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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Selfish Desire

That guy was just so hot! I know I’m not the only girl who wants to go out with him, but there’s something strange about him. I mean it, he’s downright weird!
He’s probably 16 – the same as me – but he acts like an adult in a way. He never talks to anyone in school, no matter who tries to talk to him, but he gets texts and calls on his cell all the time. He almost gives off the aura of someone who runs a business, and believe me, I should know.
My mom recently married a new man. He’s got tons of money, and runs a large business. Just watching him talking with someone about work related things – almost constantly – gives me a headache! I have absolutely no desire to go into business someday, and that just makes me curious as to why this boy already acts this way. Dying of curiosity, in fact!
I revise my previous statement, I don’t actually want to go out with him, I really just want to get to know him, and maybe be his friend. If nothing else, thinking about him managed to get my mind off of other things for a few minutes. Things I really shouldn’t be thinking about anyway…
My entire conundrum started three months ago when my mom married her new husband, and we moved into his huge house. She told me straight out on her wedding day that she didn’t truly love him, and that she was just marrying him for his money. He apparently has no problem with this, and because she signed a generous prenuptial agreement, he’ll remain married to her for as long as she wants. He’s been married before, and doesn’t really expect her to stick it out too long.
“But mom!” I protested when I heard that. “How can you? That’s just wrong!”
My mom had smiled at me as if I would understand one day. “Don’t worry honey. I’ll be able to quit my job and live it up, and you… You’ll get to go to any college you want. He’ll pay for it.”
I was speechless! So, in essence, she was saying that we were both using this guy! I felt sick!
After they returned from their honeymoon, I wanted to apologize for my mother’s selfishness and greed, but the moment I got close to him, I grew strangely tongue-tied, and my heart started pounding. I felt like I was having a panic attack, but I haven’t had one of those since my father died!
It’s been months now, and I still can’t seem to get close to him or have any sort of conversation with him. It never fails, I always end up muttering like an idiot, and I think he has given up on trying to be nice to me. Now he mostly ignores me, and it’s sad because I can’t stop thinking about him!
School let out for the day, and I decided to walk to the mall. I had a large allowance now, and could actually shop if I wanted, but I couldn’t bring myself to waste money like that. My cell rang before I even got there.
“Hi mom,” I answered it.
“Hi Honey! I just got off the phone with your father –”
Step,” I insisted, and my mother sighed.
“Step-father, and he agreed with me. I think that you and I should go on a mini vacation. Your school is out for 5 days right, now until Tuesday?”
“Yeah,” I admitted. “We have Monday off, but return Tuesday.” I clarified, but then realized that she already knew that when she specified 5 days off.
“Great! So, let’s go to a posh resort with a spa and pamper ourselves!” My mom suggested excitedly.
I sighed. “Mom, I have way too much homework,” I lied. “And besides, I’m sure you’ll have more fun without me. You know I don’t get into that kind of stuff.”
It was my mom’s turn to sigh, again. “Please, just this once… I already told your father that we’re on our way.”
“STEP,” I ground out angrily. “And no! I don’t want to go!”
“Ok, then I guess I’ll see you Monday night,” mom replied in sad defeat.
“See you then,” I responded civilly, and hung up my phone.
It took me another block and a half before the full impact of this situation hit me. I’m going to be home alone with my step-father! Oh my God! I should call my mom back and tell her I’ll go after all, but I wasn’t lying when I said I really didn’t want to. Instead, I wasted time at the mall, and treated myself to dinner at a spendy restaurant.
I finally returned home, and immediately hid in my room. It was after 7 now, and I was certain that my step-father wouldn’t emerge from his office or bedroom either. I don’t know why I freaked out earlier. It’s not like we were even going to see each other during the next couple of days.
I lay on my bed trying not to think of anything at all, when suddenly, the entirely much too loud doorbell rang. I frowned, and opened my door a crack. From here, I had a good view of the stairs, the main entryway, and an area where people could get comfortable while waiting. To me it looked like a living room, but apparently it was too “small” to be a proper living room – such as the huge room closer to the dining room, oi!
My step-father opened the door just when I thought no one else was home after all, and was about to go see who it was myself. I was astonished to see the weird boy from my school! What’s he doing here?
“Hello Mister,” the boy greeted with a strange – overly innocent – grin and tone of voice. “I’m Julian, and I’m here to serve you tonight.”
