probably be home at the usual time. “
“Hey, are you ok? Did another girl ambush you today?” George asked.
“Actually, I skipped school before she could, and I’m doing great. I feel better than I have in a while,” I informed him, surprised to realize that it was true.
“Hey, tonight… can I try something new?” He asked.
“Like what?” I wondered curiously.
“I’ll show you later,” George promised.
“Yeah, okay,” I replied softly. “Later.” I hung up the phone.
“Wow, you really do have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, and then some,” my lover chuckled.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” I told him.
“That’s ok, I should get my butt to class,” he mumbled, and then sighed.
“Hey, tomorrow… I plan to skip class again. Second period at least. Would you mind if I came here?” I asked.
“Um… my normal rate is a hundred dollars an hour, can you afford that?” He frowned.
“Yes,” I stated. I honestly had enough money saved up over the years that I could buy him for an hour each day for a month, but I didn’t want to waste all my money like this. Just once more.
He smiled sadly. “You know, you can just tell them both no. It’s your body, and no one should be allowed to have sex with you if you don’t want to.”
“The trouble is that I don’t know what I want. I thought I didn’t want sex at all, but then it started happening, and I liked it. I think I would miss it if I stopped, but…” I shrugged, helpless to explain something I couldn’t even understand.
He sighed, and kissed me. “But your heart’s not in it with them. It may feel good, but something’s missing… love…”
“Maybe.” I shrugged again.
“No, I know. It’s the same for me. I have sex with a variety of clients, and while I enjoy it, and have fun, I’m just not happy because I don’t love any of them.”
“Makes sense,” I muttered.
“I tell you what,” he continued. “Why don’t I reserve your second period every day? Without charge. That way, we can both get a break from those that just want to have sex with us.”
“By having sex with each other?” I wondered. It made sense and yet didn’t.
“If we want. We could also do other things, like eat lunch or play video games.”
“Sounds good to me!” I grinned.
Months passed, and finally school ended for the year. Jenny and George argued constantly over who got to spend time with me, and when. Jenny kept arguing that since George got me every night, she should be allowed to have me all day every day.  George argued that since Jenny got me every day, he should be allowed to hang out with me sometimes too.
I wanted to scream! What about what I wanted?! Strangely, I got help from the last person I would have expected to.
“Have either of you considered what Justin wants?” My mom asked. I have no idea why she was in my room, but her question startled us all. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s been going on. I’ve kept quiet because he hasn’t said anything, but … can’t you see that he just wants some time alone for once?”
Both Jenny and George stared at me, and I blushed to realize that my mom had just admitted to knowing the both of them have had sex with me. I was tempted to scratch my head and ask why the hell she didn’t make George go home at nights if she knew! It is true though, that I hadn’t ever protested or asked her to make him go home. I’ve also never asked him to leave on my own either.
“Um…” I stalled as I tried to decide what I wanted to do. “Mondays and Thursdays with Jenny, Tuesdays and Fridays with George, and Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays to myself.” I suggested.
“Wouldn’t it be better to have me Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and George Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays?” Jenny asked.
“No,” I grumbled quietly.
My mom scratched her head and looked at me with confusion, but then shrugged, and turned to leave, muttering, “Whatever,” with a hint of a smile as she left.
Since it was Sunday, I kicked both Jenny and George out, and promised to meet Jenny tomorrow. The both looked worried, but left me alone. For once!
“Mom…?” I figured out how to ask what she had been thinking about earlier.
“Jenny and George are both nice people,” my mom stated with a smile. “But why not just tell them both about the one you really want to be with?”
I gaped at her in shock. “What?!”
She laughed. “Oh come now! I saw you hanging out at the mall once or twice – when you were supposed to be at school – with that gorgeous hunk! I saw the way you looked at him. It’s obvious to me that he’s the one you –“
“Gah!” I shouted in near panic as I pulled on my hair. “You saw that?! Did you also see all the girls at school who – nevermind!”
I paced the kitchen in agitation. How could my mother just know everything and not say anything! If she had, maybe I wouldn’t be so goddamned confused right now!
