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Thursday, August 4, 2011


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I stared at the girl in amazement. She was positively tiny! Her age was hard to determine because her small size made her seem like a child, but the curves of her body indicated that she was much older than she looked. I stepped closer to hear what was being said.
“Do not let her size fool you, this girl was born to a slave woman, and raised as a slave. She can cook, clean, manage your household, and I bet she will make an excellent bed warmer! True enough she may not be suited to breeding due to her small size, but she is obviously a quality piece!” The auctioneer bragged.
I noticed that the majority of the buyers here were women, and they dismissed her as not a good buy. The few men looked at her with interest, but not enough to pay what she was worth. I told myself to keep walking; I was not in the market for a slave!
As Commander of the King’s Army, I was used to being single. Up until last year, the Kingdom had been at war, and though it looked like this peace would last indefinitely, one could never be too careful. If I grew complacent, I would grow weak.
I scratched my beard as I watched the auctioneer remove her slave frock. At six foot five, I towered over her. She was only four feet tall – if she was even that!
For every body part of hers that was tiny, mine was enormous in comparison, and... the thought of trying to fit inside her made me cross-eyed. My heart started to pound, and I felt heat rush to my loins. It had obviously been too long since I last visited my favorite courtesan!
“If no one wishes to bid... She is a virgin from a sheltered village in the far north,” the auctioneer stated suggestively, pausing in the hope that someone would start. He sighed, “I have no choice but to send her to –”
I tossed out a bid. It was 3/4ths of what she was worth, but I figured that someone else would bid to drive the price up. I waited for the next bidder to speak up, but none did.
“Sold to the tall fellow in the back!” The auctioneer announced a moment later.
What have I done? I was not a slave owner... In fact, that was the only thing my King and I disagreed on. I felt that he should abolish slavery, and he insisted that there were too many obstacles to actually doing so.
 I went to the clerk in charge of collecting payments, and handed over the amount I owed. I had just sold a pricy antique that I had picked up during the war, but had no desire to keep. As a result, I had more than enough on me to purchase her. The clerk gave me papers stating my ownership of the slave.
I waited for her to be brought to me. The auctioneer gestured for her to slip into her frock, and then led her to me by pulling on the rope attached to a collar at her neck. He congratulated me on my purchase, and handed me the rope.
“As I stated, she is from the far north, and does not speak our language,” he informed me.
No wonder none of the woman looking for servants thought she was worth buying. With no way to communicate, it would be hard to tell her what to do. I nodded, and almost blushed as I realized that this would not be a problem for what I intended to do.
When had I become such a pervert?! Not to mention a hypocrite! I had always advocated equal rights for all, yet here I was... the owner of a slave I had bought because I could not stop picturing myself between her legs!
I sighed in disgust at myself, and guided her away from the market. She looked miserable and frightened, and I took pity on her when she shivered.
I removed the hooded cape I was wearing to ward off the light chill, and placed it over her shoulders. I covered her head with the hood, and buttoned it to make sure that it would not fall off. What was a fairly short cape on me nearly drowned her, hanging to her calves.
She did not have any shoes, but she did not seem to feel the cold of the ground. I remembered that she came from the far north, and was probably used to the cold. I mentally called myself a bastard, and collected my horse from a nearby stable that specialized in temporary care as shoppers browsed the market.
She rode in front of me all the way to the Palace. As Commander, I was housed in the Palace rather than the barracks with the rest of the army. This suited me fine as it was convenient when I needed to attend numerous war councils. These days, it was a bit stifling.
Once in my small, one room apartment, I scribbled a note to my Second in Command that I wanted to be left alone for a few days, and sent a page to deliver it. I locked the door, and rested my head on it for a moment. When did I become such a monster that I felt the need to prey on innocents?
Almost immediately, there was a knock on the door. Judging by the command to open up, it was the Prince – heir to the throne, and my best friend. I tried to pretend I wasn’t home.
“I know you are in there! I saw you return. Who is that with you?” Prince Eric demanded
“Eric... let us just say that it is a woman, and leave it at that,” I informed him through the door. “Now please go away and leave me alone!”
“As you wish, but I want details later on!” Eric stated, and then I heard his footsteps receding.