I noticed that he was carrying a black duffle bag, and wore clothes that someone half his age might wear. What the hell is going on here?! I scratched my head.
“Excellent! My wife and her daughter are out of town for the next few days, so I hope you’ll be willing to stay for the weekend at least,” my step father said after directing the boy – Julian – to the not living room and shutting the door.
“Sure, no problem!” Julian grinned, and once again I was struck by how different his expression was from what I had seen at school. I surreptitiously used my cell phone camera – which was top of the line and good quality – to take a picture of him. Maybe I could use this picture as a bargaining chip to get him to talk to me in school next week.
“So, I specified what I wanted. Are you sure you can handle it?” My step-father asked.
“Oh yeah! I’ve get this request a lot,” Julian assured him, and I was dying to know what they were talking about.
Julian unzipped the duffle bag. “I have everything you’ll need right here.”
My step-father bent to inspect the contents of the bag, and then cackled. What the???
“Get undressed,” he ordered.
“You sure? You don’t want to tear my clothes off me?” Julian wondered calmly.
“No… I just want to watch you, but I also want you to act like you are shy and this is your first time.”
“Got it!” Julian agreed immediately, and began to remove his clothes.
I was in shock, but for some reason, rather than gather up the courage to protest, I held up my cell phone, and started capturing a video clip. I had enough memory that they could do whatever they were doing for over an hour before it ran out, but I sincerely hoped that they wouldn’t take that long! In fact, I rather hoped that this would turn out to be some kind of joke!
“Don’t look Mister! It’s embarrassing!” Julian pretended to protest. His face was actually a lovely shade of red – from what I could tell.
Once he was naked, my step-father pulled a long rope out of the bag, and leered at my classmate. Just what does he plan to do with that?
“No Mister! Anything but that!” The boy’s acting ability was good, but his lines were too cheesy to be believable! I took as good of a look as I could of his naked body. It was the first time I had seen one that wasn’t on TV. Not that I could see him well from here.
Hey! What do you know? I can zoom in on this video! I did that, and found that I could see things much more clearly now.
My step-father tied the boy up in a way that looked highly uncomfortable. His hands were bound to his ankles – which were wide apart – and the rope was wrapped around his chest as well, which made it impossible for Julian to move. The more I see, the more this looks like some perverted sex scene from a porno!
If I didn’t already know he was at least 16, I’d swear right now that Julian was only 12 or 13. This made me frown. He had arrived wearing younger clothes, and acted like a shy little boy. Was this really what my step-father was into???
Both of them had their profile to me, and that was actually perfect. I could see everything in detail. Even when my step-father unzipped his pants, and exposed his hard – Oh my God, oh my God! He just stuck it in that boy’s mouth!
I could hear sounds of protest, but I could also clearly see that Julian knew how to suck on a dick. So not fair! I want to be the one in Julian’s place right now!
I did not just think that!
I shifted from one foot to the other, and squirmed uncomfortably. I was incredibly hot right now, and my underwear was uncomfortably wet. Had I peed without realizing it?
Something strange happened a few minutes later. Julian’s cheeks suddenly puffed out a bit, and something dribbled out of his mouth. I had to think this over carefully, but then I felt my cheeks go red when I realized what had just happened. Strangely… I still wanted to be in Julian’s place.
“Shall I touch you here?” My step-father taunted, tracing Julian’s hardness with his finger.
Julian was panting in excitement. “No Mister! Anywhere but there!”
“Is that so? Then, what about here?”
I saw him insert a finger tip inside Julian’s butt, and I crossed my legs and tried to hold the camera steady. I zoomed in just a bit more.
“Not there!” Julian cried out, and my step-father laughed almost evilly.
“I think that is the perfect spot.”
I watched my step-father squirt a couple drops of oil or something on Julian’s butt, and then work his dick inside the boy. I couldn’t help but think of Julian as a boy at this point since he had taken great care to pretend to be one. Watching him be used like this was… exciting!
I really wish I had listened to my friends when they all suggested that I order a “toy” from a website! After they were done here, I am so going to have to figure out how to get rid of this feeling. This burning, aching, desperately needy feeling!
Time passed, and I was about to abandon my camera work in order to dive into my bed, when I heard my step-father groan loudly. I squinted at the camera, and realized that Julian had produced a small fountain of creamy goo, and my step-father was now buried as far inside him as possible. Oh! I get it!