I eventually calmed down, and sighed. “Cameron is… a prostitute. He’s working his way through college, and I have no right to monopolize his time. One of the biggest reasons that I don’t just dump Jenny and George is that I don’t want to be alone as I think about him constantly!”
My mom changed the subject. “Your dean called me about a week ago. It seems that because you have already earned all the credits you need to graduate high school, you have purposely chosen just one class next year. She was concerned because they would normally make you take advanced English and a math class at the least, but you already took them all. There’s nothing to do really, and she suggested that you might be better off just graduating a year early and going directly into college. You can take a bunch of credits for free until you turn 18.”
I had never given my future education much thought. School was always so easy for me that I honestly just couldn’t wait for that huge waste of time to be over.
“I told her to go ahead and graduate you, since you wouldn’t really be in school next year anyway. All you signed up for was study hall.”
I nodded. It was true, I figured that I could go to school with George like always, and then just skip. That way, I could go to Cameron’s and wait for him to come home from his morning classes. We always had fun, and I was even able to help him with his homework. Plus… sex with him was better by far than with anyone else!
“I’ll go tour the local college, and see if I want to go. Honestly, I’d always just thought I would help run the shop,” I admitted. My parents owned and operated a small local and organic food shop.
“You still can, but free college is free college! I would think twice about passing that up,” my mom advised.
I nodded, then went to my room to call Cameron. He was listed on my phone as Annoying Dude in case either Jenny or George went through my call history or contacts. I wasn’t worried about them seeing my texts because I always remembered to erase those immediately.
“Are you busy tonight?” I asked him.
“Uh… well… yes, but… only for an hour,” Cameron told me hesitantly, as if I might have forgotten that he had clients. “If you want to, you can come over, but you have to leave by 7:45.”
“How about I come over afterwards? Say 9:15ish?” I suggested.
Cameron laughed. “It’s summer vacation, why not? You can spend the night.”
“I was hoping you’d say that.” I grinned.
I actually arrived at Cameron’s apartment around 8:30, but I patiently waited for his client to leave. I made sure to wait in the stairwell where I could see his door, but he wouldn’t see. I didn’t want to spook his client after all. I knew I shouldn’t be here yet, but I was too damn curious.
At 9:05, the client left, and I was mildly repulsed to see that he was a largish, balding, older man. However, he did look like he had lots of money. He wore an expensive suit, and had a gold watch, plus carried a laptop bag and used an expensive cell phone to call his wife and apologize for working so late on a Sunday. I rolled my eyes.
Two minutes later, I got a text from Cameron that he was going to hop in the shower, and that I could just let myself in when I got to his place. He had given me a key, because I often let myself in to wait for him to get back from class. I sat there thinking about his client for a few moments.
His client was purposely lying to his wife, and then paying to have sex with a good-looking younger man. I didn’t want to end up like that man, and suddenly knew that I would eventually have to choose one lover, and be honest with the other two. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to do that right now. Maybe by the end of summer…
I quietly let myself into his studio, and looked around. He had changed his sheets, and tossed all of his paraphernalia into a box in the corner, but since the lid was ajar, and something that looked like a whip dangled from it, I knew he had used them tonight. I wondered who had used what on who?
I looked in his fridge and garbage, and smirked. I was right! He hadn’t eaten anything for dinner yet. Good thing I had brought a backpack full of food from the shop and home. I unpacked it, and started prepping the ingredients for egg drop soup. I also decided to make chicken lo mein since I had all the necessary ingredients. Even better, the noodles were leftovers, and didn’t need to be boiled.
“That smells incredible!” Cameron complimented me enthusiastically as he stepped out of the shower.
I blushed. “My mom and dad own a food store, and they both love to make new recipes. I guess I’ve learned a thing or two over time.”
“And here I was just going to order pizza!” Cameron laughed, and then kissed me. I was really really happy at that moment!
“So.. uh…” I stammered, blushing even harder. “Which one of you used the whip?”
Cameron gave me a funny look. “Why do you want to know?”
