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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eggroll and Udon Soup

We recently decided to make eggrolls, which are easy to make, but time consuming.

To make the Eggrolls, we cooked up a combination of ground beef and pork - approximately 5-6 pounds worth altogether since we were making a LOT - seasoning the meat liberally with Realsalt and organic seasoned salt, and then peppering it conservatively. I am not a fan of pepper and neither is my hubby, but it really does make a difference to add some to the mix. As the meat cooks - stirred and mashed occasionally - we chopped and sliced, 2 heads of cabbage, 2 onions, 2 bunches of green onions, several stalks of celery, and then shredded several carrots. (All organic.)

When adding the veggies to the meat mix, my hubby also poured in a cup and a half of soy sauce, 2-3 spoonfuls of brown sugar (sucanat), and 6 eggs. NOTE, this was in a 10 quart stock pot, and even then we sometimes need a second pot as it cooks, lol!

Once all of the veggies have cooked, the entire mix is poured into a large colander over a bowl. The mix then goes into eggroll wraps, and then the eggroll is deep fried (I try to use lard or tallow for all my deep frying, but this time I used Hain sunflower oil), but even after 90 eggrolls, we still had left over mix, plus all that wonderful juice!

So, I took the juice - which filled half of a gallon jar - added a half gallon of water to it, and boiled a package of Udon noodles to make soup. To that, I added the left over mix from the eggrolls, and voila! Eggroll and Udon soup! Yumyumyum... I totally plan to make just the mix again sometime soon so that I can make this soup again. :-)

A good side to go with this soup - especially if you happen to be deep frying eggrolls anyway - is cream cheese wontons. They are actually super simple to make. I took 2 packages of organic cream cheese and added maple syrup - or honey - to taste. I like mine not so sweet, so I think I only added 2 spoonfuls, then I mixed it with my electric mixer until it was smoothly blended.

Scoop the mix into wonton wraps, seal, and then deep fry. WARNING! These are addictive!

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