It was well known that I always went to the pleasure house to do my business, and had never once brought a woman here, so I am sure that Eric thought this was something special. I am rather ashamed to admit that it is not. I turned to face my slave, and wondered when I had become so weak that I could not control my baser urges.
I removed my cape from her, and noticed that she was actually glowing slightly pink as the heat of the room warmed her. Her slave frock fell off the moment I unbuttoned it, and I stared at her nude body. She really was tiny compared to me, and I knew that I was going to hurt her horribly.
That really should stop me, but for some reason it did not. I stroked her cheek, attempting to get her to look at me, but her gaze remained firmly on the floor. I felt her shudder, and knew that she had a pretty good idea what I planned to do to her.
It did not seem fair that I was going to take my pleasure from her and leave her none, so I vowed to satisfy her first. Hopefully – afterwards – she would have some pleasant memories. I cupped one of her breasts in my hand, and marveled at the difference in size.
When looking at her, her breasts seemed overly large, but now that they were in my hand... Well, they weren’t exactly tiny, but my palm was more than big enough to cover her. I watched her bite her lip to smother a protest.
I am sure that she is aware that we speak different languages. It must have been obvious as everyone in the market spoke in a tongue she did not recognize, but even so, I kept expecting her to tell me no. No matter the language, no was usually easy to recognize by the tone that accompanied it.
She did not tell me no, and I knew it was because she understood that I owned her, and could do whatever I wanted to do to her. I scooped her up, and carried her to my bed. Her mouth looked absolutely delicious, and I started by kissing her.
I was rapidly growing addicted to her! Every time I touched her, I felt a responding thrill in my body. Each time I kissed her, I felt drunk with pleasure.
I took a moment to remove my shirt and boots, and used her hand to stroke my chest. She was still mostly passive in my arms, though I could see in her eyes that she was surprised that I had not hurt her. Yet... I mustn’t forget that I was going to; I had to give her so much pleasure first that the pain would be quickly forgotten.
I massaged her breasts, and stroked her body. It was getting harder to remember why I was not already buried inside her. My every touch made my body react as if this was my first time. At this rate, I was going to spill my seed before I even entered her!
Her breasts were sweet, and her nipples were made to be sucked on. Doing so made her moan, and she sounded as if she could not decide whether she wanted to protest or encourage me. Her hands were now tangled in my hair, and I smiled to think that she might be enjoying this after all.
I kissed a path down her stomach, licking and rubbing her with my hands as I did so. She was gasping now, and she clutched my hair as if she wanted to stop me from going any farther. I ignored her uncertainty, and continued on until my tongue parted her second pair of lips.
Her hands flew to her mouth, covering the louder noises that she made as I licked and explored her. Ironically, watching her response helped cool my head. Previously, I was ready to explode just from touching her, now I felt like I could easily wait all day if that was how long it took to make her shudder with pleasure.
Her breathing was erratic, and the noises she made indicated that it would not be too much longer before she orgasmed. I inserted one of my fingers into her, and was amazed at how tight the fit was. I stopped when I felt a barrier, and simply wiggled my finger to add to her pleasure.
Her muscles clamped down on my finger, and I was amazed at how very small she felt. I continued circling my tongue, and watched her almost tear one of my pillows apart. Her feet were now pushing on my shoulders, and I had to hold her firmly with one hand to prevent her from escaping.
Her inner muscles suddenly started pulsating around my finger, and she was screaming into the pillow as her body shook. I continued stimulating her for a few moments more, and then felt her try to melt into the bed. She was gasping, and sounded like her mouth was dry.
I used her distraction to remove the rest of my clothes, and positioned myself between her legs. I kissed her, and saw her eyes widen as she realized that I was not done yet. Using one hand to locate her opening, I guided my shaft into it.
She was tighter than ever, and I was still huge compared to her. I wasn’t sure I would be able to fit inside her, and was thankful that she had plenty of lubrication to help. I pushed gently at first, but that was having no effect.
She whimpered to indicate that she was mildly afraid, and I felt like a wolf about to devour his prey. With our bodies pressed together like this, that feeling from before was back, and I could not think of anything but burying myself deep inside her. It seemed like the only way I was going to be able to do that was by ramming into her.