“Uh… because… well…” I couldn’t look him in the eye, and I was inexplicably too embarrassed to tell him that I was excited by the thought of him using it on me.
“You would have known without asking anyway,” he replied with a small smile, and then showed me his back. It was covered with red marks.
I gasped. “Doesn’t that hurt?!”
He shrugged. “Not really… it felt good at the time.”
I hugged him, and decided not to say anything more, except, “Show me?”
He groaned in obvious temptation. “After we eat? I’m starving!”
I nodded, grinning. After dinner, he stared at the whip in his hand, and I was shivering in anticipation. He gave me an indecipherable look.
“I… would rather not… you’re the only one who faces me while we…” he faltered, and whispered almost inaudibly, “Make love.”
I smiled. “Some other time then,” I suggested and held out my hand. This was my way of saying that he was in control tonight. He pulled me close, and then kissed me.
It had taken two or three times each for my heart to stop pounding whenever I had sex with others, but it had been at least 6 months since I’d first had sex with Cameron, and my heart still tried to break through my ribs. I hadn’t really thought about why before, but now that my mom had said it, I think it might be true.
I love him!
Afterwards, we held each other as we drifted off to sleep.
“I think I’m going to stop seeing most of my clients,” Cameron murmured in my ear.
“Why?” I wondered curiously.
“I’ve made enough to live off of next year while I’m in school. After that, I’ll be done.”
This made me bite my lip in thought. He was going into the last year of a program that trained physical therapists. After he finished, he’d be able to get a job in his field. It seemed much too soon! I wanted to keep him here with me forever!
“There’re only 2 or 3 that I need to retain so that I’ll have extra money if I need it.”
“I’m going to listen to my mom,” I blurted out. “I’m going to enroll in this college and take PSEO classes for free.” Although, I think my mom forgot that I’ll only be able to take one semester for free before I turn 18. I started to wonder what classes I should take.
“You know… you’re really smart. You have no trouble helping me with my homework, and you haven’t even taken my classes! I bet you could test out of a few things, and get some credits on your record pretty quickly,” Cameron informed me.
Once again, it hit me that I had never given any thought to my future education. I nodded and made a mental note to look into it.


Today was the day I planned to tell both Jenny and George everything. It was two Wednesdays before the end of summer vacation, and I had been procrastinating all during the break. I only gathered the resolve to tell them now because I just couldn’t hide it anymore.
I invited them both over, which immediately made them suspicious. It was one of my alone days, and yet they were both here. I could see them glare at each other accusingly.
“No!” Jenny denied firmly before I could even say anything. “You are not choosing him over me!” She threw her arms around me, and kissed me. I tried to push her away, but George was now behind me.
“I agree with one thing, you are not choosing her over me,” he murmured in my ear, and lightly bit my neck. I went slightly weak in the knees at that point, and mentally sighed. It seems like I am just going to have to let them have their way with me one last time before they’ll listen to me.
George pulled my shirt over my head while Jenny unfastened my pants. She pushed them and my underwear to the floor, and I obligingly stepped out of them. It was unique and strangely exciting to have both of them touching me at the same time. I was dying to know how they planned to proceed from here.
They each took a moment to strip, and I curiously looked at their faces. They had both been naked in front of me, of course, but never in front of each other. I could see they were both a bit embarrassed, but determined.
Jenny fell onto my bed, using her weight to pull me on top of her, and I was a bit surprised that she was skipping foreplay and opting for intercourse so quickly. I complied, entering her deeply. I was strangely eager to have sex today!
George climbed onto the bed behind me, and rubbed some oil on me after warming it in his hand. Daily sex made it a whole lot easier for him to enter me, and I gasped in surprise. I had never imagined how fun it could be to do them both at the same time! I was very close to heaven…
I closed my eyes, and remember what heaven actually felt like. Heaven was crying out in ecstasy as Cameron sucked on me or filled me… or when I filled him…
The thought of the expression on his face sent me over the edge, and I damn near shouted to announce my orgasm. I could tell that this caused George to go off as well, and even Jenny was rippling around me.