I watched them pant and lay in a heap for a few moments, and then stopped recording them. It seems that the fun was probably over now. I’m going to have to go online and find something to watch to show me how to take care of my own situation now, because damn! I am on fire with the desire to have sex right now!
“Here, let me untie you, and then we’ll go to my spare bedroom and rest for a bit before starting over,” my step-father informed him. I wanted to cry at how unfair it is that this boy got to do all these things instead of me!
“Sure, but first, I need my payment. I need to call in that I have received it, and then let them know that I’ll be staying for a while,” Julian explained.
“No problem.”
My jaw hung open as I watched him hand Julian a thick wad of cash. I’d be willing to bet there was at least 5000 dollars there! No wonder Julian seemed like an adultish businessman! He pretty much is!
Soon enough, the two of them disappeared, and I was left alone to think about what had just happened. I stripped, climbed in bed, and played the approximately half hour long video clip. My hand gravitated towards the spot that ached the most, and I found that rubbing it felt insanely good.
Mom… do you know what kind of man you married? This is probably why none of his previous marriages lasted. His ex-wives probably found out that he like to pay teenaged boys to have sex with him. Right now… I kind of wish I was a boy…
Ok, so I admit it! I’ve had the hots for him since he married my mom, but can you blame me? The man is in his 40’s sure, but he is very good looking and he smells incredible! I like to stand behind him just to breathe in his wonderful scent. I can’t get him out of my mind, and now that I’ve seen him have sex, I just want him even more!
Never having touched myself before, I wasn’t sure what to do or when to stop, but I think I probably watched that video 3 times before I got too sensitive to go on. Thankfully, I fell asleep!
In the morning, I woke up while it was still dark out – which is unusual for me. I rolled over to go back to sleep, but had to go to the bathroom. Aha, so that’s why I am awake! I did my business, and then noticed a light on as I returned to my room.
I softly snuck up on the light, and found Julian in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge. I squeezed my cell phone, and then realized that I was one of those girls that even brought my phone to the bathroom with me in the middle of the night. When had I turned into that kind of girl?
I was wearing a robe, so I knew I wasn’t showing anything inappropriate, and maybe that made me bold. I knew I had seen him naked, but he wouldn’t see me. I don’t know exactly why I gained confidence, but I do know that I went temporarily insane.
“Hi,” I greeted, entering the kitchen.
He squeaked. “I was told no one else was home.”
“I’m not supposed to be home, but I am,” I replied with a shrug.
“You’re taking the discovery of a strange guy in your home rather well,” he remarked.
“I knew you were here,” I informed him with a grin.
“Ah… so you saw…”
I nodded, and then took a deep breath. Here goes! “I even caught it on camera… I want you to do me a favor.”
I could tell by the look on his face that he was angry and smart enough to at least hear me out. I waited for him to ask me what I wanted, but his expression changed.
“I know you! You’re in one of my classes!”
“Yep,” I replied with a grin. “And unless you want me to show this to the people at school, you’ll do what I want.” I played a bit of the video for him.
“Okay… So… what do you want?”
I paused to try to calm my pounding heart. “I want to take your place.”
“What?” He asked, slightly shaking his head as if he didn’t think he’d heard me right.
“My mother married him for all the wrong reasons, and ever since then, I… Well, anyway, I want to take your place. Not just that, I need your help. I don’t want him to know it’s me.” This last part I grumbled a bit shyly.
“O…kay…” It was clear he hadn’t expected me to say that. He snorted a soft laugh. “You’re in luck. I tied him up and blindfolded him, and then told him to wait for me. It heightens the anticipation… Anyway, he won’t know who is doing him unless you do something to prove you’re a girl.”
“Which room is he in?” I demanded in excitement.
Julian pointed and I rushed back to my room to load the contents of my phone onto my computer. Now that the memory was clear, I changed the settings for night vision, and then entered the right room. I looked around for the best spot, and then set the cellphone/camera up so that it had a clear view. Then I discarded my robe, and started it recording video.
I had a pretty good idea of what to do thanks to what I had seen earlier, and then what I had imagined, so I decided to just do it before I lost my nerve. I crawled into the bed, and was glad that it was dark enough that I couldn’t clearly see him.
“About time you returned.”
I wanted to gasp in surprise, but I suppressed it. Knowing that he’s awake made this seem all the more real. I took a deep breath, and bent to take him in my mouth. He tasted clean, and I was grateful that they had apparently made use of the jaccuzzi in the corner of the room.
