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Friday, August 19, 2011

Amadea and the Divinity Blade - Chapter 15

Chapter 15

After a quiet breakfast, Amadea insisted that they find the woman they had saved, and apologize for the death of her sister. Amadea felt responsible, and gave her a paper that would allow her instant access to Amadea at the palace to ask a favor in the future. (The woman assumed that Amadea was someone who worked in the palace since no one had thought to explain the truth to her.)
Next, she wanted to investigate the site of the explosion, explaining what had happened along the way, stopping only briefly to order Rage and Anger back into her shadow.
"You're saying you have a shield that can protect you from all that?" Zephyr asked incredulously.
"Well, if you think about it, it was a God," Zira chimed in.
"Even so, that's some shield!" Notus said appreciatively.
Their inspection of the site lasted just long enough to prove that nothing had survived. Thankful, Amadea dozed on her horse as Zephyr led the way to Notus' castle.
They arrived just in time for the midday meal. Notus ordered those left in charge during his absence to give their reports as everyone ate in Notus' private meeting room. Except for Zira – who no longer needed to eat, of course.
Amadea happily ate enough to feed three people, causing Zira to laugh in remembrance of just how much she and Gavin had used to eat. Between the two of them, Amadea, and the rest of their traveling companions, keeping everybody fed required a small fortune. It couldn't be helped though, using so much magic or strength made them all very hungry. Only Zephyr seemed to remember that eating massive amounts of food didn't mean he needed to forget his manners.
Both he and Amadea ate with impeccable manners today, even though she continued to eat long after everyone else was finished. Meanwhile, business continued.
"Now that you have all given your reports," Notus said, "I would like to give you mine." He told everyone of the events that had happened since he had parted company with Zephyr yesterday.
Everyone was stunned for several moments, then finally someone spoke. "Even if that be true, brother, you didn't say anything about the success of your mission. Is there a word that young Jason said upon his return that was true?"
"Well yes, Boreus, I imagine that it was all true. What did he say?" Notus asked.
"Just that you stood aside for our brother Zephyr to try for the Imperial Princess' hand, that she loves him, and that he was chosen by the scales to marry her," Boreus explained.
"Then definitely, it was all true," Notus confirmed.
"I mean no offense to you, Zephyr, but how can this be true, and does this mean our goal was attained?" Boreus asked.
"What do you mean, how can this be true?" Zephyr asked. "Is it so unbelievable?"
Boreus cast a sweeping glance over the uncovered parts of Zephyr's body. Since Zephyr was mostly covered, this was just his face, and hands. "Frankly, yes. What woman could love such a freak?"
Amadea stood abruptly. "What did you say?" She growled. She was glowing vibrantly red.
"Calm down Amadea, I am used to such sentiments," Zephyr soothed.
"Calm down?" Amadea ground out angrily.
Boreus paled. "Imperial Highness, I did not realize that you were... uh... you."
"You DARE to say such a thing to your own BROTHER?" Amadea’s redness intensified.
"Amadea please!" Notus begged. "Remember what happened last time."
"Sunny Day!" Zephyr and Zira chorused. Zephyr continued, "It is beneath the dignity of a person of your stature to be angered so easily."
This made Amadea's red fade for a few moments, then return as bright as ever. "Perhaps, but I am not angry as the Imperial Heir, I am angry as your wife and lover! He should not have said that, and I won't rest until he has appeased my anger!"
A single red dog grew from her shadow. He instantly leapt upon the cause of his mistress' temper. Zephyr tackled the dog aside, and stood protectively in front of Boreus.
"Amadea, I will not let you hurt him, he is my younger brother," Zephyr announced.
Amadea took several deep, calming breaths. "Anger, I did not summon thee, return at once!"
The dog whined unhappily, but melted back into her shadow. Amadea's red glow had faded to a mere outline of her body. She wasn't the type to hurt someone, but she knew that Boreus would never learn his lesson unless she thought of the right punishment. As she thought, Notus strode up to Boreus, and slapped him across the face.
"I happen to agree with the Princess. More so since provoking her... uh wrath, can have dangerous side effects. Apologize to our brother.”
"I merely spoke the truth," Boreus grumbled.
"Boreus, brother of Zephyr, your insensitivity has committed a grave sin. Hear me, so that you may learn the error of your ways, you shall take the burden from him, for the entirety of three days!" Amadea spelled the offender. Light blinded everyone for a few moments, then vanished. Boreus gazed at his hands in horror. They were no longer familiar to him, replaced with skin like dried mud and stone. He ran from the room.
Zephyr also stared at his own hands. They looked like he remembered them from before his accident. I don’t believe it!
Notus searched the room for signs of monsters. For once, there weren't any. He sighed in relief.

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