I curled up with them, and thought about my plans for the immediate future. I was content, and I’m sure it showed on my face. All was quiet for a few minutes.
“Well?” Jenny asked hesitantly.
“Yeah, what did you want to tell us?” George added.
“I’m not going to high school anymore –”
They were both so stunned that they didn’t let me finish. “You’re dropping out?! But you’re so smart!”
“I’m not dropping out, I… graduated… and now I’ll be going to college,” I explained.
“What? Why?” They demanded in unison.
There were many reasons, the biggest being simply that I could, but it was the most important reason that they needed to know. “Because… of Cameron.”
Who’s Cameron?!?!” If I thought they had demanded the last answer, this one proved me wrong.
“He’s… Cameron.” I shrugged. How could I possibly describe someone as wonderful as him? “I love him,” I stated.
Jenny immediately burst into tears, and George looked away from me sadly. “I hadn’t thought… I… honestly figured… that you… would choose Jenny – since you like having sex with girls so much. I didn’t realize that he was competition…”
“Huh?” I wondered.
Jenny managed to reach her phone despite being pretty much under both of us. She brought up a picture. “George texted this to me last Saturday.”
I read the text first, “Isn’t Justin just so damn cute?!” The picture was of me and Cameron chatting over fast food at the mall. Cameron was barely visible, but it was easy to see that I was vibrantly happy.
“We really have to stop hanging out at the mall,” I muttered, but I guess that the damage was done now so it wouldn’t matter who saw us. George had a point though; I do like having sex with girls. I guess that makes me bisexual.
“Can… we… meet him?” Jenny asked unexpectedly, still mildly crying. “If you’re really going to dump us both for this guy. I want to understand why. I think meeting him would help.”
I grabbed my cellphone from where I had stashed it under my pillow last night. “Hey, Cam… Are you busy today?”
He laughed. “It’s Wednesday, of course I’m not busy.”
That made me happy to hear even though I expected it. He had worked around my schedule from the first moment I mentioned it to him. I grinned like a fool.
“Do you mind meeting me at the mall? I’ve got some people here who want to meet you?”
“Jenny and George huh?” He stated more than asked. I slightly cringed at that since both were glaring at me in response.
“Yep,” I answered.
“Yeah, okay. I’ve wanted to meet them for a while,” Cameron replied. “But the mall might be a bit too public. There’s a park a block away from it that’s almost always empty.”
“I’ll bring food, we can make it a picnic,” I suggested.
“Don’t take too long. I’ll eat whatever you make.”
I almost giggled, I was that happy. “Okay, give us about a half an hour.”
“Aw damn!” Jenny grumbled unhappily.
“No kidding,” George agreed with a sigh.
I scrambled to get out from between them, and tried hard to suppress my giddiness as I selected something to wear. I decided on a pair of knee length cargo shorts and a plain, dark-blue tee. Then, I raced to the kitchen, and dug out a large basket.
“Left over pork roast, some rye bread, sauerkraut… apples…” I named each as I tossed them into the basket. I grabbed a bag of organic tortilla chips. “Hmm… dip…”
This was an excellent idea. So, I grabbed some sour cream out of the fridge, scooped out a few dollops into a container, and then seasoned them with garlic powder, onion powder, dill weed, and chives. After a taste test, I added sea salt, and some paprika, and thinned it with a hint of vinegar.
“Perfect,” I announced, and put a lid on the bowl of dip so that I could toss it in the basket. I was done – aside from a condiment to go with the sandwiches. It would be pork and kraut on rye, so a type of mayo would be best.
I noticed Jenny and George sit at the table to watch me as I cracked an egg into a pint sized mason jar. I added an equal amount of sunflower seed oil to the egg, and some seasonings, then I blended it together with an immersion stick blender until it had emulsified. I twisted on the lid, and tossed it in the basket. I completed the ensemble by adding some plates and utensils.
“If only I had a desert…” I muttered to myself. My mom laughed. When had she come into the kitchen?
“I just so happen to have something perfect right here.” She handed me a good-sized, closed, round, thinish Tupperware container with a rubber handle style carrier.