Imaging what to do and doing it are two completely different things. I thought I would be good at this, but in actuality, my mouth started to hurt pretty quickly. At least he responded by getting hard before I gave up. I admired how well he was tied, and shifted so that I straddled him. Even if he figured out who I was, there was no way he could stop me now!
I was strangely wet between my legs again, and used this fact to slide down his shaft. There was a sharp pain, and I gasped and paused, but then it was gone.
“Who are you?” He asked, since I obviously wasn’t Julian. I opted not to answer.
I carefully slid up and down a few times to see how well I could, and then wondered how to ride him so that he felt good. I let my body take over, and concentrated on rubbing myself as I bounced. This felt pretty damn good!
He started moaning, and struggled against his bonds a little. “So tight! So good! I wish I could grab your hips and pound into you!”
That made me smile, but he wouldn’t shut up about it, so I leaned forward a bit, and covered his mouth with my free hand. Better! I already knew I was close to orgasming – thank God I had practiced that earlier! – but I couldn’t tell how close he was. He was bucking under me in a way that made it hard for me to actually move, but also helped us both climax.
I cried out in pleasure as he grunted – almost shouted really. Then, I collapsed onto his body, and rested for a minute. Oh his smell! It drives me crazy! I inhaled it deeply, and then licked his neck. He chuckled, and I realized I had to leave the room before he demanded I untie him.
I kissed him quickly and lightly on his lips, un-impaled myself, grabbed my robe and cell phone, and rushed out of the room. I grinned at Julian – who was waiting in the hall.
I whispered to him. “Thank you! You can go in now. Please don’t tell him who I am. Pretend you don’t know. I’m just some girl who blackmailed you for this favor, okay?”
“Sure thing,” he shrugged. I ran back to my room.
I did it! I jumped up in triumph, and congratulated myself. No matter what happens now, he will always be the first man I had sex with. That’s enough for me. I loaded the video onto my computer, and watched it.
“Hmm…” I murmured to myself. “My video looks pretty boring compared to Julian’s…”
Even so, it made me hot again, and I quickly turned my computer off so that I could dive into bed. I thankfully ran out of energy fairly quickly, and fell back to sleep.
“Are you awake?” Julian asked.
I moaned, and stretched. My motion inadvertently exposed my breasts, but I didn’t think to care. “I’m awake now,” I mumbled.
“He’s left to do some business – a meeting or something – and won’t be back until tonight. He told me to stay here and entertain myself, but I’m bored,” Julian confessed.
I yawned and sat up, half remembering to hold my blanket to me. “Bored? What do you want me to do about it?”
“I figured we could talk,” Julian explained.
“About…?” I wondered, a bit more awake now.
“To be honest, I’m dying to know why you want your step-dad so bad,” Julian stated.
I shrugged. “When I figure that out, I let you know.”
“That was your first time, wasn’t it?” Julian inquired.
I blushed and looked away as I whispered. “Yeah.”
“I figured, otherwise I’m sure you could have found another way to do what you wanted. He doesn’t seem like the type to turn down sex from anyone,” Julian mused.
It made sense when he said it, so I simply nodded. “What about you? Why are you having sex with him?” I wondered curiously.
He hesitated, obviously considering what to say. “A few months ago, my parents were in an accident, and my dad died. Meanwhile, my mom is in the hospital on life support. Her medical bills are enormous, and our insurance only pays about 80% of them. Throw in my father’s funeral expense, and the fact that I need to support myself and figure out a way to pay for college someday…” He shrugged as if to say what else can I do?
I felt just plain horrible now! Here I was griping at my mom for marrying for money rather than love, and lusting after my own step-father, and all the while I was oblivious to the fact that some people have real problems. I felt a tear slide down my cheek.
“Don’t feel too bad for me,” he warned. “I’m lucky because I have looks and I actually enjoy my work. I think I would have gotten into this field sooner or later anyway.”
“Okay,” I agreed to appease him, and wiped the tears from my eyes. I took a breath to banish new ones from falling. “You hungry?”
“Actually, I made breakfast for the both of us. It’s not anything fancy – just bacon and eggs.”
I smiled. “That’s actually my favorite.”
I pretty much abandoned all sense of modesty at that point, and threw my blanket aside so I could get out of bed.