I thrust powerfully without warning, and managed to get inside her extremely tight hole. This was sheer bliss for me! I waited for her to stop screaming, only mildly sympathetic to her pain. I vowed to please her again after I was done so that she would have two good memories to outweigh the bad one.
I kissed the tears from her eyes once her scream had faded into a quiet cry, and moved in and out of her slowly. I was trying to be gentle, but with every thrust, my need to bang into her as hard as I could grew stronger.
Her cries changed to grunts, and while she did not seem to be enjoying this, at least she no longer seemed to be in pain. I kissed her again, and let my inner beast ravage her. Considering that I had started out concerned that I would spill my seed before entering her, my stamina seemed to be stubbornly refusing to end this anytime soon.
Such bliss! I have never felt this much pleasure between any other legs. Could it be because she was so tiny and tight? Could it be because she was the first virgin I had ever been with? Could it simply be her?
My thoughts all revolved around her and the feeling she created within me. The pleasure was intense, and I never wanted it to end, but eventually my stamina ran out and I shouted in triumph as I filled her. I noticed that she was quaking slightly too, and I wondered if she had enjoyed herself after all.
My thrusts slowed, but I was in too much bliss to stop now. I gathered her in my arms, and rolled onto my back. With her on top of me, I held her hips steady, and rocked her lightly.
We had started around six or seven in the evening, and by midnight, I could tell that she was exhausted. The problem was that every time I withdrew from her, I immediately wanted to be back inside her. I think she was beginning to fear that her legs would never be free of me again.
I nodded as I admitted to myself that if I could walk around with her in a sling at my waist so that I was firmly inside her at all times, I totally would! The thought of being separated from her for even a moment was painful. Something about her was like a drug, and I was utterly addicted to her!
I held her to me as I fell asleep. She had already drifted off, and her soft breathing was soothing to my ears. I cuddled her like a child cuddles a stuffed animal, and breathed in her wonderful scent as I slept.
In the morning, my personal servant woke me as he arrived with breakfast. He was the only person other than me with a key to my apartment, and I knew he thought it strange that he needed to use it. I normally left my door unlocked as there was no need to fear anyone entering my residence without permission.
Without looking at him, or giving any indication that I was awake, I felt his gaze examining the bed. He quickly realized that he did not have enough food, and disappeared with the tray. When he returned, it was with a generous amount of food, and a set of clean sheets.
I carried my slave to the table – since she was bleary eyed but awake now, and sat with her on my lap. I gave her permission to eat by placing a fork in her hand and pointing to the food, and watched her dig in as if she was starving. I waited to eat until she had devoured a third of the food on the tray.
Meanwhile, my servant changed the sheets. I cringed as I saw them – they were covered in blood! I knew a girl bled her first time, but I hadn’t expected that much!
I realized that I was going to need a sponge bath at the very least, and was grateful when I discovered that my servant had had the foresight to bring the small circular tub. It was wide enough that I could sit in it, but even if I did, the water would barely cover half my legs. It would be perfect for her though.
“I do not want to be disturbed for the rest of the day,” I informed my servant. “If you must disturb me – say to bring more food – knock once and leave it outside my door. Remember to lock up on your way out.”
“Of course.”He bowed to me and left.
I pointed to the waiting tub, trusting that it would be the perfect temperature, and let her bathe as I finished eating. She made use of the chamber pot, and then I watched her wash. I knew that even though she faced away from me, she was aware of my gaze. I was filled with lust once more, and almost decided to forego my own bath, but common decency prevailed – in this particular matter.
She stood next to the tub as I knelt in it – having used the chamber pot myself – and I realized that she expected that I would have her wash me. That was a duty of a slave after all, but I had not thought about it. Now that I was thinking about it, my imagination ran wild. I gestured for her to take a cloth and wash me.
She did so, her eyes wide with shock as she stared at my shaft. I could not blame her; I was hard and ready, and probably looked bigger than she imagined. She washed me carefully, and handed me a towel.
I watched her look down as I dried off, and was amused as she used her hands to try to measure the space between her legs. Her eyes darted to my hardness again, and she backed away slowly. She knew I was going to pounce on her again, and looked around to see if she could escape.
