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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Amadea and the Divinity Blade - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Emperor was clutching his heart as he entered the Heir's Chambers. He had rushed here as fast as he could, but was still at least 15 minutes slower than the Imperial Healers – and King Notus and his page, Jason. Amadea was sitting up in her bed arguing with the healers, who wanted to give her a sleeping potion to ensure she rested.
She saw her father's pained entrance, and testily ordered, "My father looks like he needs your attention far more than I do, go see to him!"
The healers glanced at the Emperor, and rushed to obey the Princess. They helped him into a comfortable chair while one sent power to calm his heart. Soon, the Emperor was waving them away.
"I thought you had died for certain!" He informed his daughter. "I was so worried. Never before has an Imperial Heir died before ascending the throne, and there's not enough time to train a replacement!"
"I'm sorry for causing you to worry, but I'm fine, really. I just wasn't used to the power of the Divinity Blade."
"That was the Divinity Blade?" Zephyr asked incredulously.
"Yes, apparently it abandoned the troll for me," Amadea explained.
"The troll had it?" Zephyr asked even more incredulously.
"Apparently," Amadea replied dryly.
"What is the Divinity Blade?" Notus asked. Zira explained it to him.
Jason examined Amadea's left hand to see if she had a wound from when he saw her slide the sword into her hand. Amadea laughed at him. "I must have been seeing things," he muttered.
She flexed her hand a couple of times, thinking that it would be nice to be able to use the sword at will, which would allow her to practice using it. Her palm began to tingle. She made a fist with her right hand, and placed it against her left. Slowly, she withdrew the sword from her palm.
"Whoa! It looks like a real sword!" Jason exclaimed.
"A beautiful sword at that. Can I see it?" Zephyr asked.
Amadea shrugged, and held it out for him. He tried to take hold of it, but experienced a stinging in his hand. He took that to mean the sword did not want to leave her grasp.
"I have no experience with swords." Amadea swung the blade carefully. "I guess I'll have to learn."
"A woman learning to use a sword," her father muttered. "What is the world coming to?"
"Oh, don't worry," Zira reassured him. "According to legend, she won't have to learn to use the sword, the knowledge was placed inside her the moment she received it."
The Emperor nearly gave in to the urge to roll his eyes and glare at the ghost. "There are times, my dear, that I wish I had the power to silence you," he said acerbically.
Zira laughed deeply. "No one has ever had that power, not even when I was a child!"
"I believe you," the Emperor stated dryly.
Everyone chuckled for a few moments, then Amadea said, "Well, I would much rather you had the power to tell me, father, just why a monster attacked. Monsters haven't dared to attack the Imperial City in centuries!"
"I'd like to know that as well," the Emperor agreed.
There was a knock at the door, and Amadea welcomed the interruption. She bade entry.
"I hope I'm not disturbing you, cousin, I wanted to see if you were seriously injured," Lillian said as she approached the bed.
"Lillian, I'm surprised to see you," Amadea said honestly.
Lillian hadn't noticed Amadea's father, and so spoke freely. "Until the Emperor changes his Imperial order, I'm not allowed out of the convent, except for special occasions. It really irritates my father for he wants to marry me off already, but I'm glad I - Oh!" She fell silent at the discovery of the Emperor.
He regarded her kindly. "I'm sorry to say that I had quite forgotten about you. Your father won't ever be free to marry you off unless granted permission by my daughter after her coronation. You are valuable, and your marriage has the potential to be very useful."
Amadea lowered hers eyes evasively. She had been brought up knowing that her marriage would be political, likely to whomever was chosen as Heir (had she not been), and that Lillian would suffer the same fate. Amadea had been so preoccupied with learning her duties as Heir, her own impending marriage, and the selection of her consort that she hadn't given much thought to Lillian.
"I may not be able to overturn an Imperial order yet, but I would like you to remain in the palace long enough to be in my wedding," Amadea said.
Lillian gave her a questioning look.
"Naturally, my dear," the Emperor said. "I have made all of the arrangements already."
            Amadea blushed. "Of course." She took this as a reminder of just how much he controlled, and just how much responsibility she would have after he was gone. The thought scared her a little. An idea began to form in her mind. Maybe Lillian would prove very useful.

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