“Well that was unexpected,” Julian muttered. “I am still a guy, you know.”
“Says the boy that didn’t seem interested in the slightest when I stretched and flashed my tits. I guess it doesn’t really matter because 1: I saw you naked, and 2: I don’t have the kind of money you’d earn, so sex is out of the question anyway, right?” I reasoned.
“Both technically true, but that doesn’t seem to matter to certain parts of my anatomy,” he replied, and then decided to look somewhere other than at me. I kind of liked that he found my body attractive.
I dressed in the first pair of yoga pants and cami that I could find. I didn’t put on a pair of underwear because I was suddenly too embarrassed to think that he might see my drawer full of plain white, not sexy at all, cotton undies. Note to self: buy some panties from Victoria’s Secret!
I realized that he was not wearing what he arrived in yesterday, but instead, he wore a black muscle tee – or was it called a wife beater? – and a pair of lounge pants that looked like full-length plaid boxers. I need to browse the men’s clothing section one of these days so that I know what the hell these things are called!
We walked to the kitchen, both agreeing that it would be ridiculous to eat in the huge dining room when it’s just the two of us. We sat at the small table normally reserved for the small staff of servants. They weren’t here today, and I guessed they all had the weekend off so that they wouldn’t find out about Julian.
A thought occurred to me as I noisily enjoyed my bacon. “Wait, didn’t the state want to remove you from your home?” I’d always heard that anyone under the age of 18 had to be looked after, either by relatives or the state.
“Well yes, but my mom’s sister took legal responsibility for me. So long as I don’t do anything wrong – that she knows of – I get to live in my house, and visit my mom whenever I want, rather than move in with her. She’s in a different state, and I don’t want to abandon my mom…”
I nodded. “It’s good that she’s willing to help you like that.”
“Yes,” he agreed. “But there’s only so much she can do. It’s not like she’s rich.”
I felt guilty again. “I’m not rich either, or at least I wasn’t. This money isn’t mine, it’s his…”
Julian grinned. “Lucky you!”
I looked at my plate, my face clearly expressing my sadness. “Yeah, lucky me… but what about him? It can’t feel good to know that the woman you married only wants to be with you because of money. I was so mad at my mom when she told me that!”
“Even so, at least he’s not alone,” Julian stated, and I realized he was right. Maybe I like feeling bad for people or something because I keep doing it even though there’s probably no need.
Julian and I finished our breakfast, washed the dishes, and migrated to the room dedicated to entertainment. It had a huge TV, a stereo, an X-box, a PS3, and a Wii, among other things. I had never really come in this room before, but it seemed like the best way to waste time.
My mom called to chat for a bit, and I assured her I was fine. She told me that she had completely forgotten to call her husband, and would I please tell him that she’s having fun. I agreed without any intention of complying, and then told her not to worry about us.
Eventually, my step-father called Julian’s cell to inform the boy that he’d be home soon. I listened to the short conversation, and felt the wheels in my mind start to turn. As soon as Julian hung up, I grinned at him.
“What?” Julian wondered.
“When did he say he’ll be home?”
“In 10 minutes,” Julian answered.
“Come with me!” I dragged him after me to the room they had occupied last night. It still smelled of sex, and I got more excited than ever. “Tie me up!”
What?!” Julian demanded incredulously.
“I have a mask that I’ll go get. Then I want you to tie me up like you were,” I stated.
“You’re messing with my job here,” Julian informed me almost angrily. “If he comes home and doesn’t like what he finds, I could get into serious trouble!”
“You said it yourself, he’s not the type to turn down sex from anyone, so why would he get mad. He may even think that it’s an extra service or something. Please,” I begged.
Julian chuckled and shook his head. “I can’t believe you’re talking me into this! I actually did tell him that you were a new girl thrown in by the service for free so that you could practice on some clients before taking your own. He might buy that again…”
“Thank you!” I squealed happily, and raced to get my mask. It was one of those that only covered the top half of my face, but it also covered my hair. It had a bad blond wig attached, but I didn’t need to look good wearing it.
When I returned, Julian was holding the rope. “We don’t have much time left.”
“I know,” I agreed, and stripped, kicking my clothes under the bed.
“You are so weird!” Julian remarked, probably because I was pretty much asking a boy I don’t really know to tie me up while naked.
“I thought the same about you,” I admitted.