She was only three feet from me, but the distance seemed too far. I took a step toward her, and she whimpered. I took another, and she shook her head. With my third step, I lifted her into my arms, and kissed her.
She made noises of protest against my mouth, and I was happy that she was finally showing an emotion other than meek acceptance. I carried her to the bed, and then used my tongue to write my name all over her body. She stopped protesting at some point, and dug her nails into my head as I buried my face between her legs.
By the look on her face, she was extremely glad that it was my tongue inside her. I don’t really understand what it is about her that makes me want her so badly, but at this point, I would be entirely content to never leave my room again! Even better would be if I could figure out how to remain buried inside her forever.
Some time later, I was napping and I felt her leave the bed. This seemed completely unreasonable to me, and I tugged on the rope that was still attached to a collar at her neck. She pointed to the chamber pot, and then at the leftover food from this morning; I nodded permission. Her rope was long enough that she could do both without me letting go of it, and I held on to it firmly, afraid that she might try to leave me if I didn’t.
As soon as she was finished eating, I climbed out of bed, and walked towards her. She attempted to keep out of my reach, and I chased her briefly before catching her. She sighed in defeat, and wrapped her arms around my neck as I carried her back to bed.
Three days passed with us doing pretty much nothing but having sex. I let her sleep when she look exhausted, and my servant kept us supplied with plenty of food, but if I had my way, I would have been thrusting into her every moment of those three days. I got irritated and cranky when she was more than two feet from me, and was only happy when our bodies were in contact. I knew I would die before I let anyone take her from me!
By the third evening, Eric was pounding on my door in concern. “Are you sick? Have you died? Open up and let me in!”
I sighed in aggravation, and tied her rope to my bed. Then I covered her completely with my blanket, and let her sleep – if she was still sleeping. Lastly, I reached for my pants.
“So you are alive!” Eric exclaimed after I let him in. There was a tray of food outside my door, and I hauled that in to eat until I could evict Eric from my apartment.
He was looking at me as if I presented him with a mystery. “What is wrong?” He asked.
“Wrong?” I wondered.
“Well, you look grumpy and not pleased to see me at all,” Eric explained.
I could not blame him for being confused. I was generally a pleasant man, and since he was my best friend, he saw the tender side of me that almost no one else did. He was probably right though, I was glowering at him a bit.
I decided to be bluntly honest. “You are interrupting.”
“You can’t be serious! It has been three days; I was sure you would have sent her away by now,” Eric stated.
“Not this one. I will never let her go,” I confessed, and then firmly looked at my food. “Can you have papers of freedom drawn up?”
Eric stared at me in shock. He knew better than anyone that I was against slavery. Though, he could have been in shock over my possessive statement.
“Papers of freedom?! You mean she is a slave?”He asked rather needlessly in my opinion.
I nodded, and handed him my proof of ownership.
He stared at it with his mouth open. “You bought a slave?!”
I nodded again.
“I am shocked to say the least, Nick. Why?
“I really do not know... I just wanted her so badly. The thought of anyone else touching her makes me want to murder someone!
“I see...”Eric stated, shifting his chair just a bit away from me. “I will have papers readied, and brought to you when they are complete, but then what?”
“Good question,” I replied. Granting her her freedom rather implied that I would give her a choice, but I already knew that I was not going to let her out of my grasp. So really, what was the point in freeing her?
She groaned, and shifted on the bed, and I practically threw Eric out. He was speechless – for once – and more or less complied with my demands for him to leave. I was insanely jealous just thinking that he might see her!
My servant knocked on the door, and I let him in to tidy up, empty the chamber pot, and bring us hot food. He gave me a strange look, but said nothing, and left as soon as he was finished with his work. Once again, I ordered him not to disturb us.
Three more days passed, and Eric returned with the papers he promised. I let him in after I closed the curtains around the bed to hide her, and greeted him as pleasantly as I could considering that I still felt like he was intruding. He nearly threw the papers at me in his agitation.
“How long do you plan to stay locked up in here?” He demanded.
“I have no idea. Maybe until this overwhelming feeling passes,” I answered with a shrug.
“Overwhelming feeling?” Eric wondered.
“Yes, I feel like I cannot get enough of her, and that I would gladly castrate any man who even looked at her. I don’t want to even breathe the air unless she has already exhaled it!”