“Thanks mom!” I gushed happily, and kissed her on the cheek.
“Have fun!” She bade, and waved goodbye. I was already dragging my friends out of the house.
“I forgot you can cook,” Jenny mused. I had cooked for her a couple of times this summer, but since she usually didn’t watch me do it, she must have assumed my mom cooked most of it.
“Not me,” George grinned. “I love puttering around in the kitchen with Justin and his mom. Even his dad is a good cook.”
We arrived at the park as soon as I could get there, and I had to suppress a squeal of joy. My heart started racing at the sight of him. Crap! I forgot to bring a blanket!
Thankfully, there was a table provided by the park.
I carefully tossed the basket and dessert carrier on the table, and then hugged Cameron as if I hadn’t seen him in forever instead of mere days.
George sighed.  “Yep, we lost.”
Jenny tearfully nodded in agreement.
I introduced Jenny and George to Cameron, though I am pretty sure that he knew who they were. Then I introduced him, and was relieved that they were being nice to him. It was obviously a struggle, and I think they were both suppressing the urge to cry, but they treated him with respect.
We all dished up a plate of food, and ate quietly. Suddenly, I grinned. “So… Can you see now why I am breaking up with both of you?” Their expressions told me that grinning was inappropriate, but I couldn’t apologize for being happy.
“Yeah,” they both acknowledged sadly.
Cameron stared at me in confusion. He had already accepted that I was in a complicated relationship, and hadn’t expected me to choose just one partner, let alone him.
“Hey!” A man called out. It was largish balding older guy. “Are you busy later?”
“Yep, I’m completely booked!” Cameron stated pleasantly.
I smiled and waved. “As you can see, we’re busy now. Call on him tomorrow.”
“Actually, I’m busy tomorrow too,” Cameron informed his client.
“You are?” I inquired curiously.
“Yep, and every night after that too.”
“Really? With who?” I wondered. Had a client bought up his last week before school started?
“With you, you idiot!” Cameron stated with a laugh.
“Wait, what? Don’t you need to…?”
He shook his head. “Nope. I figure that if you can give up your lovers for me, then I can give up my clients for you.” He turned to the other man. “So I’m sorry, but I won’t be available anymore.”
“I… see… sorry to have bothered you,” the man replied unhappily, and I watched him power walk towards an expensive SUV.
I stared at Cameron in confusion. “Is that okay?”
“Absolutely!” Cameron grinned at me.
I opened the dessert box to cover my nearly overwhelming urge to scream like a girl and throw my arms around him. Inside was a strawberry chiffon pie in the shape of a heart. It was all pink and fluffy, and perfectly reflected how I was feeling.
Cameron placed his forefinger and thumb on either side of my chin, and forced me to look at him. “I love it when you blush and look all happy like that.”
I completely melted when he kissed me, and leaned into him for more.
Jenny stood up abruptly. “I thank you for finally being honest with me, and I can see that you’re happy with your choice, but you have to excuse me now. I need to go home.”
I felt sad for her, and nodded. I was such a bad guy for not telling her how I felt right from the very beginning. I never really wanted to go out with her, but she never really seemed to be that attached to me either. I had figured that she just wanted someone to have sex with, but it seems that she really did have feelings for me.
George looked crushed as well. “I, uh… still want to be friends, but… I think I’m going to need some time to process this. I’ll… text you… later.”
I nodded again. Ironically, I felt worse about hurting him than I had about Jenny, because now when I think back on it, it was obvious that he had feelings for me from pretty much the first day we met when we were 15. No wonder he was always so touchy feely with me! If I had realized that from the start, I might have been able to prevent things from getting out of hand.
Then I looked at Cameron. If not for them, and trying to hide from them that day, I would never have met him. I smiled. I guess that I can be a little bit of a bad guy if it means that I can continue to be by his side.
I don’t know what the future will bring, but I hope that we discover it together.

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  1. This feels like one of the most tasteful feel good gay/bi-sexual stories I have ever read...It didn't need the warning you gave on FB. It is wonderful.


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