He merely nodded and then got to work. It was easier for me to withstand while on the soft bed, but still… Having my wrists tied to my ankles and then a rope wrapped around my chest – in a way that exposed my breasts… It was the strangest thing I have ever done!
We heard my step-father come home, and Julian quickly made sure my mask was in place.
“Turn my cell phone on to record, and then set it over there!” I insisted in an urgent whisper, and he rushed to comply. We were out of time now, and Julian had to dive under the bed to hide.
“Well well! If it isn’t the bonus from last night… I know just what to do with you.”
His voice was almost sinister, and it made me shiver in anticipation. I whimpered. He undressed, and climbed into bed.
The first thing he did was to bite both my nipples, causing me to squirm in protest. Then, he plunged right in, and I am so glad that I was prepared for him. I think that would have hurt had I not been so wet and ready. Even so, it was a bit strange that I was literally helpless, and all he was doing to me was basic intercourse.
I moaned, and struggled against my bonds. I now knew exactly what he meant last night when he said he wished he was free to hold on, because I longed to dig my nails into his back. His thrusts started to feel incredible, and I sounded like I was half crying.
“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I panted softly, trying to be quiet. I didn’t want to risk him recognizing my voice. For an older man, he sure took his time! After a while, I began to fear that the memory on my phone would run out!
He randomly bit my nipples, or pinched my hips, and it all combined to drive me crazy! I started almost screaming as I felt my inner muscles ripple around his shaft. I desperately wanted to be able to shove my hands in my mouth to muffle the sound coming from me.
He announced his own orgasm, and I felt the hot wetness fill me up. I tried to relax in as much as I could while on my back, my arms at my sides, my legs bent and wide apart so that my ankles and wrists were together, and a rope wrapped around part of my arms and chest. I wondered if he would automatically untie me now, or if I would have to wait for him to fall asleep, and have Julian stealthily do it.
Oh God! Julian was still under the bed, and had heard all that! I could just die of embarrassment!
My step-father settled himself atop me, still partially inside me, and kissed my lips. I wanted to melt into a puddle of happiness right then and there! Before I realized what he was doing, he gently brushed the mask off with one of his hands. I turned my head to the side, breaking free from his kiss.
“No! Don’t look!” I insisted.
Shyanne?!” He blurted out my name incredulously. Ah crap! It was clearly not dark enough in the room to hide my identity.
“No,” I lied, my voice shaking unconvincingly. “You must have me confused with someone else.”
“Right,” he stated in a way that made it obvious he didn’t believe me. “Please tell me that you aren’t actually a new girl in that service.”
“I’m not,” I confessed honestly.
“Then what is going on?” He wondered.
“I didn’t want to go with mom, and when I saw what happened yesterday… I wanted so badly to do it too, so I insisted that that boy let me have a turn. I wasn’t going to tell you!” I ended with a promise. I really hadn’t intended to complicate his life with this.
“O…kay… but why?”
I didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know… I just wanted you to be the fir…” I couldn’t actually say that out loud, and blushed.
“Aha! So I was right about that!” He grinned as if I had just confirmed his suspicions. I noticed that for all his shock, he was taking this news rather well. In fact, I think he was hard again. He definitely felt bigger inside me than he had a minute ago.
“Um…” I murmured hesitantly. “If you’re going to do it again, can you please untie me? It’s fun, but I’m starting to hurt.”
“Oh… so you mean that I don’t get to do whatever I want to you all night after all,” he remarked with a grin.
I blushed even harder. “You… can… but…” Please untie me first! I didn’t say that because I figured that doing anything he wanted implied that he could keep me exactly the way I am if he liked.
“It’s ok. I’ll untie you,” he told me, and then did as promised, managing to do so without pulling out of me. I sighed in relief, and stretched out under him.
“Once more, and then I am going to take a shower. After that, I want to spend the rest of the night with the boy I paid for.”
I nodded. This time, I got to wrap my arms around him, and breathe in his scent. He moved in and out of me in a way that seemed almost… loving… I cherished every moment of it. I also got him to kiss me some more, and explored his mouth with my tongue.
This time, when we cried out together, I felt like the whole world was shaking. I held him to me as we rested for a few moments, and then he got out of bed completely.
“Like I said, I’m going to go take a shower,” he reiterated. I nodded in response, and watched him leave the room.
Julian emerged from under the bed. “Finally!”
“Sorry,” I apologized softly, and accepted the clothes he held out for me. I wish I had my robe instead, but got dressed anyway.