Eric looked at me like I was a madman, and he was probably right. “Well... How does she feel? Now that she is officially free, she has the right to leave you no matter what you want.”
I growled and narrowed my eyes. Eric held up his hands and backed away. “I see that I am still not welcome.”
I opened the door, and let him out.
A month to the day that I had bought her, Eric returned. He pounded on my door, and though I was in the middle over yet another round of sex, I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was freaking out. I sighed, and called out for him to wait a moment.
This time, rather than tie her rope to my bed and close the curtain, I helped her into a robe, and pointed to a chair. She sat, and helped herself to some food on the table as I pulled on my pants. She nearly glared at the door, and I realized that she upset over the interruption. This made me insanely happy!
She still liked to run around the room and make me chase her, but when it came right down to it, I had not actually hurt her since the first day. I think she might even love me a bit. I smiled at her, and was surprised that my jealousy had calmed somewhat.
I opened the door to let my best friend enter my apartment. He stared at my woman as I pulled the extra chair to the table. I sat to eat, and gave him a questioning look.
“Wow!” He breathed in awe. She’s exquisite and positively tiny!”
I nodded in agreement. Eric finally sat in the empty seat, and tried not to stare at her. I think he knew I might get a bit dangerous if he seemed overly interested in my woman.
“So, does this mean that you are ready to come out of hiding?”
“No, not at all,” I stated firmly. “I have decided that I am going to marry her, and take her to the property I inherited a few years back.”
“But that’s in the middle of nowhere!” Eric protested.
“Exactly! I figure that if we live on a nice secluded piece of land, I might be able to let her out of the house once in a while. I am sure she would like the opportunity to see something other than this room.”
“You are really starting to scare me, Nick!” Eric confessed. “It is not natural to want to control her like this, no matter how much you love her!”
“I disagree. I think that anyone who does not want to lock their woman up does not actually love her.”
“Want maybe! You are actually doing so! That’s not love... that’s obsession...”
“Obsession,” I rolled the word around on my tongue several times, and decided I liked it.
Eric stared at my woman again, and I knew he was wondering how she felt about me monopolizing her time, and controlling her life like this. She returned his stare curiously, like she could not figure out what he was thinking. She decided that he must want her too, and jumped out of her chair.
She hid behind me, and muttered the word I had come to recognize as no over and over. I smiled, pleased that she had basically just chose me over the handsome Prince Eric. Eric looked relieved that she was not here against her will.
We were married in a small ceremony a week later, and left to spend our honeymoon in my home. I knew that I might still be called on by my King to serve again someday, but in the meantime, my every waking moment revolved around her. I prayed that the peace would last forever, and vowed to protect her at any cost.
Her eyes lit up when she saw our new home, and I knew that she would be happy here. I put an arm around her, and imagined all the wonderful things we could do in the future. But first... it was time to make love again!


  1. I have a poem called obsession...oddly enough, mine is actually close enough to being one of those deep dark stories you don't want to post...it would totally make a great horror/obsession story...humm, now you have my mind wondering.

  2. that was sweet but slightly creepy. no offense, but this is really unrealistic even for if it was back then when there was a King and slaves and NO INTERNET!!!! Gasp!

    1. Aha! You totally get it! It was supposed to be slightly creepy, lol! The main character was supposed to be a normally decent sort of person who - for whatever reason - when he looked at her, he turned into an almost dark and dangerous version of himself. The reason I told it from his perspective was that if it was from hers, it would have gone something like: Oh crap, I've been bought by a giant. Oh crap, he's raping me and trying to make it feel good. Again. And again. Huh? Now I actually do kind of like this. I guess if he's going to keep me as his sex toy, I might as well have fun with it. Now it's been so long, I don't know what anything else is like!
      Lol! That's why from his perspective, he thinks he's being romantic, sort of, so that the audience doesn't want to form a mob and burn him at the stake!

  3. Honestly, even though I'm a bit shy to admit it, this is totally my fantasy. I mean, being dominated by someone who is so possessively loving. But yes, this kind of thing should be left only in our imagination because it would be creepy (and super boring) to be that slave in real life.

    1. Lol! I agree... until she has kids, and then she'll be busy being a mom, lol!


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