“Are you okay?” Julian asked.
“Yeah, I’m just incredibly tired,” I answered, and grabbed my phone. It flashed a warning that it was low on memory, but still recorded, so I guess the whole thing had lasted just over an hour. It had seemed like much longer.
“To him, it’s just sex,” Julian warned, sensing my disappointment that I was told to leave them alone for the night. “Don’t get too attached to him.”
“It’s far too late for that,” I whispered.
“Go on,” Julian gestured towards the door with his head. “We’ll talk more later.”
I nodded, went to my room, and fell right to sleep. This was good since it kept me from imagining what they were doing, and rubbing myself raw.
The next morning, I woke to find Julian sleeping on the lazy boy recliner next to my bed. I yawned loudly, and stretched. Man! My body is sore!
Julian woke, and yawned too. “Sorry, I didn’t meant to fall asleep in your room, but I didn’t get much sleep last night.”
“I can imagine,” I replied with a wry grin.
“Anyway, he left for a couple of hours to play golf or something, and he asked me to be gone when he gets back, so I guess this is good-bye.”
I frowned. “Wait; at least eat breakfast before you go. I’ll make ham and sausage omelets,” I offered.
“Sounds good,” he accepted with a grin.
I grabbed my cell phone from the charger. “Can I have your number?”
He hesitated, and then replied, “Sure.”
I typed it in my phone as he recited it, and then texted him so that he had my number on his phone.
“I want to sit with you during lunch on Tuesday,” I informed him, and he gave me a funny look.
“Well, we’re friends now, aren’t we?” I pointed out. He smiled.
“Yeah, I guess we are. I haven’t really had a friend in quite some time,” Julian admitted.
“I can imagine,” I smirked, understanding how it would be hard to have friends when he was probably too afraid that they would find out about his secret – highly illegal – job.
“You know what? You can even pretend to be my girlfriend,” he suggested. “People are going to assume that anyway, and then we can have fun being all flirty in school.”
I laughed. “I think I’d like that! All of my girlfriends are going to just hate me for managing to snag you!”
We ate breakfast, and then hung out playing video games for a while, but soon he had to leave. I took the opportunity to shower, and was completely surprised when my step-father joined me. Good timing, I guess!
He stood behind me, and wrapped his arms around my chest. He lightly sucked on my neck, and I was ready to melt and be washed down the drain! I felt him poking into me, and shifted to make it easier for him to enter me.
“You know,” he murmured thrusting into me slowly. “I’ve been married 3 times – prior to your mother – and not one of them could understand my strange sexual appetites. You, on the other hand, don’t seem to mind at all.”
“Maybe it’s because I must have strange sexual preferences myself,” I replied. “I am totally hot for a man more than twice my age after all.”
He chuckled. “True!” I was pressed into the wall at this point, and found it hard to concentrate on what he was saying. Oh yes! Harder!
“You probably don’t know this, but I have made all my wives get on some form of birth control. It occurred to me that you probably aren’t,” he said. His tone was far too sexy for what he was discussing, so it took me a moment to process it.
“OH MY GOD!” I burst out when it hit me. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even think about that!”
He laughed, still thrusting into me. In fact, he was doing so faster, and it felt wonderful! I wondered how he could concentrate on sex and a conversation!
“I actually don’t mind. I rather like the thought of getting you pregnant.”
I felt entirely mixed emotions about that, but it was too late to dwell on them now. He had already cum inside me several times, and judging by his grunting, was doing so again. I was shocked to find my body responding to him so easily – I orgasmed just because he had!
“What do we do now?” I wondered when I could think again.
He started sucking on my neck again. “I think it’s best to wait and see what happens… Or are you talking about going to bed and getting dirty?”
I opened my mouth to respond, but nothing came out. I was dazed by the possibilities for several moments, but finally managed to get my mind back on the topic at hand. “Um… both?” Okay, so I wasn’t thinking clearly yet!
“I like the way you think!” He grinned, turned the shower off, and carried me to bed.
By the time that my mom came home on Monday, I had literally had so much sex that it was no longer new to me. I could manage to keep a straight face, and pretend like nothing was out of the ordinary. My mom knew something was up anyway.
“What’s with you? You’re glowing!” She remarked as we ate dinner.
“I’m really happy,” I grinned. “I found a boyfriend!”
“That’s wonderful honey!” My mom gushed. “Tell me all about him.”
“He’s in my class, and I’ve been interested in him for a while. We met up this weekend unexpectedly, and we found we had a lot in common.” Wow! I was actually kind of good at this lying thing!
My step-father frowned. “I didn’t know you went to school with that boy.”
“You met him? That’s good, it means that she wasn’t here alone with him,” my mom remarked.
I blushed in total embarrassment. “Mom!” I growled. She laughed.
“It’s okay, honey, I was young once too.”
I decided to stop her from droning on and on about the passion of youth, by being embarrassingly honest. “Mom, seriously, I did not have sex with Julian, and I’m not planning to, so you can just stop talking about it right now.”
“If you say so,” my mom smirked, obviously of the opinion that things might happen whether I plan them to or not.
I exhaled in relief that I managed to dodge that bullet. I was half certain that my mom would say, “Oh really, but your body looks like you had sex, so who was it with?”
Guilt guilt guilt! I finished eating as quickly as possible, and excused myself. “I have homework to do.”
The next day – as I walked to school – I found Julian waiting for me. “I figured you’d walk this way,” he informed me.
“Good morning,” I smiled at him. We had texted back and forth all weekend after he left, so he knew that my mom was home – among other things – and I knew that he had been assigned a different client for the rest of the weekend.
He pulled my arm through his, and even offered to carry my bag as we walked. He must have really meant it when he said we’d be all flirty! I laughed.
“None of my clients are female,” he stated unexpectedly.
“Why not?” I wondered.
“I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s because I look young for my age. Women go for good-looking college aged guys who work out. Men go for the ones that look like me,” he explained.
“So you’ve never…?”
“Nope, not with a woman anyway. As much as I enjoy my job, and get paid an insane amount of money for doing it, I’ve always been attracted to girls – not guys.”
“Then why do it?” I questioned. “It has to be hard to let someone you’re not even attracted to do that…” I opted not to go into detail in case someone was listening.
“Surprisingly no,” Julian replied with a shrug.
“You do know that just about every girl in school would love to get in your pants, right?” I pointed out.
“Maybe, but I am not in the right career for a serious relationship, and I get enough at work that I don’t want to have a girlfriend just for sex, if you know what I mean.”
“That makes sense,” I nodded.
“Even so, I wonder what it would be like…” he trailed off suggestively.
“Oh no!” I nipped that in the bud immediately. “I don’t mind flirting or even making out, but I am not going to have sex with anyone else just yet.”
“That’s an interesting way to say it,” he laughed. “Makes it sound like you plan to do so in the future.”
“Plan? No. I am just trying to be realistic. I doubt I’ll be wife number 5, and he doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to divorce my mom so that we can be in an official relationship, so… I guess that it’s probably over now. In any case, I don’t want to cheat on him until I know for certain that he doesn’t want me anymore.”
Julian shook his head, and rolled his eyes. “For someone willing to blackmail a guy to get what she wants, you sure are meek and accepting.”
“I know,” I murmured. We were at school now, and people were staring at us. Even I had to admit that we were an unlikely couple. Julian brushed his hand along my cheek.
 I knew his reasons for wanting a pretend relationship, but I hadn’t told him that I used him as an excuse for acting all love-struck around my mom. This pretend relationship was highly beneficial to me too. He was the only one that new my secret, and I knew his. He had been right to suggest that we play it up at school!
“You ready?” He asked.
“Yep,” I stated. He pulled me close and kissed me. It was enjoyable, and lasted at least a full minute, but didn’t make me lose track of time or see stars.
“See you at lunch,” he said, smirking. I watched him walk away with a secret smile.
My posse of friends mobbed me a moment later. “You’re going out with Julian?!” They demanded.
I nodded with a grin – the kind of grin that let them think we were doing more than just going out.
“No way!!!” It was all giggles and demands to know everything after that, but the warning bell rang, and we all had to rush to class.
My weekend occupied my thoughts all throughout class, and I am sure I had a telling expression on my face. Man! My life has certainly taken a turn towards the strange side, but I honestly like it. I rested my hands on my stomach, and wondered what it would be like if there was a new life inside me.
Maybe just maybe, I’ll get to find out!


  1. I kinda wish there is a sequel where Shyanne and Julian gets together officially, I dont like the father.

    1. That's an idea I hadn't considered. I'll have to think about that :-)


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